Reincarnator - Chapter 284 : Train headed to destruction (3)

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Chapter 284 : Train headed to destruction (3)

Around the time when the nodes blew apart and pushed humans into the brink of extinction.

The 1st grade citizens, who were the first ones to have successfully run away to the city with the Obelisk, quickly went into a discussion on how to proceed from this point onward.

About how to deal with the 2nd and 3rd grade citizens who were swarming towards the city.

But surprisingly they quickly came to a consensus despite the situation they were in.

They didn’t know how much energy there was left in the node and the situation outside was horrendous.

If they also had to accommodate the 2nd and 3rd grade citizens as well then the resources they had would drain at a rate five times greater than if the node was just supporting them, the 1st grade citizens, alone.

10 years worth of resources gone in 2 and 50 years worth gone in 10.

In a situation where they didn’t know the approximate time it would take to finish their preparations, nobody wanted to risk the resources they had like this.

And it wasn’t hard to control the others.

Since the existing enhanced race members were extremely powerful on their own.

Though they weren’t made for war, if they fought with the spirits then their might easily surpassed that of the army.

And almost all of the control rights over the enhanced race belonged to the 1st grade citizens.

They just needed to control the obelisk with these and then chase the others away.

But then.


Everyone quieted down at the words of one man.

They had to.

Since this man wasn’t ordinary.

The savior of humankind.

He researched the energy nodes to create the spirits and then successfully made the enhanced race, an almost god-like engineer amidst them.


Though there wasn’t a rank above the 1st grade citizens, Nepallem was a resource that was so precious to them that he was widely perceived to be a VIP citizen.

If they had to vote on the one person to save out of their 8000 then almost every vote would easily go over to this man, a genius of geniuses.

Nepallem smiled as he continued to speak.

<...How do we not make mistakes?>

Then one of the 1st grade citizens shouted in shock.

Around year 2050, there was a suggestion that everyone should get a chipset implanted behind their neck for the greater advancement of the humankind.

Of course this was met with a flood of resistance.

It was clear it would be used to control them.

A tremendous amount of fighting occurred to the point of a civil war breaking out when the 1st grade citizens and higher elites of the community finally realized that they had much more to lose.>

But if they knew this would happen then the 1st grade citizens would’ve gone through the war to implant the chipsets in the necks of the 2nd and 3rd grade citizens.

Unlike the 1st grade citizens who meticulously planned and carefully used the energy nodes to in an efficient way and avoiding the possible dangers that the node could bring them, the 2nd and 3rd grade citizens thought that the 1st grade citizens were trying to monopolize this strength and poked around into every node they could find.

In order to gain the strength from that power and perhaps even use it to gain the upper hand against the 1st grade citizens.

And because they had failed in controlling this power, the nodes blew apart.

But for them to use up their own resources to let these people into the city?

These 3rd grade citizens were basically useless to them when the enhanced race provided them with power and various other utilities.



As the giant sphere spun and let out a red light.

A tremendous pressure started to appear inside Mudusella’s head.

Pressure to control the huge and complex Mudusella system.


And Mudusella wasn’t the only one who was groaning.

The spirit also screamed out from the strain it was receiving.

A tremendous amount of energy which couldn’t even be compared to the amount before flooded into her.

And she knew instinctively.

That she needed to be much more meticulous starting from this point.

This was the core ability of the Mudusella system.


It calculated every possible variable and every action possible to figure out the best plan.

The final torch that would show the road to humanity’s future.

While Mudusella and the spirit were screaming, the system above Mudusella’s head continued its calculations and around the time the sphere stopped spinning...


Mudusella was finally freed from the torrential amounts of information that flooded her head and moaned out loud as she slumped over.

But the moment she was done, Akamel’s words flowed into her head.

[If you’re done with the calculations then report the results. Tell us what the success chances of the plan is this time around.]

As long as the node was using large amounts of energy to protect this city from the giant storm, the node would soon dry up.

The plan to move to the new planet must succeed no matter what.

If not then there was no future for the humans left.

And the calculation that the Musella System had just done was in order to determine the success rate for this plan.

Mudusella gasped for breath as she started to send over the data.

And Akamel read over the data on the chipset as he made a satisfied expression.

[Nice. Good. Good. MSL-17, continue to calm down the system. Man… Why is it set up to cool down for 2 hours after only 5 minutes of working. Nepallem should just focus on this system that can predict the future, why does he give a damn about the rights of these enhanced races.]

Akamel purposely mumbled it so Mudusella could hear it as he shut off the call.

The spirit grumbled inside her.

But Mudusella thought back to the calculations from before.

‘As long as there’s no special variables...The rate of success is 99.9908%’

This was as good as 100%.

Though Mudusella had a ominous feeling about something she decided to brush it off and started to cool down the system.

She needed to completely revert it to its original state before the 3rd grade citizens came back.

Her worry wouldn’t matter much.

Though there was a limit to how much the Mudusella could calculate, it had never been wrong until now.

‘If we could use this for 24 hours straight then it would be much more reassuring but… 20 million won’t be enough for that.’

Mudusella sighed as she continued her work.



Tiamet stared at the people who were throwing eggs at him.

Actually he was quite in awe.

At Nepallem, who had created this system, and at the 1st grade citizens who supported him.

Mudusella system.

Using the 20 million souls of the citizens as the basis, it brought up a tremendous amount of calculative power to determine the variables of the outside environment.

It recorded every memory, action patterns and emotions of the people to convert it all into calculative variables.

The prediction was made like this.

And another thing.

‘The calculative power wasn’t always needed.’

Nepallem and the other scientists achieved an incredible feat with the leftover calculative power from when the system isn’t predicting the future.

Creation of a virtual reality.

The moment this virtual reality was created, the 1st grade citizens announced it to everybody below.

Many were afraid of this ‘virtual reality’ at first but with continued whippings it didn’t take long for all of the 3rd grade citizens to ‘escape’ into the virtual reality and thanks to this the 1st grade citizens had been able to use the remaining resources and energy more efficiently than before.

Since the virtual reality allowed for the minimum usage of resources and energy compared to what they would’ve used in reality.

All they needed was for their life to be maintained and the tower energy to continue flowing.

‘Though something’s off, the results are good…’

Nepallem had successfully gained the happiness of almost 30 million people as well as the Prediction function of the Mudusella system.

But the process wasn’t without faults.

“This fucking bastard…”

“Ha! He came without a 1st grade citizen. How bold...Hey, come down!”

Tiamet frowned as he heard the aggressive shouts of the citizens.

They, the Tiamet series, were not in good terms with the citizens.

The safety and happiness the game provided.

Though a great offer had been given to them, humans wouldn’t just be moved from this alone.

Of course there were people who went against them so a whip was needed.

And the whip that had been wrought was him.

The enhanced race created for battle.

An existence that had the energy of this giant city within its body and wielded it freely.

“Bastard! Come down!”

The citizens roared in rage as they remembered being attacked by Tiamet.

And Tiamet frowned as he saw this.