Reincarnator - Chapter 282 : Train headed to destruction (1)

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Chapter 282 : Train headed to destruction (1)


It had been a day since he had come here.

And Hansoo felt a little suffocated inside the walking Mudusella.

‘Ugh. Since I can’t move according to my will…’

Where Mudusella walked and saw.

Whatever she touched and felt.

This was the limit of Hansoo’s perception.

Thankfully there was a lot to see.


Hansoo looked out through the window along with Mudusella at the world.

She wasn’t looking at the city.

But above it.

A giant sphere surrounding the city.

And outside this sphere.



A tremendous snow storm was raging throughout.

There was not a single trace of sunlight due to the grey clouds.

The thing that determined day and night in this giant city wasn’t the sun but rather a giant artificial orb on the top of the tower.

And below the artificial sunlight.

Somebody walked towards Mudusella.

The person, who was wearing a fancy uniform, spoke to Mudusella with an air of arrogance.

“MSL. There’s no time for you to laze around here, there isn’t much time left until the move.”

“...I was just looking outside the window. Since I won’t be able to see this anymore.”

At these words the man in the uniform, rank 1 citizen Akamel, smirked.

MSL-17, Mudusella, saw Akamel’s expression and just continued to walk.

She understood his actions.

But the one who was enraged was the spirit instead.

The spirit realized something then quickly quieted down.

Created beings.

There wasn’t a clearer word to describe them but it was still a bit off to call themselves like this.

And Mudusella smiled at the spirit’s words.

“It’s ok. You didn’t say anything wrong.”

They, the enhanced race, had all been created.

For a single objective.

In order to control the artificial energy system, code name , created by the genius researcher efficiently.

The previous methods were not enough to move limited amounts of energy in an efficient manner.

The energy needed sentience to control its own movements.

Not a single bit could be wasted.

Especially in a world like this where everything was lacking.


Mudusella, who had been staring at the storm outside the barrier, asked Akamel.

“Do we still have contact with the other cities?”

“Why do you ask?”

As Akamel replied bluntly, Mudusella continued expressionlessly.

“Shouldn’t we at least know each other’s conditions when we’re all sharing the energy of the node? If it runs dry then we’re in big trouble.”

A river of energy that brought new hopes to humanity.

Energy nodes.

And this was the strength that had taken humanity to the brink of extinction.

Humans yearned for more energy and thus they pried open every bit of space where the node passed by.

And the result was this.

The node had overloaded and the entire worldflipped upside down.

Volcanos erupted as the mantle below the surface flipped and in worse cases, continents broke off.

Endless amounts of hail plummeted down from the skies to cover over half of the entire Earth as the volcanic ash quickly covered the skies.

The entire planet got covered in darkness and the 2nd alternative energy source, the solar energy, was nowhere to be found.

Then the long ice age came.

But thankfully there was still a ray of hope.

A giant tower stood in the spot where the energy of the node could still be used.


The tower that acted as the last line of defense of humanity against the harsh environment.

They created a shield by using the node’s energy, supplied humans with the energy needed for their daily lives as well as maintained the artificial sun.

The glorious city below could not survive a single day without this Obelisk.

And they, the MSLs, had been born to use the node’s energy as efficiently as possible by using the spirit’s energies.

Akamel frowned at MSL’s words.

‘Imputent. How dare it retort when it’s just a creation.’

But the level of MSL was not something even Akamel, a 1st grade citizen, could act rashly in front of.

The MSL series was one of the two series that had the greatest abilities out of all the enhanced race.

Nepallem had personally put more effort in order to create just 100 of them.


Akamel smirked as he replied.

“They’re doing the preparations well. Anyway, you guys need to do things properly. We need to maintain as much energy as we can before we go over to the new planet.”


MSL-17, Mudusella, looked towards the mountain range.

Towards where the spaceship would be being built, beyond it.

Sooner or later the node will run dry.

So they needed to go over to a new planet.

The planet they had found, named Tiamet.

‘How long can we hold on?’


She mumbled quietly as she stared at the ash-colored storm outside the city.


Mudusella parted from the 1st grade citizen and headed up the tower.

And the spirit, who had just been born recently, was extremely curious about everything as it continuously threw questions at Mudusella.

The city below the tower was shining with various colored lights.

As if it was alluring the one looking.

Its title of being the final sanctuary of the humans didn’t quite fit it as various media panels and commercials swarmed throughout the city and were more than enough to arouse the spirit’s attention.

It was not a city which seemed like it was lacking in energy.

Mudusella smiled as she replied.

“Only 1st grade citizens can reside there. Even if the buildings are large and there are a lot of them… They are as numerous as well.”

Their population had been around 70 billion.

And they had run away from the armageddon of the world towards the Obelisk from various cities all over the world.

Though about 80% of the people had been killed off during the exodus, there was still a huge amount of people remaining.

This city alone held about 380 million people.

‘Too many.’

No matter how wide the city was, there were too many people for them to all live .

So in the outside zone where one can live in the most way, only the 80 million or so 1st grade citizens could live there.

People who were determined to have necessary abilities or skills towards the survival of the humankind.

‘Everybody would be able to live in a much better condition if the 1st grade citizens were a bit more frugal but...It doesn’t matter with me.’

Power and rights were the issues of the humans.

For them, the enhanced race, this didn’t really matter.

Muduella turned away from the mirror to head in deeper into the tower and the spirit asked dejectedly.

Mudusella nodded.

“Time to work now. The time given to me has ended. If I don’t go then my sisters will suffer.”

They, the enhanced race, didn’t need to sleep so they needed to constantly work other than the few meager breaks they received.

They were given 2 hours of rest a day.

The rest time that was created for them because some thought they also needed some rights was always a bit too short.

There was never enough energy so the MSL series and various other kinds who needed to deal with the energy efficiently needed to constantly work.

For the benefit of the countless humans here.

Though most of the 1st grade citizens went on to say that these ‘creations’ didn’t need any rights but sadly for them, Nepallem was the one who had suggested it.

The opinions of others would be crushed apart with ease but not Nepallem’s.

The savior of humankind who had created the spirits and the enhanced race that was currently keeping the humans alive.

So the 1st grade citizens could only accept the rest time of the enhanced race.

“Well, it’s not like we need it. It’s not like we need to eat or enjoy ourselves.”

They were the enhanced race.

Though they were created from the humans as the basis, various unnecessary wants had been greatly suppressed.

Since greed would always create unknown variables.

And there was the chipset behind the necks of them implanted by the 1st grade citizens.

‘Humans… They fear too many things all the time. Did this environment make them like this?’

Mudusella had already reached her workplace while having various thoughts.

A huge area in the center of the tower.

Though it was only about 5m tall, this place was multiple times bigger than a sports field.

Mudusella walked across the glass floor that gave the impression of levitating while crossing it.



There was a single glass cell in the midst of various bright and beautiful lines in the ground.

It looked like a coffin or even a jail cell but this beautiful glass cell was the location where Mudusella, MSL-17, spent 22 hours of her day.


As Mudusella moved into it.

The entire energy flow of the tower came into Mudusella’s perception.

The tremendous amount of energy that kept the the 380 million people of the city alive.


The spirit, which had been grumbling the whole time, started to control the flowing energy.



Part of the energy flowing through the tower came under the control of Mudusella and the spirit as they started to move the energy towards one place.

Though it was called working, it wasn’t very hard.

Since it was basically instinctual to them who were literally created to do this job.

The spirit felt the tremendous amount of energy flowing through its senses as it mumbled.

There were about 50 thousand of the enhanced race within this place.

They had been placed in various locations within the tower and the city in order to use the energy of the city efficiently.

From the small lights all over the city to the entire power grid of the city.

But they, the MSL, had been created for an even more important task.

The epitome of the enhanced race.

The very core of the system that the humans used.

The MSL series, the 98 sisters, had been born to manage the Mudusella system.

Only for this purpose.

And below Mudusella’s feet.

Below the giant glass floor.

Millions of glass tubes were located throughout the tower.

Exactly 19 942 124.

And inside it.

‘Are they..., Happy?’

They, the core part of the Mudusella system.

Mudusella made a happy expression as she looked at the 20 million or so third-grade citizens and mumbled.

But then.

“You’re still lost in unnecessary emotions, how long are you going to keep those alive I wonder.”

Somebody spoke to Mudusella from outside.

Someone whom even Hansoo was familiar with.


But he was different from the Tiamet he knew.

As Hansoo looked at the strangely different Tiamet from a thousand years ago, Mudusella was doing the same.


Though he was born as her mate, she never knew what he was thinking about.

Mudusella looked at TMT-17 with a worried expression.