Reincarnator - Chapter 281 : Egg (2)

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Chapter 281 : Egg (2)


In a dark space.

Hansoo, who had been clenching his teeth because of the pain, opened his eyes.


Hansoo looked around the space within his conscious after sensing that the pain had disappeared.

He had been inside his conscious numerous times before.

A vast white space.

But he had never been in a place like this before.

Strange lights and darkness filled up the entire surroundings.

Like watching a movie, there were countless silhouettes of people all around him.

Familiar faces.

But this space was not simple.

There were countless cracks within the world filled with light, darkness and countless scenes.

As if somebody had gone through it with a sharp blade.

And Hansoo finally realized what was in front of his eyes.

‘...Memories? Why did I come here?’

There should be a reason why he would’ve been dragged in here.

As Hansoo made a confused expression.

A loud voice was heard by him.

Because their consciousness had merged, wherever his own conscious was the spirit existed as well.

The spirit came in with Hansoo and then tutted while looking around.

A soul which had countless cracks running through it.

As well as these memory fragments.

‘He used too much power, beyond his own limits.’

The spirit shook its head as he checked Hansoo’s recent feats through the phasing memories.

Maybe if it was the spirit himself but the humans were not creatures created for battle.

They needed to rest when they got tired and needed supplements when things were lacking.

But this guy was different.

Battle. Battle. And more battles.

He raised his strength and wrought out his body.

He was continuously clashing as he proceeded forward.

And the spirit made an expression of disbelief as it looked at these memory fragments.


It knew a bit about the humans since it was created by them.

Humans could not proceed like this even if their objectives were clear, they lacked momentum.

Since they were designed to chase after happiness and joy.

Even if their objectives were clear, if the current situation was different then they would go around it and try to reduce the risk as much as they can by preparing for it.

This was human nature.

But this damned maniac went into battle as soon as he saw any chance of success.

While sacrificing his own soul and body.

All while planting multiple seeds of annihilation in his body and raising them.

If he slowly raised his strength then he might’ve been able to use them all with ease.

But he had gone too far in too short of a time.

To the point of cracks appearing on his enormously powerful soul and his body being damaged.

The body could just be healed but the soul, which was the basis of everyone’s existence, was different.

‘...At this rate, he’ll utterly be destroyed.’

The spirit fell silent as it watched Hansoo.

Some might say he was a hero but this was just a retard in its eyes.

Since heroes at least had some complacence inside them.

This was just a machine.

A machine with an issue.

A broken train that was constantly charging through and not knowing that its own engine was being destroyed.

‘He shouldn’t have been like this from the beginning. Strange.’

It had glanced at its memories but only the past few months.

The moment the spirit was about to look into the cracked space in more detail.


The space trembled.

His strength was not sufficient and could not stay here too long.

‘I guess I just need to deal with the main issue quickly.’

It wouldn’t last long.

The spirit collected its thoughts and spoke to Hansoo.

Hansoo’s soul and conscious was its own.

Though it didn’t like Hansoo, it didn’t want mutual destruction.

And it had a very good method for itself.

As well as Hansoo.

The spirit spoke to Hansoo.

“Enhanced race?”

The spirit nodded.

“...Enhanced race.”

As Hansoo was about to ask, the spirit cut him off.

Hansoo nodded.

He knew he was in a disadvantageous position.

And the spirit spoke to Hansoo.

“What is it?”

The reason why Hansoo wasn’t able to use it properly was partly because it didn’t like him but because they weren’t very compatible with each other.

They were created to be wielded by the enhanced race.

Even if Hansoo had the racial code, this was just permission.

Only after they resonated through a long period of sharing their soul would they able to let out a much more powerful might.

But there was no time.

So it needed to forcibly attempt something.

Hansoo frowned at these words.

“If there was such a method then why are you telling it to me now?”

The spirit frowned.

The reason why they couldn’t fuse was because both sides didn’t want to lose out to each other.

It was called fusion, but it was actually a battle for ownership.

With their soul and mind at stake.

The spirit grinded its teeth and muttered.

It might win and it might lose.

But the loser would be annihilated.

They would be able to survive well together so who would go through this?

The spirit did not want to do this.

But there was no choice anymore.

The spirit spoke to Hansoo.

Though the spirit had been pushed back earlier when they fought in their minds, it had no relationship with the outcome of the fusion.

Since it was a battle between the souls to determine who was more suitable for this body.

‘And...If he has cracks in his soul then there’s a chance for me to succeed.’

There was a reason why the spirit had called Hansoo here.

If Hansoo’s soul was still intact and powerful then it would’ve tried to hold on to the end.

Since a sure loss was the same as a meaningless death.

But it had a chance.

No, it was actually high.

‘You… Wouldn’t be able to pass this up either.’

Hansoo pondered for a moment and then spoke.

“Even if one of us wins, it would be hard to beat Tiamet.”

The spirit was indeed strong.

But it would just give him another level of strength.

Just as the Mana Jade or the Body Enhancement Surgery.


Hansoo nodded.

The tower’s mana storm that even Tiamet was barely holding back against.

If he could use this strength then he could easily deal with the situation outside.

“Sure. Let’s go.”

Hansoo raised his right hand as he saw the spirit raise its own right hand.

The moment they touched.


The sensation of something mixing could be felt.

The other party’s thoughts and emotions.

‘Well, it wasn’t a lie at least.’

As Hansoo mumbled.

The spirit continued to speak.

“Won’t be bored...Huh.”

The spirit chuckled.

‘Not long after it was born?’

The moment the spirit’s words ended.


Hansoo’s mind got dragged into an unknown space.

Into the spirit’s mind.




Hansoo muttered to himself as he looked around.

Though his consciousness existed, it was in a different place.

‘...It’s the spirit’s memories huh.’

He could feel his own form inside a 5m wide flask that was shining in seven colored lights.

The memory of when the spirit had been born.

Hansoo could feel the voice of the spirit speaking to those standing outside the flask.

He could not control the spirit’s body or anything.

Just observe.

But he could still use the spirit’s perceptions and look outside.

There were constant machine noises coming out from the countless panels outside.

[Synchronization… 98%]

[Probability of success integrating with enhanced race...99.8%]

[Beginning immediate fusion with the enhanced race.]

At the same time.

The spirit screamed as it got sucked into the tube above the flask and headed towards a different location.

Along with Hansoo.


It didn’t take long either.

Since the body of the spirit was sucked into a location.

A similar sensation of when he had come into its own body.

And Hansoo could guess what had happened.

‘It fused with the Ain.’

Hansoo then realized why it was so discontent.

‘It’s so different.’

Hansoo thought to himself while listening to the spirit’s mumbles.

The body of the Ain where the spirit was in right now was dimensions apart from his own.

They fused perfectly as if the body itself was made for the spirit.

Like finding the other half of their soul.

And the fusion of the two souls which was so hard for himself had been completed in an instant.

It only took an instant.



Hansoo could feel a familiar sensation.

“You’re my partner huh. Hi. I’m called… MSL-17. I’ll be in your care from now on.”

A huge glass panel could be seen in front of him.

And Hansoo realized where he was.

‘The top of the tower.’

At the top of the tower that he was next to.

And below his feet, the forest of cities he had seen before spread out.

Buildings that were kilometers high.

And hundreds of thousands of transportation vehicles could be seen throughout.

‘So this is what it looked like before it froze…’

In the midst of the futuristic city that was dimensions apart from the frozen city.

Hansoo even saw the face of the Ain who had become the spirit’s owner from the mirror’s reflection.

A beautiful and lovely woman with flowing golden hair.

“Can you see? The people below...Those are the people we need to care for from now on.”

And Hansoo had seen this woman before.

‘Mudusella. So you were the previous owner of this spirit. But it said everything fell into ruin not long after it was born.’

1000 years in the past.

Hansoo looked back and forth between the beautiful woman’s reflection on the glass and the shining city below as he muttered to himself.