Reincarnator - Chapter 280 : Egg (1)

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Chapter 280 : Egg (1)


The shockwaves from the battle near the tower rang throughout the vicinity.

Even to the fallen ship in the distance.


And surprisingly, the ship had fixed the giant hole created from the strike it had received.

Since this place was filled with the spirit’s energy.

The mana storm was dangerous to humans but it was an excellent energy supply to the spirits which were the main source of energy for the ship.


The moment the ship finished fixing its outer wall.


Faint blue light appeared outside the ship and started to protect it.

The ship had restarted its shields after having restored itself completely.



The coldness inside the ship disappeared quickly as the frozen colony returned to its original strength thanks to the spirits’ energy.

The frozen lake melted as the trees sprouted new leaves.

A miraculous scene from just the simple supply of energy.

And the near-death colony was once again filled with life.

But that was it.


As the ship fixed itself, it had gone silent again as if it had done all it needed to.


A ray of golden light appeared in the corner of the quiet ship.

“Keheuk! Haa.. Haa!”

A few players breathed out heavily as they revived on the spot.

One even checked his own inventory and then sighed out in relief.

“Phew… I thought I died with with the Stone of Immortality. How lucky.”

They had rushed inside after seeing a hole had appeared from the strike but that was it.

The ice storm rushed into every corner of the ship.

They tried to hold on even by using master level skills but they could not hold on for long.

They died the moment their skills ended and had thought that they would die even after using the Stone of Immortality but thankfully the ship was recovered after they opened their eyes.

The players picked up the fallen artifacts near them and then smiled at each other.

“Well. The ones who got logged out are done… Let’s just search this treasure vault on our own.”

‘And it seems this thing can move as well.’

The players soon started to scatter throughout the ship.



Shockwaves rang throughout the vast area under the tower.

In the midst of the white and dark golden lights clashing.

Tiamet silently observed Hansoo who had been blocking his attacks.

‘Not bad… Skills of Annihilation is indeed formidable.’

Once someone reached the level of Tiamet, they could see things that couldn’t be seen.

For example, he could see if a soul was injured.

But surprisingly, Hansoo’s soul was extremely sturdy and strong.

Too strong for somebody who lived in an ordinary plane for 20-30 years before coming here.

It was like the soul of a general who had gone through countless bloody battles over numerous decades.

A sphere which was tightly condensed like steel but still radiated a powerful aura.

This was the spirit of Hansoo that Tiamet had seen.

Well, it should be like that.

‘Yeah. It’s breaking of course.’

Tiamet smirked.

The steel sphere had numerous cracks running through it.

It wasn’t enough to break the entire thing but these deep cracks still ran throughout the entire sphere.

And it was because of those Skills of Annihilation.

These skills gave him a tremendous strength but that was it.

There was a price to be paid for strength that surpassed one’s own limits.

Even if it was strength one didn’t desire.

‘For him to have strength beyond his abilities…’

Well, this probably didn’t matter for Hansoo.

Since that wasn’t the main issue right now.


The white stake in Tiamet’s hand started to act up crazily.

He had decided to destroy Hansoo.

And Hansoo frowned as he blocked off another white line.

He didn’t understand Tiamet’s actions and words.

He was getting destroyed?

And what did Tiamet mean when he asked where he had gotten his skills?

‘He should’ve seen tons of skills in his life… Is he talking about the Zero numberings?’

As Hansoo frowned.


Another wave of pain rang through his head.


Hansoo clenched his teeth at the sudden pain but this wasn’t what was important right now.

Since another white line was charging towards him.


These powerful attacks were making it hard for Hansoo to think.

‘I guess he’s done with dilly dallying.’

Tiamet’s attacks were getting more powerful by the second.


‘At this rate I’m going to just beaten down to death.’

Holding on was a torture in itself but the result of this battle was already decided.

He needed to find a way.

And at that moment something came into Hansoo’s eyes.

The giant tower that stood in the midst of the blizzard.


Hansoo blocked off another attack and then turned around.

He needed to stake everything on whatever hope he could find.

Looking for a method to deal with a powerhouse in a barren land was not easy.

But Hansoo came back to his senses.

Even that seemed hard to do.

The attacks continued towards Hansoo who was backing off while swinging his Forked Lightning.

The moment he blocked it again.


Hansoo’s body flew back and smashed into the outer wall of the tower.


The fragments of the mysterious metal tower’s outer wall dropped down as Hansoo’s body fell to the ground.

And the blizzard started to enter the broken part of the tower.

A hole had appeared as the outer wall had been destroyed.

Hansoo got back up and looked inside.

He had a chance to go inside.

But he frowned as he looked inside the hole.

Because he realized something very important.

‘...There is no mana storm inside.’

He should not go in since he would just get destroyed in there without the mana storm suppressing Tiamet.

Even if there was something inside, he would get killed before reaching it.

And Tiamet slowly approached Hansoo.

“Keke. Why? Did you think something would be inside?”

If there was then he wouldn’t have sent Hansoo flying this way.

The moment Tiamet himself had arrived.

Hansoo’s death was destined.

‘I should just finish him off here and clean…’

At that moment.



Tiamet frowned at the sudden pain that rose up from the corner of his heart.

Something was raging near his heart.

A formidable strength even he could not easily suppress.

Tiamet frowned as he looked at the man who was standing against him.

‘There wasn’t much time left until I could’ve become a dragon but...Because of this damned brat…’

A secret of the world which somebody had told him a thousand years ago.

The shocking facts he had heard from him.

That there wasn’t only one world and that countless events that surpassed human logic were happening.

And that some people had risen above the limits of the world, became transcendents and went to a more suitable world.

At that moment.

He had started to dream.


A transcendent creature.

A perfect lifeform he had dreamt of.

He had wanted to become a dragon.

Not just imitating a dragon but becoming a true dragon.

So he had started a huge project which even he didn’t know how long it would take to finish.

But there was a limit to his own strength.

The limit this world had set upon everyone.

He hadn’t reached it but he could feel it.

So he had gone into the preparation of to become a transcendent.

He created the White Dragon Arena to collect the energy from a mana node and carefully absorbed that strength through Rangkom’s Stake.

And whilst he collected this strength carefully within his body, he used the White Dragon Arena and Rangkom’s Stake to suppress it.

Since it would all go to waste if this strength went crazy before he made his way to break the wall.

And after a thousand years.

He could see the end.

The moment he would break out from the egg of the White Dragon Arena and become a legendary dragon.


Even now, there was a tremendous amount of power sleeping next to his heart.

Strength which could flip the entire world upside down.

So powerful to the point where he didn’t know how to use it and could only suppress it.

He had collected this strength for one purpose and if he had collected a bit more then he would’ve become a transcendent.

But he had come out from the egg before it had stabilized.

And thanks to this the power within himself was enraged and was gnawing away at his own strength.

In order to suppress this power and prepare then another few centuries would be needed.


Harsh sounds of teeth rubbing against each other came out from his mouth.

‘Because of one bastard…’

He was enraged.

He couldn’t just kill him.

Since death was too good for this guy.

A sinister smile appeared on Tiamet’s face.

Tiamet spoke out.

“I don’t really know if you treat the ones you brought as tools or actually care about them.”

He had lived for a thousand years and seen a lot of things, he still couldn’t tell a person’s mind.

He didn’t know if Hansoo was ruthless or was full of justice.

But that wasn’t important.

Since there was only one important thing.

“But… There should at least be one person you should care about. I’ll kill them all because of you.”

No matter how cold one was, there should at least be one person who they cared about.

The moment he dealt with the current situation.

He was going to kill them all.

And not leave behind a single person.

Adventurers who had come and those who would come in the future as well.

‘And you… Need to watch all of this.’

As Tiamet smiled coldly.

Hansoo frowned.

Not from the threat but because of the deepened pain.

Oong. Ooong.

The pain inside his head was become stronger by the second.

As if the pain before was a joke.

Something was constantly stimulating him inside him.

And his heartbeat got harsher along with the pain.

The moment his heartbeat and the pain reached the apex.


The sound of something blowing up was heard from his head.


Tiamet frowned as he looked at Hansoo who froze on the spot.