Reincarnator - Chapter 279 : Land from the past (6)

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Chapter 279 : Land from the past (6)

‘Fuck. The pain…’

Hansoo grasped his head while charging towards the tower.

His previous attempt trying to remember the past had given him a headache and it was becoming worse by the second.

Well, it wasn’t really pain to be exact.

It was something screaming out from inside him.

To remember.

But he couldn’t, as if that part of his brain was damaged.

The spirit inside him pondered for a long moment and then spoke out suddenly.


As Hansoo answered the spirit’s words.


Sounds of explosions were heard behind him.

Sounds of space collapsing.

Hansoo released the hand that was grasping his head and then prepared himself.

‘It’s coming.’


Something was charging towards the tower with a destructive might.

The moment the spirit felt that aura and exclaimed out.


A white line charged towards Hansoo.

And Hansoo’s body prepared for the attack.

The Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement protected and enhanced his body.

He even forcefully used the Racial Metamorphosis, which was still cooling down, and covered his entire body with scales.

Three dragons instantly flew out from his heart and gathered on the tip of his spear.

Then, he thrusted with his spear.


A tremendous shockwave resonated out through the entire vicinity.


Though he had blocked it, he hadn’t done it perfectly.

If he hadn’t used the Racial Metamorphosis then he would’ve been pushed back hundreds of meters underground.

The white line smashed through the Nine Dragons Spear and charged forward.

Crack. Crack.

The land beneath his feet broke apart and sank down.

His muscles were working as best as they could to prevent his arms from breaking.

His heart and the mana jade crazily pumped out blood and mana in order to reinforce his body as much as possible.


The leftover energy from the collision heated up his entire body.

But even before Hansoo could completely deal with the collision.


Something flew out through the blizzard and smashed down, a white stake.

A weapon that seemed it would not stand for even a second against the golden Forked Lightning.

But the moment they clashed.


The Forked Lightning was deflected upwards as Hansoo’s body made more cracking sounds and flew back.

And the white line continuously attacked Hansoo.



Gold and silver lights collided and created numerous shockwaves that destroyed their surroundings.

Hansoo clenched his teeth while receiving these attacks.

His assumptions were mostly correct.

But not perfect.

‘He’s beyond my imaginations.’

His opponent had become extremely weak but not entirely from the mana storm.

Since it would be impossible for Hansoo to be able to remain standing otherwise.

But he easily figured out the reason.

‘It’s probably related to him being trapped inside the White Dragon Arena.’

The reason why Tiamet hated coming out from that place.

There must be something that was gnawing away at his strength alongside the mana storm.

But he was still this strong.

To the point of being able to push back Hansoo with ease.


The red powder exploded out from Hansoo’s body and aimed for Tiamet’s body.

Mana wasn’t of importance right now.

He needed to use every skill he could.

The Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement’s dark golden light covered his entire body as the three dragons on the tip of his spear had increased to five.

Boom! Booom!

But the white light surrounding Tiamet’s body was holding on against all of Hansoo’s attacks.

And Hansoo clenched his spear as he looked at his opponent.

‘...Fucking hell.’

His opponent was crazy strong.

‘This… He would survive in the Abyss.’

Though he would be the weakest in the Abyss, for him to become this strong while the dimensions were locked was crazy.

And the more he fought the stronger his headache became.

‘My god. When did my speciality become bad luck?’

As Hansoo chuckled at the multiple unfavorable situations he was in.


Hansoo made a confused expression at his opponent who had stopped attacking him.

‘Why did he stop?’

As Hansoo looked towards Tiamet who was looking back at him from the distance.

Tiamet was making an expression of disbelief while looking at Hansoo.

Well, towards the three kinds of auras surrounding Hansoo’s body.

“What the hell are you?”

He had felt it in the past.

But he had ignored it since it was impossible.

And mostly because he couldn’t tell the identity of the one who had attacked through the dimensional wall.

But it was different as he clashed against it right in front of his eyes.

“Where did you gain that?”

Tiamet kept his expression of disbelief as he attacked once more.

Tiamet’s white line rushed towards Hansoo.


“One person cannot have multiple skills of Anihilation.”

Tiamet mumbled as he looked at the three types of energy that had come out to stop his own attack.

The red clouds.

It in itself represented annihilation.

If a stronger person used it then destroying an entire world would be a joke.

The dragons on the tip of his spears.

The same for this.

Anybody who gained this could become an invincible being who can control the entire world.

It could easily rip apart the heavens and destroy the earth.

As well as the strange dark golden energy surrounding his body.

Though he didn’t know which race it was mimicking, it should not be a simple one.

If his own race had tried to use their technology to take over the planet, then the race that energy was mimicking could easily control the entire planet with just their strength and even soar into space.

Every one of these were seeds created by ascendants.

This was why Tiamet couldn\'t believe Hansoo’s status.

Skills of Annihilation.

It was skills that only those who have been born into transcendence, like himself, could gain after proving themselves.

And he himself was a bit away from gaining one as well.

There was one condition to gain it.

Fight until you get annihilated.

Or destroy the entire world and swallow it whole.

This was why they were called Skills of Annihilation.

A tremendous amount of strength that one could only gain after overcoming various trials both internally and externally.

Though the ones he had were mere seeds, their potential were immense.

A seed of something whose roots can cover the entire world and whose leaves and branches could shoulder the heavens.

But for him to have three.

There was a thing called a limit.

To raise three in a pot where even one seed didn’t have enough room…

The pot will explode.

“You. Sooner or later you will destroy yourself. Or you are already being destroyed.”

Tiamet looked into Hansoo’s eyes and mumbled.




In the vast lands of the Spirit Lands.

In the center of the flaming land which prevented the players from coming in, hundreds of thousands people held onto their weapons while glaring at one side of the Spirit Land.

“Fuck… Why are you doing this suddenly”

Enbi Arin gritted her teeth as she looked at the beings in front of her.

The Ains.

The Ains who had absorbed the energy from the Spirit Lands weren’t lingering pieces of shadows anymore.

The Ains, who were now flaming or covered in arcs of lightning, had become unimaginably more powerful than before.

Though there were only a few thousand of them, each of them were radiating auras which were more powerful than that of Arthus Krancheska himself.

Cold sweat dripped in the backs of the adventurers.

‘Fuck… This is why the people of the Kingdoms didn’t like to go inside the Spirit Land.’

They should be happy that their allies, the Ains, had become stronger.

Since having a powerful ally was always welcome.

But the story changed.

The prophet standing in the front of the Ains, Mudusella, ignored Enbi Arin as she continued to speak.

And Karhal exploded out.

“Fuck! What do you mean! You just sent that Tiamet guy by himself freely and now you’re saying we can’t go help!? That powerful bastard is just crawling into his own grave!”

There was a reason why this had all occurred.

Right after Mudusella spoke to Tiamet.

Tiamet left and headed towards Hansoo.

And Mudusella returned afterwards just to suppress them with the Ains.

Of course a fight happened.

Since Mudusella was the leader of the Ains and wanted to avoid a fight against a monster like Tiamet.

But the story was different.

The Ains held a favorable position beyond the mountain range and Tiamet was in a very unfavorable position.

Though they could not go over before they receive their spirits but it was the perfect chance for the Ains.

But instead Mudusella didn’t have any thoughts of moving out and even suppressed them from acting out.

No matter how powerful Hansoo was and no matter how much of an unfavorable position Tiamet was in, nobody could imagine Hansoo actually winning the fight.

Since they saw Tiamet personally breaking apart the barrier created by the giant formation with just two strikes.

Various thoughts spun around the adventurer’s heads.

Even more so since they saw Mudusella and Tiamet speaking with each other.

‘Fuck… What is she thinking?’

“If you aren’t going to move out then move! At least let us go and help!”

Enbi Arin couldn’t hold in back anymore against the silent Mudusella and exploded out.

It wasn\'t just for Hansoo.

The adventurers were feeling uneasy after witnessing Tiamet’s powers.

If that guy rushed into the Spirit Land then they would get annihilated.

And that man had walked into the most dangerous location possible for himself.

A perfect chance.

If they couldn’t kill the most powerful enemy they had in his weakest state, it would only arouse their unease further.

At that moment Mudusella quietly responded.



“Have some patience. It’s a very important phase.”

‘It’s not time for some weaklings like you to butt in.’

Mudusella looked towards the mountain range expressionlessly.