Reincarnator - Chapter 276 : Land from the past (3)

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Chapter 276 : Land from the past (3)

Kain made a shocked expression as he looked at the object falling in the distance.

“Sir Tiamet… What is that?”

The mages of the Magic Brigade were naturally scholars at heart.

They were able to prepare for things with their extensive knowledge and they always strived for more knowledge.

But he had never even heard of something like that.

How could a giant metal object fly around in the skies?

And it withstood several strikes from the Destruction Cannon that could easily smash apart a city with a single strike.

Though it finally fell, it still succeeded in flying past the mountain range.

Kain looked at Tiamet in search for an answer but Tiamet just walked forward and pulled out the Rangkom’s Stake that was inserted in a hole at the base of the giant metal tower that was the Destruction Cannon.


The bright light surrounding the giant metal tower disappeared as the stake was removed and it started to shut down.

As the medium that transmitted the energy was taken out, the Destruction Cannon was naturally shutting down.


‘...Is he shutting down the cannon?’

Though they couldn’t attack that hunk of metal anymore, the original reason why they had started up the Destruction Cannon was for the Ains.

And using the cannon was impossible without Rangkom’s Stake.

Tiamet suddenly spoke to Kain who was gazing at the giant metal tower that was cooling down.

“Take care of this place. Do everything I’ve told you as well.”

Though a lot of context was missing, it was clear what Tiamet was saying.

He was saying that he was going to go somewhere.

Kain was in a even bigger shock.

“Where are you going? If you leave the White Dragon Arena then…”

But before Kain could even finish his words.

“Don’t worry. It won’t be long.”

‘I should’ve set out from the beginning.’

Tiamet sighed.

He was afraid of acting because of the thousand-year peace they had.

But he really needed to act now.

He could not sit idle and watch that bastard do as he pleased.

Though Kain was looking at him with worry, if everything went according to his plan then he would be able to come back.

‘Hmm. Before I go…’

Tiamet flew into the air and started to fly towards a direction.

Not towards the North but rather in the opposite direction.

And Kain frowned as he saw this.

‘He’s going there again. Damn… For how many years… How many times for that girl…’

Kain’s expression was filled with worry and and disgust as he looked at Tiamet who was disappearing into the distance.


In a bright white space.

Some rainbow-colored object was floating in front of Hansoo.

It looked humanoid but it was clear that it wasn’t a human being.

The being looked at Hansoo whom it had dragged into his subconscious and spoke.

The being that was staring at Hansoo, the spirit, saw his chest and then smiled with what seemed to be its mouth.

Hansoo mumbled inwardly as he stared back at the Spirit who was looking at him in curiosity.

‘It figured that out instantly huh.’

Though he looked similar to the players and the original inhabitants, he was still from another dimension.

And the spirit had seen through this at a glance.

The spirit looked around at Hansoo and then continued to speak.



Hansoo’s skin started to freeze up.

As Hansoo frowned while looking at his freezing skin.

The spirit looked at Hansoo with an amused expression.

“How mindful.”

His body freezing meant that the ship’s shields had been broken and that it had started to enter the harsh areas beyond the mountain range.

Though the spirit’s symbol, his mana and his body were holding on for now, he would eventually freeze to death at this rate.

Hansoo started to explain the reasons for his venture here while staring at his freezing body.

Since he needed to get this spirit’s power to protect himself.

But even before he could speak.

The spirit spoke.


“...You clearly said with your own mouth before though. That I’m not the same type of humans from before.”

But the spirit merely scoffed at him.

‘...There is some logic behind these stupid words. Ugh, I heard the dark spirit had a bad temper but this thing is even worse.’

He remembered Jang Oh saying how much he had suffered when trying to tame his own spirit.

‘Should I have picked a tree spirit… Or something more docile?’

This thing clearly looked stronger than a tree spirit.

And its temper was no joke as well.

Hansoo frowned at his freezing body for a bit but then decided to try once more.

Since he would need to be on friendly terms with it to borrow its strength anyway.

“It seems you don’t want to leave despite having been trapped here for a thousand years. Isn’t it time for you to finally leave?”

That was clearly the reason why it had hated the humans.

The ones who had thrown it in here.

If they shared the same body then it would get a chance to see the world as well.

The spirit smiled in an evil manner at those words.

Hansoo then spoke as if something like that was nothing.

“...Then just say that in the first place.”

The moment the spirit spoke back.

Hansoo smashed out with his spear.

Towards the spirit in front of him.


“Wasting my time and all.”

Hansoo and the seven colored object clashed.

And soon.



The white space started to fill up with numerous different colors.


A special district situated next to the Empire.

A girl was frowning within a well-decorated house.

“What? They all died?”

The woman shook her head while looking at the screen in mid air.

‘What the hell is that spaceship… And the cannon.’

The woman looked outside her window towards the capital and made a confused expression.

She had lived here for a long time and had been to many places but never had she heard about something like that being hidden there.

The Player, Astania, frowned as she looked at the corner of the Empire where smoke was rising from.

‘These bloody NPCs have too many secrets. They never give a clear-cut answer either.’

The Clan leader of the Kaligul clan, one of the 15 great clans.

As well as the lord of the special district of the Empire.

Though it was an amazing title that every player was in envy of, it was of no help in a situation like this where it only brought her stress.

As Astania was frowning at what happened in the capital.


Something appeared in front of her who was looking out into the distance.


Astania was even more shocked after seeing who it was.

Somebody who should not be here had appeared.

“...Why are you here?”

Astania was shocked because it was Tiamet who had appeared.

She had gone from time to time because she had been invited for tea.

But it was always at the White Dragon Arena.

This was the first time Tiamet had come out from the White Dragon Arena according to what Astania knew.

And Tiamet pondered for a bit.

As to why he had come here.

He could see Astania whenever he wanted since she was close to the capital.

Since he could just invite her after this all ended.

He just needed to deal with some brat.

‘...Is that really all it is?’

Tiamet chuckled and threw something at Astania and then left.

“I’ll see you after I come back”


Astania made a confused expression after catching what Tiamet had thrown at her.


As if he had done what he needed to do after handing over the bouquet, he jumped down from the window.

Which was located at an extremely high spot.

But before he landed.


Tiamet lightly landed.


But the result was not light at all.


The surrounding space broke apart as it got suppressed below where he had stepped.

And the ground started to gather below Tiamet’s foot.

As so much space got compressed below his feet to the point of it almost looking black.

Tiamet stepped once more.



The space exploded with a huge noise and Tiamet’s body flew off along with a shockwave.

Not towards the North but eastwards.

‘Annoying me this much… I should prepare a gift for you.’

Tiamet quickly disappeared into the distance, shrouded by the distorted space.


And Astania was dumbfounded as she looked back and forth between where Tiamet had disappeared towards and at the bouquet.

‘Wait, that’s towards the War Fortress… Anyways, how did he know I liked this?’

Astania made a confused expression as she looked at the bouquet in her hands.


A person looked towards the players and the residents of the kingdom gathered in Korin Kingdom and sighed.

“Ugh...So boring. When the hell is this Hansoo coming anyway?”

The adventurers would’ve flown into rage if they heard what Karhal was saying.

Since this place was not a place where they could drop their guard even for a second.

The War Fortress that was being targeted by the players was being protected by the formation, the players were steadily receiving symbols from the Ains while the Ains themselves were recovering in the Spirit Lands.

The most peace they had in awhile.

‘Well. Even if they do charge in here, it wouldn’t matter.’

While Karhal was yawning.



Some thunderous rumbles could be heard across the distance.

Well, the noise itself wasn’t important.

Karhal was shocked at the aura that was shaking the atmosphere itself that was charging towards where he was and jumped up from his seat to peer at the horizon.

And something appeared in his sight.

Something that was even breaking apart the space itself to approach the War Fortress.

But even before he could react.


A huge explosive sound rang throughout the entire War Fortress.


‘Look at this.’


Tiamet smashed down at the protective layer around the War Fortress and frowned while looking through the translucent barrier.