Reincarnator - Chapter 275 : Land from the past (2)

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Chapter 275 : Land from the past (2)


“What the...What’s going on?”

“Did those guys who went in activate this thing?”

“Can anybody contact them? I can’t seem to be able to.”

All the players who had been above the giant ship were startled from the sudden movement of the giant structure.

Though they didn’t know how far up it would rise, there was nothing in it for them if they just floated along with this.

‘Yeah, no.’

One of the players clenched their teeth.

This obviously seemed to be linked to an amazing questline.

If he died here then he wouldn’t be able to participate.

He needed to find a safe spot first.

And his eyes naturally fell upon a location.

The entrance which had been clogged up by skills to prevent it from fixing itself.

‘...Not everybody can go in but.’

While they were all glancing at each other, one of the players spoke calmly.

“Since we can’t all go in, let’s divide it up. An equal number of people between clans. We can just share the rewards from in there afterwards.”

But as they were about to agree to this.


“...What is that?”

“Isn’t that from the capital? Kirkis.”

In the distance.

A light was flickering thousands of kilometers in the distance.

From the capital of the Empire.

The players frowned as they saw the small but clear rainbow colored light.

“Did the Calicule clan receive any messages? Isn’t your clan leader the owner of a territory in the Empire?”

One of the clansmen from the Calicule clan stayed silent but it was clear that he was confused as well from his expression.

, the leader of the Calicule clan.

One of the people who had achieved a tremendous amount of merit points and had been granted the ownership of a special territory right next to the capital of the Empire.

Their clan leader, Astania, should know something about this.

Since there were rumors saying that he had connections with Tiamet as well.

But they had not received any messages regarding that.

‘What could it be…’

Everybody fell into confusion as they saw the seven colored lights that continued to flicker while continuously becoming larger and larger.


As the administrative rights were confirmed, all of the red warning letters disappeared.


[Administrator number 1011, Access Confirmed.]

[You Are Now Allowed To Access The Mudusella System.]

‘....Mudusella System?’

Hansoo’s eyebrows rose up.

Since Mudusella was the name of somebody he knew.

But he decided to ask other things first.

There was a lot he wanted to ask.

“What is the objective of this ship?”

Large words started to appear upon the panel.

[The ASTRO-17 Ship’s construction had started on the 19th month of year 2199 in order to reach the nearest planet, TIAMET-1131, and had completed its preparations on the 21st month of the year 2211.]

“Reason for this objective?”

[To find more space for the expansion of the race.]

Hansoo nodded.

He finally figured out the origins of this thing.

‘Terraforming… Is that what it’s doing?’

A few other questions appeared in his mind after finding out the objective of the ship, he decided to ask the thing he was the most curious about first.

“Does the race that built you exist upon this planet?”

This was not something the Empire and the Kingdoms, who fought with swords and built castles out of stones, could build.

Even if the Empire had a lot to hide, this was clearly some super advanced technology.

So he had thought this ship came from outside.

But if this ship was built in order to leave the planet then the story changes.

There had to be a race who had the technology to build this.

A race which he could not guess the identity of no matter what.

There were three possibilities.

1, They left behind a few hidden ships in various locations and all went to their goal planet.

2, They existed somewhere on this planet and were hiding from the eyes of others and were silently observing them.

Or 3…..

‘They could’ve been annihilated.’

Depending on which of the three it was, his plans would be affected in a huge manner.

It would be good if it was number 1 or 3 but if it was 2 where another race was silently observing him then he would need to prepare for this variable as well.

Hansoo smiled bitterly.

‘...These worlds are like damn onions.’

He knew that he couldn’t prepare for everything even if he came from the future.

Since this world that God had prepared for them was not something they should conquer but rather run away from.

A maze-like place where they trembled in fear while passing through.

But as his plans succeeded and the worlds were conquered, these worlds were like treasure chests as they continuously took out new things to throw at his feet.

In a huge scale.

Hansoo quietly waited for the reply.

It was a good thing in the end.

Since him worrying about something that hid in the shadows meant that his light had reached and drove away the darkness from the corners of the world.

‘Let’s hear this out. Which of the three it is.’

But sadly, It didn’t fully fulfill Hansoo’s expectations instantly.


Instead of the answer to Hansoo’s question, a different type of information appeared.

[...Energy wave similar to weapon type ZA-114 detected.]

[Converting all surplus energy into Resonance Shield.]

[ETA : 3.1131 seconds. Prepare for impact.]

Normal people might not have understood these strange words.

But Hansoo realized what was going on in an instant.

‘...They did something.’

Even he could feel the tremendous amount of energy approaching the ship from deep inside it.

As if they had converted the giant formation of the War Fortress into a cannon.


All the lights inside the colony started to turn off.

As if they were gathering energy into a specific point.

Crunch! Crunch!

As Hansoo planted his feet onto the floor of the ship in preparation for the impact.


A humongous tremor shook the entire ship.


The giant sphere next to him trembled as it started to let a blinding amount of light.

Soon, after the shock passed by.

The System’s panel showed him the current information.

[Remaining Shield : 85.1%]

[...Calculating situation.]

[In case of continuous bombardment, chance to fall before leaving the atmosphere...98.1%]

[Flight to outer planets judged impossible in the current situation, beginning movement towards the closest colony according to emergency protocol.]

[Setting flight path…]

[Flight path confirmed. Moving to the closest shelter.]



G force that would easily cause harm to normal humans started to get applied.

Of course it was nothing to Hansoo.

But he still cursed out.


The issue wasn’t the acceleration.

It was the direction the ship was heading towards.

Hansoo realized which way the ship was heading towards and smiled bitterly.

The ship was headed above and past the mountain range.

Past the mountain range that was roaring with mana storms.

At that moment.

[Second impact approaching.]

[Remaining shield 85.3%.]

[Prepare for impact.]


The second strike landed on the ship.


Within the trembling ship.

Hansoo asked the ship’s system.

“Can we arrive at our destination? We won’t blow up before?”

If it would explode then he needed to get off the ship as soon as possible.

But the system gave a rather positive reply.

[If the weapon attacking us has similar recharge times to Weapon Type ZA-114 then it is possible]

“The shield can hold on?”

This was the most important part.

But sadly, the system’s reply wasn’t good.

[Currently remaining shield amount is 70.7%.]

[The shield will be destroyed. One extra strike after the destruction of shield is allowed. Prepare for failed landing.]

“...Failed landing.”

That was fine.

He was confident in surviving even if he fell from the stratosphere.

The issue was the natural conditions storming around the mountain range.

There was a limit he could withstand with the symbol.

From what he knew, even stronger mana storms appeared starting from the mountain range.

If the shield protecting this ship disappears then he would need to withstand the storm with his bare body.

‘...I don’t have time for all this.’

Hansoo looked towards the system’s panel.

There was a lot he wanted to ask the thing in front of him.

But he had to prepare for the harsh conditions beyond the mountain range.


As he felt the trembles from the third strike.

Hansoo quickly headed out from the engine room.

To the room where thousands of spirits were.

And the spirits were still letting out their brilliant lights inside their glass orbs.

He needed to choose one out of the thousands.

But there wasn’t really a need for him to choose.

The symbol had been pulling him for a long time.

Hansoo walked past the glass orbs.

Towards the location that the symbol was pointing towards.

And soon.


Hansoo stood in front of a peculiar looking glass orb that was significantly larger than the others.

‘Strange. What’s in it?’

It was different from any spirit he had seen before.

It didn’t have the red glow of a flame spirit, the dark glow of a dark spirit or even the bright blue light of a ice spirit.

‘Well. I’ll find out after I get it.’


Another strike landed on the ship as the ship accelerated further.

Hansoo decided to stay on the ship until the end.

Since the weapon could aim at him instead of this giant ship if he got off.

It was better to get across the mountain range and disappear from view.

Hansoo raised his hand towards the mysterious glass orb that had numerous dozens of colors intermingled with each other.



And Hansoo felt the conscious of something from the flask entering his head.

It didn’t really feel good but he knew.

That he would need to get friendlier with this from now on.

He had gained a powerful ally.


Hansoo’s eyes slowly closed as he felt the foreign consciousness entering his mind.


As if the ship was preparing for an emergency landing, countless screens that showed the current situation outside the ship appeared in various locations inside the ship.

And everything outside the ship was being shown.

Including the beam of light heading towards the ship.

As well as the mountain range in front of the ship.

Though it felt like he had climbed at least 20 km above, they were still a bit away from the top of the mountain range.

But soon.


The scenery past the mountain range appeared on the screens.

Clouds, blizzards and mists.

The thing Tiamet wanted to keep hidden from the world.

And the closing eyes of Hansoo got focused onto the screen.

‘This is what’s beyond the mountain range…’

But even before Hansoo could check the scene clearly.

Somebody spoke to Hansoo.

From inside him.

Hansoo’s consciousness got sucked inside as his body fell to the ground.