Reincarnator - Chapter 274 : Land from the past (1)

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Chapter 274 : Land from the past (1)

Empire’s Capital. Kirkis.


Somebody walked towards Tiamet who was sitting in a lotus position in the center of the White Dragon Arena.

The Commander General of the Empire’s Magic Brigade.

Gran kain.

He was almost 80 and there were less than 3 people in the entire Empire who were stronger than him, but he was still very cautious when approaching Tiamet.

After preparing himself both mentally and physically, he started to carefully speak towards Tiamet.

“The Destruction Cannon is almost ready. If we use the Rangkom’s Stake as a medium after we finish stabilizing it then we can attack the Ains anytime we want.”

Tiamet remained seated in the same position and spoke in a grim manner.

“Before attacking them, send a final warning to them using the players again. Telling them to give up.”


‘We wouldn’t be able to finish them off even if we used the cannon in a surprise attack Why is he giving them a warning?’

Kain didn’t understand but he didn’t show his thoughts.

Since Tiamet was an existence at the same level as a God to them.

But Tiamet suddenly frowned and started to glare at Kain.

And Kain was shocked from this gaze and he started to sweat profusely and carefully asked.

“Why... What’s the matter?”

Kain thought back to every single action he had performed but he couldn’t figure it out.

But Tiamet wasn’t looking at Kain.

He was looking towards the north, past Kain.

‘... Jang Oh. This useless bastard. I even gave you a Divine Artifact.’


Kain couldn’t see it due to the distance but he could still feel it.

This aura was too familiar not to notice.

Tiamet stood up as he felt the minute but longing sensation that resonated out from the north.

And Kain was shocked at this action, he hurriedly asked.

“Sir Tiamet. Did I do something…”

“Let’s go.”


Tiamet spoke expressionlessly.

“We’re going to the cannon.”


Tiamet pulled out the Rangkom’s stake.



‘...A ship?’

Hansoo felt his body rising up into the air and quickly deduced the current situation.

This giant colony flying into the sky being a space ship was just his speculations, he could be wrong.

But there was one important thing.

Was it safe?

Hansoo looked towards the engine which was letting out a blinding amount of light.

It looked like it had been made with technology he didn’t quite know about that was way more advanced than that of Earth but it had been hidden under the ground for too long.

Without anybody maintaining it, it wouldn’t be strange for a problem to occur.

The worst case scenario was it exploding on the spot or falling back down after a short flight.

The fall wouldn’t kill him but the explosion of the engine was more than enough to harm him.

Since the energy being held inside was not something even Hansoo could ignore.

Well, it was the same if it fell too.

He would be fine from the crash but the all the spirit’s orbs containing the energy would explode.

It was the same as an explosion at that point.

‘Let’s see.’


There was somebody who was useful for a situation like this.

Hansoo spread out his Dark Cloud and started to check every corner of the Engine Room.

Since he had to escape if things were actually dangerous.

Well, he should have just escaped instead of checking the surroundings but there was a reason why he stayed.

The reason why Mudusella had sent him here.

If he could be sure that this strange space ship wouldn’t explode then he might be able to find out a lot more.



The Dark Cloud started to seep into the entire Engine Room.

From the tubes that supplied the energy all way to the various controls.

As well as the Engine.

Of course he didn’t do this to understand the technology behind all this.

Since it would take literally an eternity for him to figure all this advanced stuff.

He solely focused on one thing.

The flow of the energy.

The most important thing was how well this energy was being controlled and contained.

And soon.


The Dark Clouds all flew back into Hansoo’s body as he deduced that it was safe enough.

Surprisingly, this giant engine was working in top condition while controlling and suppressing that tremendous amount of energy despite being activated after hundreds of years.

To the point of even making the flow of energy beautiful.

It felt like he was watching an art piece.

He tried to see if he could affect it with the Dark Cloud but the flow continued onwards while ignoring his attempts.

Which meant it was safe to say it wouldn’t fall or explode randomly.

Hansoo then naturally thought of the next thing.

‘Could I control it?’

Controlling it was one thing but he was curious of the intel hidden on this ship.

And Hansoo was able to figure out the answer with ease.

‘It seems that thing is controlling it.’

Hansoo walked up to the panel next to the giant sphere.



The panel, which had yellow letters on a blue background, looked small but this was only relative to the giant sphere.

Seeing it up close it was quite large.

5m sideways, 2m up and down.

And some spherical image was appearing on the panel.


It was like the globe he had seen often when he had been young.

‘Is this the image of the planet we are on?’

It looked like a space ship.

Of course it would have something like this.

And as Hansoo touched the screen, the giant planet spun and showed another angle.

Hansoo spun it around to check things and then thought to himself.

‘A bit different from earth...Well I guess that’s normal.’

It looked much larger than earth as well.

But this singular projection was not enough intel.

It wasn’t showing any important locations, its purpose was just for simple imaging.

‘I need more information…’

He tried to pry deeper into the panel.

But what he got in return were bright red warning signs.

[Restricted User]

[Access Required]

[Level 3 Plus Information. Administrator Required.]

[Add additional…]

The interface itself wasn’t hard but every part of it prevented him from entering.

‘How did the damn players activate this.’

Hansoo smacked his lips.

He originally had three plans.

First, gather as much intel as he could from this place.

Second, go to the restricted lands past the mountain range with this.

Third, use this as a weapon.

This being a colony had no use to him.

Though it could house people, that was it.

If he took this to the War Fortress then the superhumans of the Empires and the Kingdoms would charge over.

It would receive a huge amount of damage even before people got on.

And this place wasn’t a login area so he would receive attacks every time he went to the login areas.

But he should easily be able to follow through his three original plans.

This giant ship was basically a bomb.

Killing that monster Tiamet might be too much but it could be used in various ways.

Since he could still kill somebody like Cykrus.

‘But...That’s only when I can control this damn thing.’

If his intention wasn’t to create a giant crater for a lake to play around in, then there was no point of blowing it up here.

Since this ship seemed to have stopped in mid air.

‘....I guess this could be used as a floating garden in the future.’

Hansoo moved his eyes away from the panel.

There was no point of wasting time here.

There was a reason why he came here.

Obtaining a spirit in order to go across the range.

Well, he could already do this.

Since there were thousands of spirits outside of this engine room.

As long as he passed the test the symbol gave him.

He wouldn’t need to take this giant ship and could just run across it.

‘Since the symbol Mudusella gave me doesn’t look simple… I should be able to get a stronger spirit.’

The level of the spirit one gained was relative to one’s strength and the quality of the symbol.

As Hansoo turned his body.


The symbol on his body started to shine.

‘...What the?’

The symbol musella planted on his body.

The light from the symbol flew across his arm and then towards the panel.

And the moment this light touched the panel.


New words appeared on the panel.

[Administrator confirmed…Logging In]

[....Access Granted.]

“Mudusella, I don’t really like surprise events like this hehe.”

Hansoo chuckled.