Reincarnator - Chapter 272 : Berserk (2)

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Chapter 272 : Berserk (2)

Jang Oh thought of the past from time to time.

The times when he had traveled along the Yellow Zone with Clementine and his other comrades.

‘Eres… I met them here as well.’

People who had come 2 years earlier and had gotten used to this world.

Jang Oh smiled.

The Green Zone, in many ways, was much more perilous than the Yellow Zone but it didn\'t matter.

Since Clementine had always led them in an amazing way.

Though they were afraid of the players but they were good at hiding and they didn’t think it would matter much even if they got caught.

Since he and his comrades were powerful.

There was nobody who could go against them out of the players as they increased their levels explosively and prepared to leave.

They proceeded towards the Empire’s capital, Kirkis.

They just needed to spread out to not get caught by the players and just get to the log out zone.

The group of Eres had gone up far before because they had logged in from a different spot but they could just meet them above.

But right before they left.

They met true despair.

The power which determined who the losers of this world were, the Empire.

And the man who shouldered that entire title by himself.

Tiamet Kratus.

They tried to resist the man who was mumbling strange words and was capturing them but it was all futile.

Though they were confident in their own skills, Tiamet was on another level.

They could not even fathom the strength of Tiamet, which had been polished and sharpened for a thousand years, and they got sucked into the White Dragon Arena one by one.

If Tiamet wanted to kill them they would’ve long died.

He kept them alive for one reason.

In order to drag out everybody who was hiding around by using them as bait.

While the adventures trapped in the White Dragon Arena fell into depression.

Clementine, who they had planned to meet above, appeared.

Maybe to rescue them or maybe because of another reason.

But one thing was clear.

That Tiamet was intrigued by Clementine’s words.

And that in just five short minutes, Clementine and Tiamet had found a common ground.

So a contract between Tiamet Kratus and Clementine had been created and these people were able to get released.

Though he and the others were very curious about the contents of the contract but Clementine merely laughed it off and refused to speak about it.

But before she went up.

Jang Oh found out about the contents of the contract.

Jang Oh could not forget Clementine’s voice.

The kind voice which asked him to do such vicious things.




The players whistled at the sounds which rang out from afar and carefully moved around far off in the distance.

“Sheesh...Do you see that? Monsters. Let’s just leave them to fight by themselves and move around on our own.”

One of the players whispered in fear.

If they showed the battle and the viewers asked to fight then things would change.

Since they couldn’t refuse the words of the people watching them.

‘No. I don’t even want to get involved in that at all. Crazy bastards… How do you even get that strong?’

Even if they got involved, there wasn’t much they could do.

Maybe they might be able to ambush them later.

But right now, there was a bigger and more important objective.

The players ignored the noises in the distance and carefully headed towards the giant structure in the distance.

It was clearly different from the residential areas until now.

As the vast area with the giant structure came into view, the chat room watching the live broadcast exploded.

And as if the movements of the players got quicker as if they were responding to the chat and soon they arrived by the giant dome shaped structure.

And befitting of this giant structure, a much more powerful protective energy field than the one above was flowing through it.


One of the players frowned as they smacked the wall.

“We did arrive but… Maybe this doesn’t have an entrance as well?”

One of the players nearby shook his head and spoke.

“Let’s spread out and search. Whoever finds it sends a signal.”

And the players nodded as they spread out.



‘...It suddenly got quiet. But wait… Isn’t it dangerous if those guys stop fighting?’

One player, who had been moving around the area, felt a chill run down his back as he continued to search around.

But this worry only lasted a moment.

“...Found it.”

The player, , felt his heart thumping and smiled.

It wasn’t big but was clearly designed for people to enter.

And the player who had found the entrance first started to enter it.

‘Well… They did tell us to send a signal but…’

Karax shrugged his shoulders.

Was there really a need to?

‘I could just be checking things out first in case it’s dangerous.’

Karax chuckled as he carefully entered.

He wasn’t broadcasting this anyway since he wasn’t really interested in things like that.

There was only one important matter.

Things of worth.

If they found it together they would need to share it but if nobody knew about it then it’ll all be his.

But while he was walking into this place.


Karax stopped and whistled in place.

From the scene that appeared in front of his eyes.


Thousands of marbles.

Sizes ranging from that close to humans all the way up to a small house.

Though these glass-like marbles were transparent, they were filled with multicolored lights.

Some blue, some red and some green.

And Karax realized where he had seen these lights.

It was awfully similar to the things he and the others had.

‘Spirit Stones.’

Of course he belonged to the top tier players who could hunt in the Spirit Land.

He had his own Spirit Stone and had even seen a few S grades while hunting.

And the light that radiated out from these things were similar to the light that came out from the Spirit Stones.

But there was a fundamental difference.

The difference of energy.

The lights that flickered around as if they were alive.

They really seemed to be alive.

The lights inside the marbles were contantly pulsating while releasing tremendous amount of energy through the tube attached above the marble and that energy flowed to an unknown location.


Karax pondered about breaking these for a moment but soon gave up.

These beautiful lights gave out an eerie feeling of some sort.

‘Hmm...Is there nothing else?’

Though the marbles had caught his attention first, these shouldn’t be the only things in this giant building.

At that moment something came into his eyes.

‘...They seem to be heading to one specific spot.’

Though about half of the tubes were heading towards the colonies outside, the other half was different.

Towards a deeper location.

‘Yeah. This shouldn’t be all of it.’


Karax left the marbles and proceeded to head deeper into the structure.



The moment Hansoo attacked the heart.


The shadows surrounding Jang Oh’s body trembled.

An accurate attack right on the heart.

The skills and the power of the spirit shattered.

Jang Oh realized that Hansoo had saved a bit of strength for this chance.

‘...I thought I knew him a bit from the fight he had with Metiron.’

The spirit was something that was as powerful as the Mana Jade Hansoo had.

Though he lost out in terms of the quality of skills or one’s physical prowess, he won in the quantity of skills and the mastery level of the skills.

He had thought that he wouldn’t lose out in terms of artifacts with the shield but...There was another fatal difference.

‘For his battle skills to be better than mine…’

As Jang Oh was lost in thought at the fact that his battle skills that had been honed for 18 years had been beaten by a newcomer to this zone.


Hansoo’s right fist headed towards his temple to kill.

‘Yeah...This is better…’

As Jang Oh was about to faint while watching the fist coming towards him.


The soul fragment Jang Oh denied started to violently shake.

Then Jang Oh’s right hand moved at lightning speed and blocked the fist with his shield.


The Seven Strands Spear which had threatened Hansoo in the zone below started to head towards Hansoo while being surrounded in a dark aura.

Though there was no mana jade to support this, Jang Oh was much stronger than Metiron and there was the power of the spirit on top of this.

And the power behind it would not be small at this close of a range.


Hansoo frowned as he backed off.




Jang Oh regenerated the caved in chest as he spoke to Hansoo expressionlessly.

“Jang Oh is too compassionate. How would he be able to complete the contract with Tiamet at this ra...Fuck!”

Jang Oh suddenly shouted in shock and raised his shield again.



Hansoo’s right hand smashed onto the shield again.

Hansoo muttered while looking at the different eyes of Jang oh.

‘You speak too much.’


Hansoo then continued to attack.

He had to finish this off quickly and go in.

‘Those guys are getting on my nerves.’

Hansoo looked towards the structure behind him that had started to activate with a strange noise.