Reincarnator - Chapter 269 : Underground (3)

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Chapter 269 : Underground (3)

“Fucking hell. There’s nothing to see.”

The players started to leave one by one after a long period of curiously staring at the mysterious letters.

This damned thing didn’t have an entrance anywhere.

Even if it did, they would have to melt all the ice surrounding this thing at this rate.

Which was not possible.

“Let’s go up!”

“Ugh. What a waste of time.”

The players complained but started to climb up one by one with weights lifted off their minds.

They still gained something from this.

‘Even if the guys from the Empire are crazy they wouldn’t fault us when we have come this far.’

If they really wanted to go through it then they probably could by gathering every player here including the ones above.

But why did they need to?

This was more than enough.

They had even given up their hunts to come all the way north to find this guy, what can they do about him escaping into some mysterious piece of metal?

‘There. Nothing we can do.’

As they came up from the hole, they could see countless others having climbed out from the snow and were checking their gear.

And one of the players who came out from the hole shouted towards them.

“Yo! Let’s go! It’s a dud.”

But nobody moved.

‘What? Do they not trust me?’

Well, his words did lack some explanation.

But as the player was about to shout again.

One of his clansmen spoke with a frown on his face.

“...We can’t man.”

“Huh? Why?”

The clansman showed the player the message that had come.

Though there were a lot of words in it, the summary was simple.

And the player frowned as he saw the message.

‘Damned Empire...Stressing me even inside the game. What the hell is the 4th Brigade anyway.’

According to what he knew, there was only 3 Brigades in the Empire.

The player shouted while frowning at the news of the Brigade he had never heard of.

“What about it! If they just started then it’ll take forever for them to get here. How long are we supposed to wait!”

These players had taken two days despite running at full speed to get here.

Of course it would take longer if one calculated the time it took to kill beasts on the way.



“Don’t worry. We’re here already.”


His vision darkened for a second and then the shadow below his feet stood up.

‘What the…’

The player was shocked at the sight of his own shadow getting up and moving around.


The shadow turned into a man.


A powerful aura that radiated from his entire body.

He didn’t know what the 4th Brigade was but this was more than enough to tell him that they weren’t simple.

And there was another problem.

‘What is that.’

A small shield in the man’s right hand.

As the players made fearful expressions at the shield that let out a suspicious but powerful aura.

The man who had used the spirit and his own skills to travel thousands of kilometers at a tremendous speed, Jang Oh, spoke.

“How’s the situation?”

A few of the players were irritated at the arrogant NPC but it was still a NPC from the Empire.

They explained the situation.

Which made Jang Oh shocked.

‘...There’s energy flowing? Wasn’t it a ruin?’

The place he obtained the Spirit wasn’t as strong as this.

Since they barely maintained their existence deep inside the ice or in the middle of a swamp somewhere.

‘I guess it’s a bit different’

But this didn’t matter.

Since all he needed to do was accomplish his objective.

‘This is the end of jumping around.’

Jang oh muttered to himself as he jumped into the hole Hansoo had made.

With the shield raised.



Hansoo looked around as he fell.

A vast space.

A lake and a forest.

The lake was so clear and blue that it seemed like fishes would jump up at any moment and the green color of the forest made it look extremely healthy.

And the best part was the sky he was falling through.


A giant object was floating in the air and lighting up this entire space.

Bright but warm.


‘It’s like a sun. A miniature sun?’

It seemed like it contained a tremendous amount of energy but seeing it was radiating very soft light he could only think of the sun.

And something else came into his eyes as he fell more.

If everything he had seen so far was beauty of nature then this was something quite opposite.

Cylindrical buildings that rose high into the sky.


Hansoo used a bit of mana to intensify his vision.

He then saw the identity of these buildings.

Starting at the outer parts, and at the inside through the windows.

And a conclusion quickly came.

‘It’s a residential building.’

Though there were a lot of strange objects, there were basic living conditions set such as tables, seats, beds and others.

It was a building created for residents.

And looking at this giant cylinder, a thought came up in Hansoo’s head.


A colony created for survival which one could see in Sci-Fi movies.


Hansoo landed onto the trees in an area which seemed to have been created as a orchard.

‘...Why is such a thing below the Northern Tundra?’

Hansoo made a confused expression.

Even Jang Oh, who had gained the powers of the Spirit, didn’t tell him about this.

‘Did he not tell me...Or was it different from this.’

He didn’t know when and why this was created but he knew one thing for clear.

That there were Spirits here.


Hansoo touched the branches of the tree next to him.

Then a joyous and familiar aura seeped out.

An aura full of life and vigor unlike the destructive auras of the Spirit Stones.

‘Aura of the Tree Spirit.’

A type of Spirit Stone which was sold much cheaper than ice or fire types because of its lack of usage in battles.

But it was doing its job perfectly here.

Maintaining the best state for the trees that were living here.

‘The Lake… And the Land as well.’

Hansoo started to walk as he sensed the nearby auras of the lake and the land below his feet.

He didn’t have time to waste.

There was one objective he had right now.

Getting the Spirit and going across the mountain.

And for this, he had to move.

Hansoo pondered for a moment and then picked a direction.

‘To the Power Room.’

Though this place was being managed by a Spirit, the Spirit did not live here.

To be exact, the energy of the spirit was keeping every corner of this place alive.

This place which was isolated from light, air and water from the outside.

‘And also check on the way. See whether there are living creatures here…’

It was made for living creatures.

It was a low probability but there might be traces of living things.

There might even be somebody who had the answer to the question of what Mudusella wanted him to bring.


Hansoo started to head towards the central area with the buildings while following the aura of the Spirits below his feet.



The surrounding trees that were being protected by the Spirit started to tremble.

As if they were communicating.



After a bit, he got to a giant structure after passing through many others.

‘It’s here huh.’

A giant structure of which the entire outside was reinforced by a metal spirit.

He could feel a tremendous amount of energy and vigor from inside it.

‘There must be something in here.’

Hansoo nodded.

Even if something was inside there, it didn’t matter.

Since he just needed to get the Spirit’s power and go across the mountain.



A rumbling noise was heard from where he had come in from.

And Hansoo nodded at this sound.

‘He came fast.’

Though Tiamet couldn’t come, there was no way he would just sit and watch.

And Clementine’s forces wouldn’t sit around either.

Hansoo thought of the man who had come to meet him.

‘...I didn’t want to meet you like this but I guess I’ll have to turn a blind eye this time around right?’

His previous mentor.

At the same time his protector.

And his friend.

Hansoo composed himself as he saw Jang Oh who was creating a hole through the wall he had come through far off in the distance.

While gripping the Forked Lightning tightly.


“Damn. Are you seeing this right now?”

“What is it?”

“It’s live right now. Is it like the hint for the next big update? Damn, I’m jealous of these guys.”

A rumor filled with curiosity circulated between the players outside the War Fortress.

Usually a live broadcast would only be used in battles as a tactical usage but that wasn’t the case this time.

The players have envious expressions as they saw the live broadcasts of the players who were looking at this entire thing all the way up at the Northern Wall.

They were jealous because the rewards the first party that succeeded after the 5th update came and the Maze had opened were quite substancial.


“Woah….What the. Is that a NPC? Jesus christ.”

“What is that?”


The people started to mumble in shock from the NPC who was smashing a hole into the alloy wall with a tiny shield in his hand.

Usually they would be attracted at the sight of a powerful NPC but their eyes turned to something else.

Not the NPC but rather the alloy wall he was creating a hole in.

Specifically the things that would be inside.



The moment the NPC male created a hole with this powerful attacks.

The players who were watching cheered.

“Woah! Is he going in!?”

“Damn...Shall I go over there as well?’

Due to the yells of the nearby players, the others who had been encircling the War Fortress started to turn on the broadcast one by one.


The entire surroundings of the War Fortress were filled with tiny floating screens.