Reincarnator - Chapter 266 : Spirit Land (3)

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Chapter 266 : Spirit Land (3)


Hansoo was lost in thought while walking through the blizzard.

There were still some stinging pains because his body hadn’t fully healed but this was the best condition he had been in after he had arrived in this zone.

‘...A long time has passed by now huh.’

Time flew quickly when he was fighting but managing things took much longer.

Calculating the things he had done so far, it had already been a year since he had come to the past.

He wasn’t able to care much about this due to him constantly being in battles and fights but as these conflicts stopped, Hansoo’s head started naturally get filled with various thoughts.

What would his friends be doing at the moment?

How fast would the invasion of the Abyss have accelerated?

‘Well. It’s not that bad. Yet.’

Hansoo smiled as he thought of the people fighting at the War Fortress.

People who would’ve been fighting day by day in the past.

Or that would have all been massacred at the Yellow zone.

Or been killed off as Bug Players in the Green Zone.

These people had confidently come up to this Zone and took over the War Fortress.

His own role was clear but these people really fought for it and took it for themselves.

Their own rights.

‘You’re all doing very good.’

Hansoo walked through the tundra’s snow and thought about the past.

He thought of his comrades who had been swept away when this world and the Abyss united.

They fought and resisted but they had eventually been massacred one by one.

‘This time...Not this time.’

Hansoo gripped the Forked Lightning in this hand tightly as he thought of these horrid memories and continued to walk through the blizzard.

There were a lot of things left to do.

There was still the true goal of the Green Zone left to achieve.


Hansoo muttered as he felt the Ain’s blessing on his chest.


There was barely anyone who had gained the power of the Spirit.

And even Keldian only had a skill that allowed him to imitate the Spirit’s powers called Spirit Avatar, he had never been able to actually obtain it.

Since it was extremely hard to.

First, one must obtain the Ain’s blessing.

This was the first hurdle.

Before the Ains were unsealed from the Great Maze, it was impossible to obtain this blessing no matter how powerful or skilled one was.

Though the the Great Maze was opened up when Keldian, Eres and the others were going through this zone, most people didn’t even know of such a function nor about the blessings of the Ains.

Since only a few people knew this even now.

Though the group with Eres had more than enough qualifications to receive the Ain’s blessing, they were completely unaware of what was in the maze and just went up to the next Zone.

Along with most of the people who had luckily passed through the Green Zone.

This is why they were confused when they were forming up of the plan for the Green Zone with him.

The World Tree could clearly be seen in the Red Zone.

The aboriginals of the Orange and Yellow Zones had given them the intel so it was easy to set up a plan for these areas.

But the Ains, the aboriginals of this zone, were a race they weren’t able to meet while they were here as well as in the Abyss so though they knew about the Spirit Stones, they didn’t know about the existence of the Spirits themselves.

But Hansoo, who had joined them later, knew about this.

Since Hansoo was close to and saw the person who had obtained the Ain’s blessing and obtained the strength of the Spirits deep inside the Spirit Land.

And Hansoo made a resolution as he saw this.

That if he got to the Green Zone again, he would gain this power and allow everyone to have a chance at it.

In preparation for the Abyss.

The power of the Spirits was that powerful and was also useful.

‘Jang Oh. He should currently be busy.’

Hansoo thought of the man who had left him a deep impression as he continued to move.

Hansoo thought of these words as he walked through the Tundra.

Jang Oh hadn’t told him the exact locations either.

But he did give him instructions to obtain the strength of the Spirist.

To continue walking in the direction the blessing pointed towards.

The Ain’s Blessing was like a house so it felt the emptiness inside and looked for an existence that filled it up.

Not a dead corpse like a Spirit Stone but a living creature.

He would just need to continue in this direction.

Hansoo thought of Jang Oh laughing at him and shook his head.

But in all honesty, it wasn’t really a tease back then.

There wasn’t anybody who wasn’t interested in the Spirit Stones and almost everyone had killed the Ains for the Protection Elixirs in order to go into the Spirit Land.

And he was part of this group.

But Jang Oh would never have known.

That he would come back to the past like this and begin everything anew.

‘Well...Anybody who would foresee something like this would be insane.’

Hansoo chuckled as he continued to walk.



A loud roar was heard in the distance.

Hansoo frowned as he looked towards the 100m tall giant object through the blizzard far off in the distance.

‘Northern Wall Beast...I’ve come close to the Thousand Rivers Mountain Range huh.’

If one headed a bit further north from here they would arrive at a giant mountain range that blocked humans off like a giant castle wall.

A humongous mountain range named the .

The level 290 Northern Wall Beast, which was much more powerful than an Azure Ice Beast, was something that came down from these mountains and roamed over these places.

A giant mountain range, that was so big to the point of blocking any and every invader and was thus called the .

The area wasn’t blocked off artificially like the Great Maze of the Ains in the past.

The reason why it couldn’t be crossed was very simple.

Since anyone would die before getting through it.

A tremendous DoT damage that normal Protection Elixirs wouldn’t be able to stop.

And beasts that were several times stronger inside.

An extremely tall mountain that was so tall and wide that it would be impossible to climb it given the duration of the Protection Elixirs.

Hansoo understood why Mudusella had sent him here to a degree.

‘I guess she means that I can climb above that thing after I obtain the Spirit.’

So getting the Spirit’s power was of utmost importance.


Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

A 100m-tall yeti-looking beast.

‘End it quickly.’

Hansoo, with the Forked Lightning in his right hand and the Spirit Stone in his left hand, glared at the approaching Northern Wall Beast.



The A grade Venom Spirit Stone exploded out with light and let out a green aura.

Well, the Spirit Stone itself was exploding.

Since Hansoo forcibly put it into overload.

A method which gave the user a tremendous amount of strength but made the Spirit Stone unusable after.


Hansoo smashed the head of the Nothern Wall Beast after jumping up.



The Northern Wall Beast roared in rage as it survived the attack.

‘Yeah...This isn’t enough.’

Level 290 was no joke.

But unluckily for the Nothern Wall Beast, it met Hansoo.

The two most recent skills Hansoo had obtained were both specialized for killing giant things.


He had fully recovered his health and mana on the way here.

The Nurmaha Ring’s ability which ate a tremendous amount of mana but allowed him to ignore Physical Defense was applied on the tip of Hansoo’s spear again.



Three dragons appeared from the spear and exploded towards the beast’s head.


The Northern Wall Beast’s head was pierced through.



Hansoo landed on the corpse of the beast as he frowned at the strange sensation on the tips of his fingers.

‘...This feels weird. What is this.’

The Northern Wall Beasts were something he could not come anywhere close to in the past so this was the first time he had actually killed one.

But the strange sensation did exist.

Hansoo decided to ignore this sensation for now and started to head towards the direction the symbol was telling him to.




From the distance.

Small flickering lights could be seen in the distance.

‘They chased me huh.’

Hansoo gripped his spear as he looked at the players who were communicating through the flickering lights.

The Spirit Land was still part of the players’s territories.

He won’t be able to dodge them forever.

It would be selfish to want to go through this entire area without any conflicts.

This was what he had expected.

But there was one thing that was out of his expectations.

‘...At least 500. And it’s increasing.’

With that many people, it meant that every hunting team of the 15 Great Clans in Area 11 had grouped up together.

And this wasn’t it, there were more to come.

Hunting teams that were specialized in killing the Azure Ice Tigers and the Northern Wall Beasts were gathering up to number almost a thousand.

‘You’re going to even stop hunting to chase me?’

They wouldn’t walk here for a stroll.

The high tier master players came in here using items that costed anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars an hour to come in here.

To obtain greater benefits.

And they wouldn’t invest this heavily because of one single collision.

‘...Did the Empire have a hand in this? These guys aren’t people who listen that well.’

They could just pretend to follow orders.

But these guys were very into this whole thing.

Hansoo pondered for a moment and then made a decision.

‘Go through them.’

He didn’t know what was going on outside the Spirit Land.

And he was almost at the location the Ain’s Blessings was telling him to go to.

If they did form a plan to deal with him, it would be better to act before they grouped up completely.

Hansoo then started to madly dash towards them.



Shimmer shimmer.

The flickering lights started to enclose their encircling towards Hansoo.

And the first one to arrive slashed down at Hansoo with his short sword.

A player that was covered in shining artifacts grinded his teeth as he slashed at Hansoo.

“You fucking bastard! The outside is in chaos because of you! Fucking…”

“You seem to have a lot of Stones of Immortalities?”


Hansoo mumbled after instantly blowing apart the guy’s head then frowned at the sword embedded on his side.

An injury which occurred as he tried to deal with him in a single blow.

These guys weren’t easy.

But there wasn’t much time.

So he had to kill each of them with a single strike.

Even whilst receiving some damages.

‘Let’s go.’


There were plenty of people who would hand over the Spirit Stones to him.

Hansoo blew apart a A grade Ice type Spirit Stone in his left hand and started to charge towards the encircling.