Reincarnator - Chapter 265 : Spirit Land (2)

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Chapter 265 : Spirit Land (2)


His body that was in a mess.

The speed of the level 270 Azure Ice Tiger that had a much more powerful body than both the players and adventurers.

And Hansoo’s skill pool which didn’t have a single movement skill.

Thanks to these three things, the distance between him and the tiger decreased very quickly.

Hansoo sighed as he ran.

‘Saving the world and all that shit… For me to be chased around by a tiger like this.’

He couldn’t blame anybody else either since this was the path he had taken.

“Fuck you, you bastard.”



If he had the flail then he could fling it but he had left it above the formation.

Hansoo lifted up a piece of ice by his foot, threw it at the tiger’s face and dashed away.

He would fight if he had to but the best method was to finish things without fighting.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

He didn’t know what would be at the flickering light but there being light meant that there were humans.

Anyways, it was better to go there.

But Hansoo realized the identity of the light soon after.

And then frowned.

‘It got even more annoying. Was it a mistake to come this way?’

Hansoo sighed as he saw the dozens of players shouting in the distance.



“Huh? Azure Ice Tiger!”

“What the... Fuck! Our Spirit Stones are overloaded!”

Hydros Clan.

, the leader of the 3rd Spirit Land platoon of the Hydros Clan, frowned as he saw the tiger charging towards them.

Usually, they would be happy to see this thing.

Since the reason why their hunting team came into this Spirit Land while drinking the expensive Protection Elixirs was to kill things like this.

Of course it wasn’t for leveling or artifacts.

Since those who were able to afford the expensive Protection Elixirs to fight in here were high ranking master players equipped with top tier artifacts.

Experience and dropped artifacts were useless.

They had one objective.

To get a Spirit Stone.

An artifact which promised the players a tremendous amount of strength that came into being after the 5th patch.

Using it or selling it to to the Kingdoms or the Empire were both great options.

The players, who were limited in many ways, could break through with these Spirit Stones and head further ahead.

His battle strength was at level 265 despite him being at level 250 while the other 30 or so clansmen averaged at about 260.

Killing a single level 270 Azure Ice Tiger was not hard.

If they hadn’t fought just now.

Though the Spirit Stones had given them new strength, it wasn’t infinite.

‘That crazy bastard...He should just die by himself if he’s going to die anyway.’

The gleeful atmosphere from picking up a new A rank Spirit Stone after killing off a Azure Ice Tiger started to turn grim.

Most of the A rank Spirit Stones his teammates had were overloaded.

And killing that thing in their current situation would cause the remaining Spirit Stones to get overloaded as well as them having to use a few more Stones of Immortality.

As he thought about all this.

Al-Kaeruda frowned.

‘Which clan is this bastard from. Mannerless...You’re going on the Yellow List after this.’

Bug players on the Blacklist.

Redlist for the PKing players.

And Yellowlist for the players who weren’t very good to play with.

Getting on the Yellowlist didn’t put them in danger but rather it caused them to have a much harder time getting into hunting groups, clans and participate in other group activities.

Nobody liked to play with those kind of people.

“Hey! Bastard! Fuck off!”

“Are you crazy?!”

As if his teammates were angered as well, they stood up from their sitting positions while cursing at him.

Since despite them having told him to go away, they knew well that he wouldn’t.

Al-Karueda clenched onto his weapon first and stood up as well.

‘You bastard. You thought you’d live if you came here? You’re first.’

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Al-Karueda mumbled while glaring at the man running through the blizzard.

Doing such a thing… It wouldn’t be strange to get killed on the spot.

And that man was a mess.

‘I’ll kill you both at the same time.’


As they had similar thoughts as Al-Karueda.


The teammates standing behind him started to glow with various colored lights.

They had started to activate the Spirit Stones before the Azure Ice Tiger got closer to them in order to deal as much damage as they could.

Of course the guy running in the front was within the area of effect as well.

‘He’ll be easy to hit since he’s large. Die you bastard.’

As Al-Karueda smiled coldly.

The man who was running towards them started to shout.

“Fuck! Don’t attack! Don’t! It’s bad! It’s really really bad!”


The people who were about to attack stopped.

What had happened?

The moment they thought about what could have happened in the near vicinity.



The man who had run over with that brief moment collapsed on the ground while gasping for breath.


Al-Karueda frowned.

In the brief moment they stopped to think about that could’ve happened, this bastard had gotten to them already.

It was now hard to attack this guy since he was amidst the clansmen now.

‘Anyway...He’s really hurt. Did something really happen?’

Al-Karueda stared at the mess of a man and then asked in curiosity.

“This mannerless bastard...What the hell happened?”

The Spirit Land had many unexplored places and unexpected events did indeed occur from time to time.

Since things had come to this, Al-Karueda asked in order to gain some intel.

The man gasped for breath with a spear in hand as he pointed behind Al-Karueda and spoke.

“Haa...It’s long to talk about! Kill that first!”


As the man pointed behind him.

An extremely loud roar appeared not far behind Al-Karueda.

Al-Karueda then remembered the tiger as he cursed out.

“Fucking hell… It better fucking be a big deal! Kill that thing!”




The hunting team of the Hydros Clan and the Azure Ice beast collided.


“Ugh...Damn. Fucking hell man!”

“Aaaah! Leader! You have to compensate us for this!”

The Hydros clansmen laid out onto the ground while gasping for breath.

Two beasts at the level of an Azure Ice Tiger in a single day.

Maybe three.

This was the limit that they could fight without overloading the Spirit Stone and hunting safely.

But they had fought twice in a row when their Spirit Stone was overloaded.

Thanks to this, every Spirit Stone they had were overloaded for about an entire day.

And some had to even use Stones of Immortalities.

‘Fuck. Anyways, where’s this guy from? He’s pretty good.’

Al-Karueda looked at the man who had caused all of this in curiosity.

Seeing the way he fought, he was at level 250.

But his control was quite good.

Good enough to not lose out to some of the top tier Master players.

Though he didn’t go that wild since his injuries were severe which also meant that he fought well for being so hurt which actually made Al-Karueda feel a bit better.

‘At least he has some conscience.’

Al-Karueda’s rage toned down a bit as he slowly walked towards the man who was checking his bodily status and asked.

“Hey bastard. Which clan… No. Let’s hear first. What’s the big deal?”

Being less angry was one thing and responsibilities was another.

Al-Karueda asked since he had decided to receive the compensation from this time around from this guy’s clan but then changed his question.

The thing this man had shouted about before bothered him.

In a situation where his clansmen statuses were like this, if this event could harm them then he would need to evacuate this place and fall back.

The man who was healing himself spoke out.

“You know where this place is right?”

One of the clansmen replied with annoyance.

“We know. Area 11. Azure Tundra, Northern Area.”

Northern area of the Azure Tundra.

One of the deepest areas of the Spirit Land.

Nobody had gotten further north from this place.

It wasn’t like it was locked but rather that it was too dangerous.

The man nodded as he spoke.


“Huh? What the hell do you mea…”



A red cloud exploded out from around Hansoo.

The adventurers would’ve freaked out from the killing intent within this cloud.

But these guys were players, they could not feel such a thing.

While they were confused.



“Uhh? Huhh?”

“Uaaak! What the hell is this!”

Even before they could freak out, the red clouds that had attached to their body started to devour them.

Like a swarm of locusts eating at rice plants in the swamps.

The players tried to retaliate but they were tired to death already and had expanded their Spirit Stones already.

They could not deal with Hansoo who had healed himself while they were fighting.

“You bastard! You’re going to go on the Redlist…”

With those last words from Al-Karueda.


Only Hansoo remained behind in the vast land where the blizzard was storming around.


“Uaaaaak! You bas…”


Hansoo dealt with the ones reviving with the Stone of Immortality and was in glee while picking up the artifacts on the ground.

An A grade Venom type Spirit Stone that they had dropped.

And an A grade Ice type Spirit Stone the Azure Ice Tiger had dropped.

Hansoo picked up these two things, sensed that the other tigers weren’t headed this way and relaxed.

‘Well I’m alive for now.’

As his safety had been secured, he naturally started to worry about the rest.

What would be going on in the War Fortress?

Were the Ains doing well?

How would Mudusella have ended things?

And a few other things.

‘..They’ll be doing well.’

Hansoo decided to just let things go as they would.

The Ains and the ones he had brought would do things well.

No, they had to do well.

And he couldn’t go back anyway.

If this place was indeed Area 11 the clansman had spoken about.

This place was extremely far away from the War Zone, the most northern land of the Spirit Land.

It’d take forever to return.

‘...Mudusella. Why did you really bring me here?’

Hansoo pondered for a moment and then stood up.

He didn’t know why she had brought him here but he knew where she was telling him to go.

‘If she sent me here then...There’ll be answers over there.’

Hansoo got up and then started to head towards the north.

The answers would be over there.

‘And… I guess I should get a spirit since I’m here. Not some fakes like these...But a real one.’

Hansoo mumbled as he looked at the Spirit Stone in his hand.