Reincarnator - Chapter 263 : Golden Dragon Formation (6)

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Chapter 263 : Golden Dragon Formation (6)

‘What a bastard.’

Hansoo mumbled as he watched the left hand approaching him.

It wasn’t hard to kill off a weakling with a flick of a finger.

But this guy was slowly, very slowly, pushing Hansoo around.

He was playing around after not having been able to for so long.

Using this chance where he had finally been able to leave the White Dragon Arena and enjoy himself.

As long as Hansoo couldn’t grab the flail, the vast amount of energy wouldn’t stop Tiamet.

‘This really feels annoying.’



“Kuhuk! Sir Tiamet! Please! We’re allies!”

Countless mages died while screaming around the field.

But the finger floating in the air didn’t care as it continued to flick around and turned the surrounding area into blazing hell.


The Barrier got destroyed and the War Fortress slowly broke apart.

And because Hansoo couldn’t focus on the flail, the energy that had flown into the flail just dispersed into the air.

The Stake, which was no longer obstructed, was continuously increasing the size of the hole.

Everybody felt shivers run down their back as they saw Tiamet’s eyes gazing towards them from across the hole which was now the size of a fist.

Though Timaet was smiling, it actually made him look scarier.

Eyes that didn’t look at humans like they were humans.

Those eyes were blazing with his greed and desire.

And the mages knew.

How scary things got when a person who didn’t consider other humans as his own kind gained a tremendous amount of strength.

Just a finger was this strong, what would happen if his entire body came through?

Of course there wasn’t much time for them to think about this.


Since another beam swept by and erased them from this world.


Arthus Krancheska, who has been laid flat on the ground, grinded his teeth while watching this scene.

“Fucking bastard...Kuaaak!”

They were indeed arrogant but they were still his underlings.

People who he had grown and trained himself.

They were not people who should be dying like this.

‘Fucking bastard...You’re smiling?’

For him to have taken that monster as a role model at one point.

At this rate everyone would die.

From that finger that was cutting across the air for fun.

‘Fuck...Fuck! If only I could use mana! If only!’

Even without the prison, his level still remained.

But without any mana, he was merely a powerless human being.

As Arthus Krancheska watched the entire scene in despair.


He felt a hand touching his back.


The suppression that had blocked his mana was released.

Arthus Krancheska turned around as he felt the mana releasing out from his heart and regenerating his body.

To see who had released the suppression on his body.

‘Well. It would be that person.’

The Ain.

It should be her.

Since only the one who had placed the suppression could break it down this easily.

But he was filled with confusion as he turned around.

“...Who are you?”

Arthus Krancheska muttered as he saw the one standing behind him.

There wasn’t a difference in appearance.

The Ain who had been fighting with him who was over level 300.

The one inside that body was an entirely different being.

He could tell from just one look.

It was not the eyes filled with fear and rage that had fought with him.

The eyes now looked calm and empty but were filled with a dim light.

Like a well with the moon shining down upon it.

“What the…”

As Krancheska made a confused expression.

The Ain spoke towards him.

“It seems you aren’t gonna move. Do you have that much free time?”


Arthus quickly regenerated his body with his superhuman amount of mana and glanced at the existence in from of him while opening and closing his hands.

Though he didn’t have the prison, he had more than enough strength to deal with weaklings.

It was more than enough beat down his thing in front of him.

As well as the one dodging the attacks madly in the distance.

“Ugh. Fucking hell.”

Krancheska spat on the ground and headed towards the formation.

He didn’t like the eyes that seemed to know everything but there was no time to waste.

Krancheska reached the formation and then stomped on the ground a few times.

A mana wave spread out from where he had stomped and through Eloa and the few dozens of mages who were still alive.

And this simple movement was very effective.


The mages felt their mana circuits recovering as well as their bodies.

Krancheska stomped again as he saw this.


If the previous wave was for regenerating their mana, this one was for communication.

A special and intricate mana code told them one thing as it swept by them.


The mages gritted their teeth and nodded as they stood up.

Nobody would allow a tiger to escape its cage even if they didn’t have a hostile relationship.

Though that bastard didn’t have any bad blood with them, there was no telling what this man would do if he got across.

The mages carefully started to position around the formation.



Tiamet looked around at the scene in leisure through the hole which was now the size of a fist.

The outside world which he hadn’t seen in a very long time.

‘Soon I’ll be able to send out two fingers.’


Tiamet swept the surroundings once more and smirked at Hansoo who had distanced himself away from his attacks.

He had heard what this guy was doing here.

But the goal Hansoo was trying to achieve wouldn’t be fulfilled.

Since he was confident in himself.

What could that golden army do?

‘But...It’s annoying when he’s this good at dodging.’

Tiamet had actually been quite annoyed for a while.

Though it had started as a joke, that guy was dodging him way too easily.

He had started attacking with the intention of sending a leg flying but that weakling was amazing at dodging.

As if that guy was very experienced with fighting those who were strong.

Of course if his actual body was over there this would mean nothing but in a situation where he could only use a finger, he was feeling quite annoyed.

Tiamet frowned as he spoke towards the man glaring at him from the distance.

“Don’t resist meaninglessly like this. You guys...Cannot become the owners of this place. Be thankful that you’re living by us.”

Hansoo frowned.

He knew what these words meant.

From the things he had experienced.

‘But still… It’s more than I expected.’

At this rate that guy will really come over to this side.

And there was no way for him to block this from happening.

‘Nothing I can do.’

Hansoo clenched his teeth.

His original goal was to take the formation, use the flail as a medium and devour everything with that energy.

Then the War Fortress would become something that nobody would be able to break through.

He would help the Ains with that strength to let them into the Spirit land, use this place as a base of operations and from there start his next plans.

But since things had become like this, there was nothing he could do.

He had to use the final method.

‘Blow it apart.’


Hansoo mumbled as he dodged another beam which barely missed the formation.

Blow apart the energy from the formation.

And destroy everything in the vicinity.

‘It’s a waste but… Nothing else can be done.’

Hansoo deeply breathed in and out.

Though destroying the formation would be a waste and he and his golden army would take a considerable amount of damage, this was still much better than that guy coming over to this side and using the formation.


A ray of voice made its way to Hansoo.


A voice that came into his head.

‘They had this sort of ability?’

Hansoo made a shocked expression as he heard the voice of the Ain, though slightly different, in his head.

‘...No way.’

Hansoo’s head quickly deduced the situation.

To figure out the identity of the speaker.

Who had this kind of ability?

‘Ah… For it to have come personally…’

Hansoo nodded and then started to charge towards the flail.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

“...This crazy bastard.”

Tiamet made a confused expression at Hansoo who had started running while shaking the ground.

‘Is he trying to die?’

Tiamet flicked his finger.

To end the man having his final struggle.



A flaming cloud surrounded Hansoo’s back.

As if it was trying to use Hansoo as a shield.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Tiamet stopped at the sudden appearance of the Ain but then smiled.

“Mudusella. It seems the difference between us has grown too far now.”

Tiamet shook his head at the giant man charging and the Ain stuck behind him.

For her to have become like this where she didn’t even have the confidence to appear before him without some weakling defending her like this.

‘I won’t kill you at least.’

Tiamet decided to deal with the man in front of him and pointed towards the guy.



A beam extended out from his finger and headed towards the man.

But right before he was about to be hit.


Something broke up from the ground and blocked in front of him.

A giant blue bronze object.


The blue bronze wall couldn’t block the beam completely and allowed it to puncture a hole through it, it was still successful in allowing Hansoo to barely dodge.

And Tiamet was dumbfounded by this scene.

‘Aren’t they fearless. They could’ve lived if they were lucky… They dare act against me?’

He had seen them moving around in the back but he had thought that they would strike Hansoo instead of going against him.

‘Maybe I’m trusting these guys too much.’

Tiamet decided to kill off these guys once he got through as he flicked his finger to kill off Hansoo once again.


‘Let me end you.’

It was too close to dodge now.

As he finished preparing to shoot the man who had come all the way to the formation.

‘Wait, where did she go?’

Tiamet frowned as he saw that Mudusella had disappeared from behind the man who had come out from the blue bronze barrier.



Tiamet frowned as he saw Mudusella flying towards the flail after dispersing like a cloud.

‘Is she…?’

He finally remembered her role in the past.

Mudusella was an administrator.

She knew many more things about divine power than him.

If she were to connect with the divine power…

Tiamet made a grim expression.

‘That’s not good.’

Though it started as a favor, he had taken action and it was his responsibility to end the situation.

What if there was a possibility of failure?

Nothing had ever gone against the way he wanted and this time shouldn’t be any different.

‘I was going to let you live…’


As Mudusella was starting to condense into one form and the finger was about to attack her.


“What are you trying to do?”

Hansoo, who had arrived all the way up to him, smashed his finger.


An attack backed with the full strength of someone and the flick of a finger.

Even so, thinking about the difference in their strength, it would be normal for Hansoo to be flung away.

But the result was different.

‘...What the?’

Tiamet was shocked.

For some reason he felt his body resistance that hardened his body get nullified and his finger was pushed back.

And thanks to this his attack had missed.


“...You’re really pissing me off.”

Once rage surpassed a certain point, it would stop showing.

Tiamet’s eyes calmed down and lost their fire but it was too late.


Mudusella, who had been able to dodge the beam thanks to Hansoo, raised her hands towards Rangkom’s stake and the God’s Flail.



A strange energy exploded out from Mudusella.


Hansoo’s five senses disappeared and his body stiffened.

Hansoo pondered deeply to himself at the sensation of the world having stopped.