Reincarnator - Chapter 262 : Golden Dragon Formation (5)

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Reincarnator - Chapter 262 : Golden Dragon Formation (5)


As an explosion which shook the heavens and earth rang out.

“What the fuck! What happened!”


The blue light that surrounded the players disappeared into thin air.


“What the...Did that level 300 girlguy die?”

Apocalypto almost tripped from the strength which had disappeared into thin air and cursed out.

He was curious but he didn’t go back.

Since a level 300 falling was something impossible.

And they were people who controlledhad the power which had been gifted to themselves to hunt the bug players.

He thought they’d be able to defend themselves but for them to get destroyed!

‘Fucking hell! After all those cocky words!’

Apocalypto looked at his current status and cursed out again.

The overwhelming amount of mana turned his innards into a mess and the buff was gone.

Apocalypto looked at the Bug Players who he had been playing with up until now and were now glaring at him with vicious eyes.

“...Ah fuck.”

With those words.



A massacre occurred.

“These fuckers!”




Countless chains and spears flew across the air and turned the players into golden lights.

‘Good! Good! It’s all over!’

Karhal applied the Quintuple beam onto his arrow and shot it out with a relieved expression.

It ended.

The huge explosion would’ve been created by Hansoo.

Seeing the buff had been released, he had either caused a large amount of damage to the formation or took over the area.

Which meant that the their job here was basically completed.


As Karhal sighed out in relief.


A tremendously vicious aura spread out from the Great Barrier.

An aura which caused him to be unable to breath and barely stand.


“Ugh...What the fuck!”

The aura was so powerful even the fighting adventurers lost their balance and were tripping.


‘What the fuck happened now.’

Karhal stroked the chills that appeared all over his body and looked towards the Great Barrier.


“...Was I a bit too late?”

Because the mastery level of his Nine Dragons Spear had risen, he didn’t fall unconscious or get down to a heavily injured state.

He still had a bit of strength and was recovering very quickly.

But even so, the situation wasn’t very bright.



Hansoo calmy recoveredreclaimed his balance and stared at the monster who was slowly enlarging the dimensional crack in the distance.

Tiamet Kratus.

There wasn’t really a big difference between the Kingdoms and the Empire.

But there was a reason why they were called differently so.

There wasn’t a Tiamet Kratus in the Kingdoms.

And there was one in the Empire.

This was why they were different.

A man who had lived over a thousand years and protected the Empire, a living fossil and a historical relic.

But that man did not move rashly.

No, he couldn’t move.

‘To control Rangkom’s Stake...He wouldn’t be able to stay away from the White Dragon Arena for that long. Is he really willing to come here despite that?’

Tiamet held one of the three godly weapons of the Empire, Rangkom’s Stake, and stabbed away at the dimensional crack so it would stay open.

And that wasn’t all.


The Golden Dragon Formation, that hundreds of mages could barely control, forcibly acted up and was handing over the energy to Tiamet just so he could create a passage.

Hansoo frowned as he looked at Tiamet who used Rangkom’s Stake as a medium to swallow the formation whole.

‘...He’s still a monstrosity after this long huh.’

He had admired his strength in his past life as well.

A thousand years in a single world.

The strength that he had gained through the countless years of countries rising and falling and the lands changing was not something a passing adventurer could handle.

And since he was an enemy, his might was even more oppressive.

All of the hairs in his body stood up and his heart started to beat crazily.

A natural reaction of the body’s survival instincts as one met a tremendously powerful opponent.


The dimensional portal was continuing to become larger and larger.


Hansoo frowned.

He had thought that everything was concluded but for that man to pop out.

But Hansoo soon realized why such a man had appeared after a brief moment of thought.

‘So they interfered huh.’

Hansoo, after figuring out the reason, rapidly tried to organize the current situation in his head.

Being late is late and not being able to stop that man is his fault.

The hole had been created already and Tiamet was smashing it open.

So he could open it completely and come onto this side.

And the oppressive might radiating from him was increasing at a continuous rate.




The might that spread out from such a tiny crack was so powerful that it even caused the mages laid out on the floor to cough out blood.


Hansoo looked over at the mages for a bit and then clenched onto the flail.


‘Block him before he comes out.’

That man was not something he could handle right now.

So he had to prevent him from coming here no matter what.

‘...It won’t be easy but I’ll have to try anyways.’

Push back the stake as much as he could and retake the control over the formation.

Hansoo started to walk towards the center of the formation with the flail while pushing back the aura that was flooding out from the small crack.

Right in the center.

Towards the dimensional crack that was now the size of an eye.



Though it was only the aura of the man, the ground broke under his feet with every step he took.


Hansoo raised his arms to block the area in front of his body as he advanced and then smashed the God’s Flail onto the center of the formation.



The tremendous flow of energy that was being sucked into the Rangkom’s Stake started to disperse.

Towards the flail which was closer and was placed in a better location.

And the flail started to heat up bright red again.

Like how it had been when it was sealed in the past.

The souls within the flail started to scream from the intense amount of energy that started to flow through them.

But of course this energy didn’t only go to the flail.


Hansoo grunted as he felt the tremendous amount of energy that flew through the flail.

But he had to hold onto it.

Though there was a medium, it needed someone’s consciousness to use the energy towards the objective they needed to do.

Energy without a purpose that continued to build up would only cause a havoc.

Hansoo only had one objective.

‘Close...The gate!’


The energy of the mana node, which turned the flail bright red, started to flow onto a specific point.

Towards the hole in the air, towards Rangkom’s Stake which was piercing through it.



The hole that had been opening up stopped expanding and started to convulse in mid air.

It seems Hansoo had taken the upper hand on the mana node’s energy.

At that moment.

“Not bad.”

Tiamet smiled while looking at Hansoo through the eye sized hole.



The black robed man looked towards the hole where Tiamet was looking through the broken space.


Though the hole created by the white stake was indeed tiny, a powerhouse like Tiamet didn’t simply look with their eyes alone.

‘Well. It’s a bit opaque but it’s not bad.’

Tiamet felt the situation across the hole with his senses and then mumbled.

“Saw somebody who isn’t half bad...And somebody familiar thanks to him. Not bad, not bad at all.”

“A familiar face…?”

‘What the hell is he spurting…’

The man muttered in disbelief.

A familiar face.

Since there was countless people across that hole, seeing one or two people they knew wasn’t something strange.

If Tiamet was an ordinary person in an ordinary situation.

‘Wait. You haven’t gone out from here in a hundred years…’

And from what he knew, not many people lived past being a hundred years old.

As the black robed man looked at Tiamet in confusion.

Tiamet slowly started to spread his hand out.

“Then...Shall we go see our cowardly friends? It seems the friends are out to escort me anyway.”

Tiamet looked towards the Ain who was staring at him in a daze and started to shove his left hand into the hole.



The dimensional portal that was barely holding on in the air started to tremble intensely.

The power of destruction within Tiamet’s left hand started to move through the portal.

From the capital of the empire.

Towards the center of the War Fortress thousands of kilometers away.



The hand which ripped apart space as it advanced stopped right before the eyehole sized hole.

The space was barely large enough for a single pointer finger to come through.

And this pointer finger that was pointing towards Hansoo, a 2m tall giant muscular man, was almost pitiful.

But the moment Hansoo saw the finger.


Hansoo quickly moved his head away.

No, he even abandoned the flail in his hand and dodged away.

As the instinctive dodge had been performed.


A giant laser erased everything in its path and passed where Hansoo had been standing just before.

Erasing the Great Barrier and destroying a part of the War Fortress.



The screams of the adventurers and the players who were fighting in the distance couldn’t dodge.

A simple gesture which led to destruction.


The mages saw the concentration and the usage of mana from the finger and trembled in fear.

With just a simple thought the surrounding atmosphere trembled and the mana went into a havoc.

They talked about the thousand year warrior but none of them had actually seen Tiamet before.

No, only legends and stories were told because of this.

And the mages scoffed at these legends and stories.

Since these tales made no sense.

But the supernatural being that had appeared in front of them was far past what they had heard.

At the same time a ray of hope appeared in their minds.

‘...We can live! We won’t have to become hostages!’

Having their lives in the hands of others was the same was not being alive at all.

They would need to constantly show that they had a use and the moment they weren’t be of use, they would just get removed.

Such a treatment was not something they would like.

But the empire, whom they were in an alliance with, had stepped up.

Hope had appeared.

‘Kekeke...You’ll all die now.’

As the mages chuckled at the golden army in the distance.


The finger in the air swirled around and pointed towards a different direction.

Towards Hansoo who was about to grab onto the flail again.



Another beam came out and swept past the upper areas of the formation.

Nothing could stand in the path of this finger.

The barrier and the ruins.

The War Fortress.

Even the mages.


“Uaaak! Why..!?”

The mages whose limbs had been erased by the beam screamed in pain.

At that moment.

The Ain dodged away and muttered.

In a slightly different tone from before.

“Dumbasses. You think they will care about you?”

That man had lived a thousand years.

By himself.

Alliances and human interactions. Nothing mattered to that man.

Since nobody could tie him down.

He removed things he didn’t like and moved according to what he wanted.

The strength which had been refined over a thousand years had become even more perfect and his personality had become more and more like what it was today.

‘...He has become a true monster now huh.’

The Ain mumbled as he looked at the existence who would be over across the hole.

The eyes that had trembled in fear and shock had disappeared and only a pair of cold heartless eyes appeared.

As if she had become a different person.

‘It seems...You need to become a bit stronger. It’s a bit too early to let you loose.’

This is the reason why she had awoken.

The Ain looked between Tiamet in the distance and Hansoo as she flew towards the formation.