Reincarnator - Chapter 261 : Golden Dragon Formation (4)

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Chapter 261 : Golden Dragon Formation (4)


A location thousands of kilometers away from the Kingdom.

The capital of the empire, .

Befitting of the empire, there were countless buildings and structures covered and decorated in strange symbols and objects.

And in the corner of this place, a strange village existed.

A wall created from planks which seemed like they would break down at any moment.

Roofs with holes.

The village, which consisted of thousands of run down houses, was a place where no sane person would want to live.

And it looked even worse because the imperial palace of the Kirkis, , was located not far from it.



A man cut across the darkness and appeared in front of the shabby village.

In front of the entrance at the front of the village.

“...If only we could renovate this place...”

The man who had been watching the War Fortress from the mountains near the Korin Kingdom frowned as he looked at the buildings where even ghosts wouldn’t settle.


“Oh? You’re here?”

“Was there… Anything this time around?”

From the deserted looking village, countless people swarmed out and started to greet the man.

Tens of thousands of people.

The man flicked off the darkness covering his body and spoke out.

“There… Was indeed something. I just came to visit momentarily before I left.”

‘In case you did anything stupid.’

He was always antsy of what could happen so he always visited this place when he went through the warp gate.

Even in an urgent situation like this.

‘...It seems there isn’t much going on.’

The man looked around the village and remembered what he had come for as he spoke.

“Pleasantries will come after I come back, I’m very busy right now.”

“Uh? Huh?”

Even before they could speak.


The man disappeared into darkness again and the people who had come out to greet him smacked their lips and started to walk back into the village.

To finish what they were doing.



‘...That bastard is coming.’

The vice captain of the imperial guards who protected the imperial palace, Kalkom Amaderan, frowned as he felt the aura of the shadow.

This person was somebody who he had hated as much as Arthus Krancheska.

And perhaps even more since they needed him.

Though he wanted to kill him off, he couldn’t do so.

‘A mere outsider…’

Amaderan shook his head with an ugly expression.

It wasn’t like that guy was coming to him anyway.

As Amaderan flicked his finger.


A small hole appeared around the great defense formation surrounding the entire imperial palace.

He didn’t want to but he had to.

Since that guy would create a hole in it otherwise.




The shadow-like existence went through the golden hole and started to head deeper into the palace and Amaderan resealed the formation and switched back his focus on his job of guarding the palace.


Two buildings were eye-catching among the buildings in the imperial palace.

The emperor’s residence which 1800 builders took 10 years to complete : The 300m tall structure which was decorated in gold and silver lights, .

And another.


A circular plaza hundreds of meters wide.

The white plaza had no special characteristics other than being huge.

It was almost shabby compared to the luxurious structure standing next to it, the Great Emperor’s Residence.

But nobody ignored this place, the .

Since who resided and how they used it were more important than the structure itself.

And because of the name of the owner of this place, the White Dragon Arena was treated at the same level as the Great Emperor’s Residence.

Darkness appeared above the white plaza, like ink spreading over the White Dragon Area, and a man appeared.

The man who had started off at the Korin Kingdom and had gone through thousands of kilometers through the warp gates started to walk towards the center of the White Dragon Arena in a hurry.

Towards the man who was sitting in a lotus position at the center of the White Dragon Arena.

A 2m tall man who had a very simple white monk’s attire.

A very ordinary looking silver stake was embedded in front of the man who was sitting in the lotus position without leaking any aura whatsoever.


As the man who came out from the darkness started to walk towards the stake in silence.

The man who seemed to have been asleep suddenly spoke out.

“You always visit that place. It seems the village isn’t really a great place to live compared to the Arrancar area?”

The man was silent from the white robed man’s words.

He couldn’t escape the eyes of the white robed man despite being multiple kilometers away from the white robed man.

The man smiled bitterly and spoke.

“...It’s not really a great place to live. Anyways, hold up your part of the deal. I need your help.”

The white robed man looked between the man and the stake then spoke.

“You know right? I cannot move away from this thing. And...Using the warp gate is an impossibility. The mana connection will get severed in the middle and I will get separated from it.”

A tremendous amount of mana was required to move somebody or something which was extremely powerful.

Maybe the empire’s warp gates could handle him but the kingdom’s warp gates would not be able to.

The man spoke expressionlessly.

“Don’t worry about those things...Just give me an answer.”

The white robed man looked at the man as he stood up while grabbing the silver stake.


As the white-robed man pulled at the stake with all his strength.


The entire White Dragon Arena started to rumble.



Hansoo’s entire body twisted around and made noises.

Noises of muscles ripping apart and crunching.

The Ain looked at Hansoo in terror as she heard the sounds that would give chills to anybody who heard these noises.

‘What kind of skill…’

Every time a dragon popped out from the body, she felt more and more terror.

Not from the sound but from the viciousness of the skill.

A destructive force that was created by eating up the user’s own body.

She had never even heard of such an extremely efficient skill that was almost at the level of self-torture.

A skill which was set up so one could pull out every drop of power within their body.



The moment Hansoo went past eight and reached nine.


The nine dragons all got sucked into a single point.



A dark sphere which sucked even the light around it appeared.

A sphere much bigger and darker than the one he had created in the yellow zone in the past.

If the one in the past was the size of a fingernail then this was a size of a fist.

The moment the sphere was completed.


Despite knowing that thing wouldn’t cause it harm, the Ain instinctively retreated behind Hansoo.

The sphere that was created for the sole purpose of destruction was way too terrifying.

‘...How could such a weakling have this much strength!’

The first part of the prophecy that she had heard had been spot on.

That this person will capture a small sun.

Though she didn’t believe this either, she could accept this much.

Since despite the Red Dragon Wielder, Arthus Krancheska, being an enormously powerful figure compared to Hansoo, he wasn’t an figure at the top echelons who could shake this world.

But the second prophecy that they heard, and hadn’t told anyone about yet, was something that she thought made no sense at all.

Though the prophecies where always correct, the way the prophecy was fulfilled was not always the way they expected.

As the Ain thought to herself.


The dark sphere which had appeared at the tip of the spear flew forward.

Annihilating the land in its path.

And breaking the space around it.

The moment the black sphere smashed onto the giant metal fortress which resembled a dragon that had coiled onto itself.


A tremendous amount of light and noise occurred as it covered the entire area.


A heaven shaking amount of strength rang throughout the Great Barrier.

The air compressed away from the point of impact and the lands flipped.

Not from the destruction of the Nine Dragons Spear but rather from the collision only.

The Azure Dragon’s Seat, which forcibly pulled the mana from the node below, tried to resist with all its strength but it could only last a few moments.



A 1km wide azure dragon fortress got pushed back by a small black sphere and started to get destroyed.



The mages inside screamed but these screams drowned at the huge explosion which occurred afterwards.

As the giant destruction wave swept past the Great Barrier.


The bronze blue dragon skill, which had been shredded apart, turned into dust and created a large dust cloud.



The atmosphere which had been pushed back rushed back in with powerful winds which swept away the dust clouds and showed the contents.


Surprisingly, as if the formation itself had the direct protection of the mana node, it was fine from the explosion.

Well, Hansoo did indeed aim a bit away from it too.

‘Not all of them can die.’

“Phew…”. Maybe it was because his mastery over the Nine Dragons Spear had risen but Hansoo had managed not to fall asleep and mumbled while looking at the formation.

That formation’s main job was to suppress the power from the mana node.

If that thing got destroyed then this place would turn into a hellhole.


Hansoo looked at the bright sphere being created above the formation.

That was probably the second spell the mages were preparing.

But it did fail.

Though the formation was intact, the head sized bright ball of light started to lose it’s size rapidly.



The mages and Eloa who were laid out on the floor groaned as they got up.

‘I’m alive?’

Eloa checked her body and made a shocked expression.

All of her mana circuits had been burnt and her body had been turned into a mess but she was alive.

But Eloa soon deduced why.

‘...Fucking hell. I’m a hostage huh. Damn, we almost succeeded too.’

Eloa made a depressed expression.

The meal was basically completed.

The moment their spell was completed the entire situation here would’ve been sorted out.

But the spell had failed.

Eloa looked at the tiny ball of light above the formation and sighed out deeply.

‘If only he had come…’

That moment.


From the center of the Golden Dragon Formation.

From the tiny ball of light which had yet to disappear, a huge noise came out.

The sound of something forcibly being ground.



Something pierced through the small blue ball of light.

A sharp silvery object.



The entire War Fortress turned silent.



The Ain groaned inwardly.

She thought it was all over.

Until that thing popped out.

A single crappy looking stake.

But nobody made fun of it.

The extremely tiny space the stake came out from.

The vicious aura that came out from this tiny hole suppressed the entire area all the way up to the battlefield where the men from the Kingdom and the Ains were fighting.

By just looking at it shivers ran down their back and their legs trembled.

Not from the stake but from the man who pierced through to this location with the stake.

‘This guy can defeat that thing?’

The other prophecy had said this.

That a thousand-years-old great tree would fall from a being with horns and scales.

The thousand-years-old great tree only meant one thing within this entire world.

Thousand-years-old warrior.

The man who created the difference between the empire and the kingdoms all by himself.

Tiamet Kratus.



A human but at the same time, a non-human.

The Ain made a terrified expression while looking towards the existence who was creating a hole through space.