Reincarnator - Chapter 259 : Golden Dragon Formation (2)

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Chapter 259 : Golden Dragon Formation (2)



Hansoo handed Krancheska over to the Ain and was charging through the War Fortress while radiating a terrifying aura.

While smashing through the heads of the players who were both charging at him and were running away.

At the same time.


‘Leveled up.’

Hansoo checked his status after sensing himself level up.

[Kang Hansoo]

Strength (Green): 98%

Stamina (Green): 98%

Agility (Green): 98%

Perception (Green): 98%

Mana (Green): 98%

Magic (Green): 98%

Physical Resistance (Green): 98%

Magic Resistance (Green): 98%

+Level : 249

-Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement: 70.3%

-Pandemic Blade: 49.7%

-Nine Dragons Spear: 10.2%

-Forked Lightning (Green): 98%

-Nurmaha’s Ring (Green): 98%

-Thousand Soldiers Armors (Green): 98%

-Dark Cloud (Green): 98%

-Dragon Essence Blade (Green): 98%

-Mana Jade (Green): 98%

-God’s Flail (Green): 55410/66666

-Fragments of Seven Souls (3/7)

-Seven Stars (3/7)

‘Good. Almost done.’

The good thing about this world was that everything would get enhanced as he gained experience.

There was no need to raise each characteristic separately.

As Hansoo nodded at the well distributed numbers.


A tremendous wave of mana rushed over the entire War Fortress.

Of course the Ain and Hansoo, who were running towards the War Fortress to rejoin with the main group, felt it as well.

“...It begun. But still, for them to use such a massive amount of energy in such an inefficient way.”

The Ain, who had Krancheska on her back, started to frown.

The energy of the mana node was not something they should use with such a crappy method.

To use the creation of their ancestors in a way like this.

Hansoo mumbled in the front.

“Whether it’s inefficient or not, it may be effective.”


The Ain wanted to refute but she didn’t.

Since she couldn’t.

Even if their method of using it was crude and inefficient, the power behind it was not something trivial.

‘I need to figure out the current situation.’

“I’ll go up above for a bit.”

Hansoo spoke to the Ain and then smashed his foot down.


The land couldn’t handle the force as it started to crack apart and created a huge dust cloud.

Hansoo used the reaction force to skyrocket hundreds of meters into the air and looked at his surroundings.

At where the mana shockwave came from.

‘...So that’s it huh.’

The golden army marching towards the Great Barrier.

And the players who were charging towards that army like mad dogs.

They weren’t organized and were lacking in number but the viciousness of the players charging towards the hundreds of thousands of golden soldiers made them seem like bright fireflies flying into flames.

And if they fought, such a pitiful number of should’ve easily been destroyed.

If only the bright light surrounding them didn’t exist.


The players who had gained new strength couldn’t hold their emotions back and were charging like crazed dogs.

Smashing through every building and obstacles in their way.

Energy that could supply them with a vast amount of power.

The players weren’t able to handle it but it didn’t matter.

Since that much strength should be more than enough to cause a ruckus before they perished.

‘Well played. Was she called Eloa?’

Hansoo thought of the name he had squeezed out from Krancheska before.

But he only smiled coldly.

‘I’m not sure if she’s confused about priorities.’

If the goal was to destroy him and the other adventurers then Eloa’s plan was an amazing plan indeed.

But if her goal was defending the formation then she should’ve done something else.


Hansoo’s body started to fall from the air towards the ground due to gravity.

At the same time.

Hansoo’s lungs expanded as he breathed in all the surrounding air.



“Everyone split up!”

A tremendously huge roar that pushed back all of the surrounding atmosphere rang throughout the surrounding land.

Covering the area of the War Fortress below.


Eloa, who was very wary of the battlefield’s situation, had the entire War Fortress in her sight.

Of course she saw the golden humanoid figure flying into the air.

It would be weirder to not notice such a thing flying into the air.

Though somebody strange flying into the air was nothing special, Eloa was shocked.

After she saw the weapon in his hands.

God’s flail.

Eloa was shocked.

‘No way! Sir Krancheska went to chase after it!’

That guy should’ve long turned into ashes.

‘Perhaps Sir Krancheska…’

Eloa shook her head after having an ominous thought.

Since such a thing was impossible.

Eloa thought of it as stupid, pushed it to the back of her mind and then quickly made a stern expression.

‘What kind of retarded move am I about to do?’

Standing in the battlefield, one needed to always bear in mind of the worst case scenario.

She didn’t think that Sir Krancheska had lost to that person but even Sir Krancheska wasn’t invincible.

A battle’s outcome could vary significantly from just a slight variable.

This entire situation was a huge variable in itself and nobody knew what would happen to the War Fortress now.

If this current situation was not the rebellion of the players?

And if there was actually an unknown power who had engineered the current events?

Sir Krancheska losing was not an impossibility.

Which meant that the current situation was the worst situation possible.

Though she didn’t know what had happened to Sir Krancheska, she needed to keep in mind that he might not be able to help her.

But after a brief moment of thought, Eloa concluded that there wouldn’t be many issues.

‘Even if it’s him… He wouldn’t be able to defeat twenty thousand zealots over there.’

Eloa looked towards the immortals who were charging like crazed beasts.

They didn’t have any fears or anything holding them back.

They solely acted with greed, the greed for blood.

The perfect soldiers.

They would not let the prey in front of their eyes escape.

Since that prey would become money and exp for them.

And before they all died, the second spell they were working on would finish.

‘What will you do?’

As Eloa giggled.

“Everyone split up!!!”


A thunderous voice rang out from the air.

A tremendous shout that was almost impossible to emergefrom the body of a single person.

The moment she heard that voice.

Eloa frowned.

‘...They will just get destroyed one by one though?’

The true strength of an army was their organized and dense defense as well as the offense which came from this.

They might live if they split up but eventually they would just get killed off one by one.

‘Well. At least they are well disciplined. Look how well they follow orders.’

But if the intellect of the commander was low then following the orders well would actually hurt them instead.

Eloa smiled as she saw the army split up the moment the voice was heard.

But then the person flying in the air landed on the ground with a boom.



Another explosive noise was heard from where he landed and Eloa turned to look towards that direction in confusion.

She then freaked out.

At the person who was running numerous times faster than the zealots she had created.



The man with the flail stomped through the ground and was charging.

Towards the inside of the Great Barrier where the Golden Dragon Formation lay.

At a crazy pace.


Eloa then freaked out again as she looked behind the man.

‘Ain! Sir Krancheska! Fucking hell...Sir Krancheska really did lose!’

Eloa then suddenly realized what his goal was and shouted out loudly.

“Fuck! Defend the main base! Stop chasing and defend the main base!”


The voice, which had been amplified through magic, rang out towards the zealots who were charging crazily.


“Fuck! Defend the main base! Stop chasing and defend the main base!”


Apocalypto made a confused expression as he heard the giant shout from behind.

‘Did something happen? Why does she sound so panicked?’

The only thing left was to chase the people running away and shred them apart.

The ones running away in the distance.

Though chasing them was harder now, it would be easier to actually kill them.

Since there was a huge difference between dealing with a clumped up group and separated people.

But why was she saying such things in a situation like this?

Apocalypto shrugged and shouted towards his comrade who was running next to him, .

Someone who had the same rank as him and his best friend.

“Yo, do we have to listen to those orders?”

T.R.O.P smiled while smashing through the building in front of him.

“Why should we?”

And Apocalypto giggled at T.R.O.P’s words.


This tremendous strength that they were given.

It wasn’t free.

There was a time limit.

It wasn’t short but every second mattered.

They needed to take as much as they could within this time.

But to ask them to use such precious time defending the main base?

Leaving the tasty prey in the distance, that was splitting up?

He didn’t know what that Eloa lady had hiding in the main base but that didn’t matter to them at all.

‘If you’re that desperate Defend it yourself. Miss, you are strong too you know?’

Apocalypto shrugged his shoulders as he thought about Eloa.

“Yo! Just charge!”


“Of course!”

Despite the frantic shout of Eloa.

The players ignored the orders and started to run even faster.

Towards the golden army splitting up in the distance.

“These fucking bastards!!!”

Eloa roared out loud as she saw that not even a single person had even turned around.

Though she knew that they were like mad dogs but for them to be this bad.

Even the few of the twenty thousand who were about to turn their heads followed the flow in the end and just continued to charge.

‘Dumb bastards! Do you guys even know where your energy comes from!? I should’ve told them before...Fuck!’

For them to act like this when the guy who had beaten Sir Krancheska was charging into the formation like this.

If the Golden Dragon Formation broke then that buff would disappear as well.

It was her mistake that she hadn’t told them about it in case they got swept up by greed.

As Eloa was about to shout again.


A piece of metal flew towards her from the distance.


Eloa hurriedly created a mana shield to block the flail flying into her face and then glared below the barrier.

Towards the guy who had already arrived and was smiling at her.

“How about you play with me instead?”


Eloa grinded her teeth.