Reincarnator - Chapter 256 : War Fortress (3)

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Chapter 256 : War Fortress (3)




Olsen groaned out loud as he was pelted by the golden spears which rained down from above.

The leader who had been caught first, Sharon Stiller, had long been logged out.

‘Where the hell did these guys…’



Olsen grinded his teeth as he saw his opponents who were pushing him back viciously.

‘Fuck! I can easily handle these guys one by one!

The first choice Olsen made after seeing Sharon Stiller melt under the rain of assaults was to run away.

Since staying here would just mean that he would get massacred.

And he didn’t think it would be that hard.

Though there was a tremendous amount of people who had come in, each individual was much weaker than him.

He could tell from the mastery levels of their skills.

These guy’s levels were around 200.

Against a level 250 like him, there was a huge difference between them.

So he tried to quickly swing his gauntlet, smash apart their heads and run away.

Since these guys would fall down like leaves from a single sweep of his arm.

But it wasn’t long until he realized that he had a huge misconception.



Olsen grinded his teeth at the screech which occurred in front of him.

A sound created as his fist smashed the shield.

But what did that matter.

He had failed at both creating a path and killing the one holding the shield.

“Heheh. It was a bit heavy to bring here but not bad.”



The three people who had blocked the attack by stacking multiple shields on top of each other tossed the now broken shields to the side.

Since they didn’t only have a single shield.

‘These crazy bastards...How many shields do they have.’

Olsen glared at the ones taking out more shields with a shocked expression.

These guys had at least ten shields which were the size of their entire body on their backs each.

Not just them but everyone around him.

Though the shields itself were thin, having ten of them each on their backs made them look like turtles.

And the full plate armor they had on.

It would easily be over a hundred kilograms if one counted all the shields and armor they had on.

It was a stupid amount of weight more than enough to crush them in real life and cause them to be immobile if they didn’t get crushed but these guys were using their massive amounts of strength to handle the weight.

Since a hundred kilograms was like the weight of a feather for to the adventurers.

And that wasn’t the end of it.

“Hey! Tie down his legs first!”

“Gosh this guy is slippery. Is he an eel or something.”

As he heard the complaints of the ones covered in golden armor.



Countless sounds of chains crashing onto each other were heard.

Olsen freaked out the moment he saw this.

Metal chains that reached over tens of meters.

Numerous dozens of these chains were flying towards him.

‘That! It’s that again!’

Olsen tried to dodge as he saw the metal snakes flying towards him across the sky but it was all futile.

“Where do you think you’re going.”


The three who had blocked his attacks with the shields swung their axes and blades towards him.

And Olsen grinded his teeth as he saw this.

‘Fucking bastards...They don’t have even a single gap!’

Usually he would’ve long ignored the attacks of some level 200s and escaped.

Since the Gold and Scarlet Demons had more than enough defense to deal with these.

But Olsen could not as he saw others getting killed by ignoring their attacks.

‘Crazy bastards...Why is their body and their mana so superior!’

A powerful body which should not belong to a mere level 200.

And a huge amount of mana which could easily spam skills to make up for the weak firepower behind them.

The combination of these two things caused their attacks to become something he could not ignore.

Olsen grinded his teeth and deflected their attacks away with his gauntlets.



He could easily deflect their attacks if only due to the gap in levels but what did that matter.

Olsen failed to move away from the metal chains because he had to defend against these attacks.




Olsen fell into despair as he saw the countless chains with the thickness of a finger tying him down.

Well, at the countless dozens of spears flying towards him who was now immobile.

‘Where the hell did these guys come from…’

It was basically a hunt.

Like hunting a boar, Olsen fell into despair as he saw his opponents pushing him and tying him down step by step.

If these guys took over the War Fortress then even logging back in would have no meaning.

They would get surrounded the moment they logged and would get logged out on the spot.



Olsen glared at these guys for the final time as he felt the spears piercing into his body.

Full plate armors and steel shields.

Thick and heavy chains around their waist.

And tens of spears which they held across their shoulder next to the shields.

Countless machetes, short blades and axes hanging from their thighs.

And though they hadn’t used them yet, the single bow and countless arrows by their waist.

Seeing tens of thousands of these guys all having the same gears, it was a terrifying image.

This was not the looks of players who cared about their appearance and enjoyed the game.

It was like a legendary army gathered to fight an evil dragon from a story or something.

Olsen then fell into more misery as he thought of the things he had done up until now.

‘...Is this what it feels to get hunted?’

With those thoughts.


The golden spear turned Olsen into golden light and Olsen’s consciousness stopped there.



Einchel exclaimed out loud as she saw the scene in front of her.

Because the Gold and Scarlet Demons who had been chasing her down had been melted away.


She had been worried about the support coming up from below.

This was not a place where weaklings played around.

It was the War Fortress.

A place where those with abilities gathered to look for opportunities.

Even if the ones who came up from below were strong, they were merely around level 200.

If there were countless high leveled people then even having a huge quantity of people would cause them to have a lot of injuries.

Since their enemies didn’t fear death.

But the ones who came up from below were entirely out of her expectations.

First of all, they weren’t weak even as individuals.

To the point of her being suspicious of them being humans as she compared herself from when she was level 200 to them.

And another thing.

They knew that they were weak and had prepared for it.

Chains, full-body plate armors, shields and spears.

Adventurers didn’t like these equipments.

They liked a single good weapon, a single set of good armor or light clothes that didn’t catch one’s eyes.

These were not the armors of those who liked to play around by themselves.

United weapons, armors and a well coordinated teamwork.

These guys had come up to hunt something in the first place.

And this was the result.

A massacre.

The players who were powerful individually got chased around in confusion and got hunted until they became golden lights.

‘Mmm...When did they prepare all of this.’

They wouldn’t be able to get such a large amount of the identical weapons by hunting for them.

Not hundreds of thousands of them.

As Einchel looked at these people in a daze.


The man who had come out first and blocked Sharon Stiller’s blade walked towards her and spoke.

“Nice right? There are some very convenient friends below you see. They helped us a bit. Damn. It would’ve been better if we could bring the Satellite Fortresses.”

As Einchel was in a daze while listening to the man mumbling things she could not understand.

Karhal, the man who had been with Hansoo ever since the slave village in the yellow zone, spoke towards Einchel.

“Well anyway. I’m called Karhal, seeing your mark it seems you are the guide.”


Einchel nodded at the word ‘guide’ Karhal said.

She remembered her objective.

Einchel shouted towards the members of the Ant Tunnel who all had shocked expressions and had joined late.

“Everyone gather up!”

At those words the 800 or so people of the Ant Tunnel gathered into one place.

The adventurers who started from the outskirts of the fortress and scanned everything while running to the plaza in the center.

“Hmm...Is there something to write on.”

The adventurers who had scanned their respective areas looked around their surroundings and then looked below them.

A hard and smooth granite floor.

Though the beautiful granite floors placed to welcome those who first visit the War Fortress had been covered in dirt and had cracks from the wars, it was still quite smooth.

The people looked down at the floor and then spoke to each other.

“Let’s write them here. It’s wide too.”

The people nodded at those words.

This was more than enough to be a good blackboard.

As the adventurers from below gave out some space under Karhal’s orders for the people from the Ant Tunnels, an area with a diameter of about 40-50 meters had been created.

And the adventurers from the Ant Tunnel dusted the surface off and started to draw with their fingers.



Though it was granite, its purpose was beauty.

As the people with supernatural strength started to dig into it, the hard granite floor started to move away like tofu.

‘...There’s no time.’

Einchel, who was drawing the map together with them, made an uneasy expression.

She could only.

Though they had a lot in numbers and were strong, those from the Kingdoms were stronger and there were even more players.

While they dropped their guards and emptied their base, they needed to accomplish the next stage.

And as if the other 800 people had the same thoughts as Einchel and even used skills to draw, the giant floor of the plaza started to fill up with drawings.

Well, the map of the entire War Fortress.

The map of this entire place from the people who separated away from Hansoo and scanned on the way here.

Where each facilities were, where the forces of the kingdoms were, density of the players and important information for a battle like tactics were all written down.


Einchel looked around the completed map and then pointed towards a specific location.

Though it looked feeble, it was a location where they had to go through the Kingdom’s main defense points in order to get in.

Though they couldn’t think of it usually, they finally could see it once they made the giant map.

‘This is why he told us to make the map huh.’

Einchel exclaimed out in shock and then spoke towards the man named Karhal in front of her.

“It’s here. We need to go here and...Take over the thing called the Golden Dragon Formation.”


The mountains in the other side of the War Fortress which was part of the Korin Kingdom’s territory.

A man mumbled while looking into the center of the War Fortress.

‘Not bad. Really a lot of people came up. Amazing.’

A human army which drove away the players.

It was a scene which he had never even dreamt of.

But he could not let them do this.

Since that was his way of keeping loyal.

‘...I don’t know what’s going to happen but wait for me, Metiron.’

The man mumbled the name of his fallen comrade in the Yellow zone below and then disappeared.