Reincarnator - Chapter 254 : War Fortress (1)

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Chapter 254 : War Fortress (1)

‘He heard of it?’

Arthus Krancheska froze for a moment.

But only for a moment.


Arthus Krancheska smiled as he saw the spear flying towards him.

Saying was one thing but Hansoo didn’t have a way to deal with him.

Of course he himself wouldn’t likely be able to dodge that spear.

Though he was quite strong himself, that guy had a monstrous physical body as well.

In terms of physical body alone, that guy could compare to himself.

So that spear would succeed in hitting him since he was tired already.

‘But so what?’

Krancheska laughed coldly.

His strong point wasn’t his physical body from the beginning

He wouldn’t have gone into the Magic Brigade otherwise.

Overflowing mana and blazing flames.

The Red Dragon techniques which he had created from these two things.

That spear would not be able to go through his robe.

As Krancheska laughed.


A strange magic started to appear on the spear that was flying through the air.

But Krancheska just calmly looked at the speartip with his right eye.

Krancheska saw the mana flow inside the spear and scoffed.

‘Is this your final strike?’

From the moment he saw this guy, every skill inside his body had been read.

The body had three skills.

Reinforcement type skills couldn’t be disrupted so it was a pass.

The other two, the area skill and offensive skill had long been dealt with.

‘An easy one to deal with. There’s usually hundreds.’

Even Krancheska’s head would start to hurt when there were hundreds of skills but this guy only had about 3.

Which means that he only thing he needed to be careful of now was his artifacts.

And there was only one which could activate skills.

The ring on his finger.

There were 4 skills which could be activated from the ring.

Each of them were amazing too.

Destroying skills, mixing up the five senses and absorbing health by draining out blood.

And the skill applied on the spear was one of the skills within the ring.

A skill which destroyed mana and nullified it.

It was a threatening skill but it was useless.

Since he had long figured out a way to deal with it.

‘If this was your final attack then you should not have used it.’


His thoughts were long but the flow of time in reality was short.

And his reaction was instantaneous.

The moment Krancheska’s eyes blinked while looking at the spear which had almost reached him.


The mana which had filled up the surroundings of his body started to twist and coil under Krancheska’s will.

The mana shaped itself into needles and started to push itself into the mana circuits inside Hansoo’s body.

Into the most important locations.

The mana paths quickly broke apart as it destroyed the power behind the ring.

Krancheska laughed happily as he saw this scene.

The skill had been released and there was only the reinforcement remaining on the spear.

‘Should… Focus until the end.’

Krancheska moved around his mana.


As he poured in mana and flames into a location of the robe, the thin silk like robe puffed up like a winter’s coat.




The spear smashed into the Red Dragon Robe.

A reinforcement created from a tremendous amount of mana and raw strength which was far above what a normal level 250 should have.

And surprisingly, the spear was piercing through the robe.

He had expected the Red Dragon Robe to get penetrated through from that attack.

Kranchesksa grunted as he poured in strength into his right hand.

‘This is far as you go right?’

The Red Dragon Robe might get pierced through.

But that wasn’t all he had.

Hansoo wouldn’t be able to go through his body.

A huge amount of physical and magic resistance created from the difference of levels.

It could easily block a spear of that level.

And as he expected.


His body started to resist the spear.

The physical resistance handled the strength behind the spear and the magic resistance blocked the reinforcement.

Krancheska’s body and Hansoo’s spear created sparks as they collided.


Of course even he would get damaged if he stood still like this.

Since he wouldn’t have turned into a mess like this if his defense was invincible in the first place.

But this short moment was more than enough.

Krancheska realized that the power behind the spear pushing towards his heart was what he expected and smashed onto Hansoo with his Red Dragon Spear.



Since he had defended, it was time to attack.

Give a bit of flesh, break their bones.

Though Hansoo’s attacks might hurt him a bit, his own attacks would definitely kill him.

As Krancheska was about to laugh.


Right before the Red Dragon Spear was about to reach Hansoo’s body, in that instant.

The golden spear which was trying to pierce into his body.

The Power Destruction that was applied on Krancheska’s body started to reconstruct itself at a rapid pace.

In a completely different form from before.

‘What the?’

Krancheska freaked out.

A skill which he hadn’t seen before started to activate.

From his ring.


Krancheska clenched his teeth and then blinked his right eye.

He tried to wipe it away with the Dragon’s Eye but it was useless.

Even if he could read the skill, there was no time to create a method of dealing with it.

The tip of the spear had reached his heart already, when would he create a method to deal with it.

‘Fucking hell!’

As Krancheska freaked out inside his mind.

The spear with the strange mana surrounding it pierced through Krancheska’s body.

Well, towards the located next to his heart.


Krancheska screamed out.

It wasn’t because the prison next to his heart broke and caused a tremendous amount of pain.

It was because he couldn’t believe Hansoo’s ring was shining and causing all of this.


‘Fuck...No way.’

Krancheska coughed up blood and looked at the spear which had pierced through the prison next to his heart with a shocked expression.

The physical resistance of his had been broken through.

A skill which allowed him to even make attacks that could destroy mountains like tofu had been broken apart just like that.

Though the reinforcement had been blocked by his magic resistance, that was it.

Even if his level was high, he couldn’t handle the spear with his bare body.

And the spear which had attacked him wasn’t any spear.

A spear that a person with a monstrously powerful body had thrown with all his strength.

“Kuhaa… Haha. Fucking bastard… You were hiding such a thing?”

The prison broke and the Destruction Flame was released.

Krancheska saw the Red Dragon Spear disappear into thin air and looked at Hansoo dejectedly.

He realized what Hansoo had meant when he had said that he saw the Dragon’s Eye before.

Hansoo looked back at Krancheska expressionlessly.

‘It would have been better to use it with a better timing but...This is good enough.’

Exodus was a wide world.

Countless players existed and there were plenty of master-level players.

But Arthus Krancheska, the Red Dragon Wielder, stood out even amongst these people.

Since he was that special and that powerful.

Arthus Krancheska’s specialties were two things.

His Destruction Flame.

It supplied an almost infinite amount of flames to the user.

And the Dragon’s Eye.

Any skill that had been used once could be read.

Since the traces of the mana would remain behind in their body.

He was extremely strong and if he was given just a short amount of time, he would cancel all your skills.

This was why he had hidden the fifth ability of the Nurmaha’s Ring.

The ability which he had obtained as he came up to the Green Zone.

Physical Resistance Nullification.

A power which shredded apart and nullified the resistance which God had given to all creatures.

‘...I don’t think I can use it often huh.’

Hansoo frowned as he sensed the Mana Jade next to his heart, which had been screaming from overdraining from the previous fight, heating up.

A power which nullified one of the laws set down by God.

The amount of mana this used was not low.

To the point of this being inefficient to use against anything weaker than him.

It would be better to smash them with the mana instead of using this.

But it was more than good enough to be a fatal attack to the powerhouses or those with monstrous defense.

Like the kneeling Arthus Krancheska.



The prison broke apart and the Destruction Flame rampaged.

As if it was trying to get revenge against Krancheska who had trapped it up until now.

Despite his body being cooked from the inside, Krancheska still couldn\'t believe that he had lost as he laughed in despair.

Well, it was out of control anyway.

At this rate, the Destruction Flame would blow apart and burn up everything around here.

‘Yes. Let’s die together.’

Krancheska clenched his teeth.

He had failed his mission and would die here.

Since the prison had broke already, controlling the Destruction Flame with his mana was an impossible feat.

It would be better to just burn everything up.



“That won’t do.”

The Ain gave up the cloud form, reformed her body and mumbled.

She then placed her hand onto the broken prison next to Krancheska’s body.



The Destruction Flame, which had been rampaging inside Krancheska’s body, started to get sucked into the Ain’s body.

It was easier to absorb the pure flames which had no traces of mana.

And Krancheska gritted his teeth as he saw this.


‘...This girl’s not simple either huh.’

A normal Ain wouldn’t be able to absorb the Destruction Flame that easily.

Krancheska made a dejected expression and spat towards the Ain.

“You crazy bitch. Why do you go so far to help this guy? Do you think anything will change because this guy stays alive? With your ability, if you helped your race in the battle then you might’ve saved a life or two.”

Krancheska used a bit of his remaining strength to scoff at the Ain.

Nothing would change because of this guy being alive.

Though Hansoo was strong, the power the Kingdoms were much stronger and they had the immortal players to do their bidding.

If they made those immortal players chase Hansoo to the ends of the earths, even Hansoo would have to just get chased around.

The Ain chuckled.

“The Prophecy has spoken. That it wouldn’t just end here if he was rescued.”

The Ain thought back to the past.

“What kind of nonsense…”

Krancheska looked at the Ain spurting out nonsense in confusion and then looked in front of him.

At the man who was quietly focusing with his eyes closed while holding the spear which had pierced his body.


The moment those words rang out.

Clan Lord Khan, the owner of the Soul Fragment who had control over the Yellow Zone, shouted.

“Go in!”

At the same time.

Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom Boom.

A huge column of soldiers who extended into the horizon started to walk forward.

Into the calm and wide silver sea.