Reincarnator - Chapter 252 : Power (3)

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Chapter 252 : Power (3)

It was one of the three godly treasures.

And each one had a power.

The power of the flail had been activated.


The flail started to greedily devour energy.

The energy flowed through the strange mechanisms of the flail and reached a location deep inside it.

At the same time the space in front of the flail started to twist.

The surrounding area folded and collapsed on itself and condensed into a single point.

And as the numerous colors combined, the original color changed as well.


An extremely dark and deep color.



A small hole which even devoured light appeared about 10 cm in front of the edge of the flail.

‘...Ten thousand to use it just once?’

The amount of energy expanded to create this tiny sphere seemed over the top.

Hansoo made a shocked expression at that tremendous amount of energy as he shook the flail around.

He wanted to know if the sphere was held in place.

If it was then it would be a problem.

But thankfully the black sphere on the top of the flail moved as Hansoo moved the flail around.

As if it was connected by an invisible pillar.

Krancheska frowned, seeing Hansoo playing around.

“No way… How can you control it?”

But Krancheska soon calmed down and gathered himself.

There was no point talking about it.

Since the power had been activated already.

It was now time to check something else.

It was time to see how powerful the God’s Flail which he had only heard about in rumors was.

And if Hansoo was controlling it properly.

As if Hansoo read Krancheska’s mind.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Hansoo started to charge towards him.

In order to smash his head apart.

At the same time.


The Ain dispersed her body again, turned into flames and started to attack Krancheska from all around as well.


Krancheska frowned.

The Ain was high level and it even absorbed energy, truly an annoying thing to deal with.


The Flame of Destruction mixed around with the mana again and its shape started to change.

The flame condensed itself and soon resembled a smooth sheet of cloth and surrounded Krancheska’s body.

Krancheska’s signature move which needed a flame so powerful that it could solidify, a large mana reserve to sustain it and a tremendous amount of mana control.

‘I’ll gladly kill you off.’

Krancheska, covered by the Red Dragon Robe, started to dance vigorously.



Boom! Boom!

He started to counter the flames flying towards him from all around.

‘Shit! Battle skills!’

The Ain was dumbfounded.

That robe wasn’t easy to absorb because it was extremely condensed.

And despite that, Arthus showed such skills controlling it.

Being the captain of the Magic Brigade, his skills were no joke.

And it didn’t end there.


Despite already fighting so intensely, a long spear of flames appeared in the air next to Krancheska.


Unlike the robe, this was a weapon created for Krancheska to hold and swing.

Krancheska grabbed the spear and swung it.



The Ain hurriedly moved away from the trajectory of the spear which was flying towards her.

She was in a flame-like form, but she would still receive a fatal injury if she got hit by that spear.

Krancheska smirked at the Ain running away from a single swing of his spear and then raised his spear again.

Then the muscles on his entire body started to squirm.



The Red Dragon Spear flew across the air while emitting a huge noise.

At Hansoo who was running towards him with the God’s Flail.


Hansoo tensed up as he saw the spear flying towards him.

Its might was dimensions apart from a casual arrow.

This is not something he could block by swinging the flail at it.

Hansoo didn’t swing the flail and instead raised it like a shield in front of him.

With the black orb in front.

‘I’m going to trust it.’

As Hansoo breathed in and out.


The Red Dragon Spear, which had flown in while breaking the ground underneath, collided with the black sphere.

And Hansoo surrounded his ears with mana in case another huge noise was created.

But there was no need.


The moment the black sphere touched the Red Dragon Spear.

The sphere started to devour the spear.

The existence of the spear itself.

And in a blink of an eye, the entire spear had been sucked into the sphere.

And Krancheska frowned as he smacked the Ain around with his robe.

‘What the. He’s using it properly. It’s just like what I heard…’

The moment he saw that Hansoo was using the power properly.


Krancheska swung his robe with a wide move and flung the Ain away.

He then started to ruthlessly squeeze out mana from the prison holding the Flame of Destruction.

The flames which shot out from his hands criss-crossed and folded onto each other as they shaped into an object.

A shiny red shield.

Krancheska raised the shield, , in front of him and then surrounded his entire body with the robe.

According to what he knew, that power wasn’t just about devouring.

And as he expected.

The thing Krancheska was worrying about had become a reality.


Something started to come out from the black sphere which had eaten up the Red Dragon Spear.

A red spear wreathed in flames.

Krancheska’s expression turned nasty as he saw the Red Dragon Spear flying straight back at him.

It didn’t feel good to be attacked by his own attack.

‘What a stupid power. Fuck!’

Even before he could finish his thoughts.


The Red Dragon Spear and the Red Dragon Shield collided and caused a huge noise.

A noise which was incomparable to the one created when Hansoo had smashed the arrow.


The Red Dragon Shield took around the same amount of mana as the Red Dragon Spear.

So the shield being able to block the spear was an obvious thing but the shock wave from the collision still existed.

And Krancheska groaned as he received the brunt of the shock wave.

If he hadn’t dispersed most of the force using the robe then he might have broken some bones.

Krancheska frowned as he stood up.

If he was just trying to test if that power was real or not then there wasn’t really a need to use the Red Dragon Spear.

Just an arrow would’ve been enough.

He would’ve been able to block the arrow with his robe and there wouldn’t have been a need to send out the spear.

But there was a reason.

‘I need to hurry and exhaust that power.’

That ability would cause Hansoo to be invincible.

Nobody would be able to handle a power so overwhelmingly strong which could absorb and send back whatever was flown at it.

If he left that alone then he would just get beaten down to death.

No matter how much weaker his opponents were, he wouldn’t be able to handle being struck at non-stop.

There was nothing infinite or invincible in the world.

According to what he knew, that ability ate up a tremendous amount of energy to activate once and it wasn’t something that could be sustained by pouring in more energy.

And it overheated after a huge load so it would take a bit of time until he would be able to use it again.

Which meant that he needed to pour more energy than the amount that had been used to create it and exhaust it.

Even if he had to be hit back by all those spears.

‘Let’s see...Who wins. You bug-like bastard.’


Krancheska screamed out, created three more Red Dragon Spears and then started to swing them at Hansoo in a crazed manner.




An existence which controlled flames, an existence which became flames and an existence which sent back flames started to turn the entire maze into a sea of flames.




Krancheska’s current situation was a mess as he fought Hansoo and the Ain.

His attacks weren’t working properly in the first place and he could only use his battle skills and the robe.

One of his arms had been broken and the silk-like Red Dragon Robe had been turned into tatters.

Plus there were countless cuts and bruises all over his body.

But despite this, the expressions of Hansoo and the Ain weren’t that great.

‘A fucking monster.’

The Ain mumbled in annoyance.

All his main attacks had been blocked.

The only thing he had was the Red Dragon Robe surrounding him and the battle skill which made use of his robe.

But he was still standing.

And with herself, who had eaten the flames, and a human who surpassed all humans as his opponents.

Without the power of the flail, they would’ve long been shredded apart.

And as if Krancheska read the Ain’s mind.



Three more Red Dragon Spears started to fly towards Hansoo.

Something which Hansoo wouldn’t be able to block at his level.

Hansoo dodged away from Krancheska’s fist, jumped backwards and lifted the flail in his hands.


Three spears at the same time wouldn’t change anything.

The black sphere ate up the three spears and sent them flying back.

Towards Krancheska who was attacking the Ain in the distance.


Krancheska shouted out, lifted up the shield with his still functioning right arm and blocked the spears.





Krancheska’s entire body shook as he blocked the spears one by one.

But something changed.


A crack appeared on the black sphere.




The black sphere broke and the Red Dragon Spear which was being prepared to shoot back blew up and swept the surrounding area.




The energy from the Red Dragon Spear didn’t discern between ally and foe as it spread out in every direction.

And thanks to this, the three of them were blown away by the explosion and got separated from each other.




The three caught their balance and then glared at each other again.

But their expressions were different.


‘Finally the power broke!’

Though he had been turned into a mess, there was still a huge difference in power.

Krancheska stole a glance at the Ain and then laughed towards Hansoo.

“Try using all your tricks now. I know you have hidden a lot of things. Go on, use them.”

He knew that Hansoo had been waiting until he had become weak.

But that didn’t matter.

He was going to stomp all over Hansoo.


Krancheska smiled as his right eye let out a strange blue light and scanned Hansoo’s body.