Reincarnator - Chapter 246 : Ain (1)

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Chapter 246 : Ain (1)


‘What the hell is this.’

Sharon Stiller muttered with a dumbfounded expression.

Their trump card had been used and IKamiyou’s plots had been blocked.

Only massacre remained.

Sharon Stiller, who had thought that everything was done and she just had to go back, was in a daze at the unreal scene in front of her.

Sharon Stiller was a very greedy person.

The problem was that she was a bit too ordinary.

She wasn’t able to fulfill her desires because she didn’t have any talents or anything in the real world.

The bag she wanted, the clothes she wanted, the man she wanted.

And because she couldn’t have any of this in real life, she decided to invest most of her life into this place, Exodus.

Since the only mediocre talent she had was at gaming.

And her guess was correct.

Since she climbed this far.

And today was the highlight, the climax.

Though she was a bit annoyed when Kamiyou retaliated, she was having calm thoughts since all his plots had been used up.

As long as she accomplished this it was clear that Himura would give her a befitting reward.

Both in game and in reality.

‘But what the hell is this?’

Sharon Stiller was in a daze with a dumbfounded expression.

Everything changed in a single moment.

The happy thoughts she had inside her head started to get demolished by the harsh reality in front of her eyes.

Because of one person, that one person who came out from the smoke.

Olsen’s level was already at the limit.

Along with the high quality artifacts and protective skills that he had strung around his body.

Even if his spirit stone broke, he was somebody who shouldn’t die in such a manner.

Well, he could indeed get killed.

But that should be by a top quality skill, not just some random hand.

An unreal amount of power and destructive force.

He didn’t have that level of power when he had killed her before.

‘These fucking bastards… What kind of hack is this…’

Hansoo’s flaming body itself was not a simple matter.

It looked like something filled him up and was even overflowing.

Sharon Stiller could feel a chill run down her back from watching this.

She clenched her teeth.

‘What the fuck, this is just a game…’

Sharon Stiller could hear a whisper.

From Hansoo who had raised Kamiyou from the ground.

“Good job. I’ll...Take it from here.”

She didn’t know what he was going to do.

But the moment she heard those words.

Her entire body trembled.

And even before she could react.

Hansoo’s left hand moved.

A simple gesture.

A light movement that seemed like it was shaking off some water from his hands but the effect of such a movement was not that light.

The moment the tip of his fingers moved within the smoke.


A tremendous sound created by an explosion rang throughout the area.

A force that should be associated to just a simple movement of one’s hand.



The moment the Gold and Scarlet Demons shouted out in shock.


Something flew through the smoke.

Towards Sharon Stiller and the other players who were standing in a daze.

The speed and the force behind it.

All the hairs on Sharon Stiller’s body rose up.

‘I have to block…’

Sharon Stiller instinctively tried to raise the weapon which had the Spirit Stone embedded in it.

In order to block the object flying towards her.

The weapon which had a spirit stone embedded in it was many more times more durable than other weapons.

Logically it should be able to block an attack created by some slight hand movements.

But Sharon Stiller suppressed her instincts and instead performed another action.

‘No! I must dodge it!’


From the might of the object flying towards her, it was clear what she should do.

That was not something she could block.

Sharon Stiller’s entire body quickly reacted and started to shrink.

And thanks to her body which had been tempered through all sorts of experiences, she had been able to react to it.

Sharon Stiller’s body moved outside of the trajectory of the object flying towards the Scarlet Demons.

Towards a location where she would just barely be hit.

‘Good. Then the main target wouldn’t be….’

As Sharon Stiller sighed in relief.


The red object made a sharp turn and curved like a snake.

At an angle that was impossible with its speed and mass.

‘What the fuck!!’

A meteor being able to turn at that angle would look more realistic than this.


Sharon Stiller tried to scream out at the object that turned at an unreal angle and towards her but that was all she could do.


Her head and the piece of metal collided and created a large explosive sound.


The meteor-like metal object pierced her head and turned her into gold powder.

It then pierced numerous tens of people behind her.




“What the hell!”


“Fucking he…”

Some tried to dodge and some tried to block.

The Scarlet and Gold Demons were all prepared for it in their own ways but it was all useless.

The ones who tried to block had their bodies blown apart and the ones who tried to dodge had their heads pierced by the snake-like metal object.

In a short moment that was less than a second, numerous tens of people disappeared into golden light.

“What the hell! This is…”

“What! What is this!”

The comrades standing next to them had disappeared into golden light after a single blink.

They were holding on because it was just a game, if this was reality then they would’ve all pissed their pants.

As people made dumbfounded expressions at this unreal scene.

The flail, which had pierced through multiple dozens of people, returned back to Hansoo’s hand.


As Hansoo made a discontent expression while looking at the flail in his hand.

Akun, the leader of the souls, mumbled in his hand.

“Is that so…”

There was a missing sentence before this to the players but they soon figured out what Hansoo meant.

Since Hansoo himself spoke it out loud.

“I guess I’ll have to smash with it directly.”


Hansoo tightly held onto the handle of the flail with his left hand.



Hansoo’s body flew into the air along with a loud noise.

Towards the Gold and Scarlet Demons in the distance who were cursing.

Then his body fell towards the center of all the players.

And the players were shocked at this scene.

“This guy, is he looking down on us this much…?”

“He must be crazy.”

The attack being powerful and the attack either working or not were two different things.

The thing they were most worried about was him running around while that weapon destroyed them.

They could catch up to him in term of speeds at least, but his weapon could not be tracked even with their eyes.

This was why they even had thoughts of ignoring him and going for the bug players in the back.

So they could at least get some experience while running around.

But for him to directly jump in.

They didn’t have to fear that weapon if they killed him.

‘Well. That’s not the end.’

One of the Scarlet Demons made a greedy expression.

What if he got that weapon?

Top ranker.

What a wonderful title.

Even among the countless players, only 100 people in total had the rights to this title.

If he had that weapon, he might be able to become a top ranker.

A top ranker who was even more famous than a president and even had more fans than celebrities in the real world.

‘Yeah. There’s no owner to an item. There are no weapons I cannot use, I’m already at the max level.’

And as if he wasn’t the only one who thought of this, the countless Gold and Scarlet Demons who were thinking about going for the bug players were now heading towards the location where Hansoo would land.

‘Dumbasses. At least some need to attack him to disperse his attention.’

As a few Scarlet Demons were about to scream towards the Gold Demons.

“Dropping your guard?”


Hansoo mumbled as he dropped and created a red arc by swinging his arm.

An arc which swung through the head of the Scarlet Demon next to him.

“Kill him!”

“Fearless bastard!”

Countless Gold and Scarlet Demons were charging towards him.

With their best attacking skills.

They knew about the strength behind his attacks.

It would just be better to have trades because of that power.

Which means they didn’t have to worry about defending, since they couldn’t, or about their mana since all they had was a single shot.

They only had to attack.

With their most powerful attack.




Numerous differently colored lights and shadows exploded out from the hands of the Scarlet and Gold Demons.

A might that terrified the adventurers watching.

High level skills which could easily shred them apart.

And multiple dozens of these flew towards Hansoo.

Towards Hansoo’s scorching red body which had a similar color as a metal that had been heated up in a forge.





“Direct hit!”

Though some had been dodged and some had been blocked, most of them hit him directly.

And the Scarlet Demon’s expressions were even better.

As they had fought before, they knew that this guy wasn’t an immortal like them.

Which meant that damage of this level would be effective.

But sadly, their expectations and hope had been shattered.


Through the loud noises and smoke, a streak red light leaked through.

A red light that was different from their attack skills.

And a humanoid form walked through that smoke.

Without any traces of damage on his body.

And the red light that was shining out from Hansoo’s body seemed as if it wanted to explode.

If the light up until now was that of a heated metal, the light that was being emitted now resembled a rising sun.

And all of the Gold and Scarlet Demons were in a daze.

“What the…”

“...Come on, this is too much. Even if it’s a hack.”

Even if it was a hack, there should be some manners between gamers.

As the people lost their words.

Hansoo looked at the red light that was slowly fading away.

“Just this much huh.”

A line delivered by a certain voice could be heard inside his head.

Hansoo thought about the remaining number in his head.

‘No need to use it.’



As if it the warm up had ended, Hansoo’s hands started to fly through the air crazily.

Forked Lightning in his right hand.

And God’s Flail in his left.

And with this.




“Waaaak! This bastard!”

“Run away!”

“Where are you going you bastards!”

“Uwaaaak! Fucking bug players! Let us go!”

Plenty of different collisions and sounds of explosions rang throughout the entire area.

Along with the rage-filled yells and the players’ screams.


Korin Kingdom’s fortress which faced the War Fortress in the Keil Kingdom.

A man stood on a tall mountain nearby.

“Haha. How nice.”

‘For that tiny spirit bomb to have this much of an effect. What an amazing benefit.’

The man, who had a hand over his eye and was watching the Great Maze, laughed heartily.

Well, he was actually looking at the frowning expression of Arthus Krancheska due to the seal starting to break apart.

There’s nothing better than his work progressing well and annoying somebody he did not like.

Though everyone inside that maze would face the rage of Arthus Krancheska.

‘One of the three godly treasures of the empires huh. What a nice title.’

An artifact from before the time of extinction.

Once the ancient artifact, God’s Flail, got ripped apart, the hidden race would wake up.

And the stopped world would soon start to flow again.

The kingdoms, empires, Ains and even the players.

‘It’s rolling. It’s finally rolling.’

As he thought up to this point.

The smiling man’s expression died out.

‘I need to prepare properly.’



From the surrounding shadows, dark energy started to flow out.

Towards the man’s body.

And then the man’s body, which had now been shrouded in a large amount of darkness, disappeared.

Leaving behind the scenery of the War Fortress in the distance.