Reincarnator - Chapter 241 : Unsealing (3)

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Chapter 241 :Unsealing (3)

Above the Great Maze.

“Huh? What the hell?”

“What is this? Is it a quest?”


The players felt the entire maze shake and made confused expressions.

Since the entire giant maze was shaking in a strange way.

For most of them who didn’t know what was below, this didn’t mean anything so they were just confused about it.

But for a few others, it was different.

“Fuck! We need more Ram Manon Eyes!”

“Suppress it! The Seal is going to break at this rate!”

All the magic brigade members above were thrown into a hectic state.

People whose average level was 290, those who didn’t even consider players as bugs were all in a frenzy.

From their dimensional pouches, countless magic ingredients flew out into the giant rune-shaped formation around the maze.

The one kilometer-wide giant magic formation that surrounded the area around the maze shone with numerous colors and started to bind the entire maze.

As if it was trying to suppress something that could not be let out.

And Arthus Krancheska, who was managing the whole thing, grinded his teeth.

‘Fucking hell! What the fuck are these immortal bastards doing inside!’

He could understand the seal having shaken a bit from the work of the bastards from the Korin Kingdom.

But for the entire seal itself to be shaking.

This only meant one thing.

That some bastard had gone into the core area of the seal, where the God’s Flail lay, and was ripping apart the actual seal itself.

The surrounding air around Arthus Krancheska started to burn up and caused the temperature to rise.

This was a sign of his rage.

‘I don’t know which bastard is doing this… But if I catch you, I’m going to rip you apart.’

Arthus Krancheska continued to grind his teeth.

He had heard hundreds of times about the dangers of the Ains.

That this seal was the artifact that kept the humans safe.

This was the symbol which signified the winner between the humans and Ains from the that happened a thousand years ago.

But some bastard was breaking this apart.

With brute force too.

‘Scarlet Demons...You bastards. Hurry and restore the minor seal! Suppress the curse!”

He wanted to go in himself but he couldn’t.

The curse of the Ains was too powerful.

His own life was important as well.

As long as the minor seal wasn’t in place on the 1st floor, going in would be dangerous.

‘Damn...If the commander came himself, we could’ve just gone in.’

Arthus Krancheska frowned.

The commander.

The commander of the magic brigade who was as powerful as a Great General, someone of his level could deal with the situation even if the curse of the Ains tied him down.

Even if he was weakened, his power level was different to begin with.

But he himself was not at that level yet.

If he got weakened from the curse, even those bugs could be a threat to him.

‘Damn. I can’t help it, there’s no time. Ugh, no one here is likable.’

As Arthus Krancheska frowned at the thought of the Korin Kingdom.


Arthus Krancheska, who was watching over the seal, felt a strange mana shockwave.

Arthus Krancheska’s expression brightened up at the mana shockwave.

‘Yes. Those immortal scrubs are doing their job properly.’

This shockwave meant that the seal was being restructured around the Jewel of the Dead.

In the blue pouch he gave them, there were materials to reform the minor seal.

If one destroyed the Jewel of the Dead and spread the powder inside the pouch, the minor seal would start to form again and the curse would disappear.

Arthus Krancheska opened and closed his fists as he felt the minor seal being fixed at a slow pace.

‘Hurry… And get fixed.’

The moment it would get fixed.

He would charge into the 4th floor and smash down everyone.

The ones who were breaking the seal.

However, he was actually relieved.

‘Yeah...No matter what they do, they can’t break the seal apart entirely.’

The seal which their ancestors had placed.

‘Fall into despair… And just wait.’

Arthus Krancheska stared vehemently towards the depths of the maze with.


The adventurer’s expressions froze as they heard the sound.

‘They’re here.’

A trap which was set to react once enough players were within the area.

The activation of that thing symbolized something.

That the Scarlet Demons had chased them all the way to here.


A scorching heat started to charge in from the distance.

Which meant that Sharon Stiller was already here.

Kamiyou looked at Hansoo.

“Mister Hansoo! Let’s fight!”

‘We can win!’

Despair fell the moment hope was just within their grasp.

Right before the seal broke, the ones chasing them had caught up.

But then it wasn’t necessarily that bad.

At least they could now understand what it felt to see hope within this damned world.

‘Once we get rid of them… And break the seal!’

Though there would be a lot of casualties, they could see something.

They didn’t know what would happen but they could still feel something.

But Hansoo’s expression was grim.



“We can’t fight them.”


He was unsure up until now but it was now clear.

A powerful aura existed around powerful people.

And the current Hansoo who had the look of a dragon was more than enough to smash down all those guys charging towards them.

Someone who could deal with the Scarlet Demons.

If they fought by themselves, they would almost surely get annihilated.

Since having and not having someone to deal with the Scarlet Demons was a huge difference.

Hansoo spoke as he placed his hand on the seal.

“The minor seal is being fixed.’

He could sense it from the flow of mana.

Somebody was fixing the minor seal from above.

And once it was fixed?

‘...Somebody would definitely come down charging.’

The magic brigade of the kingdoms wouldn’t just sit and watch as the seal got fixed.

The commander of the magic brigade.

Or the captain.

One of the two would definitely come down here.

‘Well. I guess the one who would come down here is the captain.’

Hansoo mumbled.

Thinking about the situation with the surrounded countries and the fact that they hadn’t charged down yet, it was clear that the captain was in charge.

Well that didn’t really matter.

If Arthus Krancheska came down here after the seal was fixed, they would all die.

He wouldn’t be able to deal with a monster at level 330.

He needed to break the Great Seal before the minor seal was fixed no matter what.

Kamiyou’s expression turned dark as he heard Hansoo’s words.

“My god...Then..!”

He finally understood the situation.

They couldn’t fight.

For them to have a limited amount of time.

They had to split into two teams where one blocked the ones charging at them and the other continued breaking the seal.

Until the seal finally broke.

Kamiyou spoke towards his surrounding.

“People who are relatively higher-leveled fight. The others will pull the chain.”

Everyone clenched their teeth and nodded.

Of course pulling the chain was safer than fighting.

But in terms of efficiency, this was much better.

Though there wasn’t much different of physical strength between a level 200 and 250, the battle strength which came from their masteries and artifacts was very different.

A high-level adventurer pulling chains was a waste in a lot of ways.

Einchel smacked Christopher and spoke.

“Weaklings go over there and play tug of war. This sister will be fighting.”

“...Fucking hell.”

Christopher made an embarrassed expression but did not retort.

It wasn’t the time to step out.

The task be was entrusted with was just as important.

If he couldn’t pull out the chain while they were fighting, they would all die.

‘...We just need to pull this out?’

Christopher walked up to the chain and stood in front of it.

Well, in front of the bloody red object the chain was attached to.

A giant metal object was protruding out from the ground on the end of the chain.

And Christopher finally realized why this was called a flail.

A human-head-sized metal object that resembled a bell, or an anvil.

The flail was actually covered by hundreds of veins that resembled the veins within a human’s body.

The hundreds of the bloody mana currents that were tying down the flail had been dragged out along with the flail.

Blood didn’t flow through these veins but the energy from the mana node did.

This actually made those veins look even redder than actual veins.

Christopher decided to call these things veins and realized what they were connected to.

‘...They come out from below those crosses huh.’

Christopher made a terrified expression at the strange veins but still grabbed onto the chain.

‘Yeah. It wouldn’t take long.’

It seems he would just need to rip out the flail from the veins.

How hard would it be to cut apart something that already came out onto the ground.


As Christopher pulled onto the chain.


Strange red lights exploded out from the veins along with an intense wave of heat.

At the same time.


The chains that had stayed linked despite hundreds of people with monstrous strengths pulling on it melted in an instant.

And Christopher made a dumbfounded expression.

“What the fuck…”

The veins which gave off a wave of powerful energy and intense hatred freaked out Christopher.

The more surprising thing was the flail.

Despite being surrounded by hundreds of veins that had melted the chain in an instant, it stood intact.

Christopher grinded his teeth as he watched the hunk of metal become red hot.

‘...We have to pull that thing out?’


Christopher’s right hand, Elenoia, slashed down with her dagger and shouted.

“We can just break these!”

The seal would break the moment they rip apart the veins from the flail.

And they could just cut the veins off instead of pulling the veins out.

‘There’s no time!’

They needed to deal with the seal as quickly as possible.

As Elenoia was about to slash down with her dagger.


Hansoo grabbed Elenoia’s wrist and spoke.

“If you don’t want to die, don’t.”


As Elenoia made a shocked expression.

Hansoo spoke towards the flail.

“You can’t break this thing.”

As long as the mana node existed, the veins would reform and the seal would stay intact.

If one struck it, they would just get killed from the heat.

There were no traps or beasts that defended the seal.

There was no need for such a thing.

The flail was surrounded by a tremendous amount of these veins that existed as its guard.

‘Well, more like a test.’

The higher the numbering, the harder something was to obtain.

The God’s Flail was no exception.

The final trial that one needed to go through in order to obtain it.

They needed to get its approval.


‘Let’s go.’

Hansoo watched the heated up flail as he breathed in and out.


He then grabbed the flail.