Reincarnator - Chapter 239 : Unsealing (1)

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Chapter 239 : Unsealing (1)

“What happened? Why is your face like that?”

Olsen made a confused expression towards the Scarlet Demons who were charging at him with pissed off expressions.

They had chased after Hansoo with confident expressions.

Olsen was actually jealous of the 10 who had chased him.

Since it was likely that those guys would get his artifacts once they killed him.

But for their expressions to be that gloomy.

‘What the hell happened within that short time...Was there a hole to escape through?’

If he had escaped through a path which they didn’t know about then their expressions could be understood.

As Olsen looked at the ten including Sharon Stiller with a strange expression.

Sharon Stiller grinded her teeth and spoke out through them.

“...Stone of Immortality. How many do you guys have?”

“Huh? Stone of Immortality? Why do you need that?”

Stone of immortality.

A peculiar artifact that allowed one to revive on spot without any penalties.

Though no more than two could be used in a day, it was extremely practical to use so the demand for it was high, causing it to have a high price.

But that was only for normal players.

To the Scarlet Demons who had the direct support of the Ant Eater clan, the Stone of Immortality was part of the standard equipment.

‘They should have one each…’

Though they can use up to two a day and Olsen had received some before coming here, they didn’t carry two at the time.

Since there weren’t many cases of them dying twice in a row.

‘We need to have some backup measures. Wait. Wait a moment…’

Olsen looked at Sharon Stiller with a dumbfounded expression.

“The hell? You got killed?”


Sharon Stiller’s expression became incensed at Olsen’s words which seemed like he was smirking at her.

But Olsen wasn’t joking.

‘...She underestimated him?’

That was impossible.

The reason why Sharon Stiller was the captain was not only because she had skills but because she had a good eye for people.

Both for work and for personal affairs.

She was good at estimating their opponent’s power and distributed forces efficiently.

Not everyone could become the captain of the hunting group of a large clan.

There was no way that this Sharon Stiller failed to estimate someone’s abilities.

If Sharon Stiller had ten people go then it was because the ten of them were enough to deal with the opponent.

Sharon Stiller gritted her teeth and spoke.

“This bastard. He was hiding his skills.”



‘For them to all have Stones of Immortality.’

Hansoo shrugged as he thought of the battle from just then.

He wanted to remove them by waiting for the revive timer and killing them one more time but he held back and reunited with the adventurers here.

They could at most use two a day.

The remaining time he had to reunite with the ones who left for the location of the seal was a bit awkward and it would take too long for him to deal with them if they all had two Stones of Immortality each.

‘I cannot forget about my objective.’


Hansoo held the Nurmaha’s Ring and then looked towards the location of the seal with thousands of crosses.

‘Things are going well.’

He had done well smashing apart those chasing him and had succeeded in reuniting with these guys.

And there was another catch.

He had been able to confirm the skills of the Scarlet Demons.

‘It’s not bad.’

Hansoo smiled.

In the Green Zone during his previous life, due to a certain incident there hadn’t been many chances to deal with players so he had been able to safely grow his strength and climb up to the next Zone.

So he wasn’t quite sure before.

How strong the master-tier players of the Green Zone were.

Or how powerful the Spirit Stone was.

But while fighting them, he realized he was mistaken about something.

‘I see… Just the Spirit Stone is not enough to have such strength huh.’

When he had been living in the War Fortress in the past.

He had seen a man who had a tremendous amount of strength.

A power which he couldn’t even imagine back then.

He was sure that it was the strength of the Spirit Stone.

This is why he had thought that everyone with S grade Spirit Stones had that much strength.

He had hid his strength, judged that it was too dangerous to deal with those with S grade Spirit Stones and split them up.

So he could kill them off one by one.

He couldn’t underestimate them because of the man he had met in the past.

But it seemed that wasn’t the case.

‘Jiang Oh.’

Hansoo thought of the man’s shouts, shook his head and then looked towards the crosses in front of him.

‘Anyways...This place is really impossible to find without the skull.’

Hansoo swirled his tongue around while looking at the mana formation that filled the entire space within the crosses.

Blurred vision, space distortion and mana disruption.

With these many formations, it would be impossible to find this place even if it was in the middle of the War Fortress.

Since even he had a hard time finding this place with the tracks.

‘...That guy who caused the Sixth Great Change really is amazing huh.’

Hansoo chuckled as he thought of the player who caused the 6th Great Change in the past.

Even if he knew about it, for him to find this thing in the middle of nowhere.

‘Sorry but...I’m going to use it first.’

Hansoo looked towards the crosses in front of him.

Since he had found it, he just needed to finish things.

The Great Seal.

Remove the seal and drag out the Ains.

Then the adventurers would also get the opportunity.

The chance to use that tremendous strength.

Hansoo finished his thoughts and beckoned Einchel with his hand.


Einchel, who was frowning, handed over the skull to him.



Black smoke came out from Hansoo’s body.

Dark Cloud.

The Dark Cloud came out from his body and seeped into the skull in his hand and the crosses next to him.

The Dark Cloud tainted the skull and the crosses as it drained the information of the mana seal within.

And Hansoo was shocked as he saw the information.

‘...So complex.’

As if it was proving to have been set up by the forces of the kingdoms and empires, there were very complex formations within the skull and the crosses.

Formations to suppress the entire maze, the space where the Ains lived.

Hansoo pondered for a moment and then shrugged...

‘Ugh… I can’t handle it the traditional way.’

This is something that even the magic brigade will barely be able to solve in a week.

And Hansoo, who didn’t have much information in this field, couldn’t solve it by himself.

It wasn’t like he had a lot of time.

And breaking it apart would be a bad choice.

Since the entire maze might break down if the mana that was flowing here blew apart.

The intricate system of mana that allowed a tremendous amount of strength could easily blow apart with a careless touch.

So he needed to use the third method.


Hansoo followed the flow of the mana and then headed toward one side.

Toward a place where the complex mana formations all gathered to.




Hansoo stood above an ordinary looking boulder of black granite after following the mana flow which resembled a spider’s web.

Einchel, Kamiyou and Christopher all made confused expressions while watching him.


It was a location looking completely ordinary compared to the thousands of crosses around them.



Hansoo’s foot dug into the granite below.


The granite floor only seemed normal on the exterior but it was extremely hard.

The granite floor broke apart like tofu under Hansoo’s feet and started to show what was inside it.

Crunch. Crack.

‘Why is he digging the ground…’


Sounds of chains clanking could be heard about a meter down.

Hansoo smiled as he looked at the red chains in the ground.

‘Found it. God’s Flail..’

Well, the thing he found was just a single line of chain.

A red chain that had the width of about four human fists.

The tens of thousands of chains that originally existed couldn’t be found anywhere as only a single one could be seen.

Hansoo jumped into the ground and grabbed the chain.

The rest of the chains were hidden deep within the ground.

Tightly tied around the seal.

These chains were the 3rd godly treasure of an Empire but something they had given up to seal the Ains.

The Keil Kingdom gave up the space where a main mana node was located, the Korin and other Kingdoms poured in 66666 people as sacrifices for this seal.

This is how this seal was created.

By using the tremendous mana of the mana node, the despair and curse of the 66666 people and the Empire’s godly treasure, God’s Flail..

He couldn’t get rid of a mana node.

He couldn’t get rid of the curse laid down upon the entire maze either.

But the seal was created with these three things working together.

And getting rid of one was enough.

Ting. Tingtingting.

Hansoo’s body started to change as he pulled the chain apart a few times.


His muscles swelled multiple times over and scales covered his entire body.

Two extra hearts grew next to the original one.

Hansoo felt the tremendous amount of power running through his body and then pulled apart the chain again.



A bit more of the chain got pulled out from the ground.

About Hansoo’s height.

At the same time.


The thousands of crosses made rumbling noises as the entire area shook.

As the seal broke apart, the mana and the curse loosened up and in turn, the crosses started to cry out.

Hansoo frowned.


‘This is going to take forever.’

Hansoo shouted behind him.

“Help me a bit.”“...”

A few other people who had been staring at Hansoo around him ran to him and started to pull at the chain.


Christopher, who stood behind Hansoo, asked carefully.

“Do we...Just need to pull this out?”

Hansoo nodded.

“Just pull this out.”“...”

It felt like the entire bloodthirsty aura of the maze was flowing into them.

And Christopher realized what Hansoo meant as he poured more strength into his arms.



The intense lightning strike from the A level Spirit Stone, , smashed the ground in front of the member of the Scarlet Demons, Kangmin.


The infected soldiers of the 1st floor couldn’t even resist as they melted down.

Kangmin frowned at the tremendous amount of infected soldiers who continued to charge at him despite so many of them having already been killed.

‘Fuck. This is annoying. We should’ve just done this on the way if it was on the first floor, why did we ignore it?’

Well, since he had received payment he had to do his job.

Boom! Boooom!

Kangmin swung his weapon, headed towards the Jewel of the Dead and chuckled while thinking of Sharon Stiller.

They wouldn’t fail.

Even if the bug players were very strong.

They had another method other than the Scarlet and Gold Demon’s strengths.

‘I just need to focus on my work. With this...The Seal will get strengthened?’

The deal they had made with Arthus Krancheska on the way in here.

Kangmin mumbled as he looked at the blue pouch he received from Sharon Stiller.