Reincarnator - Chapter 237 : The Great Seal (7)

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Chapter 237 : The Great Seal (7)



Hansoo cracked his neck and checked the status of his body.

Since he hadn’t pushed himself, it was more than enough to fight.



Hansoo quietly moved his ear towards the wall of the maze and then sensed the slight trembles of the maze.


Sounds of people smashing weapons against the walls.

A much wider range of sounds than what he could hear with just his ear could be heard.

He then visualized what he could hear and then mumbled.

‘They’ve split up huh.’

About ten would chase him and the rest would chase the people from the ant tunnel.

Though the people from the ant tunnel would have erased their tracks quite well, that wouldn’t help much.

The ones who went down would probably get caught by the Gold Demons.

Hansoo thought for a moment and walked around while fixing his body about what to do and then just made a decision.

‘I’ll join them.’

Even if he smashed through everyone here, they would revive and come back down.

It would be better to just go down and break the seal instead.

While Hansoo was fixing his body and returning himself back to his normal condition.


A strange vibration rang throughout his mind.

A soul vibration.


A voice could be heard through the soul fragment.

‘Gwanje huh? He’s probably bored. Or just curious.’

Hansoo thought of the owner of the voice and mumbled.


The person who was in charge of the Orange Zone with the Crown of Thorns and the artificial soldiers.

And the one who was in charge over the body of Elkadion, the previous leader of the Akarons and the one who knew he came from the future.

So Gwanje knew as well.

That he came from the future.

‘Well. One’s okay.’

It might be different if he tried to use this information to influence others directly but one person knowing about it wouldn’t make much difference.

Hansoo rang the soul fragment and replied.

Well it was just a matter of time, getting chased in a world like this where there are players everywhere was bound to happen.

Though it happened a bit faster, he could still handle it.

Gwanje sighed in relief from Hansoo’s answer and then continued to speak.

Of course these guys weren’t entirely at fault.

As the adventurers were just bug players in their eyes.

But that didn’t erase the fact that there were casualties.

Gwanje mumbled in discontent as he thought of the ones who died and then asked Hansoo as if he suddenly got curious.

A place where the game created by a God took root in.

The reason for the creation of this game wasn’t to please the people who would go through the Green Zone..

Well, it was the opposite.

If somebody told Gwanje that this game was created just to give pain to adventurers then he would easily believe it.

Of course that was a bit too much but with the ability of the God, he could easily do this and from the way the fairies acted, a joke at this level would be normal.

‘No. It doesn’t seem like he contented himself with just making the game.’

Gwanje mumbled quietly.

The creator probably did a few more things in order to kill off more adventurers.

For example, make it so that players won’t feel guilty about killing the adventurers or just make it so they could not see the adventurers as humans.

Hansoo thought for a moment and then shook his head.


The Abyss was actually very large.

And there were still many places where Hansoo hadn’t been to despite living in the Abyss for 50 years.

Not meeting somebody in a place where tens of thousands of people from different races mingled together was quite normal.

And he wasn’t that interested either.

Gwanje’s curiosity didn’t get resolved from Hansoo’s half-hearted answer and complained.

As Gwanje asked with a curious expression, Hansoo shook his head and answered.

Gwanje groaned.

Thinking about it, even if Hansoo came back from the future, he wasn’t omnipotent.

No, even if he could rule with strength over the entire battlefield, if he could do everything with power then he would be closer to a god than a savior.

Gwanje suddenly stopped after thinking about a few things.

He then asked Hansoo with a confused expression.




Hurry! Hurry up!

As Kamiyou ordered the adventurers up ahead, he swung his blade sideways.



“Waaa! What the fuck! If you guys PK so brazenly then…”“You retard! What the hell are you saying? Can’t you tell? Those bastards are bug players!”

“What? How can there be so many bu…”


Even before the man could finish his words.

The players got split in two at the hands of the adventurers and then disappeared into golden light.

They tried to resist but they couldn’t deal with the adventurers whose strengths were far above their own on average.

Even more so since they were the minority.

The players, who created parties in groups of 30 to 50 people, had no way of beating the hundreds of people who were with Kamiyou and Christopher.

But Kamiyou’s expression was very gloomy.

‘Fuck. I didn’t want to smash through people like this…’

Even if they were searching for their objective, there was no need to smash through the players.

Though hundreds of people moving together might get them caught, 20 groups of 40 pretending to be player parties could easily get to their objective without too much resistance.

It would take longer, but they would all get there safely and with few issues.

But if they charged through like this, even though it would take much less time, the other players would flock to them like swarms of ants.

But Kamiyou didn’t really have much of a choice.

Since he didn’t have any leisure.


A cold aura chased the adventurers from behind.

While freezing the walls of the maze they ran through.


Kamiyou withdrew his foot from the chill that was trying to tie him down and then gritted his teeth as he looked behind him.

‘...Fucking hell! ’

The blaze-type S-level Spirit Stone, Scarlet Flower.

And the freeze-type S-level Spirit Stone, Azure Land.

From the darkness of the maze which Kamiyou was staring into.

Kang! Kang!

Sounds of two blue gauntlets clashing could be heard.

Though he couldn’t see the faces, he knew who was making these sounds at once.


The infamy of the Scarlet Demons was widespread between the bug players.

Since the bug players who got onto the blacklist had been ended by these guy’s hands.

And the most famous of them were this duo.

The captain who wielded the scarlet flower, Sharon Stiller.

And the vice captain who controlled a wide field of blue ice, Olsen.

Even amongst the Scarlet Demons who had received all the support they could, only these two had the S-level Spirit Stone.

It wasn’t an issue of money, just that there weren’t many of them in the first place.

‘Fuck. This one’s hard to deal with.’

Kamiyou felt a chill run down his back as he saw the blue waves that chased him from behind.

Though it was weaker than the Scarlet Flower, the range was much larger.

Since he could spread ice from places that he didn’t even see.

And at this moment, it was actually more threatening than the Scarlet Flower.

The most annoying thing about the Azure Land was its effect of lowering movement speed.

Though the adventurers were indeed superior to the players due to their control but their physical bodies or skills didn’t have much difference with theirs.

Which meant that there wasn’t much of a difference in running speed between the players and them.

If they got caught by that chill then they would get killed.

By the hands of the Gold Demons behind Olsen.

Kamiyou gulped.

‘...There’s still a lot of way to go!’


Kamiyou clenched his teeth as he touched the skull in his possession.

The vibration of the skull was getting more and more intense.

Which meant that the magic formation that resonated with the skull got closer.

Soon he would arrive there.

But Kamiyou sighed out in despair.

‘...What could I do even after I get there?’

They needed to fight with the Gold and Scarlet Demons in front of them.

And the rest of the players on the 4th floor would swarm to this location.

Since the rumor would’ve long spread.

Kamiyou clenched his teeth as he thought up to this point.

He had promised go to the seal with Hansoo.

But at this rate, they would all get caught.

‘And… We don’t know what the hell will be at the Great Seal. How can we bring these guys in there?’

If there was something dangerous inside then they would get surrounded and all die.

Kamiyou thought for a moment then smiled as he clenched the skull in his hand.

‘I need to… Make a decision.’



Kamiyou sent out a signal to all the people running with him.

And Einchel was shocked out as she saw the signal.

‘...Spread out and meet at the objective?’

For him to try to buy time.

Einchel freaked out as she looked at Kamiyou.

Then shouted.

“What are you trying to do?”


The leader she had met in this place, the Ant Tunnel.

They had only known each other for about 1 year.

So she didn’t know everything about Kamiyou but one thing was clear to her.

That he could not block the ones chasing them by himself no matter what.

Kamiyou clenched his teeth and spoke.

“Don’t worry. I heard something extra from the Prophet of the Ains in the past. Oh yeah. Take this.”.


Einchel clenched her teeth and nodded as she looked at Kamiyou who handed over a skull to her.

‘I don’t know what’s going on but...I can only trust him.’

She didn’t know about the prophecy of the Ains but nothing else mattered as long as Kamiyou wouldn’t die a meaningless death.

Einchel clenched the skull in his hand and then spoke.

“You… Have to come back alive.”

Kamiyou smiled as he replied.

“Sure. I’ve survived in this damned world for 7 years already. That would be easy.”

Kamiyou stopped his movements with those words and Einchel continued to run ahead with the skull.

Towards their objective, the location of the Great Seal.


“Look at these bastards.”

Even if he couldn’t see it, his skills told him the movements of his enemy.

Olsen smirked at the people scattering in front him him and then shouted out.

“Split into four groups! Like how we practiced norm…”


Olsen stopped as he looked at the man standing in the middle of the frozen maze.

A man missing a leg.

One of the Gold Demon members smiled as he tried to swing his sword.

“This is min…”



The Gold Demon made a confused expression as he looked at Olsen who was blocking him.

Since this had never happened before.

Olsen smiled as he looked at Kamiyou in front of him.

“You are important to our Ant Eaters, we should treat you properly.”

Kamiyou’s expression froze up at Olsen’s words.