Reincarnator - Chapter 236 : The Great Seal (6)

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Chapter 236 : The Great Seal (6)

Sharon Stiller realized who the person in front of her was the moment he came into view.

Since he was the man who had become incredibly famous in such a short amount of time.

The blacklist of the Anteater clan was that effective.

But she had never thought that he would appear in front of her.

‘It seems he became confident because he only dealt with lower levels…’

Well, he wasn’t particularly low-leveled relative to those around level 200.

But she could do the things he had done just now as well.

‘Just how do you think I earned this.’

Sharon Stiller clenched the artifact imbued with the in her hands.

Though it was a game, it was almost like real life.

And this game was actually more realistic when the game itself was more important for them then real life.

There were an invisible wall between males and females and she had gone through a tremendous amount of rough work to climb to the position as the captain of the Scarlet Demons.

And, ironically, even by using a weapon only a female could use in order to deal with the weakness a female had.

‘Himura… Fucking bastard.’

Sharon Stiller forcibly tried to erase the disturbing memories as she looked towards the bug players.

This is how she had gained strength.

But these guys had gained them way too easily.

By using unfair methods such as hacks.

Since there were people like the bug players who fought at an uneven playing field, people like her had to give up things they shouldn’t have in order to survive.

As she thought up to this point.


The rage and hatred she had towards Himura deep inside her was transferred onto the person in front of her.

At the same time Sharon Stiller’s expression crunched up.

To the point of shocking Flame Warrior-V next to her.

‘What the. Does she have a personal grudge or something? Why is her expression like this?’

It was the first time he had seen Sharon Stiller’s expression, which was usually always smiling and calm, scrunch up this much.

As Flame Warrior-V was still in shock.


The weapon in Sharon Stiller’s hands started to heat up.

While spewing out red light like a furnace bellowing out fire.

At the same time.


A giant flame scorched out and flew towards the bug player in front of her.

A much more intense flame melted the walls of the maze and headed towards Hansoo.

Hansoo frowned as he saw this.

‘As I expected...I cannot win in a head on fight.’

The ones who had used the S grade Spirit Stones were no joke.

Since it was a fragment which held the souls of the spirits which ruled this world at one point.

Of course this much wasn’t enough to beat him.

But there were the Scarlet Demons and even 150 Gold Demons behind.

And since they could fight without fear of death, it would be even worse.

But there was a reason why he had come.

‘...Not bad Kamiyou. A threat.’

‘Not bad.’

He could buy at least two hours.

Hansoo shrugged his shoulders and swirled up two dragons with his spear.


As his body slightly got twisted.


Two dragons clashed into the inferno.

The dragons which had killed the Gold Demons from before.



The entire maze shook from the collision of the dragon and the flame.’

‘...I can’t get held back from just you.’

Sharon Stiller mumbled as she looked at the Scarlet Flower.

A power which he had gained through large amounts of sacrifice.

It wasn’t something which would go away simply by shutting the game off.

It was strength which could give her honor, strength and a place on society in real life.

And for this, she had to lick the soles of Himura temporarily.

By using the strength he had given her.

‘I’ll erase you all…’

“Clean him up!”Then.


The Scarlet and Gold Demons started to charge at the same time.



‘Fuck...Faster. Faste!’

Einchel got into an even bigger hurry from the vibration that shook the entire maze.

“Leave behind the trailers! Just take the weapons!”Einchel screamed out as she took the lead position instead of Kamiyou who had gone ahead.

“Fuck! How did those guys find out about us!”It was funny how she was pondering whether to go or not just a few moments ago.

For the Scarlet Demons to crash in so suddenly.

Einchel grinded her teeth while thinking of Christopher and the other blacklisters but then shook her head.

‘No, it’s not because of them. Fuck.’

They weren’t retards, they wouldn’t have left behind such obvious tracks.

And the location of collision was completely opposite from the direction they came from anyway.

Well, all of this didn’t matter anyway.

‘There’s...only one path now.’

Einchel mumbled inwardly as she looked towards Kamiyou shouting in the distance.

Well, towards the skulls in Kamiyou’s hands.

The skulls Hansoo had left behind before leaving.

Hansoo told Kamiyou.

Hansoo nodded at Kamiyou’s expression.

Hansoo gave them a simple task.

While he bought time, they had to clear a path to the seal.

Einchel nodded as she flew towards the portal.

‘Thats easy…’


Einchel saw the last member of Ant Tunnel going through the portal and flew into the portal as well.


The strange noise of the portal gulped in Einchel and led her to the fourth floor.

Kamiyou quickly spoke to Einchel the moment she came out.

“Is everyone here?”

“Yes. But the method of finding the parth…”Kamiyou nodded at those words.“That doesn’t seem very hard.”

It might’ve been hard if there were a lot of players but the secret tunnel had remained hidden from being discovered.

And the players looking for the bug players actually helped them.Since most of them gathered around the other portals.

‘We need to hurry.’

Kamiyou finished his thoughts and spoke towards the people.

“Let’s go.”Then.

Christopher spoke next to him as if he didn’t like some things.

“Can’t we just go by ourselves? We can break the seal by ourselves right?”

Christopher didn’t like the fact that Hansoo was buying time for the people here.

Of course he knew that them going against the players who couldn’t die was meaningless and was basically suicide.

But for them to hand over so many people to just one person.

‘This...Isn’t this too much?’

Of course Christopher didn’t like the current situation.

Kamiyou shook his head towards Christopher.

“It doesn’t seem that our path would be that safe.”“...?”


Slight vibrations of the skull guided Kamiyou.

The vast and wide great maze.

Towards the deepest parts.

The Seal.

The Great Seal.

The thing which the kingdoms and the empires created to deal with the Ains.

‘...Would hiding such a thing be the only way to protect it?’

Kamiyou gulped as he spoke.

“We shouldn’t fight between ourselves. Let’s find the path first. Hansoo said he would buy time and then… Rejoin us.”

It wouldn’t be hard to follow them since they would leave behind marks only themselves would recognize.

Christopher made a displeased expression but nodded and started to move towards the darkness of the maze.



A Gold Demon member got surrounded by a cloud of red smoke while running through the maze.

And he freaked out when he saw this.


Even before he could finish his scream.


The Gold Demon member melted down from the red spoke.

And the other members were shocked as they saw this.

“What the fuck.”“Would that skill come out if we kill him?”

The Gold Demons freaked out but the Scarlet Demons merely shrugged their shoulders.

They started to see positives and negatives.

‘Dumbasses. Even if you guys get that skill, you guys wouldn’t be able to use it because of your lack of mana. And fucking hell Exodus. Do your job properly.’

They didn’t know what kind of hack this guy used but this guy’s health and mana were seriously abnormal.

In other words, he was using that skill because of this.

This was why the Scarlet Demons weren’t in a hurry.

Though he was strong, there was a limit to someone’s mana.

And that skill was indeed powerful but that guy was using it carefully.

He wasn’t invincible.

If he was invincible then he wouldn’t have run away from the captain of the Scarlet Demons, Sharon Stiller.

He would’ve just melted down everyone here and then.

‘Well. It does seem that it is disturbing her.’

One of the Scarlet Demons, Olsen, chuckled towards Sharon Stiller.

It seems her pride had been tainted because she had left him an opening to run away while fighting one versus one.


Sharon Stiller spoke expressionlessly.

“Split the team.”“...How?”

Vice-captain, Olsen, frowned at Sharon Stiller.

“There’s no reason to drag out time against him. It’s not like we will get a tremendous amount of exp for killing him. Ten Scarlet demons including me will chase him. That should be enough.”

Olsen nodded.

Since losing hundreds of bug players because of one person would be a tremendous loss.

And fighting up to this point, ten was more than enough to suppress him.

‘His level isn’t that high.’

If he was actually at level 250, he would’ve been a monstrosity.

But he was merely around level 200 to 205.

Ten of them, armed with top tier Spirit Stones, were more than enough.

‘It’s better to do this than half-heartedly giving Gold Demons some exp.’

Olsen nodded.

“Then the five including myself will chase the others.”

Sharon Stiller shook her head.

“No, only four of you go.”

“Huh? What about the remaining one?”

Olsen asked.

There were 15 people in the Scarlet Demons.

If ten followed that man and four chased bug players, there would be one left over.

Sharon Stiller took something out as she spoke.

“Let’s just take care of the thing we promised the Kingdom on the way.”

“Hmm… That…”

Olsen frowned.

The blue pouch she had received from the captain of the magic brigade, Krancheska.

‘What is it anyway?’

Olsen looked at Sharon with curiosity.