Reincarnator - Chapter 230 : God’s Destruction Maul (5)

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Chapter 230 : God’s Destruction Maul (5)


Flame Warrior-V looked at the magnificent blacklist entry he had created with pride.

Countless comments appeared below the extremely detailed entry which even included a video.

[Woah! Amazing. What armor is that?]

[His spear and skills are amazing too. Why has nobody found him before? Has anyone seen him before?]

[Our lives could flip for the better if we catch him. We might even be able to buy an entire house if we sell his stuff to some rich boys.]

[His control is fucking beyond hacking. Clearly a hacker. Damn, the hacks these days are good.]

[Hey! He’s in the Great Maze! Let’s go get him!]

[Ugh! They’ve blocked the entrance at the moment. The ones inside really hit a jackpot huh.]

Flame Warrior-V smiled from the reaction.

‘Good. Perfect.’


A killer list sent out by the group.

It wasn’t much.

They would just upload somebody’s name and an image to a site anybody could access and spread the information.

It was a list created in case the bug killers lost their target.

Once somebody appeared on that list, they would get chased by everyone in Exodus.

Until they die.

‘Now… It doesn’t matter whether you’re a player or a bug player.’

The important thing was fucking him over.

The blacklist was more than enough.

Since somebody’s name in the blacklist would stay until they died once.

A rumor about somebody being a bug player would spread extremely quickly but information clearing their name would not spread as fast.

As a result the player would die tens of times over and even more if they were unlucky, there was no better revenge than this.

And because he could get cursed at a lot for this he didn’t put up names randomly but it was different for somebody like him.

For him to cause this much damage as well as being suspicious.

Since there were so many witnesses, the job had been accomplished quickly and this was the result.

Flame Warrior-V laughed coldly as he looked at the views that were increasing super quickly.

Even if he survived down below, he would die eventually.

But as Flame Warrior-V was laughing in contentment.


A strange noise rang out and a message arrived for Flame Warrior-V.

‘What is this?’

Flame Warrior-V opened up the message with a confused expression and then suddenly the color was drained from his face.

‘Clan master?’

Though they were in the same clan, there was a huge difference in rank between him and the clan master.

Flame Warrior-V made a terrified expression as he looked at the message that he had just received.





Christopher clenched his teeth and swung his sword at the players who were attacking him.

If only he hadn’t been turned into a mess by the bug killers and players who chased him.

As he was bleeding, countless people were charging towards him.

People who didn’t have any fear since they didn’t have to fear death.

If he didn’t know they were going after him and had been ambushed then he might not even be standing here like this.



Christopher smashed apart a head of a player charging towards him with a short sword and the grinded his teeth.

‘Blacklist, such a thing existed?’

The final tactic of the bug killers who loved monopolizing things.

With this, they would forever become runaways.

Until they left this damned place.

‘No, I shouldn’t worry about this.’

There were blades coming for his neck at this instant.

As Christopher rebalanced himself and was about to attack the next person charging at him.


The red cloud around Christopher suddenly spread in all directions.


Christopher freaked out at the cloud which had appeared without a trace.

He sensed it due to being sensitive to mana.

He felt the viciousness and mana within every molecule which made up the cloud.

It felt like being thrown into a pit full of man eating ants.

And as he looked around.



His comrades, who were sensitive to the deadly aura, were shaking from head to toe even while fighting.

And the players mumbled with confused expressions.

“Huh? Did something happen? Why are they like this?”

“Keke. Maybe they finally figured out what is going on.”

Christopher cursed out as he looked at the players who were charging in ruthlessly.

The players, who couldn’t detect the deadliness of the strange powder, were wary at first but soon reazlied it wasn’t harmful as they charged through the cloud.

‘Fuck. Thank god their perception is so dull.’

If something like this surrounded somebody, it was normal to have difficulty even moving.

Since it felt like their entire body would melt down and disintegrate the moment they moved.

One could clearly see where this red cloud originated from.

But the deathly aura within this powder did not reassure them at all.

It was as if this was the end result of something created for one objective, it was like mass murder having a physical incarnation.

His entire body shook as floods of sweat ran down his entire body and his instincts literally screamed at him to run the hell away from this.


But Christopher groaned as he moved his arm.

There was nowhere to run and he couldn’t just die by getting hit by a blade while standing still.

The problem was that his reaction was too slow.


“Oh yeah! This artifact is mine!”

A player had already arrived before him and had smashed down his axe.

It was too hard to block and the enemy was too close for him to dodge.

Christopher clenched his teeth at the axe that was approaching him and then raised his right arm.

He couldn’t give up his life this easily.

‘Fuck. For me to lose my life this easily…’

Christopher made a helpless expression while lifting his arm.

For his sensitive perception, which had saved his life countless times until now, to have failed him this time.

If he wasn’t able to sense the deathly aura like the players then he wouldn’t have turned out like this.


As the axe broke through the armor on Christopher’s arm and was about to dig into his flesh.


The red cloud which had extended out from Hansoo’s body started to madly stick onto the bodies of players.

Only the players.



Even before the players could voice their shock from the red cloud which had suddenly stuck onto them.


The player’s entire bodies started to melt.

Starting from the right hand of the player who had swung his axe to cut off Christopher’s arm.

To the legs of the players who had been charging towards him to stop the monopolization.

The players stopped as they saw their bodies melting down, finally realized the situation and started to scream out.


“What the fuck! What the hell is this!”

“Even if he’s hacking this is too much!”

The players cursed out as they saw their bodies disintegrating and disappearing.

Every time the red powder dug in, their bodies turned more and more golden and disappeared.

The screams only lasted a moment.


Even before a second was up,their bodies all disappeared with a golden flash.

Everyone who had filled up the space around the azure marble which connected the 1st and 2nd floors of the maze had disappeared.

Only Hansoo and the other adventurers had been left.


As Christopher and the other adventurers watched the players disappear, their legs all gave out and they fell onto their butts.

It wasn’t because the players had disappeared.

It was because they felt like they had escaped the mouth of a terrifying beast as the red powder which had filled this entire space disappeared.



As Christopher and Ellenoia sighed out loud, the other adventurers sighed out as well as if they had returned to reality and everyone then turned to look at Hansoo.

He looked quite tired as if there was a bit of strain on his mana but he still looked healthy.

Christopher asked himself in confusion.

‘...That strange dragon alone was amazing but what the hell is this. Where the hell do you get skills like this.’

The amount of mana he had to use that skill was amazing but the skill itself was terrifying.

If one could have the same result just by pouring in mana then the players wouldn’t have fought head over heels for good skills.

‘Did that trait of his guide him? To the places where he could get them?’

Suddenly Christopher felt sad.

If he had such strength or had the ability which guided him to places with such rewards then he would’ve been much stronger than now and could’ve done much more.

But he soon shook his head.

The strong weren’t created from luck.

Since the ones who got strong by luck were merely fertilizer for the truly strong.

Only those who can smash through danger with their own abilities and jump into such dangers in order to proceed could capture such rewards and become somebody strong.

Like a single powerful blade which had been tempered tens of thousands of times.

For him to be jealous of his trait when he couldn’t even fathom where that man had gone to in order to earn those skills and that power.

‘Even if I knew, could I have done it?’

Christopher shook his head as he looked at Hansoo.

It was impossible for himself, he always found the safest paths since he was afraid of death.

Even if he knew the answer.

Knowing the path and going through the path were two completely different things.

‘But… I should be able to follow him around and help him.’

As Christopher got up from his spot and looked around.

Something squirmed and got up.

While making a strange noise.


Christopher’s eyebrows twitched.

It was not his comrade.

Which means it was a player.

‘Somebody’s still alive huh.’

Hansoo might not have been able to finish him off because he didn’t have mana.

Since he looked quite tired after using that skill.

But it didn’t matter.

‘I can finish him off.’


Christopher clenched onto his short sword and then headed towards the person who was squirming in the distance.


The one who had been groaning suddenly stood up as he looked at Christopher and shouted

“Woah woah woah! Wait! Wait! No! I’m not a player! Isn’t that why you didn’t kill me?”


‘...Adventurer? He’s one of us?’

Christopher frowned as he looked at the man speaking out.

Hansoo made a shocked expression.

‘An unexpected catch.’

It was clear where this adventurer came from if he was hiding his identity here.

As Hansoo mumbled and looked at the adventurer who was probably a part of that clan.


A faint tremor rang throughout the maze.



‘....Great Magic Formation?’

Hansoo frowned as he looked at the skull in his possession which had started to shine.