Reincarnator - Chapter 228 : God’s Destruction Maul (3)

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Chapter 228 : God’s Destruction Maul (3)

The incident of the Great Maze had long been spread.

Cykrus, the great general who had penetrated the immortal and killed him, grinded his teeth.

‘...Damned bastards. They dared to use immortals?’

The ones who were behind this damned incident were not the immortals.

Since it was clear who had done it.

There’s no way a group of people who weren’t serious and lived without a purpose would do something like this.

To create a bomb using a spirit stone.

‘The seal will break at this rate.’

He wanted to charge in there and fix the situation.

Since it was possible with his strength.

Strength that the immortals couldn’t even dream of.

The epitome of strength, the result of decades of work.

This strength, which enabled him to become a great general, would more than be enough.

‘But...I can’t.’

Cykrus clenched his fist and looked towards the territory of the Korin kingdom in the distance.

Well, the soldier training program that was going on over there.

He could see his eternal rival managing over the training at the top of the castle.

The one who defended the Korin kingdom to the end.

Great General, Dal-Taran.

Dal-Taran was watching him from the top of the castle.

With an expression that told him he would charge in the moment he himself did something.

And that guy would definitely do so with his personality.

Actually the change which occurred with the appearance of the Great Maze was more than enough to attract the attentionbug the Korin kingdom and many other kingdoms.

As Cykrus grinded his teeth.

An aide de camp next to him spoke.

“How are you going to managedo this? About the issue below?”

Cykrus pondered for a bit and then spoke out.

“We hold this spot until support comes.”

The aide, Apsius, nodded at the general’s words.

If they went down to deal with the maze than even a larger problem will befallcharge onto the War Fortress.

Apsius asked another question.

“What should we do about the one who caused the issue?”

A vein popped out on Cykrus’s forehead from Apsius’s words.

“Fucking immortals.”

To them, he and the others were merely imaginary existences.

They could play with them and even kill them.

This was why they were doing such things.

People who would blow up a bomb that would end the lives of hundreds of lives of guards just forbecause of a few coins.

Look at what they were doing now as well.

He and the other NPCs were busy and wary of a war occurring but the players who filled up the plaza were busy staring at him.

“Woah! Great General!”

“Shall we try talking to him? He might give a quest.”

“Hey mister! I don’t know what’s going on but if there’s something you need to do then just ask us! We’ll do it for you!”

“Yeah! You just need to reward us!”

Countless words such as that were flowing into the ears of Cykrus.

‘Fucking bugs. You want to help?’

He wanted to crush those people who were showing off their meager strength.

But he could not.

Since their immortality and their large numbers prevented him from doing so.

‘But...There is indeed something I can do.’

If they had come to enjoy this place then he would make it as painful as possible.

Cykrus racked his brain a bit and then spoke to Apsius.

“Put out a wanted notice for the one who blew up the bomb.”

“Which level?”

“Level 1.”

Apsius flinched.

The wanted notice would have a level depending on the crime.

And the highest level the Great General could lay down was Level 1.

Being right below Special level, this level would cause all royalty of the kingdom to always be wary of the criminal and even send allied nations the notice.

Nothing would be usable.

Inn, stores and even amenities.

They would have to roam the world for eternity.

It was the highest degree of punishment that they could inflict onto the immortals.

“...We will ask for the Korin Kingdom to cooperate as well.”

“Of course.”

That guy probably thought the Korin Kingdom would back him up but that was not the case.

If the Korin Kingdom’s guys had brains then they would actually chase the immortal even harder for the reward money.

They would also do so in order to hide the links they had with this situation.

‘I’ll let it pass with this for now.”

Dealing with the maze was more urgent right now.

“Seal the maze and prevent anyone from entering! Ask the capital for the magic army reinforcement!”

Cykrus glared at the Korin Kingdom’s castle walls and then jumped towards his own castle.


“Which way do I have to go?”

With those words a translucent arrow appeared in front of Christopher.

Towards a path filled with infected soldiers.

Christopher shouted out loudly.

“That way!”



Hansoo activated the Nine Dragons Spear.


The mana jade cried out as if it was asking Hansoo if he was going to use it again.

It had to.

Since so much pressure was put on the mana jade just for using this skill once, to the point of it almost breaking.

But thankfully for the mana jade, what it had been worrying about hadn’t happened.


A bit of the mana that came out from the mana jade rushed through his body and created a single dragon.

It was the same up to this point as before when Hansoo had escaped.

Then a second dragon came out.


The mana jade and his heart both cried out in shock.

That he would die at this rate.

But Hansoo hadn’t activated the Nine Dragons Spear to die.

The moment those two dragons reached the tip of the spear.

Hansoo focused his entire mana and mental strength to control the Nine Dragons Spear.

He suppressed the skill from creating a third dragon and then controlled it to follow his own will.

Crunch! Crrunnch!

The spell of the Nine Dragons Spear that had been imbedded into his body tried to gather in any way possible but Hansoo quickly suppressed it.



The activation of the skill stopped and the two dragons that had been on the tip of the spear moved forward.



The people who had been staring from behind looked at it while flinching as if they still hadn’t gotten used to it.

A tremendous might.

Every single soldier took time to kill but he was massacring them in hundreds.

And it seemed like an ultimate skill to them at first but they soon realized that it wasn’t.

Since it was the third time that skill came out.

Thanks to this, they were running towards the entrance to the 2nd floor at a extreme speed.

“Uh...Isn’t it better to destroy that gem first before we move?”

Christopher asked while running and panting.

Hansoo, with his skills, might’ve been able to break that gem and they wouldn’t have had to run with such hurry like this.

Hansoo shook his head at those words.

Breaking it was hard and there was no reason to break it.

A situation like this where entering the maze was blocked, there was nothing bad for him.

It was better the less players he saw.

Since they were all potential enemies.


Hansoo forcibly fixed his body which had slightly gotten twisted from using the weaker Nine Dragons Spear and then checked his stats for the first time in a very long time.

[Kang Hansoo]

Strength (Green) : 0.6%

Stamina (Green) : 0.6%

Agility (Green) : 0.6%

Perception (Green) : 0.6%

Mana (Green) : 0.6%

Magic (Green) : 0.6%

Physical Resistence (Green) : 0.6%

Magic Resistance (Green) : 0.6%

+Level 201

-Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement : 61.5%

-Pandemic Blade : 44.8%

-Nine Dragons Spear: 6.1%

-Forked Lightning (Green) : 0.6%

-Nurmaha’s Ring (Green) : 0.6%

-Thousand Soldiers Armor (Green) : 0.6%

-Dark Cloud (Green) : 0.6%

-Dragon Essence Blade (Green) : 0.6%

-Mana Jade (Green) : 0.6%

-Fragments of Seven Souls (3/7)

-Seven Stars (3/7)

Hansoo finished checking his stats and then nodded.

Since it was the same as what he had guessed.

The runes were replaced with experience in this world.

So if one’s experience points rose, their runes rose as well.

Along with the growing artifacts such as the Dragon Essence Blade.

A factor that was a positive point of this damned world.

Of course killing other adventurers and beasts wasn’t the only way to raise one’s exp.

Killing players, like PKing, rose it as well.

This was the reason why his experience points rose quickly.

‘It’s not bad. The Nine Dragons Spear is good as well.’

Hansoo checked something the moment he came up.

As to whether he could use a weaker version of the Nine Dragons Spear.

The power was one thing but it was too risky, if he used this and there was even a single enemy nearby he would be in danger.

A single, ultimate skill.

If he couldn’t kill then he would die.

But to use it as an ultimate skill was such a waste of its strength.

Even if one said the terms ‘go hard or go home’ to him, it was the same as having a blade that could slay a dragon but waiting for a dragon to appear.

So he had tried to alter it.

To twist it around and make a weaker version.

It might’ve been hard for normal people but due to his trait, his powerful body and his skill at controlling mana, he might’ve been able to use one or two of them separately.

And the result was a success.


‘This much backlash and this much power… It’s worth using.’

Hansoo calmed down the Mana Jade that was still trembling as if it was still in rage and then mumbled.

Of course just because he separated one dragon from a total of nine it wasn’t like he got one ninth of the original strength.

It was actually much weaker.

But it was still a blade that could kill dragons.

A destructive force that wasn’t even comparable to the Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement.

If there was one downside then it was its mastery level.

‘It rose to 6.1% when I used it once...It barely rises when I use it’s weaker version huh.’

He saw the mastery level, which had risen quickly, and thought that he would’ve been able to master it using the weaker version but it seems he had been expecting too much.

It was probably because he had forcibly altered a skill to use one to two dragons instead of nine as a whole.

But Hansoo suppressed his disappointment, put another dragon onto the tip of the spear and then attacked.

This power that could split the earth and flip it apart was more than enough.


A single dragon exploded out as numerous tens of soldiers turned into meat pastes.

And Christopher made a confused expression.

It was still strong but it was much weaker than when two dragons existed.

‘Why one at a time? Is he tired out already?’

There were still tons of infected soldiers around, things would become annoying if this continued.


Christopher smashed away the soldier rushing in and then shouted towards Hansoo.

“If you’re tired then we’ll guard you so recover your mana! We can buy some time…”

But Hansoo shook his head.

He understood why Christopher was worrying but there was a different reason why he had only used one dragon.

“We’re here already.”


The people shouted in glee as they saw the strange orb surrounded by corpses of infected soldiers.

The location to go down to the 2nd floor.

But Christopher’s mind turned heavy.

The moment he saw their target location, the thoughts of people chasing him were brought back up.

Christopher asked Hansoo.

“The bug killers will chase us. How are…”

Hansoo cut him off and shook his head.

“It’ll be fine for a while. Do you know what the current situation of the War Fortress is like?”

Ellenoia and Christopher nodded.

The first thing they had done when they got here was gathering information.

If he knew that this place, the Bellum War Fortress, was like a ammunition storage that was about to explode then he would’ve never come here.

Everything started from the land next to the Bellum War Fortress.

‘Spirit land.’

The hunting ground which had been released after the 5th patch and had turned this place into the hottest place.

Christopher thought of the conflicts he had in his mind.