Reincarnator - Chapter 226 : God’s Destruction Maul (1)

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Chapter 226 : God’s Destruction Maul (1)


Attacks flew into Hansoo who was killing the infected soldiers.


‘So his eyes were better than I thought huh.’

Hansoo swung his spear to deflect the attack and then asked with a surprised expression.

“Why are you doing this? I didn’t interfere with your hunt.”

Flame Warrior-V chuckled at Hanson\'s words.

‘Why are all of them same?’

This was a normal reaction the bug players had when they got caught.

“Don’t pretend you bastards. Jesus, all these bug players really need to die.”

Flame Warrior-V had already confirmed it inside his mind, he didn’t even greet him as normal players did.

Well, this was the correct method actually.

Once he found his prey, he had to drive the fact that the other guy was a bug player.

That was the only way to get rid of hesitation when they fought.

Being rude to bug players was normal.

Hansoo clicked his tongue at the feeling he hadn’t felt in quite a while.

‘These bug killers are rude as usual.’

Because these guys had the majority as their backup, they treated others as criminals.

If not then whatever, if suspicious then catch them first.

Even more so since people couldn’t die or anything in this game.

The people who get killed will feel shitty but they couldn’t do anything against the bug killers who specialized in PKing and they received quite generous rewards so ignored it most of the times.

And getting rid of bugs was beneficial for them as well.

These bug killers were the monsters the game’s system had created.

As Hansoo was clicking his tongue.

Arirangcar shook his head with an uncertain expression while looking at Flame Warrior-V.

Though Flame Warrior-V was sure, he still wasn’t.

And if you took into account that guy’s strength, it was better to not provoke him.

Arirangcar coughed a bit and then spoke towards Hansoo.

“Are you willing to die once for us? We’re willing to compensate you. It’ll become troublesome if you resist. If you have a Immortality Stone then we will compensate for that as well.”

If Hansoo wasn’t a bug player, this wasn’t a bad deal.

But of course Hansoo did not have any intentions of agreeing.

Hansoo made an extremely dissatisfied expression and replied sharply.

“I heard that the Anteaters were shoving their blades everywhere like mad dogs but it was true huh. If you guys ask us to die then do we have to give our necks up and log out like that?”

Arirangcar’s expression froze up.

“...You’re making things tedious. Logging out isn’t that hard you know. We’re working hard, you should help us out.”

Of course they were working for a profit but they still had pride in their work.

Since the game had to be fair.

The removal of bug players was not something only they did but something that everyone did.

And they were using their own time in order to do this but for that guy to be this uncooperative.

Arirangcar wasn’t the only one who got angry at Hansoo’s remark.

“Just kill him! The clan will compensate if we’re wrong!”

“Why would that guy be that hostile if he has no secrets?”

“Arirangcar! Do you not trust Flame Warrior? He’s rarely been wrong!”

As the players cursed out and mumbled.

Hansoo chuckled and fanned the flame.

“How patriotic. You guys really think you are doing something honorable. Do you also need a badge for that?”

“This fucking bitch…”

As Hansoo said those words.

Every player’s expressions froze.

‘Most bug players try to evade collision…’

It was even more confusing because he was so direct.

That moment.

Flame Warrior-V shouted.

“Yo! We don’t have time!”

Like water flowing through a hole.

The infected soldiers were charging towards them after their targets had disappeared.

They had to choose quickly.

Whether to only kill 10 and end it there.

Or finish the guy in front of them as well.

The answer came out quickly.

‘Fucking bastard! I don’t care if you aren’t a bug player, I need you kill you at least once!’


The moment a diamond level skill that one needed to be at least level 210 to learn, , exploded out.

“Kill him!”



Countless skills exploded out.

Hansoo mumbled while looking at these bug killers.

‘This is more than enough reason for self defense.’

The thing that came after this was the problem.

He could either buy time until the adventurers over there escaped and then come to peace.

Or destroy them all.

Since he was the one who provoked them and they attacked first, it wouldn’t be hard to come to peace.

‘But if I destroy them...I’ll probably go onto the black list.’

Hansoo pondered for a moment.

He was worried about getting onto the blacklist and the players chasing after him.

Since he would need to get chased instead of quietly slipping away in a party.

This was why he had wanted to join a party and quietly go down.

But thinking about it for a while, he realized the water had already been spilt.

The moment the red gem recovered and this place got filled with zombie soldiers.

The terror incident of the Great Maze should’ve happened a year from now anyway.

Taking into account what will happen from now on, the collision between the Keil and Korin Kingdom, it wouldn’t really become a problem.

‘These players...These guys won’t have any time to care about this place anyway.’

And another thing.

He remembered something in the past.

How these guys had killed his friends for fun.

As he remembered this.

Hansoo decided.

To make things worse instead of dodging around.

‘Clean these guys up...And go down.’



Hansoo’s entire body flared up with golden light.




“Hey! Use suppression!”

“Fuck! I am!”

“That’s his movement after being suppressed!”

“Aaaak! Crazy bastard, how much money did he spend on resistance!”

“Fucking hell! Dodge! Dodge! He’s charging in with dispels!”

Chaos occurred in a corner of the Level 1 supply zone.

Hansoo who was jumping around like a mad dog and the players retaliating.

Hansoo made an extremely enraged expression.

“You! Bastards! If you’re going to kill then kill bugs! You dare touch a normal player!”



“Uaaak! Hey! Chulbae’s dead!”

“Tankers what are you doing! At least block his kick or something before you die!”

The long range attackers started to scream in the back.

‘Fuck! I just need to….I just need to hit him!’

That guy wasn’t invincible.

He was actually dodging their attacks.

The problem was that he was too good at dodging.

Even if it was his real body, one wouldn’t be able to move like that unless they were like a pro fighter.

But that guy was doing that.

He was looking at the minute movements of each fingers and eyes and calculating the direction and expected range of the skills.

The long-range attackers were slowly getting killed one by one despite using their comrades as shields and were barely dodging.

And the tankers grinded their teeth and shouted out at the shouts of the long range attackers.

“Fuck! We’re trying as well!”


But before the guy could finish his words.

The head of the man who was charging forward flew off as his body shined golden bright.

The spear smashed into his fatal location.

And the guy who had just died was armed to the teeth with diamond-level full plate armor.

Somebody who couldn’t and who shouldn’t die like that.

But he couldn’t block attacks that accurately aimed between the plate armor and into one’s fatal point.

His defensive skills were good but the opponent’s attacks were too strong.

This was a difference of quality.

‘Fucking hell...A full plate can’t even block that one spear poking around? Is that guy a pro or something?’

Arirangcar, who was leading the long range attackers, was shocked.

Pro players.

Beasts who learned all sorts of martial arts, combat skills as well as used tremendous amounts of experience and calculations to fill in the gaps of reduced reaction speed just to sit at the top of the ladder in this game of Exodus.

In order to show off their quality a company or even an entire country would recruit them and supply them, their skills were not something amateurs should compare to.

Since a single experienced pro player was said to be able to kill 50 to 100 players of the same level as him.

Of course he knew that guy couldn’t be a pro but such words did really come out.

He knew the faces of most pro players and such pro players wouldn’t sit around in a place like the Great Maze.

The location they played around at was the land where master level players were at.

Something was confirmed in his head.

Arirangcar shouted to Flame Warrior-V.

“Hey, I think this guy is a bug player!”

Flame Warrior-V nodded subconsciously.

He knew that guy was strong but not to this extent.

The reason why he had stepped forward because he was confident that his group would be able to win even if he was a bug player.

But the result was completely different.

That guy had gotten crazy to the point where he was killing both the 1st and 2nd groups and at this rate they would even lose the bug killers they had already caught.

And he, the party leader, would have to deal with this issue later.

‘Fuck...No! I’ll lose a huge amount of income for a long time!”

Failing a hunt was something else but this would be really bad.

As Flame Warrior-V was making an urgent expression.


A spear flew in and filled his vision.

‘Fucking hell…’

Flame Warrior-V disappeared into golden light with his expression of shock.

Watching his friends being massacred and the bug players leaving with this chance.



Crash! Clank!

Flame Warrior-V, Kang Junho, stood up from the Connector set up in his house and threw away his desk clock.

The desk clock smashed onto the small apartment room which had fancy clothes that didn’t fit this small room and shattered into small pieces.

‘Fuck...I’ll really starve at this rate!’

Jungo cursed about as he gulped down water.

At that moment.


The phone next to Junho started to vibrate and ring.

Junho stopped grinding his teeth and then checked his phone.

At that instant.


Blood was drained from his face.


He wouldn’t usually be afraid of these people.

Since he repeated borrowing and paying back by calculating his normal income.

But the story would change in a situation like this where the fault of failing the bug player hunt has been shoved onto him and he would lose a huge amount of income.

These guys were people who changed the instant a customer stopped being a customer.

They wouldn’t do anything as of now since he had dealt with them numerous times but if he couldn’t repay the money then things could get real complicated.

‘I’m the dumbass. Just to make my girlfriend happier…’

He felt himself was extremely pathetic to have sold himself just for a girl but that was not the important thing as of now.

Junho, who had been writhing in anger, calmed down and picked up his Connector.

The Revival Talisman was expensive but that wasn’t important.

He would need to work really hard to recover from his failure and he felt like he would go crazy if he didn’t let this off somewhere.

‘Fucking bastards. You guys are using bugs because this is just a game but it’s survival for me.’

Junho cursed around as he put on the headset shaped Connector and laid down onto the bed.



Hansoo smashed away the head of the final player, swung the spear around and then thought of his objective again.

The reason why he got the skull within his arms.

The core and the goal of the thing that sustained the seal on this .

Solo numbering 3 artifact.

Hansoo thought of the thing that was sleeping in the 4th floor of the Great Maze of the Ains.