Reincarnator - Chapter 225 : The Great Maze of the Ains (6)

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Chapter 225 : The Great Maze of the Ains (6)

Christopher looked at Hansoo with a bitter expression and steeled himself.

‘Ugh...What kind of a delusion did we have.’

The moment the ground broke apart and the ghoul things came out, he had dashed out through the surrounding people.

He had thrown away his underlings to save other surviving ones.

Since he thought that finding Hansoo could clear up everything.

The others agreed with him as they ran here with him and he had finally found Hansoo.

But when he found him, his sanity came out.

What he had found was not a god or a paragon but an adventurer just like themselves.

The crazy rules of this fucked up god’s boardgame set by the fairy applied to Hansoo the same as well.

Since even if the others got killed by Hansoo, those immortals wouldn’t disappear or anything.

Of course Hansoo would probably be able to save him right now.

‘...But afterwards?’

Christopher pondered for a moment but then steeled his mind.

To not cause any trouble.

His underlings pained him but the ones next to him weren’t the only ones he cared for.

‘I shall die here without holding you down so please… Make it so the ones who come after us don’t suffer like us. I don’t know how you will do this but…’

He didn’t know what one would have done in the floor below but that guy had done it.

He would be able to do it.

“Fuck! You bastards! Let’s die here then!”

He had made sacrifices and given up his underlings until he got here, now he would just become a sacrifice for Hansoo.

Christopher’s mind was at ease after giving up as he clenched tightly onto the spear and charged forward after quickly turning around.


“Fuck… So you were only running away?”

Flame Warrior-V clicked his tongue as he saw the bug players suddenly turning around fighting crazily.

He thought it was a jackpot but was disappointed.

There was a rumor in the past.

That a large amount of bug-players were hiding from the normal players within the maze.

And Flame Warrior-V actually trusted that rumor to a degree.

Since these guys wouldn’t play the game without any motives.

They had to continuously go on quests and hunts in order to get items, gold and level up.

And for that the Great Maze was a perfect location.

It was a location which still had a part shrouded by mystery in a game like Exodus where everything had been found out.

Since there were less and less players the deeper one went in, these bug players could actually dodge the eyes of the players and hunt there.

Even more so if they were high-level bug players.

He had chased them this far in case they were running towards a larger group but for this small group to be all of them.

Though 15 wasn’t a low number, he was still quite enraged because he originally had high expectations.

‘Tsk. Damned bastards. I’ll play around with you before you die.’

“Hey! It seems like there’s nothing else! Kill them all!”

As soon as Flame Warrior-V’s words rang out.

The people around made disappointed expressions as they started to charge in.

Since if Flame Warrior-V judged there was nothing else to take, there really was nothing else.

Flame Warrior-V shook his head as he watched the other players charge in like a swarm of ants towards the bug players.

‘There’s no need for me to step in. Anyways...It’s really chaotic here now. How did this happen.’

Flame Warrior-V frowned as he watched the Level 1 Supply Zone which had turned into a mess.

Infected warriors were charging in from all directions.

They had split up into two groups in order to keep the infected warriors back and kill the bug players at the same time.

But since most of the high level players around level 200 had left already, this current location, which was mainly filled with non-battle classes, was getting massacred.

The stronger ones had already gone below.

The ones remaining were getting smashed apart.

Constant logouts.

Of course he had no thoughts of saving them.

Since it wasn’t like he was going to get anything for saving these guys.

And if his group received more casualties then he, the party leader, would have to bear the brunt of it all.

‘We need to clean up and fall back.’

As Flame Warrior-V was about to turn around.

A unique player came into his view.


A player who was constantly killing zombie soldiers left and right.

And Flame Warrior-V was shocked as he saw this.

‘Huh? Why is there a high level player here? Why didn’t he go down? Did he come down to resupply?’

Everything from skills to artifacts to control.

They were all top tier.



Every time the shining golden spear snaked around, a head flew off and the entire body got destroyed.

He didn’t know what skills and armor he had on but they remained spotless despite the sword attacks of the infected warriors.

Flame Warrior-V was shocked.

‘Crazy bastard...How much real life money did he spent.’

Those artifacts and skills looked extremely expensive.

In that instant the greed within the depths of Flame Warrior-V’s mind twitched.

‘The infected warriors are mostly dealt with as well.’

Though the infected warriors were immortal, there was a limit to how fast they can regenerate.

Since the 2nd group had cleaned the surroundings well, there would be some time until the other infected warriors, who had gone out to chase other players, came back to them.

Flame Warrior-V tapped his comrade, next to him.

“Huh? What is it?”

“Look over there?”


Arirangcar frowned at the location the Flame Warrior-V pointed to and frowned.

“You want us to kill him?”

Flame Warrior-V nodded as he spoke.

“If we’re correct then it’s a jackpot.”

The thing the bug players had ran towards.

And a person who was hunting alone near them with amazing controls.

It doesn’t matter if he was a bug player or not.

If they were right then it was a huge jackpot.

If not then they could just apologize, return the dropped artifacts and pay him fees for the death penalty.

Their bug killer group, , had kept their image up like this up until now.

The hate the players had towards bug players and the bug killers who dealt with this.

This had given them the right to attack anybody.

‘If we’re wrong then whatever but...If we’re right then it’s a huge jackpot.’

Even if one of those items dropped, it would be extremely expensive.

Since countless players played Exodus and there were plenty of rich people who wanted to fill in the gaps of bad control with good artifacts.

The amount of money they spent was on a different level from normal people, these people used tremendous amounts of money just to get a slight advantage over others.

If that guy was a bug player then not being able to find the lair of bug players was okay.

But Arirangcar shook his head.

“You aren’t sure right?”


“Then let’s just focus. It’s not good to make enemies for no reason.”

Having some expectations and not getting anything was annoying for them as well.

And that person was too strong for them to provoke without knowing for sure.

If that guy had a nasty personality, attacked them back and caused the bug players to run because their formation broke apart then things would get annoying.


Flame Warrior-V heard Arirangcar’s words and then came back to his senses.

Since those words were right.

He had seen hundreds of bug players over 5 years and saw the habits of thousands of bug players through records.

Since this was his job.

The reason why he was appointed the party leader was not because of this battle strength.


It’s because of his eyes which were amazing at finding out the bug players hiding within players.

That was his strong point and his greatest fortune.

He couldn’t tell others how to determine them but with careful observation he could tell.

The strangeness that existed within them.

But he could not feel that with that person over there.

‘If that’s an act then...That guy has to be somebody amazing.’

One couldn’t judge somebody was a bug player just from good controls.

They had to judge their aura, eyes, actions, hands and every other movements to come down to a goal.

And with all this, that guy passed.

Flame Warrior-V did not believe there was somebody who was so good at acting to the point of escaping his eyes.

‘Ugh. I’ll buy you the bag next time Minah. Business isn’t that great for oppa these days.’

As Flame Warrior-V thought of his girlfriend in real life and was turning around.


Something strange entered the eyes of Flame Warrior-V



Hansoo smashed apart the head of the infected warrior charging towards him and then looked towards the adventurers who were dying with heavy eyes.

Even this was a dangerous action.

Since there weren’t many who looked to the bug players with eyes of pity.

The only ones who would do that were other bug players.

But this much was okay.

There were a lot of people who looked at bug players like insects but there were quite a lot of others who frowned at the cruelty of what happened to them.

But if he took a step further than that he could get caught.

Since the moment he showed some form of connection to them, the bug players will figure it out and attack him.

But he remembered the expression of Christopher.

And made a decision.

‘I can’t help them outright.’

Pity and priorities were two different things.

If he got found out then he wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Since there was no reason a normal player would help the bug players.

He would go on the blacklist of the Anteaters.

But it’ll be good if everything goes according to his plan.

‘I hope that the party leader’s skills are good. And even better if he’s greedy…’

Hansoo finished his thoughts and let loose a few other actions that made him look like a player discreetly.



Flame Warrior-V flinched.

The strangeness started to occur.

It increased the more the bug players he had been chasing got driven into a corner.

And Flame Warrior-V was delighted.

‘Fuck yeah! Good job Flame Warrior!’

Flame Warrior-V immediately whispered to Arirangcar next to him.

“Yo. Let’s get him.”

“Dude, I told you…”

Arirangcar froze after seeing his friend’s expression.

It was completely different from the one before.

Arirangcar looked at his friend with a strange expression.

“I can’t see it...You sure?”

He was a bug killer but he was acknowledged for his PK skills, he wasn’t as good as his friend who looked at recordings of bug players all day at discerning bug players.

‘He looks like a normal player to me…’

Flame-Warrior V chuckled as he replied.

“Can’t you trust me?”


Arirangcar agreed and then sent a signal.

“2nd group, since you dealt with the soldiers come over here. We found a new one.”

It was different from before.

There were only a very few rare cases where he had been wrong with such a confident expression.

‘Just wait Minah you bitch. I’ll buy you the fucking bag you were singing about.’

This was a jackpot.

Flame Warrior-V drooled as he looked at the new bug player and mumbled.