Reincarnator - Chapter 222 : The Great Maze of the Ains (3)

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Chapter 222 : The Great Maze of the Ains (3)

Hansoo pondered for a moment and then shook his head.

‘..If I go in then I’ll get swept by as well. They caused too many eyes to focus on them.’

The entire Level 1 Supply Zone was in a ruckus.

The countless people who had come in to get the expensive Protection Elixirs.

This was how enticing these bug players were.

Though not all these people will go crazy in order to kill them but things will still become dirty if he went to help them now.

‘I can only pray that they’re lucky. I need to focus on my work first.’

Hansoo expression remained still as he just went inside.

Kameira asked Hansoo.

“Aren’t you going to go get them? It’ll be a jackpot if you kill them.”

Most bug players were strong enough to destroy normal players.

Since their controls were much different than them.

Though these people were going crazy, if they met the bug players while roaming around in small parties the ones killed would not be the bug players but them instead.

If they weren’t like the Bug Killers who had professional PK items, it would be hard to deal with them.

But Hansoo was even stronger than them.

There was a reason why Kameira wasn’t chasing them.

Because she could get smashed apart the moment she saw them and get logged out.

Though she would revive, not being able to log in for an entire day was annoying.

Hansoo shrugged his shoulders.

“Not very interested. And it’s not like I’ll find them even if I searched for them. It’s better to just get Protection Elixirs in that time.”


Kameira nodded.

They were like lottos.

Unless they were Bug killers, it was better for them to just do what they had been doing.

Kameira then finished her thoughts and then looked at Hansoo suspiciously.

‘Isn’t this guy a bug player as well?’

He didn’t have a single ounce of gold and had amazing control, she questioned for a moment but then shook his head.

There was nothing in his movements that told her that he was a bug players.

And it might be different for other places but there were plenty of people like Hansoo in the War Fortress.

Since the strong people of various locations heard the rumors and had sold everything for the warp gate fees in order to come here.

Hansoo saw Kameira’s expression and then mumbled inwardly.

‘It’ll become tedious if I show more skill than what I’ve shown.’

Though he wouldn’t hesitate when he would need to accomplish something, he thought to himself that he would control himself better from now on.

As Hansoo continued in, he had arrived at a large area with an altar in the middle after passing through the tunnel.

This altar, which had a large gemstone on the top of it, was the proof that the players had taken over this Maze in the past.

Since hundreds of thousands of corpse soldiers spawned and attacked the players as that gemstone shone.

Though the gem, which had been destroyed by the players, had been fixed and had been placed here again, it didn’t shine brightly as before.

Like a broken lamp.

And there were a few other players around the Altar who were looking around the pyramid with lazy expressions.

They had come in because it was famous but soon realized nothing was here.

It would’ve been more fun if this place was filled with monsters and guards instead.

But though this place was boring to others, it was better for Hansoo.

Since he could avoid useless fights.

Hansoo walked up to the giant altar and pretended to look at his surroundings as he read out everything at an extreme speed.

From the scratches that didn’t seem to mean anything and to even the symbols at the very corners of the pyramid.

And soon Hansoo’s eyes turned to the inside of the pyramid’s walls.

Countless skulls were hung in the inside of the pyramid.

These skulls had small letters engraved on their foreheads.

These were the skulls of the infected soldiers who had guarded this place in the past.

These things, which had constantly revived from the power of the jewels, lost their immortality as the gem had been destroyed and the NPCs who had visited here took apart the skulls from their skeletons and displayed them on the inside of the pyramid.

Kameria shrugged her shoulders from next to Hansoo.

“Well. It’s quite a sight but not that great to look at right? I don’t know why those guys died in here though.”

These hundreds of thousands of corpse soldiers were originally NPCs.

It would’ve been understandable if they died in here after the dungeon opened but these guys had been here even before the dungeon opened.

‘...They should’ve have been placed here randomly due to the game’s mechanics.’

As Kameira was making a confused expression.

A small ruckus was made in the corner.

“You cannot take that.”

“...Tsk. Just an Npc, how annoying.”

A player got annoyed at the NPC as he was about to take a skull as souvenir and then threw the skull onto the ground.

The guard frowned but didn’t say anything as he placed the skull back onto the wall.

‘These damned immortals.’

The guard mumbled inwardly.

If they weren\'t here then none of the countless skulls would still be here.

All of it would’ve become souvenirs for these guys.

The guard looked at the immortals walking around the inside.

They were never serious and were very vicious and violent.

The guard’s eyes landed upon Kameria and Hansoo who were quietly observing things in the corner.

With an expression saying that he wouldn’t let them go if they did anything suspicious.

‘I’m going to chase them out the moment their 10 minutes are up.’

Hansoo ignored the guard’s eyes as he slowly read the small words of the Ains upon the skull’s foreheads.

Hansoo’s supernatural eyes allowed him to read every skull inside the pyramid from where he stood.

The language of the Ains which he had painstakingly learned.

He wasn’t fluent so it was more like deciphering but he could still understand them.

This was what they meant roughly.

But of course it wasn’t this that was important.

There was something else.

Hansoo looked over the tens of thousands of skulls and then found something.

‘Found it.’

A different looking language.

It wasn’t the language of the Ains which flowed like water.

It was instead created of straight lines, like a child’s play.

It was the ancient language of the Kingdom’s mages.

And there were many of these skulls in the pyramid.

A total of 144.

These skulls, which were spread out evenly, drew out a shape which resembled a magical formation. Of course normal people would not be able to figure out the formation due to countless skulls hiding them.

Hansoo continued to read out the words and then found the skull that was located at the core.

‘It’s that. I found it.’

But it would be a bit hard to take that right now.

Since the guard was glaring at him from afar.

Though the inner parts of the Pyramid was large, it was hard to dodge the eyes of the many guards here.

Though it was within a spot where he could reach, the guards would chase him down the moment he touched it.

And it would become very annoying if he collided against them.

The guards themselves weren’t an issue but the one standing behind them was.

The players, who had been complaining, hadn’t left because they had good personalities.

“What are you doing? Let’s go out. Time’s almost up anyway. Even if we have nothing to prepare, we should still go there early.”

Kameira got bored as she spoke to Hansoo.

Though a bit more time still existed, there wasn’t much to see.

Even more so for Kameira who had been here before.

Hansoo frowned at Kameira’s words.

‘Do I have to aim for another chance? It would be nice if the Bug Killers moved around in here.’

Since it wasn’t like he could buy time infinitely it would be nice for him to solve this in the quickest time possible but it had become hard for him to.

Hansoo pondered for a moment and then nodded as he prepared to go outside.

‘I guess I’ll come here with a mask, knock down all the guards unconscious and run away with it.’

Though it would be dangerous, this was the only method for him.

And this was the original method of the player who had found it anyway.

As Hansoo was about to turn around.

“Oh hey! We meet again!”

A voice calling them could be heard.

Kameira frowned at that voice.

‘Why did that guy come here.’

The Ecliptic Mania, who had failed the test before, had appeared before them.

Kameira asked the man who had appeared.

“Hello. How did you get here?”

The man shouted as he spoke.

“There are other parties other than yours, isn’t it obvious how I got here?”

He wasn’t openly angering them but it could clearly be heard that he was annoyed.

It was clear that his pride had been hurt when he had failed earlier.

Anyways, they could guess how he had come here.

‘I thought he would go somewhere else after being infuriated...It seems he came in here with a party that would go up to the 2nd or the 3rd floor. Or came in here thoughtlessly.’

He was nowhere good enough for the 5th floor and would get in the way but he was suitable for the easier 2nd and 3rd floors.

Of course the quality and quantity of the Protection Elixirs were much lower there, it was much easier due to only infected beasts and soldiers existing there instead of Ains.

There were countless hunting grounds around the War Fortress. This place was indeed the best place in terms of efficiency.

And it was the best choice if one was going to remain here for a long time.

‘Well. Since he has come all the way to the War Fortress, he probably wants something out of it. I just hope he doesn’t get in our way.’

Though there was a large difference in their skills, it didn’t feel good to have someone who didn’t like them lingering around them.

And even more so if it was the dangerous Maze.

As Kameira frowned.

Ecliptic Mania gulped and he looked around cautiously.

‘This is the last chance.’

He had shouted loudly to Kameira but his situation wasn’t the best.

He had gone into the first party by luck, no other parties that went to the 5th floor were willing to let him in after they realized his skills were lacking.

But he didn’t want to waste his time on the useless floors like those from the 1st to the 4th where everything had been squeezed out by others already.

Since he hadn’t come to the War Fortress by spending a fortune for that.

While he was pondering what to do, somebody approached him.


‘Korin kingdom huh.’

The Kingdom whose border stood against the original owner of the War Fortress, the Keil Kingdom.

Though it was just an impudent NPC but her request was hard to deny.

‘Well, it’s not like I will die for real anyway.’

As long as the reward was large, there was nothing he couldn’t do.

Ecliptic Mania thought of the female who had carefully approached him before and tightly grasped the item in his hands.