Reincarnator - Chapter 218 : Exodus (2)

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Chapter 218 : Exodus (2)

Hansoo nodded at the words of the fairy and then started to look over the login areas.

Hundreds of login areas came up in the glossary with their pros and cons but Hansoo had already chosen where he was going to go.

There was only one place for him to go with his objective.

‘Next to the Spirit Land.’

The difficulties of the login areas were all similar.

No matter where one went, they will see similar-leveled players and beasts, the Infras.

But there were two main differences.

The first was the logout area.

The difficulties of login areas were similar but those of the logout zones were drastically different.

You might be able to get through within a year if you’re lucky but if you are unlucky then it might even take 5 years.

‘Well. Such a thing doesn’t matter.’

This would be important to normal people but to Hansoo, it didn’t really matter.

He wasn’t going to go out of this place until he finished what he needed to anyway.


Hansoo spoke towards the Fairy.

“I chose the Bellum War Fortress as my starting point.”

“Oh my!”

Bellum War Fortress.

A battle fortress located in the border area between the Korin Kingdom and the Keil Kingdom.

Though it was a war fortress, it hasn’t been used since a hundred years ago when the 3rd kingdom war had happened.

Of course this wasn’t the reason why the fairy whistled.

The fairy smiled.

“Just saying, there are people there who have to live in the Green Zone for the rest of their lives without being able to get out.”

The location which was linked to the most difficult logout area of the 512 starting points.

It was so hard that if you started alone then you could never finish it.

So breaking through it in a group of 6 was the answer but the amount of people sent up by the Dark Lord, Metiron, was so low that the ones who had come in here earlier could not do anything and were just strapped within the Green Zone.

But Hansoo nodded.

This wasn’t the important thing.

The quest he needed to do in this place was much more important.

Since the quest would be the starting point of the incident that would cause the 6th patch for the players and the 6th great change for the NPCs.

Instead of wasting time by starting from far away locations, it was easier to just start here.

“Bellum War Fortress.”

The fairy smiled and spoke.

“Ok fine. I wish you luck. The guys ahead are lucky aren’t they. They will be able to meet Hansoo.”


The fairy continued to Hansoo.

“You see, the ones ahead went to the Bellum War Fortress as well. There’s a lot of enticing things about this place from the outside.”

The Bellum War Fortress was actually quite famous to the real players of .

There were already a lot of people due to it being the border area and there were all sorts of good quests overflowing in the nearby.

If you wanted to grow your strength or had confidence in your skills then choosing the Bellum War Fortress wasn’t weird.

Since they were the elites of the elites who had followed Hansoo in order to kill Metiron.

‘We will meet once the opportunity comes.’


Hansoo started to get surrounded by light.

The symbol of login.

The fairy left behind a few final words at Hansoo.

“Oh the most important thing! You know about this whole thing being a secret right? If you tell others that you are from another world or get found out…”

The fairy giggled as it drew a line over its neck with its thumb.

As Hansoo nodded.


Hansoo’s entire body disappeared with the light.



The location where Hansoo had appeared from the light was in the middle of a city.

A location where countless people and NPCs were at.

“Hey! Anybody want to go to the Kelhem dungeon? 15-man party!”

“Recruiting clan members for the Auto Clan!”

“A grade spirit stone! Buying A grade spirit stones! If it’s lightning affinity then I’m willing to add extra gold!”

Loud and robusts shouts could be heard from all around.

This place was full of the human scent unlike the previous three worlds.

‘It’s been a while.’

Hansoo looked around as he mumbled.

Though they were avatars unlike himself, the amount of people one could meet here was not even comparable to the other Zones.

He didn’t know what the planet looked like but the world where the was being played at from was the host of almost 70 billion people.

And the Exodus was the most played game in such a world to both females and males.

The people online had to be counted in hundreds of millions and that amount grows boundless once the NPCs that lived in this world previously are included.

A huge world and numbers that fit it.

‘So it’s a virtual reality created by the god himself.’

Though they spread out into a huge area, the population density was still very high.

So nobody would really care even if he logged in here.

Since countless people were logging in around him anyway.

‘The difference is that I cannot logout whenever I want.’

They can leave whenever they want but he could not.

Like an NPC.

Hansoo glanced at the players in the nearby stores and the NPCs who were selling items to these players and then walked as he thought about his objective.

The quest that would start the 6th Great Change.

The giant quest that would shake the game Exodus itself would start at this place, the Bellum War Fortress.

The hidden piece, that nobody had found yet would start all of this.

Originally, it should start from the discovery of some random player a year from now but he didn’t have the time to wait for such a thing.

‘I will start the 6th Great Change.’

To those who could revive, the war against the beasts was not dangerous but more like an opportunity.

But that was different for the NPCs, the residents of this place.

And the Bug-Players like himself were in the same situation.

‘My, I’ve become dull after being away for so long.’

Hansoo purposely raised the corners of his mouth and made a happy expression.

The passing players made strange expressions at Hansoo but then just walked past him.

The first rule to not get caught.

Do not make a nervous expression.

Especially the expression which one made when their life was in danger.

Since the players wouldn’t do so.

Of course one wouldn’t get caught from that one thing but it was good to be cautious about every detail.

‘It’ll be annoying if I get caught.’

Their levels were around 201 when they entered this location.

It wasn’t proportional to their strength but related to their rune numbers.

201 when their runes were closer to 0.

250 when it was filled.

And level 250 was like the level cap for this place, the Exodus.

A few NPCs went beyond this and got even stronger but it was the cap for the players.

This is why he could win.

Even if his level was low and his opponent was at the maximum level, they wouldn’t be able to beat him.

But there were a few very annoying ones in these lands.

‘Damned bastards.’

Hansoo thought of the bug players that would be living in various places within this world.

Though Metiron’s people thought that they only let through their people but they weren’t the only ones in this Green Zone.

There were countless adventurers who had come up along with Eres and Keldian before them and there were also those who crossed through the Great Jungle instead of the Green Road.

Since there were so many humans, they couldn’t ignore the amount of people who rushed in through the gaps.

Maybe if there weren’t any bug players things would be calm but the bug players were constantly caught in the eyes of these players.

And the result of this.

Since there was game, professional hunters were born.

The players before just looked at him to see if he was an NPC or a player but a few were different.

Guys who only hunted bug players.

Their title was lame but they were very accurate and precise.

‘They’ll probably be around here. I wonder if the guys who had come here before got caught already.’

Hansoo shook his head.


“Aaaak! Noo! If I die…! Please! Pleeaaasee!”


A player twisted the blade towards the screaming person as he smiled.

“Well. Of course. Since a character created through the bug will have their items erased, how sad.”


As the player, [Flame Warrior-V], sliced with his blade, the head was cut and blood spurted out.

[Flame Warrior-V] looked at this scene and frowned.

‘Tsk. 19+ settings is good but it’s too realistic.’

But if you played below this then there wasn’t any fun.

Since gold powders pouring out when one was stabbed wasn’t really fun.

The man spat at the corpse in order to get rid of the dirty feeling as he checked with the people around him.

“How many died?”

One of man who was drinking a healing potion shrugged as he replied.

“13 out of 50.”

“Crazy bastards. Powerful as hell. Damn. We’re going to lose a lot of money from the revival tags.”

The man mumbled as he looked at the corpse on the ground.

Their characters got deleted when they died so they always retaliated with all they had.

Their controls were so good that they were strong as hell as well.

To the point of these guys giving a feeling that they didn’t live in the real world.

Extremely detailed movements unlike them who used skills awkwardly and swung their weapons weakly.

‘They probably use hacks or something.’

The man mumbled.

For them to use such a dirty method in a fair game.

This is why they needed to bring justice by killing them.

Against these damned bastards.

‘Well. It’s good to get some harvest along the way as well.’

The man laughed as he looked at the Artifacts on the ground.

They dropped all their artifacts and even gave a huge amount of experience.

A profit even after they buy revival tags and spread it around everyone.

This is why they couldn’t give up being Bug-Killers.

‘I hope an even stronger one comes around.’

The man touched the artifact on his hand as he mumbled.

It was better the stronger they were.

Since they had stronger and rarer items.

The man finished his thoughts as he shouted.

“Yo! Chase the ones from before! We can rest for a while after today!”

This was a game.

And since they paid for it, they had the rights to enjoy it.

As freely as they can.

‘I’ll kill them all. The damned bug players’

This was justice.

The man smiled as he looked at the Bellum War Fortress before him.