Reincarnator - Chapter 215 : Reward (1)

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Chapter 215 : Reward (1)

Hansoo chuckled as he replied.


As Khan delivered the message, the people around him nodded reluctantly.

Thinking about it, that Hansoo guy somehow managed to survive the most dangerous situations.

Nobody would want to die if they were sane.

‘He’s probably doing it since he has a plan.’

Enbi Arin and the others reluctantly agreed as they exchanged glances.

Another message of Hansoo was sent towards Khan, the clan lord, who was watching over this scene.

It wasn’t hard to finish things up.

The Sage’s Satellite Fortresses had all been smashed apart by Hansoo’s hands and the remaining sages will die off from the Bluestone anyway.

To kill or to enslave would just be decided by others.

Before he could finish his thoughts.


He could feel tens of thousands of souls smashing into the surface of the Gael-Tara.

They had started to use the Bluestone in order to take it over.

Of course it didn’t matter that much.

Hansoo, controlling the Gael-Tara, ignored these attacks and continued to speak.

The fact that the Satellite Fortresses could perform the surgery on them was a fact but the thing about it being dangerous for humans without being altered was a lie.

When Karmen made it at the beginning, he had set it up so it could work on any organism.

There wouldn’t be much of a problem even if they just started the surgery without altering it right now.


Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Gael-Tara followed Hansoo’s commands as it charged forward.

Towards the Silver Sea where it had been born.


Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

A 3 km tall organism leaped over mountains and crossed over the lands while causing earthquakes.

Inside the control room where the bubbling sounds and the sounds of the Gael-Tara running were resounding, Metiron continued to babble on as if he still had some strength to live.

“So you’re dying like this as well. Not bad. Though I can’t perform the revenge on my own but this isn’t bad.”

Hansoo chuckled at those words.

“It’s a good thing I kept you alive. It won’t be boring until I get to the Silver Sea.”.

Metiron chuckled.

He was going to die anyway.

As the consequences of him overloading his body from the Mana Jade still remained.

It was beyond something that could be healed through runes.

But this Hansoo guy will have the same fate as him anyway.

“Well. Thankfully the road to death won’t be boring for me as well. Since you’ll be coming with me. You know already, right? That you can’t escape from here anymore?”

Metiron then looked around.

The liquid metal was bubbling.

It looked soft but he wouldn’t be able to go through it.

As the mana inside that thing will turn anybody trying to get through it into dust in an instant.

Going through that was basically the same as a normal human trying to walk through lava.

And to traverse it from all the way inside to the outside.

An impossible feat.

He had lied to his comrades.

In case they might get swept by the explosion along with him.

Metiron chuckled at Hansoo.

“What a saint. A hero of humankind.”

No matter how amazing this Hansoo guy was he wouldn’t be able to survive the explosion.

It was an explosion that could send a continent flying.

A human being wouldn’t survive such a thing.

Hansoo chuckled back at Metiron.

“Isn’t it the same for you? Since you protected this place with your life on the line for Clementine.”


Metiron became quiet at Hansoo’s words.

Hansoo looked at Metiron.

Others didn’t but Hansoo knew.

One of 8 closest persons to Clementine.

Shin Taehee and the others of the eight Dark Lords didn’t follow Clementine because they had been forced to.

They followed Clementine because they felt a common ground with her and respected her.

As these guys would already follow Clementine’s orders to death even without the Soul Fragment.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the noisy Metiron shut his mouth, the control room of the Gael-Tara was just filled with running noises.

But as if Metiron didn’t like this atmosphere or just didn’t like Hansoo, he broke the silence and spoke again.

“But even so, if I was you then I would’ve sent an underling in here instead.”

There were a lot of reasons why he sacrificed himself for Clementine but there was one distinct reason.

He believed that Clementine could do things he wouldn’t be able to.

This was why he had stayed behind in the Yellow Zone with his life on the line.

But this Hansoo was different.

With regards to his group, Hansoo was like Clementine.

Somebody who was in charge of all the forces and the one who would deal with everything.

But for somebody like that to crawl into such a dangerous place.

He was sure.

That without Hansoo, all the other people wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Even if they climb up they’ll fight with each other and eventually disband.

With this thought, he could suddenly feel the amount of weight Hansoo was holding up.


Metiron stopped for a moment but then shook his head.

He was starting to think useless things as his death was getting closer.

Clementine had much more ability and was much stronger than Hansoo anyway.

Hansoo nodded.

“Well. I agree with you to a certain degree. But since it has come to this, I can’t dodge it.”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Hansoo mumbled as he felt the tremblings caused by Gael-Tara’s running.

The current situation was really dire.

Even he couldn’t escape it.

But because of the amount of weight on his shoulders, he could not die here.

Actually, even if he knew beforehand it would result like this things wouldn’t have changed.

Since this was by far the best choice he could have made.

Even if he hadn’t come, this thing would have become a bomb anyway.

Because Metiron had touched it.

Even if he knew this thing would self destruct later, he would’ve come in anyway.

There wasn’t anybody to kill Metiron other than him and if that happened then everybody would have died by Metiron’s hands.

Actually he could have come out right after he had met Karmen and this thing hadn’t turned into a bomb yet.

As it hadn’t heated up as much and he could have come out.

But he still wouldn’t have come out.

Everybody would have died from the explosion radius if it was left alone.

This situation was something that was bound to happen.

Ever since he came up here, fought with the Higher Races and started to get tangled with the Sages and Metiron.

‘No regrets.’

Boom! Clash! Clash!

Hansoo mumbled as the Gael-Tara slowly headed into the Silver Sea.


The Silver Sea cooled down the heated up Gael-Tara but it was not even close to being enough.

Deeper, he had to go in deeper.

Until this thing got submerged entirely.


It was so heated that the heat was now even reaching the control room.

The glass windows cracked and the floor started to bubble up.

Which meant that it was about to blow up.


Bubble bubble.

The Gael-Tara reached the depths of the Silver Sea and started to fall.


After sensing it started to sink, Hansoo let go of the controls, breathed in and out and warmed up.

As the controls were released, the Gael-Tara struggled and try to go out but it was useless.

Though it was 3km tall, the Silver Sea was tremendously wide and deep.

Metiron chuckled as he saw this.

“What? Are you preparing for your death?”

Hansoo cracked his joints as he spoke.

“I just said I have no regrets, I never said I’ll die without any regrets.”


“I need to try as much as I can.”

Silver Sea.

This was the tunnel to the next zone.

If one goes into the Silver Sea and drinks the water then they would move on to the next world.

Which meant that he could live.

Though he wouldn’t be able to escape the explosion radius, he just needed to run away to the next Zone.

“So? You have a way of getting through it?”

This giant body, surrounded by the silver liquid, was a jail in itself.

Actually the body that had been heated up from the mana had cooled down a bit from the Silver Sea.

But then it was even more impossible to penetrate through the body since it had hardened up.


He, who had fought with him, knew better than to think that.

And like his expectation.

Hansoo nodded.

He knew it was a long shot with his current abilities.

He had a powerful body and a lot of mana.

His artifacts were top class as well.

But he lacked skills.

The skills he had were Zero Numbering.

They were a top class skills anywhere.

But they weren’t suited for the current situation.

The Pandemic Blade was too lacking to penetrate through this thing.

The Pandemic blade was set for mass murder and didn’t really have a lot of destructive force.

Same for the Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement.

Though the Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement was a top class reinforcement, it couldn’t beat an attack skill in terms of destructive force.

It was nowhere close actually.

As the fact that it was balanced actually meant that it didn’t excel in any of the fields.


Hansoo sensed his body having healed and then yelled into the air.

“Come out.”

The final card he believed in.

As Hansoo breathed in and out.

“Oh? I was watching comfortably.”

A translucent shadow trembled in the air and then a fairy appeared.