Reincarnator - Chapter 214 : Gael-Tara (7)

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Chapter 214 : Gael-Tara (7)


“What? Why isn’t it moving?”

Kel-Durin frowned as he looked at the Gael-Tara in the distance.

Why did the monster, which should be moving to his will and destroying the Satellite Fortresses, suddenly stop?

‘Move it! Move!’

Slicing apart the Satellite Fortresses should’ve been the first step of his plan.

Kel-Durin was getting anxious as a completely different scene played out instead of the one he had planned out.

As Kel-Durin clenched tightly onto the Bluestone.



The Gael-Tara started to move again.

The moment Kel-Durin shouted out.


The Gael-Tara jumped into the air and then sliced apart the Satellite Fortress.

Like how Kel-Durin wanted.

But Kel-Durin couldn’t exclaim out in joy.

“What...What!? Why ours? Why are you destroying ours!?”


Kel-Durin let out a scream as he saw that the giant Gael-Tara didn’t cut the human’s Satellite Fortresses but rather theirs.

But even before his scream could end.

The giant Gael-Tara jumped off into the air again.



Boom! Booooom!

Mass destruction started to happen.

The Gael-Tara followed what Kel-Durin had originally wanted and had started to destroy all the remaining Satellite Fortresses.

The problem was the fact that they were all theirs.

The Satellite Fortresses, which had surrounded the Gael-Tara and were assaulting it, started to get smashed apart by the Gael-Tara’s sword, fists and kicks.

The viciousness from when it had the look of a barbarian had all disappeared.

Instead, profound sword arts came out from the tip of the Gael-Tara’s blade.

A sword art befitting of a king.

Though it was all directed at the Sages.



The eleven remaining Satellite Fortresses of the Sages started to get destroyed.

The Rebelongs and the Arukons, the 3rd and 4th rank Sages, all cried out in shock.

“Why is the creature with the look of our king destroying the Satellite Fortresses!”

“And only ours!”

At least before, he was destroying those from both sides.

The human’s and theirs.

But as it turned into the look of their glorious king, Karmen, it was only targeting their Satellite Fortresses.

The giant king swinging the sword, Karmen.

But the Sages got suspicious as they saw the madness, rage, despair and hate embedded deep within the metal eyes of Karmen.

Those were the eyes of revenge.

Why did their king, Karmen, birth such a beast like that and destroyed their technology and civilization?

Mumbles occurred within the crowds of 3rd and 4th rank Sages.

“Hmm… Wait… There were actually a lot of mysterious things about where Karmen had gone!”

“They said Karmen had personally lead the great soul transmigration but we have never seen it!”

The ones who had actually lead the project were not Karmen but the rank 1 Sages who now had the bodies of the Akalachias.

They didn’t really feel anything strange back then.

Since Karmen usually stayed within the Garmeia anyway only to appear rarely from time to time.

And although they had a lot of reasons to meet up with the rank 1 Sages, they didn’t really feel as if it was strange to not see Karmen since it was the norm.

Since the difficulty of the project and the nervousness and fear filled their heads already.

But it was strange for him to have not made a single appearance in the 10-year-long project.

And 800 years had past unlike their expectations?

Their king, Karmen, did not know of mistakes.

Maybe if somebody got Karmen’s data and tried to copy the project.

At that moment

All the eyes of the 3rd and 4th rank Sages started to head towards Kel-Durin and the other 1st rank Sages, the Akalachias.

One of the Arukons who were frowning asked Kel-Durin.

“Kel-Durin? What is this.”

“...What do you mean?”

“You guys should know well. As to why Karmen’s statue is creating a havoc over there. Weren’t you close to the king?”

Suspicions that were close to being confirmed.

Kel-Durin frowned and then replied.

“How would we know? We didn’t even know that the king would go crazy in his later years and create a beast such as that. Do you think we would have let him make such a thing if we knew about it? Are you suspecting me, somebody who is trying to control that thing?”

Kel-Durin grinded his teeth as he spoke out.

‘Insolent bastards.’

Because of the dire situation, mere 3rd and 4th rankers were glaring at him.

He would’ve punished them usually but he could not now.

Since the gazes of the surrounding people were extremely vicious.

Even if they were the powerful 1st rank Akalachias, there were just too many 3rd and 4th rankers.

‘We’ll see after the issue is resolved.’

Kel-Durin finished his thoughts and clenched tightly onto the Bluestone in his hands.

There was a single reason why this had happened.

The resistance of that giant thing was stronger than he expected.

So the soul couldn’t settle properly and he had failed in controlling it.

‘Yeah. If there was no effect...Then it wouldn’t even have changed its looks or moved according to my will.’

Kel-Durin mumbled as he looked at the Gael-Tara which was swinging its blade in the distance.

The proof of it was the beast which still had the look of a king he had thought up of.

Which meant that the solution was simple.

The direction was correct but strength was lacking.

The Bluestone was effective but there was a lack of souls.

Which means he just needed to smash in more souls.

Kel-Durin thought up to this point and then shouted loudly.

“We should not be splitting up and fighting with each other! Look at that beast! What do you think will happen if we can’t block it? If we aren’t able to block it then we would all die!”

The other Sages, who were threatening, the 1st rank Sages flinched.

It was just like he had said.

Even if that beast only destroyed the Satellite Fortresses it would be a problem.

Over ten Satellite Fortresses were still intact.

This was more than enough to control the other humans and destroy the remaining Sages.

‘And...Kel-Durin tried to attack them earlier.’

Everyone had clearly seen where the giant statue of their king had swung his sword before.

Maybe if they still had their alliance but once the balance of power had been broken, he had tried to attack them.

And since the powers have flipped, there was no way that their enemies would leave them be.

Kel-Durin saw the people’s suspicions dying out despite their mumbles, sighed in relief and then shouted again.

“So we need to put more souls into the Bluestone! Don’t worry, once we calm that thing and end the situation we can just return the souls!”

Kel-Durin then pointed behind him.

Hundreds of thousands of Sages who were lying unconsciously on the temporary tents.

As if they were sleeping, their bodies were lined up neatly.

Kel-Durin pointed towards them to calm the people down but this was a fatal mistake.

One of the 3rd rank Sages who had looked around the tents asked while frowning.

“...Why are there only 3rd and 4th rankers and none of you guys, the 1st rankers?”


“If it\'s so safe then why are there none of your bodies there.”

“That’s for the unification and synergy of the soul…”

Everyone made dumbfounded expressions at those words.

They were all about to die if they didn’t do this but for him to speak about unification and synergy of the soul.

If it was really safe and they could come back, there was no reason the 1st rankers shouldn’t sacrifice their souls to the Bluestone.

‘Treating us as tools?’

As rage filled up the expressions of the Sages.


The final Satellite Fortress of the Sages got smashed apart and fell down onto the ground.

And Kel-Durin shouted out in a hurry.

“Hurry! There’s not much much! Seriously! If you’re that dissatisfied then the 1st rankers can do it too! Hurry!”

The 1st rankers being sacrificed was a bit of a shame but there’s nothing he could do.

Since the only ones who knew the souls got destroyed was him and Kan-Kun, the two of them.

Getting through this situation was the important part.

The Sages nodded at Kel-Durin’s expression of despair as they headed towards the gem.



The vibrations around Hansoo were getting more and more intensified.

It couldn\'t be seen from the outside but the inner parts had long been bubbling due to the overwhelming amount of mana.

‘But...I’ve destroyed all the Satellite Fortresses before the time ran out.’

Hansoo shook his head towards the Sages heading towards the Gael-Tara with the Bluestone.

It was an useless act.

You couldn’t stop this beast, this beast which was created from the rage of Karmen, with the Bluestone from the beginning.

That was a useless death.

No, it was worse than death.

Since their souls would now get smashed apart and shredded into bits.

The pain they would feel then was nothing like anything they would feel when they were alive.

It was actually used as a torture method in the Abyss.

‘For that powerful race to fall like this just because they messed with one person.’

But this wasn’t the time for that.

Hansoo sensed the heat that had come all the way up to the control room and focused on the control marble as well as the Fragments of Seven Souls.

\'Can you hear me?\'


Hansoo’s soul trembled as the message was sent to the clan lord who had the soul fragment.

And the Clan Lord, Khan, who had gained the Soul Fragment and the right to control the Satellite Fortresses gulped as he replied.

Though he had received the responsibilities, his abilities and authority was nowhere enough to handle the current situation.

The real leaders were the ones next to him.

\'Yes I can hear. And...They’re all around me as of now\'

Hansoo checked that all the administrators of Unity were near Khan and then spoke while looking at the Gael-Tara.

\'I am going to take this to the Silver Sea.\'

\'...They’re asking why.\'

Khan sent the message while blocking the shouts of the people around him.

Khan was confused as well.

The situation had been dealt with and the giant statue Hansoo was controlling would be of great help to them.

Why was he heading to the Silver Sea so suddenly?

Hansoo replied.

\'This will blow up soon.\'

It wasn’t just a normal explosion.

A powerful explosion that would wipe away all vegetation and scorch a giant area around it.

It would be tens of thousands of times stronger than when he had blown apart the Mana Crystal Refinery in the past by crashing the Mana Engine into it.

There was a difference between creating a bomb out of an engine and blowing up a bomb.

And this thing’s objective was just that.

It was a giant bomb created to blow apart everything without leaving behind a bit of grass and would activate once the Satellite Fortresses were eaten.

This thing was created to destroy all evidence of the Sages existing, it wouldn’t even leave any space for the humans to live from now on if it blew up.

\'So I’m going to take this into the Silver Sea.\'

The final advice of Karmen.

The Silver Sea suppressed the mana crystals.

If it blew up in there then he would be able to decrease the explosive power to the minimum.

And he had to lead this there.

Since the moment he detached his hands from this thing, it will eat up the last remaining Satellite Fortress and go into the center of the Zone where its explosion would be the most effective.

As soon as he sent that message.

\'She said that if you die uselessly like that then she’ll kill you.\'

\'Enbi Arin?\'

\'...No. Miss Mihee.\'

Well, Mihee wasn’t the only one who said this.

If he lead a bomb there then the others might be able to live but how would Hansoo survive?

Khan continued to speak while hearing the shouts of the people around him.