Reincarnator - Chapter 212 : Gael-Tara (5)

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Chapter 212 : Gael-Tara (5)

Fragments of Seven Souls.

The power wasn’t given out for free.

Maybe if they were at similar levels.

Metiron’s body, which belonged in the Yellow Zone, could not receive the soul of Taehee, who was at the Violet Zone, and use it properly.

Even if it was just a fragment.

Their Zones were different as was their strength and quality.

If Metiron even pulled out a bit of this strength then his body would overheat and tire out.

Like a young child swinging a giant claymore.

Even more so if he was using an amount of mana he could barely handle.

Maybe if his body had been enhanced by mana but there was a limit to how much the unenhanced body of a human could handle mana.

If Metiron had the enhanced body or even the ability to control mana better then he would’ve long have lost.

But this was it.

The pressure from the Mana and Soul.

And the body that could not keep up with that.


The Seven Strands Spear shot out from Metiron’s left hand and then smashed onto Hansoo.

But a rough sound came out from Metiron instead of Hansoo.


Metiron gulped down the blood that had come up to his neck as he grasped his hand that was trembling intensely.

The Mana Jade was still supplying him with mana and his soul was giving him strength but his damned body couldn\'t handle it.

Of course Hansoo was also a mess.

If the insides of his body were messed up than Hansoo’s outer parts were smashed apart.

But Metiron knew from over a decade of battle experience.

Who would win at this rate.

‘Fuck. This is the end.’

His clansmen had all died and only he was left.

Metiron, who had been making an expression full of despair, suddenly clenched his teeth.

‘It’s not the end yet. A new variable. I just need a new variable.’

He would be able to flip the situation then.

Metiron refocused, gathered mana again and started to push Hansoo back.


“Are you really going to use it?”

Kan-Kun made a bitter expression as he eyed the shining Bluestone in front of him.

Normally, there shouldn’t be a use for this stone which was used to transmigrate souls.

Since they had settled in the bodies they wanted and their original bodies had long rotted away.

But another use existed for this Bluestones.

An experience which had occurred in the Maze in the past.

This was one of Karmen’s countless tests and it wasn’t that hard for them to utilize this as they had all the information.

Which meant that theoretically, they would be able to control the liquid metal if they used the stone that moved souls, the Bluestone.

There was actually another reason why Kan-Kun was worried.

But even before Kan-Kun could reply.

Kel-Durin cut off Kan-Kun’s words as he spoke.

“Is there another plan as of now other than the Bluestone?”


Kan-Kun became a mute from Kel-Durin’s words.



The Satellite Fortresses were continuing to get smashed apart even now.

The 2km monster was almost reaching 3km now and the speed at which the Satellite Fortresses got smashed apart was increasing.

Even if they had powerful bodies, fighting would only make sense if they were in the same league.


Kan-Kun clenched his teeth.

Two things were required for the soul to settle properly.

First, the targey shouldn’t deny them.

And then the opponent’s mana shouldn’t act up.

This was why they had erased the sanity of the Higher Races with the Redstone and then got rid of the mana with the Blackstone.

Since then it was possible to control them with the soul.

And in the past they had been successful in controlling the entire maze with just a single soul of a Sage

But the situation was now different.

Over several tens of times as much mana was overflowing through that giant beast’s body.

The problem was that there existed a owner for that beast.

Which means that it wouldn’t be enough even if they use all the souls of the Sages and smashed onto it.

But Kel-Durin shook his head.

“Don’t worry. We won’t need them all.”

It was clear.

That the beast, Gael-Tara, was moving on instinct.

In order to raise its body and fill up its mana.

He didn’t know what was going on but the one inside had merely activated it, he was not able to control it yet.

Which meant that a chance existed.

“Start it already.”

“...Where shall I set the standards? Shall we get volunteers?”

Kan-Kun asked with a grim expression.

Though it didn’t have a sanity, it would still take a tremendous amount of souls in order to beat it.

It was basically the same as trying to smash apart a rock by throwing eggs at it.

Until the hundreds of thousands of souls win over the repulsive force of the mana and settle upon that giant body.

Of course the souls that get deflected would die.

Kel-Durin pondered for a moment at Kan-Kun’s words but then shook his head.

“It’s too urgent for that. What would we do if the number of volunteers is too low after sharing all the truth? That giant beast would’ve long destroyed all the Satellite Fortresses and would be attacking us.”


“I believe in our race but… Since there is a chance for our race, who have woken up after hundreds of years, to hesitate, let’s just gather them while keeping this a secret. Of course start at the ones with the largest amount in numbers since it would be better the higher the unity of the souls is."

Kan-Kun’s expression froze at those words.

It was just called unity of the souls, it just meant that they were going to pour in the 4th level Sages, those of the lowest level, who were the most in numbers

Kan-Kun’s beak trembled but no words came out as he just backed off and nodded.

And Kel-Durin mumbled inwardly as he looked at this Kan-Kun.

‘It seems you won’t make it big. You cannot see what is more important right now.’

Them, the rank 1 Sages, knew much more than those of lower ranks and were wiser as well.

The Rebeloong’s body was based around breeding anyway.

It wasn’t hard to multiply their numbers.

‘Yeah. It’s better to act efficiently than all of us dying.’

Kel-Durin made a grim expression as he looked at the hundreds of thousands of rank 4 Sages gathering around the Bluestone and then smiled towards the beast which was still causing a havoc.

‘Karmen, you’re giving us strength even until the end. Don’t worry, just watch. Watch as to how I use your legacy to lead our race.’

The Destruction Jade wouldn’t work on it either.

It was obvious.

Why would Karmen have set it up so it would stop moving without mana?

And as he expected, the surface of the liquid metal was actually coated with a special material.

Even if the Destruction Jade was used, the mana engine deep inside it would still work.

If something that the Destruction Jade doesn’t work against comes up to them?

‘We don’t even have to receive those threats from those humans.’

The barbaric humans were annoying him anyway.

With that thing he would be able to sweep them away and reclaim power over this world.

The power as the race of this world.

The gloomy expression disappeared from Kel-Durin’s face as he started to hum.




In the deepest parts of the Gael-Tara

The battle between thunder and lightning near the control room was coming to an end.



Metiron smashed into the wall as he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

His mana circuits have all been fried.

All of Hansoo’s four limbs and two of his three hearts had been destroyed but there was a difference between Hansoo and Metiron.

Hansoo still had some power left to end Metiron and Metiron did not even have any strength to move.

And Metiron knew this.

‘...This is the end.’

As Metiron was about to give up.


The liquid metal started to resonate and move.

Like rain upon a lake.

Hundreds of thousands of stirrings occurred upon the humongous Gael-Tara.

And Metiron’s eyebrows twitched as he saw this.

The movements of the Gael-Tara, which had been jumping around energetically, was getting dull.

It was abnormal.

No such things was told to him according to Karmen.

Which only meant one thing.

That something was attacking it from the outside.


Metiron’s head started to spin.

Whose interference was this?

It was obvious really.

The sages.

The humans wouldn’t be able to affect this giant beast.

Metiron thought of the next question.

How are they trying to intercept him?

He also knew the answer right away.

‘They’ll try to eat it up.’

They weren’t just stopping it.

They were probably trying to eat up the entire Gael-Tara.

Metiron then stopped.

Two things had come up in his head.

What would these guys do the moment they eat up this giant beast?


What was his own objective?

He realized.

A smile surfaced on Metiron’s face.

‘It’s not the best option but...It’s not bad as a backup.’

His objective and theirs was the same.

Getting rid of every human here and every human who would go up.

He had failed already.

Which meant that handing it over wouldn’t be bad.

Metiron coughed up blood and smiled towards Hansoo.

“You won. According to the promise… Take the Mana Jade. But.. I’m sorry. I don’t think I can fulfill all of it. I cannot give you one of the promised things.”

‘You’ve won but in actuality, I’ve won.’

As Metiron gave up his control.


The openings upon the liquid metal got extremely large as they started to bore into the center.



The control of the Gael-Tara had been passed over.



“Uh...What the hell?”


The people made confused expressions as the giant beast stopped moving in the midst of eating a Satellite Fortress.



The bludgeon of the Gael-Tara made grinding noises and turned into a ferocious looking golden sword.

The Gael-Tara, who held the golden sword in his right hand, spat out the Satellite Fortresses and then fixed the crown on its head.

And then.


The entire body of the naked Karmen shook as a robe of Yongpo(Korean Emperor’s Outfit) appeared upon it.

The barbarian disappeared as a mighty King appeared in its place.

There was somebody who was looking at the giant Gael-Tara with a content expression.

‘Very good.’

That was it.

That was the look that fit the king of their race, the race of dragons, Karmen.

‘Remain in that look forever and protect us.’

The sacrificed Rebeloongs would’ve been proud as well.

Kel-Durin made a content smile with the Bluestone in his hands.

Since they had gained it, it was now time for the protector to act.

And there were very good targets in front of him.

The Satellite Fortresses given over to the humans.

Though most of them had been broken apart and had been eaten. Over 10 still remained.

They wouldn’t want things dirtied by humans back in their hands.

It was better to break them.

Kel-Durin laughed as he grasped the Bluestone in his hands.





The people started to run away again as they saw the giant beast moving so suddenly.

The moment the giant king stepped forward and was about to slash down upon the Satellite Fortresses of the humans with his blade.


The Gael-Tara suddenly stopped.



Kel-Durin frowned as he saw this scene.