Reincarnator - Chapter 211 : Gael-Tara (4)

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Chapter 211 : Gael-Tara (4)



Countless collisions occurred around Hansoo.

Against the ten clansmen.

These people, who couldn’t even participate before due to their fear of being swept up in the fight, were attacking him now.

With bronze-colored lights surrounding him.


Hansoo’s spear smashed onto a clansman but surprisingly a sound of metal clashing was heard as the spear was deflected.

Of course the one who had been hit wasn’t perfectly fine.


Since he had fallen backwards after losing his arm.

But this wasn’t really a profit


Another clansmen picked up the arm of his comrade and then threw it to the one who had been flung off.

The clansmen, whose arm had been cut off, brought his arm to and connected the spots where it had been cut.



A bronze-colored light shone out from the area of injury as it healed it.

And the arm got reconnected.

Whoosh! Whoooosh!

The man swung his arm a few times to check that it was alright as he jumped up from his position and charged towards Hansoo again.

Hansoo shook his head as he saw this scene.

‘Steel Lord.’

Its effects were simple.

Give a powerful body, a troll’s regenerative powers and the agility and power of a beast to the ones affected.

The person with this skill would basically become a lord who has an army of steel men.

It wasn’t a really good skill for Hansoo due to its large amount of mana usage and him being used to being alone but if you had a tremendous amount of mana and your underlings were quite strong then there was no other skill as good as this.


Hansoo got hit by the sword from his back as he got flung forwards.

Hansoo’s Thousand Soldiers Armor got smashed apart, scales underneath them got spliced apart and caused him to bleed.

But it wasn’t like he was at a loss

Since he had cut apart the neck of one of the clansmen the moment he got flung forward.


Even the Steel Lord could not save a clansman whose head was severed.

Well, it might be possible if it was connected immediately.

But the Pandemic blade that was on the edge of the spear seeped into the injuries and burned up all the muscles and nerves around the area.

At the same time.

Sap Sap.

The energy drained by the Vampiric powers regenerated Hansoo’s flesh and blood.

He didn’t fully recover but it was more than enough to stop him from becoming immobile from blood loss and muscle destruction.

‘Five left.’

Hansoo’s body wasn’t perfect as well but he had gotten the heads of half of Metiron’s people already.

The sooner he finished in here the less damage would be caused in the outside.

Hansoo continued this momentum and headed for the next person.

And Metiron roared out in rage and charged towards Hansoo.

“You Bastard!”


The God’s Right Hand in Metiron’s right hand smashed with Hansoo’s Forked Lightning again.


Maybe if he was in perfect condition things might’ve been different but Hansoo had received quite a large amount of injuries already.

Hansoo felt his muscles rippling from the collision and flung his body backwards.

“You bastard! Just surrender! Why are you struggling so hard! Just surrender man! You’ll die if you don’t comply with us here!”

He wanted to kill this Hansoo instantly.

But a message from Taehee had come.

Of course he was only going to take him alive, he had no intentions of keeping him perfectly intact.

He was going to turn him into half a corpse before taking him but even that was hard.

Clementine’s orders had long disappeared from his head.

‘He said as long as it’s possible possible...But this monster.’

Metiron made a dumbfounded expression.

He was overwhelming Hansoo with the the Fragment of Seven Souls, Mana Jade and even his clansmen but Hansoo was still holding on.

But even if he lived here, he wouldn’t be able to live in the areas above.

Since it was their world already.

Maybe if his comrades had been sent to the Birdcage.

There shouldn’t be a reason for a newcomer to have such hatred against him but Metiron smiled after pondering about the reason.

‘Is he perhaps trying to save the humans?’

Metiron made a cold smile inwardly.

There was one thing he had felt while managing the humans for over a decade here.

That these guys did not have the right to live.

If a worth of a person’s life was dependent on them helping others or harming others then things would become extremely clear.

There wasn’t anybody there who hadn’t sinned.

Even the Sages who were acting all high and mighty.

‘The ones who have power are worse.’


Metiron frowned as he smashed Hansoo away as he had charged towards him.

While thinking about the memories the existence within the marble had shown him.



Crunch. Crunch.


The Sage Kel-Durin was dumbfounded as he stared at the giant barbarian who was devouring the giant Satellite Fortress.

It didn’t have any manners or majesty

It was just attacking with its viciousness.

Taking account of the materials used to create such a thing, it was really a waste.

Looking at the barbaric image, the crown on its head was quite comical.

But Kel-Durin could not laugh.

Since the barbarian’s body was created from the person they could not forget as the base.

A Sage who had a body that was several times stronger than the others.

The one who had a tremendously strong body and a huge amount of intelligence.

‘My god. It’s Karmen.’

The image of the Barbarian was the same as that of their king, Karmen.

As if it was laughing and belittling their civilization, the giant King who had appeared before them was smashing apart and devouring the Satellite Fortresses, the pinnacle of their civilization.

As if he was trying to take back all the achievements he had created.

The Sages with the bodies of the Rebeloongs and Arukons trembled in fear as they made confused expressions.

“My god...That’s Karmen.”

“Is it a legacy of Karmen?”



The great king who had lead them into the light of wisdom.

Karmen lead them and they followed him.

Why would Karmen create such a strange beast in order to smash apart their civilization?

But unlike these Sages, the royalty who had the body of Akalachias all had gloomy expressions.

Because they knew why.

‘...Oh Karmen…’

A tremor rang throughout Kel-Durin’s body every time he made eye contact with the eye that looked their way from time to time while eating the Satellite Fortresses.

Since a large amount of hate, despair and rage was swimming within them.

There wasn’t much to see really.

It was too focused on eating up the Satellite Fortresses and filling up its mana but once it dealt with this they were next.

Since Karmen wouldn’t forgive them.

No, he had created such a thing since he had no thoughts of forgiving them.

A beast.

Kel-Durin mumbled.

‘KIng. You...Should’ve just died a clean death. That was the only way to have remained as a shining hero within our memories forever.’

They couldn’t do anything else.

Since the King hadn’t given them any information and monopolized it all.

Even this strange beast, the El-Tara, was kept in the dark from them.

Living past 30 years for the first time in their history and living up to 60 years.

His wisdom reached the heavens but for him to monopolize it all and not use it for their race.

And their race had made tremendously fast progress despite only barely eating up the leftovers.

If the king had properly shared the information then their technology and civilization would have advanced to a degree which wouldn’t even be comparable to that of now.

Their expectations were as great as their respect for him and the disappointment followed this as hope turned into greed.

Even more so for the Royalty.

The nobility, soldiers and commoners had barely lived 10 years so their greed for information wasn’t as bad but Kel-Durin and the other royalty were much more greedy.

Even more so if their lifespans got shorter and shorter.

As Karmen held back the information, their nervousness only grew and grew.

But then one day.

They didn’t know what it was but this was a perfect chance.

This was the only chance to suppress the king who barely left the Garmeia.

Since it was clear what would happen if they clashed with the king when he had the Garmeia.

So when the king left the Garmeria and arrived at the Capital.

They launched a surprise attack against the King.

And the result was a great success.

They had landed a fatal attack onto the King and succeeded in taking the information.

A secret only a few people of the Royalty knew.

Kel-Durin made a complex expression as he thought of back then.

‘....For him to bring such a thing.’

The information the king brought them was the result of their body.

The Transmigration of Soul.

Information that told them how to create a powerful body and move their souls there.

When the guilt of them having killed their own king with their hands had swept over them, it was already too late.

They had performed the transmigration of their souls with the information they stole as the basis.

Create bodies with mana pools and move their souls onto them.

It took almost ten years because they didn’t have the original creator of this but the result was obviously a success.

They had jumped past 800 years due to a miscalculation but this was nothing.

But for Karmen, whose only job left was to become a great king in their history, to have come out like this and create a mess.

Kel-Durin clenched his teeth.

‘You were going to be left behind as a shining star but...You wish to die a dirty death.’

Seeing that figure, he thought of the maze experiment Karmen had performed in the past.

A test to create an organism out of the Silver Sea which countered their mana pool.

They had thought that they were creating an emergency shelter but they finally knew why now.

The maze was a prototype.

Actually Karmen might’ve actually guessed their betrayal.

Since he wouldn’t have hidden such a thing, which could devour them and their entire civilization, inside the Garmeria otherwise.

It was clearly something created by Karmen.

The amount of power and its defence.

The Satellite Fortresses were getting destroyed without even being able to do anything.

‘You think we’ll just sit here and do nothing?’

Kel-Durin mumbled.

They had a large amount of Karmen’s information and they had a secret weapon created by using that information.

Kel-Durin called royalty, Kan-Kun and spoke.

“Bring the Bluestone. We need to use it.”

‘To come back to us an evil spirit...We will just send you off. This is good. We can deal with the humans as well.’

The only ones that needed to remain behind were the Royalty.

Kel-Durin mumbled as he looked at the organism that was causing havoc in the distance.



Metiron laughed out loud after smashing Hansoo and then spoke.

“Hahaha! The Sages are probably busy trying to attack you from your back! And how many of the ones who you’re trying to help have not sinned? They are worthy of death! Do you really think there are people who haven’t gotten blood on their hands?”


Hansoo blocked the attacks of Metiron and the steel soldiers and laughed as he swung his spear.

“Is sinning a problem?”


As Metiron was confused.

Hansoo mumbled.

‘What I need are soldiers not people who would protect me.’

The ones who would protect them would be better the kinder they were and more good they were

But the soldiers who would go onto the battlefields were different.

They were better the more sins they had caused.

To the point of rules of using sinners as soldiers existing.

‘I’m just here to give them strength, control them and take them up.’

The ones who were good just needed to use that strength to protect themselves.

And the sinners could just sin more and fight to the death.

Since the beings of the Abyss weren\'t attacking the humans because of their justice and evilness.

So it didn’t matter whether they sinned or not.

Since the blades wouldn\'t discriminate against anybody once the door of the Abyss opened up.

“Anyways...Isn’t it becoming a bit tiring now?”

Hansoo smiled towards Metiron.

Metiron’s expression froze at a miniscule level.

Despite Hansoo being the one having become a mess.