Reincarnator - Chapter 210 : Gael-Tara (3)

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Chapter 210 : Gael-Tara (3)



Hansoo frowned as he looked at the man striding towards him.

‘I see… the Seven Strands Spear is not his.’

According to what he knew, that skill was not something one could obtain in a place like this.

Using something that couldn’t be obtained did not make sense but he knew how he was.

Fragments of Seven Souls.

The familiar vibration inside Metiron’s body is what told him this.

And he saw a few other skills surrounding his body.

Double numbering 11, God’s Right Hand.

Solo Numbering 4, Steel Lord.

There were countless other double and triple numberings.

And Hansoo knew who the owner of the Fragments of Seven Souls and those skills was.

He had never met Metiron but he had indeed met the owner of the fragments when he fought Clementine in the past.

Dark Lord, Shin Taehee.

The right hand of Clementine and a vital part of her power.

And Metiron smiled in glee as he saw his expression.

“Heh. Too bad. I do want to encourage you to fight for this but...This isn’t my skill you see. You won’t really get anything by killing me.”

Hansoo nodded at these words.

It was obvious really.

Since 8 people would be able to use it if the owner of the soul fragments took the skill instead.

It was better to pile it all onto a single person.

Of course a skill wouldn’t come out even if he killed Metiron.

But there were still many things more precious than a few skills.

“There’s still something I can take it seems.”

Hansoo then pointed at Metiron with the Forked Lightning.

Towards his heart.

Metiron touched the shining symbol by his heart and then chuckled.

“True. If you win then it’s all yours. Kill my clansmen and take this. Do whatever you want.”

Metiron then made a serious expression.

“Of course if I win then I’ll take everything you have.”

Metiron grinded his teeth as he thought of the 271 clansmen that had died by Hansoo’s hands.

Because Hansoo was stronger than his expectations and he couldn’t win without the Mana Jade in his heart, those clansmen had died to buy him time.

His clansmen was everything he had.

If Clementine and Taehee’s orders didn’t exist, he wouldn’t even have let them die in a place like this.

‘I shall… Take as much away from you.’

He wasn’t a benevolent person.

The total amount of people in Mount Liang was 511 before he came up here.

Now only 10 people lived.

And he was going to only let that many live.

Only 1 out of 50 out of hundreds of thousands.

And the same for the tens of millions of humans who could come up later.

It was possible with the strength in his hands.

With the Gael-Tara that was created to erase the civilization and bring an end to everything.

Metiron smiled again as he asked.

“How about it? Fair right?”

It was clear that Metiron was trying to buy time while the Gael-Tara ate the other Satellite Fortresses and got stronger.

And Hansoo decided to play along.

Since he wouldn’t be able to kill this guy outside.

He had to kill Metiron.

And he needed to go along with Metiron’s play in order to restore some stamina.

Hansoo rotated the Dragon Essence Blade in his body as he restored his stamina and spoke out.

“It seems a bit unfair. There’s too much of a difference in numbers.”

Metiron smiled and chuckled.

“Unfair? It is indeed unfair. I’ve lost people precious to me and you would only lose those below your feet.”


“At least I know the names of 271 people you have killed and even know the names of their family. Isn’t this already better than you? Do you even know a hundred out of the hundreds of thousands?”

They were like his family.

People who have trusted him and survived along with him for over a decade.

Hansoo also smirked at those words.

“What about it? It’s not too late to get to know them after things become much more comfortable. Do you know how many people have died while you were playing house in a place like this?”

“...Heh. There’s not really a reason to speak this much.”


Metiron couldn’t hold back his rage while speaking and then gathered power in his hand.


Seven colored lights gathered from the surroundings into Metiron’s hand.



The beam that had shook Hansoo before exploded out from Metiron’s left hand again.

With even more mana than before.

At that moment.


Hansoo also gathered a large amount of Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement and Pandemic Blade onto the spear and then attacked the Seven Strands Spear with the Power Destruction of Nurmaha’s Ring.

There was no way to dodge it in a narrow corridor like this.

And unlike the Quintuple beam, the Seven Strands Spear was made of light so it had no weak points.

He needed to destroy it with a similar amount of power.


The moment Hansoo’s spear and the light collided.

Surprisingly, the spear bent to the point of breaking from the light which had no mass.

The Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement got washed away and the Pandemic Blade’s spores got burnt away.

‘As I expected.’

Hansoo swung the spear and moved his body to the exterior of the skill as much as he could.

Hansoo had higher quality in skills.

But the mastery level and mana was different.

Since the opponent had borrowed a skill that had reached the brim in mastery along with a tremendous amount of mana.

The beam pushed through the Forked Lightning and smashed into Hansoo.


Hansoo’s body was exposed to the light as it started to burn up.

But Hansoo clenched this teeth and then proceeded to stride forward.

Against the beam that was freezing, breaking and burning up his body.

He knew that he couldn’t compete with the strength of skills.

The thing he had to trust in was his tremendously stronger body, defenses and endless amount of stamina.


Metiron laughed out loud towards Hansoo who was pushing in towards him like a rhino.

“Hahahahaha! How about using the Destruction Jade?”

But Hansoo ignored his words as he continued to head forward.

If the Destruction jade really worked like his words then he shouldn’t really be saving it as of now.

Since the problem with the Sages would only matter if they were alive.

But if the creator of this had enmity against the Sages, he would’ve prepared for the Destruction Jade.

The creator of the Destruction jade was Karmen.

He would easily be able to prepare against it.

Even more so if he was a Sage whose intelligence increased every year unlike humans.

If this thing was created to go against the Sages then the Destruction Jade would not work against this creature.

‘It might work but… I can’t take the gamble.’

If all mana was frozen and this guy was fine then it would be a disaster.


Metiron tried to create some distance but this corridor was too narrow.

And Hansoo’s physical abilities were much higher.

Hansoo pushed back the Destruction Jade as a last resort inside his head and then smashed his spear towards Metiron whom he had gotten close to now.


The spear, which was surrounded by the Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement, pushed forward and flew in towards Metiron’s head.

At the same time the Pandemic Blade flared up as it started to cover Metiron’s entire body and burn up his nerves.

But as if he had no plans to dodge Hansoo’s spear from the beginning, Metiron made a fist and then smashed his right hand towards the spear.

A hand that was glowing red like a ruby.

Hansoo didn’t drop his guard against this fist as he poured more power into the spear.

‘God’s Right Hand.’

A finisher move that could only be applied onto the right hand.

The tremendous amount of power that could destroy anything was actually quite stupid.

It had one characteristic.

Power Defeasance.

As if it had the authority of a God, if you got hit by the fist surrounded by that skill then the mana a skill of lower level then it would be ignored and it would even lower the power of a skill that was above it.

The fist that was surrounded by red smashed into Hansoo’s spear.


Despite the spear having dampened a large amount of strength, the Forked Lightning still bent as if it would break.

At the same time Hansoo’s body was flung backwards.

And Metiron frowned as he saw this.

Since blood was flowing from his hand where the spear had struck it.

‘Unknown Artifacts and… Unknown skills. Where the hell did he get such things?’

The God’s Right Hand nullified most of the skills.

Then he would use the fist to smash his opponent.

This fist should kill most people with a single strike.

And he was using almost ten times as much mana as his opponent.

But the Reinforcement around him wasn’t nullified and the Artifact didn’t break either.

It meant that the level of the Artifact was extremely high and the skill’s level was much higher than his.

According to what he knew, there were less than 10 skills whose levels were higher than Taehee’s unique skill,

Like Kangtae’s

There weren’t any skills like what he saw Hansoo use according to what he knew.

‘...He would become a monster once he gains the Mana Pool huh.’

Metiron clenched his fist as he mumbled.

A common thing high-level skills had was that a tremendous amount mana was required to fit their might.

Even if the efficiency of the mana was great, a large amount was still used due to the tremendous amount of strength.

Of course the problem was that mana was fair to everyone despite one’s skill.

Mana did not discern between people, it was fair and square to everybody.

It would be normal if he was on the ground by now from a lack of mana but for him to still have mana meant that his control over distributing mana was tremendous.

And if the amount of mana of a person like this was multiplied by a few times?

And he then strode around with the skills he had?

‘I have to kill him here no matter what.’

At that moment.

A bronze-colored light exploded out from Metiron’s body.

At the same time the ten people around him who couldn’t even participate in this fight got swept by the bronze colored light as well.

Unique skill.

If Transcendent Brilliance didn’t exist, this would be the most powerful crowd buff that existed out there.

Steel Lord.

He had plenty of mana anyway.

‘I’ll smash you apart!’


Then Metiron and the ten clansmen, who were surrounded by the bronze colored light, flew towards Hansoo.



Kaltus frowned as he saw a carrier pigeon flying in.

‘....What? Escape? What the hell does he mean.’

Kaltus made a dumbfounded expression.

They had gone off to finish off some minor jobs.

But for Hansoo to tell them to run away without any reason.

As Kaltus was about to chuckle at this.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

He could feel the earth trembling from the distance.

‘What the…..’

A random earthquake.

Kaltus walked out of his tent in curiosity.


Kaltus didn’t believe his own eyes.

Since the scene in front of him was extremely unrealistic.


A Satellite Fortress got smashed apart by a mysterious monster while fleeing and fell to the ground.

The monster then started to eat up the Satellite Fortress.



For every bite, the blue aura around it got deeper and its skin turned even more like bronze.



The Satellite Fortresses were assaulting it from all directions but it was all useless.

The beast just took on the attacks that could blow apart mountains as it continued to eat.

And its food was the Satellite Fortresses which had made them extremely powerful and formidable.



The ground cracked and the land trembled just from it eating.

Thankfully it didn’t have any interest in humans as everybody was running away.

Kaltus looked at this scene in a daze as he mumbled.

‘We...Are too weak.’

Even the Sages who had such a powerful civilization and technology were in peace with them.

It was already like this but if the number of humans who received the Body Enhancement Surgery and the Mana Pool Surgery increased to hundreds of millions or even billions?

He had thought that there was nothing to fear anymore.

This was why he was curious as to why that Hansoo guy was trying so hard.

Since if the above zone was a place where humans could live somewhat, it wouldn’t be that hard for them to take it over.

Since they had no problems on the outside, he had focused on the inner mechanisms and had focused on gaining authority.

But he finally realized that this was all a huge misconception.

‘Fuck… This is just a beginning. We’re just bugs.’

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

“Run away! Everyone evacuate!”

Kaltus screamed out as he saw the bronze monster leaping towards another Satellite Fortress while swinging its bludgeon.