Reincarnator - Chapter 209 : Gael-Tara (2)

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Chapter 209 : Gael-Tara (2)


Hansoo frowned as he saw the tunnels getting destroyed.

The tunnels, which were made for people to walk through, were constantly getting destroyed.

By the tentacles extending out from the thing that surrounded the Satellite Fortress.



The tentacles ripped apart the metal walls and brought them towards the liquid metal.


The silver liquid metal melted the wall, absorbed it and then used it to reinforce itself.

Basically this monster was devouring the entire Satellite Fortress and using it as nutrients for itself.

But Hansoo knew.

This Satellite Fortress and this mysterious lifeform.

That both of these had been created by the same hands.

Why would the Satellite Fortress let itself be eaten by the monster otherwise?

‘Since he wouldn’t have made the Satellite Fortress to feed this thing… I guess the monster was made to eat the Satellite Fortress huh.’

The monster constantly ate the other walls, corridors and was now eating up the spot Hansoo was standing at.

Hansoo would be swept by it at this rate as well.

‘Go in.’

Hansoo clenched the Forked Lightning tightly and started to head in deeper.

Since he was running out of time.

Actually, him being able to come inside was very lucky.

The extremely thick mana surrounding the liquid metal.

The mana that was coming out from the Garmeia’s mana engine was beyond one’s imagination.

To the point of making the mana engines of other Satellite Fortresses look like garbage.

Hansoo shook his head after calculating the might of this monster while comparing it to the metallic beast which Junghwan controlled.

This beast’s materials were a step above those of the maze as well.

‘According to my calculations...This is not something i can kill from the outside.’

As Hansoo finished his thoughts.


The liquid metal around Hansoo’s body started to tremble intensely.



The people made frightened expressions as they saw the eye between the crack.

The eye had a tremendous amount of hate and resentment despite being made out of metal.

The depth of its emotions was what made the people tremble in fear.

As they couldn’t even begin to imagine how vicious something with such a guy could get.

At that moment.

The eye disappeared.



A huge hand came out from the crack where the eye disappeared from.

And a metal arm with distinct muscles followed it.




Starting from the hand, the arm, shoulder and head started to come out from the egg in order.



The Satellite Fortresses started to assault the strange beast that had crawled out from the egg relentlessly.

To the point of pressuring their mana engines as if they were trying to show their desperation.

But all of this was useless.



The liquid metal, which was shining blue, deflected and dispersed all those attacks.

It wasn’t the difference in energy.

That organism was resisting the assaults too well for it to be the difference in energy.

It was as if the organism had a tremendous amount of resistance against the Satellite Fortresses.

Karhal mumbled as he looked at the organism crawling out from the egg shell.

“...Natural enemy?”

The Natural Enemy.

A natural enemy of the Satellite Fortress.

‘Yeah. There’s a natural enemy for everything.’

The Satellite Fortress wasn’t an organism but such thoughts still came up inside Karhal’s head.

And soon.


A 2km tall humanoid creature that came out from the egg stood up above the Silver Sea.

And people slowly backed away and frowned.

‘....Who is it?’

Tight muscles and a crown on top.

It was clear that it wasn’t Metiron who had gone in.

Since he wouldn’t be wearing such a crown.

And he was too muscular to be a Sage.

They heard that the bodies of the Sages had not developed as much because the existence of mana.

The organism that was standing up above the Silver Sea, the Gael-Tara, crouched down and slowly reached for the egg shell.


Due to its size, a tsunami was created for its every move.

As soon as Gael-Tara touched the shell.


The shell fragments turned into liquids and gathered into the giant man’s hands.

Into a giant bludgeon.

An extremely muscular body and a bludgeon in his hand.

His look was like that of a barbarian minus the crown on his head.


“What the hell…”

The people started to chuckle at this sight.

They knew that they shouldn’t be laughing in a situation like this but this sight was too funny.

To have eaten the entire Satellite Fortress and to become but a barbarian.

It was quite funny.

And the Satellite Fortresses which had stopped its assault due to the overheated engines helped out in releasing the tense situation with the silence that followed it.

But within that small moment.

The Gael-Tara roared out and then jumped up into the skies.



“Fuck! Group up!”

The earthquake from a 2km giant jumping into the skies was tremendous.



While the people the freaking out from the waves and the earthquake.


The Gael-Tara crossed multiple kilometers with a single leap and then jumped on top of the Satellite Fortresses after crossing over the Silver Sea and the mountains.



The bludgeon from its hand smashed down onto the Satellite Fortresses.

The tremendous strength enforced by mana and hundreds of thousands of tons of mass along with the added velocity.



The defence of the Satellite Fortresses could live up to its name of a Fortress.

And this Satellite Fortress got smashed apart by a single attack of the bludgeon and fell on the ground.

No, it was more like it got smashed down into the ground instead of falling.



Another quake from the Satellite Fortress smashing down onto the ground like an asteroid swept past the adventurers.

Nobody had died because they were all prepared for this but the situation was still extremely grim.

Everyone made an expression of despair.

“My god…”

Ekidu exclaimed out.

The ones who had gathered here were the elites of the elites.

Since they were handpicked by her.

But such things were meaningless in front of a formidable monster.

And it didn’t even care to attack them.

It was solely focused on destroying the Satellite Fortresses in front of it.

And they had to exert all their strength to barely hold on during the shockwaves created.

Ekidu couldn’t even imagine what the result would be if that bludgeon was swung against them.

As Ekidu was making an expression full of fear while staring at the fallen Satellite Fortress.





“Oh no…”.

Ekidu also exclaimed out as she saw this.

Gael-Tara didn’t even go for the other Satellite Fortresses after smashing down that single one.

Its next actions were quite shocking.

It started to eat it.



Rip apart the outer layers and eat the inner parts.

Pull out the mana engine and gulp down.

Its silver skin darkened every time it took a part of the Satellite Fortress and the blue light surrounding it got deeper as well.

Enkidu mumbled as she looked at the barbarian chewing up the Satellite Fortress.

“It entire civilization.”

She finally realized why it had the look of a barbarian when it came out from the egg.




While the outside was in chaos.

A fight was happening inside the Satellite Fortress within the corridors that had still remained intact.

Between Hansoo who was trying to go through the corridors and to the center and hundreds of Metiron’s underlings.



They didn’t really speak to each other.

They were just fighting in order to beat the other side.

They swung their spears and swords and shot out skills in order to kill each other.

The Pandemic Blade’s spores rushed in to melt the opponent\'s lungs and skins and skills of multiple colors smashed into Hansoo’s Thousand Soldiers Armor and the Dragon Essence Blade.

Actually Hansoo had long turned into a dragonoid with the Racial Metamorphosis.

Since this was the only way for him to withstand the enemies’s attacks.



‘They’re quite strong.’

Hansoo mumbled as he cut through one enemy’s neck by swinging with his Forked Lightning and threw the corpse to block the skills.

Every one of them were stronger than Dakidus when he fought him in the past.

They had raised the mastery of their skills to the extremes and trained their martial skills to the brim over ten years in the Otherworld.

And they picked up top notch skills and artifacts from killing humans.

Along with the teamwork created from being in the same clan.

It would be weird if they weren’t weak.

But that was it.


Hansoo smashed apart another head and then strode forward.

‘I’m stronger.’

Erase the skills flying in from the distance with the Power Destruction and distort the perceptions of the ones closer up and then smash them apart.

Block the excess skills flying in with the Thousand Soldiers Armor and fill up the falling health with the vampiric powers.*

There wasn’t even a need to use the Red Zone power of the Nurmaha’s Ring, the Hemorrhage.

The Forked Lightning being swung by the body which had been enhanced by the Body Enhancement Surgery, Dragon Essence Blade and Racial Metamorphosis.

And the power of the Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement and the Pandemic Blade.

Once the countless battle experience and instincts he had gathered over decades were added onto this, there was really no reason to delay any further with the Hemorrhage.

One attack, one kill.



Hansoo received the attacks flying in with his body and then continued to stride forward while smashing them apart.

Actually this was more than enough to cause them to run away really.

But his enemies didn’t falter as they continued to charge forward and Hansoo kept on snapping their necks without a single moment of hesitation.

Since every second was precious.

‘I need to hurry and deal with that Metiron guy.’



Countless shockwaves and sounds of explosions could be felt from the outside.

And Hansoo could feel that the beast was getting stronger.

It was just eating the Satellite Fortresses because it couldn’t suppress its gluttony but once it eats them all up, its rage will be directed to other organisms.

And it wouldn’t even take 10 minutes to erase all the humans and Sages then.

Since they had all gathered together conveniently.

After a while of charging forward and smashing apart people.

‘I can see it!’

The broken metal door and the bright interior behind it.

There were only about 10 people left now.

As Hansoo was about to attack the person in front of him with the spear.

“Stop! Get back!”

A loud shout could be heard from the distance.

The ten clansmen suddenly stopped and backed off.

As if they were waiting for it.

At the same time.


A seven colored light shot through the corridor where the ten people disappeared from.

A light that seemed similar to the Quintuple beam of Karhal.

But as soon as Hansoo saw it.

Hansoo’s expression changed.

‘Seven Strands Spear!’

Solo Numbering 5.

A beam of laser that was solely created for destruction.

Actually its attacks even surpassed the number 3 skill, Elemental Outfit.

Hansoo raised his spear and blocked it in a hurry.



The seven colored light which had even melted down the walls as it flew past smashed into him.


The Demonic Dragon Reinforcement got swept apart as the dragon scales, Thousand Soldiers Armor and the Dragon Essence Blade got smashed apart and melted down.

Hansoo stared at the person who had sent out the attack after withstanding the pain from the attack.

For it to be this strong even if it was a high level skill.

And the Seven Strands Spear was famous for draining the user’s mana.

Such powers couldn’t be shown from just having 100% of the Yellow Zone’s mana runes.

Metiron smiled as he looked at Hansoo.

“I’ve been a bit late due to receiving the present I received. Apparently its much better than the Mana Pool.”

A strange symbol could be shown near the heart of Metiron.


Hansoo finally realized how Metiron could handle such a large amount of mana as he looked at the symbol.