Reincarnator - Chapter 208 : Gael-Tara (1)

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Chapter 208 : Gael-Tara (1)


As the Satellite Fortress, Garmeia, got covered up by the strange beast.

Hansoo frowned as he saw this.

‘That is…?’

He had sensed something similar to that before in the past.

When he had been surrounded by the strange metal liquid inside the maze.

The strange beast that was constantly changing its shape while being covered by blue light was definitely similar to whatever ate up Junghwan in the past.

Hansoo’s head started to spin quickly.

He didn’t know what that thing was.

But three things were clear.

He didn’t know why but that Karmen guy didn’t seem to like the Sages.

And sadly there was the fact that Karmen was much better than the Sages who had created the Satellite Fortresses.

And the last thing Karmen had made had now fallen in the hands of Metiron.

‘Nothing good comes out from this.’

He didn’t know what the hell that thing was but nothing good came from leaving it alone.

‘Attack before… It completes.’

As soon as he finished thinking.


Hansoo smashed the ground and then leapt up.

Towards the Garmeia covered in thousands of tentacles.

Karhal shouted towards Hansoo.

“Hey! Are you crazy! Heyy! You don’t even have skills!”

Due to it’s size, though it looked like the Garmeia was right in front of them there was at least a kilometer of space between them and the fortress.

And for him to jump into such a strange place.

‘Fuck! Is he that hurried?’

Karhal made a flustered expression.

He knew that something strange happened.

But they had the Satellite Fortresses, what was there to worry about?

He didn’t know what the hell that was but tens of the Satellite Fortresses being destroyed was something that was unthinkable.

Hansoo jumped up into the sky as he shouted.

“You don’t have to follow so just support me with long range attacks!”

He had jumped in because he could only do close range fighting but there was no need for others, who could attack from afar, to jump in.

As those words were heard.

The people, who were making suspicious expressions, started to pour out a multitude of attacks.



The Satellite Fortresses standing outside the Garmeia’s range started to slowly approach the giant silver creature.

The Lord had started to control the clansmen and were moving the Satellite Fortress after receiving Hansoo’s orders.

If the Garmeia had stopped for now, this was the chance to attack it without being counterattacked.

Karhal nodded as he watched this scene.


He understood that the Garmeia had a huge size.

The thousands of tentacles that were birthed from the sea were now crossing over each other and covering the Satellite Fortress.

The thing that was eating up the 1km-wide Satellite Fortress was easily over 3km-wide.

From the scene of this giant thing eating up the Satellite Fortress, it looked like a giant egg was being created by wrapping a fishing line around the fortress.

But the Satellite Fortress could easily blow up something even larger than that.

No, even a human could.

If they threw tens of thousands of skills then any mountain would eventually disappear.

Rumble. Urrrrng!

The countless skills started to turn the strange organism into a sea of flames.

Shining lights, tremendous noises and dustclouds started to cover up the Satellite Fortress.

At the same time.

Karhal didn’t prepare his Quintuple Beam and instead shot an arrow towards Hansoo.


The arrow started to drop as it traveled and it headed towards Hansoo’s foot.


The arrow perfectly supported Hansoo as he slowly fell and Hansoo jumped up with it as a foothold.

‘Good. It wouldn’t be hard if we continue at this rate.’

Karhal readied his second arrow and then nodded towards Hansoo who had jumped up.


Hansoo was getting closer to the Satellite Fortress after jumping off the arrow Karhal shot out.


A change occurred in the beast that was swallowing up the giant Satellite Fortress.

The surfaces of the thousands of tentacles melted down with a loud noise, reconstructed themselves and created a whole new structure.


Hundreds of eyes appeared on each tentacle as they glared at every direction.

The hundreds of thousands of eyes stared at the countless people surrounding it one by one.

Others couldn’t see it but Hansoo, who was closer to the beast, could see all of the changes occurring.

Hansoo hurriedly moved the Forked Lightning in front of him and then rolled his body into a ball.

He then shouted out loudly.

“Prepare for impact! An attack is coming in!”


They didn’t understand the situation but Hansoo’s loud shout had a certain amount of impact on these people.

Everyone, even without knowing what the hell was going on, canceled all their attacking skills and replaced them with defensive skills and got into defensive positions.

As Hansoo’s shout died off.


Hundreds of tentacles spread out.

Towards the people by the shore.






The tips of the tentacles changed their shapes into spears, swords and axes as they smashed into people.

The adventurers were quite strong but the power of the tentacles were quite formidable as well.

If Hansoo hadn’t warned them then they might’ve lost a limb or might have even died.

The adventurers freaked out at the force of the impact as they backed off in numerous directions.

Since they might die if they stood where they were.


Thankfully the strange beast stopped its attacks as the adventurers backed off, retracted its tentacles and then focused on gathering in the energy again.

As if time was precious to it.

But as Karhal, who had received a large hole in the armor by his chest, was about to sigh as he watched the tentacles heading back.

Something came up inside Karhal’s head.

‘Fuck! What about Hansoo?’

They had escaped the attack range but Hansoo could not.

As if his worries were for naught.



Countless noises of explosions were heard from somewhere near the Satellite Fortress covered in clouds.



‘Holy shit. That fucking monster.’

Karhal was dumbfounded at the scene he saw after the smoke faded away.

The tentacles that they could barely handle.

Hansoo smashed, snapped and destroyed hundreds of those tentacles and continued to advance forward.

Everytime the golden spear shone in mid air, the tentacles got destroyed as a path was created.

But a single man could not deal with an army.



The tentacles that had receded away from the adventurers all started to head towards Hansoo.

But Hansoo was already almost at his goal.


Hansoo, who had approached the wall of the beast, found an open spot between the tentacles and headed in.

Thankfully the tentacles stopped attacking as if they didn’t want to attack the insides.



The strange beast closed its eyes, spread out its tentacles and continued to eat up the Satellite Fortress and the mana engine inside it.

‘Is it really just eating it?’

Karhal mumbled as he looked at the beast which was covering the Satellite Fortress too gently to call it eating.

‘Ugh. This isn’t important.’

Karhal sighed and then made an expression of despair.

“Fuck…What the hell do we do now?”

With their strength they would just get shredded apart so getting close to it was an issue in itself.

And they couldn’t use the Destruction Jade while the Sages existed.

‘Yeah. We should just call reinforcements and… Trust in the Satellite Fortresses.’

Karhal looked towards the Satellite Fortresses coming his way.

Karhal mumbled that although they weren’t able to, the Satellite Fortresses, which could fire a tremendous amount of power, could easily melt that beast down.

As Karhal and the others sat upon the ground and stared at the Satellite Fortress to relax.


The air started to split apart.

And the people freaked out even more than when the giant beast had appeared as they saw this.

‘Why is the Fairy here!’

Karhal freaked out as well.

It had been 9 years since he had last seen the Fairy.

Since the Fairy hadn’t appeared in front of them ever since the tutorial ended.

Tremble Tremble…

Karhal’s hand started to shake from fear.

Though the Fairies themselves didn’t harm them, their appearance almost symbolized a disaster.

‘Why the hell is it here….’

A chill went down his spine.

It hadn’t appeared when the Higher Races ruled over humans as slaves and lowered their numbers but it had appeared now.

After that mysterious tentacle monster appeared.

‘Is that thing a bigger threat than the Higher Races….’

Even before Karhal finished his line of thought.

The Fairy opened its small mouth.

“Hahahaha! Hey everyone! What a disaster! I don’t know how that thing woke up.”

The fairy laughed in joy.

Since that thing couldn’t have woken up logically.

The Satellite Fortress that had a stealth coating so that the Higher Races or the Sages couldn’t find it.

The humans could find it but it had a mana barrier that humans could not get through.

And El-Tara that humans wouldn’t be able to beat without mana.

One required a tremendous amount of luck and persistence in order to wake that thing up.

No, they needed more.

The Fairy was extremely happy from this situation, which required a tremendous amount of luck and effort to happen, blowing up.

‘These guys need to try harder for this.’

The Fairy finished its thoughts, spun around the air and then spoke.

“It’s a mission for your entire Race. You guys now need to kill this thing. I’ll think of a reward after you kill it. The reward will be proportional to your efforts so try your best!”

It seemed like the Fairy was shouting into nowhere but that wasn’t the case.

The Fairy’s voice rang into everyone’s ears in the entire Zone.

Hansoo could probably hear it inside the Satellite Fortress as well.

And Karhal looked at the beast in front of his eyes after he heard those words.


The Satellite Fortresses that they had waited for had arrived above their heads.

Six, disregarding the one that had fell before.

The people gulped at the tremendous amount of pressure these Fortresses emitted.

And soon.


Everyone’s expressions brightened up as they saw the blue light gathering upon the weapons in front of the Satellite Fortress.

The scenes they had seen caused by the Satellite Fortresses were too amazing for them to lose hope here.

And Hansoo’s spear alone had been enougb to destroy those tentacles.

Even if Hansoo’s power was strong, it was nowhere close to the Satellite Fortress’s attacks they thought.

‘Yeah…This’ll do.’

As the people looked at the Satellite Fortresses with hope-filled eyes.


And as if it was fulfilling their hopes, the blue light that had gathered in front of the Satellite Fortress charged out towards the beast.

But right before the beams were about to smash onto the egg.


A blue energy surrounded the egg.

A very deep blue light that couldn’t even be compared to that of the Satellite Fortress.

At that moment.


The blue lights collided into the deep blue light of the egg and got refracted into numerous directions.

Like a stream of water hitting a wall.

“…You want us to kill that thing?”

The people were dumbfounded as they stared at the egg that hadn’t even gotten a scratch from the attacks of the Satellite Fortresses.


Suddenly a crack rang down the surface of the egg.


The people looked at the crack in the egg with surprise.

Thinking that the Satellite Fortress hadn’t disappointed them.

But this sensation only lasted a moment.


An eye.

A humongous eye.

The people lost strength in their legs as their gazes met the eye of the giant thing inside the egg looking through the crack.

‘Hansoo…What the hell do we do now…’

Karhal thought of Hansoo inside that strange beast and mumbled.


Metiron, who had his hands over the strange marble in the empty room, was constantly conversing with someone.

As if he had gone crazy.

“Oh? This thing’s name is Gael-Tara? Why did you make it?”


“Hmm. Revenge is nice. Holding onto your emotions becomes toxic. You need to let it loose.”


“Good. Good. It’s not hard to fulfill your wishes but…I can do some of my work too right?’

The blue marbles in front of Metiron vibrated slightly at his words.


“Oh I can do whatever I want? Hehe, that’s what I thought. Oh..Those things are even better than the Mana Pool?”

Metiron, who had his hand over the marble, smiled towards the small thing inside the aquarium surrounding the room.