Reincarnator - Chapter 207 : Garmeia (5)

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Chapter 207 : Garmeia (5)

“What are you going to do?”

Karhal, who had been leading the forces from the side, asked.

The plan to use the Satellite Fortress was a failure.

Which meant that they had to deal with it from the inside.

He didn’t know what Metiron was thinking inside but they also had things they needed from the insides.

‘Damn…This is dangerous.’

Karhal mumbled quietly.

Though a Satellite Fortress that was over a kilometer in height was huge, it wouldn’t be once superhumans with skills and weapons start going crazy inside.

And since they couldn’t swarm it, it was better to go in with a small elite group.

Karhal thought up to this point and then spoke to Hansoo.

“Can’t we just use the Destruction Jade again? And we can just go in with that Mihee girl”.

With mana the original residents of the Yellow Zone were superior due to their higher mastery of skills and higher level of runes but without mana then the ones from the lower Zone with stronger bodies had the advantage.

No matter how strong Metiron’s underlings are inside, that would be more than enough.

Hansoo looked at the Destruction Jade in his hands and then shook his head again.

“No can do.”

“Huh? Why not?”

Hansoo played around with the marble as he spoke.

“You saw before right? When I used the Sealing Jade in the village?”


“And you saw it break right?”


Karhal finally realized and then fell into silence.

Hansoo nodded.

“This has a durability as well. We only have about one more use left. It would break after that.”

The Sealing Jade had broken just from holding down a single Satellite Fortress in the village.

And the Destruction Jade had held down the mana of this entire Zone where existed over a hundred Satellite Fortresses and countless people.

No matter how strong it was, it would break eventually if he kept using it.

And after inspecting it the past few days, the Destruction Jade was at its limit.

Karhal thought for a moment and then spoke.

“But can’t we still use it? There isn’t a reason to use the Destruction Jade anymore?”

The mysterious fortress and the powerful enemies were quite frightening to just charge in like this.

Over half of the Satellite Fortresses had come into their hands and the other side, the Sages, could not do anything to them right now.

But Hansoo shook his head at

Karhal’s question.

“This is a final resort. The reason why the Sages are in alliance with us is not because of half of the Satellite Fortresses but because of this Destruction Jade.”

‘We cannot trust them completely yet.’

Half of the Satellite Fortresses had come into his hands and were working perfectly but the Satellite Fortress was their technology.

If they hack them and turn them powerless or start producing Satellite Fortresses again then their Satellite Fortresses wouldn’t be of much use use.

The objective of the Satellite Fortresses to control the humans.

The weapon that would face against the Sages was the Destruction Jade.

The Sages wouldn’t be their opponent once the mana was gone.

And the numbers of humans will increase to tens of million and once that happened the Sages will merely be a candle in front of a hurricane no matter how powerful their bodies were.

This was why the Sages had given him the Satellite Fortresses.

So he could control them.

That was why he will leave behind the Destruction Jade with the Lord whom he will plant his Soul Fragment in.

In case of a fight against the Sages.

Karhal frowned at Hansoo’s words.

“Fuck… That means..”

“Yeah. We have to go and do it ourselves.”


Karhal and Ekidu looked at the giant Satellite Fortress from Hansoo’s words.

Boom! Booobooom!

Whatever they were doing inside, the sounds they were making inside that metal box could be heard even a kilometer away from the outside of the Satellite Fortress.

And thinking of how strong the ones who had gone in, this meant that the thing that was inside was extremely strong.

And Ekidu already knew what the identity of the thing was.

‘That’s probably the sound originating from fighting the El-Tara.’

She had never seen it before but she had heard what the representative of the Sages, Kel-Durin, had said.

Others might be different but Kel-Durin and the other Sages shouldn’t have been lying.

If they said such things then it meant that the beast inside was insanely powerful.

And Ekidu thought as to how she should set up their forces.

‘It’s better to get a small elite group I guess.’

She had been inside Dakidus’s Satelite Fortress in the past and saw the structure.

Thousands of narrow passageways, detailed structure. A very complex structure.

The Garmeia was larger and more powerful but it looked like the structure was quite similar from the outside.

Then instead of taking weaklings that would hinder them, it was better to take a small group of powerful people.

No matter how powerful the bodies of newcomers are, they were weak in comparison to the Yellow Zoners due to their runes being at 0%.

If there is mana, the people from the Yellow Zone were stronger.

‘Good. Let’s do this quickly.’

She had brought people with 100% runes with powerful attacks just in case something like this happened.

The moment Ekidu was about to turn around and shout.


The noise from the insides of the Satellite Fortress, Garmeia, stopped.

And the noise, which had been continuously ringing, stopping only meant one thing.

That the battle ended.

Ekidu made a shocked expression.


She didn’t know why Metiron had gone inside.

But two things were clear.

The fact that Metiron, who could’ve escaped, had gone inside meant that there was something extremely precious inside.

And that he had the confidence to win.

‘It wouldn’t matter if he turned the El-Tara into rags and had killed it but…’

“Damn! Hurry and gather! From 1st to 14th platoon…”

Ekidu looked at the Garmeia which was now only making sounds of machinery as she started to quickly move towards it.


Kwaduk. Uuudududk.

“Damn. This is hard.”

Metiron mumbled as he looked behind him while seven colored lights swirled around him.

The greyish organism with thousands of tentacles that looked like a tree in one way and an octopus in another was making crackling sounds as it was breaking apart.

After its body had been set ablaze and burnt up.


Metiron felt the vibration of the Soul Fragment inside him as he cracked some joints.

It was a very formidable opponent.

“How many died?”

The people around him counted and then spoke.

“81 died.”


Metiron spat on the ground.

The monster, which could turn its body into anything it wanted by using the power from the Satellite Fortress’s core, had attacked them with these thousands of tentacles as they made their way towards it ever since the entrance.

And because of this there were barely 300 of them left.

But it was extremely good that they killed this strange monster with just those losses.

Of course he, who had killed it, was strong as well.

‘Well. It’s not exactly my own strength really. Taehee. This guy…He has become a real monster.’

Though his clansmen had helped him, at least half of the thousands of tentacles had been destroyed by his hands.

Metiron whistled as he looked at his hand that was glowing red.

The elite 8 that stood next to Clementine.

Taehee, the one in possession of the Seven Soul Fragments, went up and people who had received one of the fragments assumed positions where they could perform Clementine’s wishes.

For example the manager of the Yellow Zone like him.

He didn’t know where the others were since he hadn’t followed them but they would probably be somewhere up above.

And the strength he had shown earlier was from the owner of the Soul Fragment.

Which meant that the gap between him and the fragment’s owner had increased to the point where it was beyond his imagination.

To the point of his entire body hurting despite having used that strength for such a short time.

‘How many unique skills did he eat up? Should I have followed? At least to the Green or Blue Zone…’

A man always longed for power.

The fact that his comrade, whom he had stood shoulder to shoulder with once, had become this strong felt bitter but he soon shook his head.

The mission he had been assigned with was important.

And this was the most important moment.

“Let’s go look at this secret room.”

Metiron quietly mumbled after smashing apart the El-Tara and then walked in deeper.

He then stood in front of the metal door the El-Tara blocked before, breathed in and out and then spread out his hand towards it.


The hand that was glowing red dug into the metal door that hadn’t even gotten damaged from the fight earlier.



Metiron’s hand ripped off the 3m tall metal door.

And Metiron whistled as he saw the structure inside.

‘It’s a bit underwhelming.’

Metiron had seen the inner structure of the Satellite Fortress in the past.

The technology was much more complex and advanced than an airplane but the control room was much simpler.

And this one was even more simpler.

A giant aquarium surrounding the entire room and a single organism floating inside it.

And the head-sized silver marble floating in the middle of the room.

Metiron smiled as he saw this.

“Found it.”

Considering the fact that this room was also used as a method of control, the Garmeia was probably made with more advanced technology than the Satellite Fortresses of the Higher Races.

Since it could be controlled with just a marble.

Metiron placed his hand on the marble as he mumbled.

‘Hehe. Sages. It’ll be bothersome to have them as enemies.’

Even more so if they weren’t able to finish them off.

Though a chance had greeted them now.

Metiron mumbled as he thought of Hansoo and all the humans.

‘You did well so far but… This is the end.’

And then.


The Satellite Fortress, Garmeia, started to tremble.

At the same time.

Bubble Bubble Bubble Bubble.

The aquarium started to bubble excessively.




As a tremendous noise came out from the Satellite Fortress, the people who were going to head towards the Satellite Fortress made shocked noises.

But they soon made confused expressions.



The Satellite Fortress that was floating in the sky started to fall at a tremendous speed.

Towards the Silver Sea below.



The giant Satellite Fortress fell into the Silver Sea accompanied by a huge sound.


Of couse a giant tidal wave was created around the Garmeia.

Even if the density of the liquid was close to mercury, a tidal wave being created was quite logical since such a large object had fallen.

But the thing that happened next defied logic as a whole.


The huge waves of the silver liquid had been covered by a blue light.

And then.


Bubble bubble!

The liquid that had fallen due to gravity gathered up with the rest, hardened and started to change shape.

Into thousands of tentacles.

“What the…”

The people frowned and squinted their eyes at the scene that resembled a kraken being born from the sea.