Reincarnator - Chapter 206 : Garmeia (4)

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Chapter 206 : Garmeia (4)


The exit that the people who have gone through the Green Road take.

Silver Sea.

It wasn’t just called the Silver Sea for no reason.

Instead of normal water, this giant sea was filled with a silvery liquid metal instead.

It had the power to suppress the mana pool, which was the origin of the Higher Race’s strength, so the Higher Races disliked coming to this area just like the Kangri Worm’s area.

‘How kind of the fairies. At least they made an exit for us.’

Metiron smiled as he looked at the Silver Sea.

Though he wasn’t really looking at the sea or anything.


A giant metal castle, which had previously been stuck beneath the shallow part of the sea, was rising up into the skies.


Metiron shrugged his shoulders as he watched the Garmeia that was flying up into the skies with an extremely thick mana barrier surrounding it.

The return of mana only meant one thing.

‘Did they get dealt with already? Faster than I expected. Well, it wasn’t useless since they bought 3 days at least.’

Metiron chuckled.

He never thought that the humans would succeed anyway since the other side had the Satellite Fortresses.

Them buying him time was more than enough.

And since the mana came back he has done all of the little work he had to do.

‘It would be nice if he could be dealt with just like that but he isn’t that kind of guy. And he was even more incredible than I thought he was.’

After gathering some intel, this guy had done some tremendous things below.

He had gained the World Tree in the Red Zone and created a method to mass produce tens of millions of people.

And he had created the surgery method to provide these people with incredibly powerful bodies in the Orange Zone.

And another thing.

Mana Pool surgery.

If he succeeds in creating this in the Yellow Zone, an army that couldn’t be compared to anything up until now will flood towards the upper Zones.

And this was not something they wanted.

Metiron gathered and released the tremendous amount of mana in his hands as he smiled.

‘This cannot continue. We have tried to hard to reduce the amount of people going up and control the Zone above.’

If such people swarm above then things would become tedious.

And in order for him to go up against this guy, he had to cause a huge incident.

And the solution was right in front of his eyes.

The giant metal castle that was floating by the shore.

‘How lucky. For such a thing to be floating around the Silver Sea.’

The Higher Races didn’t even think of coming to the Silver Sea, since it was useless to them and annoying, but it was different for them.

The Destruction Jade existed which meant that other things could exist as well.

While they were searching around the Green Road in case of something else that the Sages hid away from the eyes of the Higher Race, they had found this giant Satellite Fortress a few hundred kilometers away from the Green Road’s exit.

They had found this thing hidden between mountains a few years ago but they couldn’t muster up the courage to go in.

And as if it had no owner, it just floated above the Silver Sea and didn’t move at all but the powerful mana barrier still existed.

The mana barrier was beyond what humans could handle and even if they could destroy it, such a large amount of power will attract the eyes of the Higher Race.

He had wanted to blow up the Destruction Jade to get rid of the barrier but he couldn’t in case it attracted the Higher Race’s attention but a while ago.

A chance came.

Once Kang Hansoo turned the entire zone devoid of mana, the barrier disappeared as well.

Metiron saw this chance as he sent in a few people into the Garmeia while he bought time here.

Since there wasn’t a need for him to do anything inside the Satellite Fortress where there was no mana.

But a problem always occurs where one least expects it.

‘Fuck. We can’t get through if such a thing exists.’

Metiron thought of the vicious beast defending inside as he frowned.

And because of this, the clansmen he had sent in who could handle 100 people alone usually had turned into 7 bloody messes.

He had been happy since the mana was gone but an ironic situation happened inside where a strange beast, which could win without mana, was defending.

But there was no problems now.



As Metiron said this word after counting down.


The small sound of an explosion was heard from the insides of the Satellite Fortress.

At the same time.


The mana barrier around the Satellite Fortress disappeared.

Metiron smiled as he watched this scene.

‘Hahaha. Good. Good.’

Since the most annoying thing had been dealt with, he just needed to deal with the beast inside and accomplish his goal.


Meitron laughed as he watched the mana barrier but then this expression suddenly turned dark.

It has been over a decade since he had started controlling this place.

He had never lost a clansman until now.

But due to the recent changes, quite a lot of them had died.

127 while he suppressed the Arukon’s King who had charged into them.

The seven who had entered the Satellite Fortress in front of him, could not escape and had become food for the El-Tara.

‘Haru, Chuntae, Karin, Soryung, Annabelle, Sang-Som, Christina. You’ve done well.’

Metiron mumbled the names of the seven people who intruded the Satellite Fortress with a dispirited expression.

The explosive mana artifact these guys had set up inside.

Though these guys had gotten ripped apart inside, the artifact these guys would set up on the mana barrier control system of the Satellite Fortress had done its job well as the mana came back.


Metiron’s dispirited expression disappeared as he saw the mana barrier around the Satellite Fortress disappear.

Those guys had willingly become stepping stones for Clementine.

And their deaths would only have meaning if he walked those steps and finished things off.

This wasn’t the time to be lost in emotions.

Metiron shrugged his shoulders and spoke to those around him.

“Let’s go in.”




Hundreds of people followed behind Metiron and headed into the Garmeia.

And soon.


Somebody pushed their head out from the jungle near the shore of the Silver Sea and mumbled.

“Huh… I thought he was suspicious but he’s quite special.”

This was too much for him alone.

He wouldn’t have just chased them if he could deal with them by himself.

‘Since the mana has come back.’

Sangjin, who had been carefully following Meitron from far back, pondered for a moment and then sent a carrier pigeon out.



Karhal whistled as he looked at the sky where giant Satellite Fortresses flew around.

They were terrifying when they were enemies but they felt very reliable once he was on the same side as them.

‘And the mana came back as well.’

Karhal made an expression of relief as he felt like a fish which had come back into the water.

And after the mana came back, the speed of the city construction and hunting was getting accelerated.

As soon as mana came back, everyone split up and focused on either building the cities or getting strong in the jungle.

Below the Satellite Fortresses that covered the skies.

“Anyways… Is it fine to leave it like that?”

Karhal made a bitter expression as he looked at Kaltus and his followers who were working with unhappy expressions.

Though they had been suppressed by strength, the embers hadn’t died out.

Embers that could rise up as soon as they lost strength.

Hansoo shook his head at Karhal’s words.

“We can’t kill that many people.”

“…Well…Yeah. Tsk.”

Karhal clicked his tongue.

There wouldn’t be anyone else left in this world if you killed somebody just because you had different opinions.

Since you would need to kill everyone but yourself.

And the ones who actually did that was Clementine and her underlings.

Somebody who had set up an unbelievable plan to kill everyone except those who were clearly on her side.

Killing those people along with Kaltus was the same thing as what the Dark Lord did.

‘And well…Though they’re quite unsatisfied, it’ll get solved soon.’

Karhal mumbled inwardly.

There were only a few hundred thousand people who were dissatisfied with the Sages.

Though it’s not a small amount, it was nothing compared to hundreds of millions of people who would come up from the Zones below.

And their issues will disappear once they receive the Mana Pool Surgery and go up anyway.

Karhal thought up to this point and then asked Hansoo.

“What are you going to do now?”

Hansoo replied simply.

“We need to get the data from Garmeia.”

According to the Sages, they needed that data in order to fix the Mana Pool Surgery to match the human’s bodies.

Get the surgery, plant the Mana Pool inside the people and send them up.

He understood their longing for revenge but they would only feel sadness if they stay here.

Since the souls of the Higher Races had been replaced by that of the Sages and as long as the Satellite Fortresses were up, they wouldn’t be able to fight the Sages even if Hansoo didn’t stop them.

At that moment.


A carrier Pigeon flew into Hansoo.

A red carrier pigeon which seemed to have rushed its way over here.

Hansoo read the message inside and finally knew where that Metiron guy was.

‘Though I had guessed it to some degree… He went to the Garmeia huh. He knew about the location.’

Himself, who hadn’t been here for that long and had to quell hundreds of thousands of people.

Metiron, someone who had solidified his base here for over a decade and worked with a small group of die-hard elites.

Even if he knew the future, it made sense that Metiron was a step ahead of him.

‘I guess this will hurt a bit.’

Hansoo frowned for a bit and then spoke.

“We will go after the Garmeia.”

Karhal asked Hansoo.

“Shall we prepare some people?”

According to what he had heard, the strange beast inside was no pushover.

There was no need for Hansoo to over-exert himself.

Hansoo nodded.

“Gather those who can move quickly. But first… Let’s try using the Satellite Fortress.”

‘I should use what I got.’

He didn’t know how strong the organism El-Tara was but there was no need for him to receive any casualties.

The mana was back.

A Satellite Fortress could easily shoot away from the research lab with controlled power.

‘This much should be enough since they said the data will only get destroyed if an existence with a mana pool approaches it.’

Hansoo finished his thoughts and then sent a message to the ones controlling the Satellite Fortresses up above.



A highly concentrated blue beam, that was so concentrated that it almost looked dark blue, cut through the shore and headed towards Hansoo and Karhal.

“Fucking Hell!”

Karhal cursed out as he saw this.

Because this was not something they had shot out.

A Satellite Fortress, which had been shot through from his attack, started to fall towards the ground.

Taking account of the Satellite Fortress’s defense, this was a tremendous amount of power.

‘…Garmeia. King’s Fortress huh. What power.’

Though its defenses had disappeared, it was proving the might of its attack.

Hansoo made a strange expression as he looked at the Garmeia which shot down a Satellite Fortress with just a single blast.

‘It has been set to shoot the Satellite Fortress once it got close. Why was it set like that?’

He thought that Metiron had set this up but this was impossible.

Since he wouldn’t just sit idle with such a powerful tool under his control.

This was an automatic defensive system.

Thankfully it looked like it didn’t attack humans but Hansoo didn’t understand why a King would set it up so it would automatically attack the people of his race once they got close.

‘Anyway The Satellite Fortresses are useless in this case.’

That Fortress’ range exceeded normal Satellite Fortresses by far and had a much more powerful attack as well.

He had brought seven just in case but they were useless in this instance.

He might be able to deal with it if he brought all the Satellite Fortresses and pushed it back with numbers but that wouldn’t do.

Since if the data wasn’t up here, the humans would have to go above with empty hands and no Mana Pools.

He could not do such a thing due to the worth of the Mana Pools.

‘Metiron. What a sturdy coffin you have chosen.’

Hansoo frowned as he mumbled.