Reincarnator - Chapter 204 : Garmeia (2)

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Chapter 204 : Garmeia (2)

“…It seems they’re getting angrier and angrier.”

Karhal, Ekidu, Mihee and the others frowned as they heard the sounds being created from around them.

‘Damn…Now I know why they didn’t allow us to use the carrier pigeons when we were in the village.’

If people shared opinions then it became easier for them to group up and would in end become harder to control.

If you wanted to rule then you needed to rip apart the separate the ones you want to rule over.

But they thought that they would become the same as that Dark Lord guy and didn’t really care to rule over them but for something like this to happen.

There were no carrier pigeons but there was no way to stop words of the mouth.

‘Well. Even if we did block it, there wouldn’t be much effect.’

Karhal shook his head.

If they blocked communication then the anger that was headed towards the Higher Race would just come towards them instead.

Since something like that needed to be done in secret.

“Fuck! What the hell are we doing sitting like this man!”

“This is annoying as hell, fuck!”

And the rage filled shouts could be heard from below.

If the newcomers Mihee, Enbi Arin and the others brought up weren’t here then the situation would’ve blown apart already.

Karhal made a nervous expression.

Hugging a lighted bomb would be better than this.

The first victory of the humans in the Yellow Zone.

The Higher Races, who had been ruling over them, had fallen and the idea that this situation won’t last forever as well as the rage that existed previously was causing a storm to rise up within the crowd.

‘Fuck…This doesn’t make sense. This is too fast.’

Karhal made a suspicious expression.

The reason why Karhal judged that it would be fine for a while wasn’t a big reason.

It was just fear.

Since he thought that the fear of the Higher Race still remained within their mind.

If rage was one of the main emotions of humans then fear was as well.

But the situation was going downhill way to quickly.

Rage was eating up fear too fast.

And if a collision happens both sides will have heavy casualties.

“Damn…I have no idea what to do as well.”

Karhal smiled bitterly towards Mihee.


Mihee also made a cold expression as she spoke.

“Well…It doesn’t seem like it’s that different for us either.”


Karhal looked towards where Mihee was looking after flinching at her cold expression.

Tens of people surrounded one man as they walked towards Mihee and the others.

They weren’t people from the Yellow Zone.

Since it was impossible for tens of people to have such large and powerful bodies if they came from here.

They showed off the fact that they received the Body Enhancement Surgery with weapons in their holster but the tension continued to rise.

The man standing at the very front walked up to Mihee and then smiled towards her.

A cold smile.

But he had seen the nervousness in her cold smile.

No further explanations were needed.

The man spoke towards Mihee.

“We only changed a single zone but it seems a lot has changed.”

Kaltus looked behind him which was getting louder and louder and smiled.

And Mihee frowned as she looked at the man.


A man who had complained about the rules ever since they were below.

Of course people with such opinions weren’t just Kaltus alone and this group, which consisted of him and others with similar beliefs, often voiced their disagreement towards Enbi Arin and Mihee.

What the hell were they doing, was this a dictatorship?

Since the person with the Crown of Thorns, Gwanje, was below this just ended with just some complaining and since Mihee and the others couldn’t kill them for this, they had been left alone.

But now.

The ones who bore fangs before realized their leash had disappeared and now they were voicing their opinions again.

‘We came up too fast….Ugh. I thought they’d be calm for a bit more.’

Mihee frowned.

She realized why Hansoo had called her so urgently.

Since a 2nd war between the Higher Races and the Humans would have occurred already if they weren’t here.

But they weren’t necessarily fully united as well.

Since it hasn’t even been half a year since they united into the giant clan, .

Too short of a time to change somebody.

And the suppressed embers were slowly lighting back up now.

Kaltus spoke towards Mihee.

“I’m thankful to you guys and understand that you guys are amazing. But how long are you going to hold onto us? It doesn’t seem like there should be a reason for us to stay like this.”

As if Enbi Arin didn’t like this Kaltus, she clenched her fists and spat out.

“…I think I explained why we have to wait a bit longer. Aren’t you acting out a bit too much?”

They had shared all the intel they had.

Higher Race.

And the surgery they had for the .

They had told them that they needed an alliance with the Sages because of this and were suppressing their anger.

Others might not but these people, who have used skills for years now, should know the importance of the size of one’s maximum mana.

The moment they receive that surgery then they will gain more strength to trample through the Otherworld.

Kaltus smiled at those words.

“No, I don’t have any complaints regarding that. For such a thing to exist. And I’m very thankful that you are trying to share that with us. Look at this Body Enhancement Surgery, you are like angels to us man.”

This was the truth.

They didn’t really want to be enemies with Mihee and the others in front of them.

And they knew that they should be allies.

But who should have the leadership was the issue.

He needed to take it when the opportunity arose.

Kaltus, who had always lived like this in the Otherworld, licked his lips.

He could feel it.

That a chance came.

This moment where these people’s power has not touched this zone yet and the power that held him down was gone.

This was the chance to take the spotlight back.

Kaltus smiled and then spoke again.

“But you see, I just don’t like the method. We’re much superior but why do we have to discuss with them?”

Kaltus then looked towards the Sage’s tents in the distance.

The history of humans were filled with victory and conquest.

People who were less different grouped up to stomp upon those who were more different than them.

Steal their thing and distribute.

Ever since the primitive era to the modern era, there were differences but the main idea has never changed.

But Kaltus could not understand why they had to be in peace with those guys in the distance and receive the surgery in such a manner.

And he didn’t want to understand anyway.

And let’s say they did receive the surgery finally after an alliance.

How could they be sure those guys won’t play tricks on the surgery.

If they put some weird time bomb inside their body while doing the surgery then it was over.

Even if they receive some casualties, he needed to get them and stomp them beneath his feet.

Like how Gwanje had done against them.

“Do you not hear the voices of these enraged people? You think they’re low in number? They are the majority. If we help then it’ll be easy to get the others to join.”


Mihee’s pretty eyes turned into an ugly frown at Kaltus’s words.

Since the worst case scenario they were wary of has come to be true.

They were larger in number than the enraged people.

But if Kaltus joined them then the story would change.

‘This…Is now out of control.”

Kaltus laughed towards Mihee and then spoke again.

“We lived in a democratic society for countless decades right? I believe we should vote by majority for this. Ignoring the voice of the people is something a dictator does right? No? Listen to what they want.”

“..You damned bastard. So what? You want a war or something?”

Kaltus frowned towards Karhal who had suddenly spoke out but then laughed.

“Yes. That is exactly what I want.”


While the people were at a loss for words from this, Kaltus made an extremely cold expression as he continued to speak.

“This damned world is a battlefield, what of it. Is having a battle on a battlefield that weird?”


“Did you gather your body, weapons and skills just to play around? You want to live in peace with others with the strength to split mountains and flip rivers?”

Kaltus spat out.

“Be honest. We lived in order to stomp others beneath us anyway. The scale’s just a bit larger now.”

Kaltus looked towards the Sage’s tents as he smiled.


Kel-Durin frowned as he looked at the humans mumbling in the distance.

He then spoke.

“There’s something we need to deal with before the Garmeia it seems. What are you going to do about that?”

Countless voices that wanted to kill him could be heard.

‘Ugh. Having developed hearing is an annoyance as well.’

Well, he probably would’ve heard it even if his hearing wasn’t this developed.

Since the situation didn’t look that great.

Kel-Durin frowned slightly, coughed out and then spoke.

“You said that you have no king in your race right? But I believe a king is needed in a race. A person who can control that race, someone who can use them. That is a king. Even more so in a time of war.”

Kel-Durin continued to speak.

“In order to create an alliance we need to be able to keep each other from harm’s way. But we cannot trust your race like this.”


Kel-Durin replied with a cold expression.

“You need the Mana Pool from us right? Prove your allegiance to us first. Control them with your power. Come back to us after all internal struggles are gone.”

Kel-Durin then backed up.

A gesture meaning that he will watch.

‘No need to roll around the mud.’

Kel-Durin mumbled expressionlessly.

Since they had gained a powerful body and left their weak bodies behind, the only place for them to go was high above into the sky.

He had no thoughts of staying on the ground like this.

Since the a civilization with advanced technology weren’t really interested in those who were uncultured anyway.

He didn’t want to get involved and there wasn’t really a need to.

Kel-Durin spoke to Hansoo again.

“Show us your ability. That is our part of the deal. You should at least do that much to ally with us right? The time limit is 1 week.”

The ones who were in need were the other side.

Only they could perform the Mana Pool surgery anyway.

Hansoo shook his head at Kel-Durin’s words.

“There’s no need to. There’s a much simpler way. Should I solve it for you right away?”


As Kel-Durin was confused.

Hansoo spoke with a smile.

“Just give me half of your Satellite Fortresses. Then everything becomes clean.”


Kel-Durin frowned and then pondered.

And then.

“A robbery in broad daylight.”

Kel-Durin spat out after a few calculations.