Reincarnator - Chapter 201 : Transference (1)

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Chapter 201 : Transference (1)

The Sages were upset in the past.

At their extremely weak bodies that didn’t fit their overflowing intelligence and mana.

Technology and mana could not fill up the massive hole created by a weak body.

Even when they tried to do something, their weak bodies held them down.

But during that time.

A genius even amongst the Sages had been born.


A glorious King who had created the plan to lift the Sages higher.

Someone who allowed them to have even bigger dreams.


“Uwaaaaa! We won!”

The people who had arrived at the villages yelled in glee.

The Satellite Fortresses that were falling in the distance.

There was nothing else that proved their victory better than this.

‘I wondered what the hell it was…’

Kulkin, a Hunter of the village, thought of the words spoken by those who had entered the village along with him and made a dumbfounded expression.

They were now truly free.

Since if those damned Satellite Fortresses didn’t exist then sweeping away the Higher Races and gaining back their hope wouldn’t be a dream anymore.

At that moment.

Boom! Boom!


Kulkin and the other villagers looked towards the woods from the huge noises coming in from the depths of the forest.

And soon.


Around ten Higher Race members walked out from the woods.

The ones who had set up a formation and were pushing the giant metal wolf back before.

‘…The Akalachia, Arukons and the Rebeloongs are together?’

While Kulkin was frowning from this strange scene.

Somebody cursed out loud from next to him.

“You ballsy bastards! Where the hell do you think this is!”

“Those guys aren’t unkillable anymore! We can do it if we group up!”

The villagers reacted the moment they saw the Higher Races.



Hundreds of rage filled projectiles few towards the Higher Race.

But in an instant.


The golden spear in the Akalachia’s hand spun around like a windmill.

And the Rebeloongs and the Arukons behind also used their spears to deflect away the projectiles.

Tong! Titititing!

Hundreds of projectiles got destroyed and bounced off in mid air.

And everyone flinched as they saw this scene.

They had made too many assumptions.

Thinking about it again, those guys still had tremendous amounts of bodily strength.

Maybe if they had mana but in a situation like this where they also lost their skills, they weren’t easy opponents at all.

While the people stopped.

From the mouth of the Akalachia in the very front, unexpected words came out.

“Calm down. Anyways, who are you guys? Are you our descendants? Why are you living in a cave like this?”


For them to not know whom they have toyed around for so long.

The people stared at the Akalachia just in case it was some trick but the curiosity and confusion inside the eyes of the Akalachia didn’t seem like lies.

‘What the hell…’

The villagers fell into a confused state.


‘How long has past? What happened?’

The general and royalty, Kel-Durin mumbled as he looked at his body and his surroundings.

‘It seems like we’ve succeeded…’

Kel-Durin stared at the tiny race in front of his eyes.

Of course if he still had his original body, that man over where would be a bit larger than himself.

But since the transfer has been completed, the man looked way too small compared to himself.

‘What is this guy. He doesn’t seem like someone from our race.’

Kel-Durin felt the tremendous amount of power within his body and then made a confused expression as he watched the person in front of his eyes.

Though they looked similar, there was a lot of fundamental differences such as the bone structure.

And also he didn’t have the mana pool that every Sage had in general.

‘It seems something unexpected happened.’

Kel-Durin frowned as he looked at the broken containers.


Kel-Durin then checked the machinery where the Blue-Stone was embedded in.

A transmitter that was built to migrate hundreds of thousands of souls at the same time for the move.

And as if it had used up all its power, the lights from various panels on it were getting faint but Kel-Durin was able to check the panels before they turned off.

He then exclaimed out in shock.

‘790 years? 790 years have past?’

Something went wrong and that something went wrong horribly.

As Kel-Durin was frowning.



The Akalachias who were fighting up above came down to the secret room

And soon the secret room was filled with tens of giant Akalachias.

Though they had met each other again in completely different bodies, Kel-Durin was able to figure who was who out instantly.


“Kan-Kun, well done.”

Kel-Durin frowned as he looked at Kan-Kun who was covered from head to toe in blood.

It seems they only activated the Red-Stone and fought each other.

Kan-Kun frowned at the pain and then asked the race standing on the ground.

“Who are you? And why do you have that in your hands?”

The Black-Stone and Red-Stone were items left behind for the small amount of managers to activate.

It was not something that this guy, whom he had never even seen or heard of, should have.


‘And it’s still active huh.’

Kan-Kun frowned as he sensed the dry mana within his body.

“Hand that over.”


Kan-Kun crouched and then moved his hand towards the small midget.

The Red-Stone alone was fine but the Black-Stone that had combined with the Red-Stone was dangerous to them as well.

It was a tremendous artifact that suppressed their entire technology with just its existence.

They wouldn’t even have made such a thing if they didn’t have to for the move.

Though the plan seemed to have shifted a little but since the first stage, Soul Migration, has been completed they needed to get it back.

But Hansoo lifted his spear with his hand.


“You see, stealing is a bad habit.”

He didn’t know how they were going to act.

He could not hand it over in such a case.

“That’s originally ours you midget.”

Kan-Kun spoke with a growl.

He was feeling pain and he didn’t understand the situation yet.

He was already annoyed but somebody who he has never seen before was pointing a blade at him while holding onto a dangerous weapon.

Of course a rough growl came out of Kan-Kun’s mouth.

He would’ve tried to save his body without mana in the past but everything was different now.

Since they had gained a new body along with new strength.

Courage that could support his rage rose up inside him.

And Hansoo spoke to these Sages.

“You want to have a go?”


At those words the Akalachia standing in the very front ,Kan-Kun the rank 1 Sage, scoffed.

Though the little midget’s body seemed quite strong, it was not even close to theirs.

What was causing him to be so arrogant?

Well, it wasn’t that the Sages didn’t like conversing.

But there was no need to do things the hard way then their strength was much higher than the other party.

‘Suppress him and then take it.’

Boom! Boom!

The rank 1 Sages inside the Akalachia’s body walked towards Hansoo.

At that moment.


A vibration that shook the entire room could be felt.

Something much different than their footsteps.

And Kan-Kun and Kel-Durin flinched at this quake.


This was the vibration from the Monolith that shook the secret room moving.

And soon a loud shout was heard in the distance.

“Hey! Are you alright in there! We’re coming in!”

At the same time with that shout, countless people coming in could be felt.

‘…There’s this many? What the hell happened while we were asleep…’

An earthquake that was transmitted through the long tunnel.

The Sages, who have obtained this new body that could sense this quake, frowned in nervousness.


“There’s been a lot of changes in the 800 years we were asleep huh.”

Kel-Durin, the person in Akalachia’s body, frowned as he sat in the hastily made barracks.

According to their original plan, they’d be busy testing out their new body but there was no time to do such a thing.

Since a tremendous amount of change had occurred after they woke up.

‘At this rate…We need to alter the whole plan.’

Kel-Durin mumbled quietly.

Their plan was simple.

Leave their weak human bodies and move into a much more powerful body.

They had created new bodies because of this and had even created the Red-Stone and Black-Stone that temporarily froze their conscious and mana to reduce the risk as much as possible while they moved into their new bodies.

Since they found through experimenting that the chances of failure rose if they had their consciousness and mana.

So they created the three stones and fell asleep.

But for them to have been asleep for 800 years.

‘And…The fact that the Makrons who were supposed to be rank 2 bodies were annihilated is a big deal.’

Kel-Durin frowned.

Rank 1, the Akalachias created for the royalty.

Rank 2, the Makrons created for the nobility

Rank 3, the Arukons created for warriors.

Rank 4, the Rebeloongs created for commoners.

The Makronss who were supposed to handle the middle stage had all been annihilated.

Due to the other three races while they were asleep.

‘Even if we give them mana and a consciousness, they’re still beasts huh. This is going to create problems in the next stage.’

And because they fought with each other, the already limited mana crystals had run out.

There was also another issue.

Kel-Durin clutched his head at the sounds he could hear coming in from outside.

‘The body being developed has its downsides.’

The extremely developed body allowed him to hear everything.

But he could not ignore these noises.

Since it was not something he could ignore.

Kel-Durin spoke expressionlessly.

“Let’s go out. It seems like we will need to speak with the other side for a bit.”

“…Will it be okay? That midget race seems to be extremely aggressive.”

Kan-Kun frowned.

It had been 3 days since they woke up.

There had been countless things that happened during that time.

And Kel-Durin made a tired smile at Kan-Kun.

“Well. That man seems to have things under control quite well. Let’s trust in that.”

It seems like while they were asleep, this so-called ‘God’ had played around a bit and their world seems to be used as a tunnel.

A bridge to the next world.

The entrance was the Kangri-Worm’s area.

And the exit was at a location near the Silver Sea.

‘What a tremendous change. Can we still… Complete it? Damn. If we took the Black-Stone back then… There wouldn’t even be a need to ponder about such a thing like this.’

Kel-Durin thought of the Satellite Fortresses that didn’t work as he walked out of his tent.

A giant basin.

His race, that had temporarily gathered here, could be seen.

Countless Akalachias, Arukons and Rebeloongs.

They all looked different and had different ranks, they were still a part of the same race.

And the other side of the basin.

Countless people had gathered.

All with a blade of some sort in their hands.

As he walked out, the sounds he had been hearing became even clearer.

Well, the enraged roars and shouts.

“Why are we leaving them be!”

“Fucking hell! Do you know how much we suffered because of them?”

“Kill them all!”

There was no need for both sides to be angry with each other in a fight or a war.

Since one side being angry was enough.

Kel-Durin clicked his tongue as he looked at the swarming humans looking at him with cold eyes.