Reincarnator - Chapter 200 : The Plan (2)

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Reincarnator – Chapter 200 : The Plan (2)


A Single beam of laser from the Satellite Fortress smashed into the humongous metallic beast.


The huge metallic beast, Junghwan, screamed out in pain while rolling all over the floor after being smashed by the beam.

And there were 4 Satellite Fortresses that had been destroyed and were rolling around the ground around him.

But even if he had felled 4 of them, it was still far too little.

Since there were still countless Satellite Fortresses chasing after him.

If both sides weren’t on guard against each other so much then he would’ve been killed already.

But he could see the end.

Since his limit was approaching.

Physically and mentally.

‘Fuck! When is it going to happen?!’

Jugnhwan, the giant metal wolf that was being turned into rags by the Satellite Fortresses, grinded his teeth.



It wasn’t just the Satellite Fortresses.

Countless wolves, birds and rats held onto Akions, spears of heavenly wrath, and were assaulting him while chasing him from the ground.

The Akion’s attacks were weaker than those of the Satellite Fortress but they were still powerful.

And since hundreds of quick guys were attacking from where he couldn’t see, it was actually harder to deal with than the Satellite Fortresses themselves.


‘Fuck! From the side again!’

Junghwan swayed and fell down from the sudden assault that jumped out from somewhere in the forest.


‘I guess I’m going to die now.’

As Junghwan as making a despair-stricken expression.


From the distance.

Something tremendous blowing apart could be felt.

‘He succeeded!’

Junghwan, who had given up and was lying upon the ground, suddenly made a joyful expression.


A shockwave filled with a strange mix of red and black swept the surroundings from the Birdcage.

As if it was trying to swallow up the entire Zone.


The moment people got swept by the dark red shockwave.

“What the! What is this!”

“My mana!”

Shock filled voices were heard from below.

But this was just the beginning.

The huge shockwave even shook Junghwan’s body which had already turned into a mess.


The Mana Crystal that was all over Junghwan’s body disappeared as the liquid metal started to petrify itself.

The liquid metal had stopped working due to the lack of mana.

And Junghwan’s soul, which had been overburdened and was blazing in pain, suddenly turned very comfortable.

Of course it wasn’t good or anything.

‘This is the end.’

Instead of blazing like before, it was cooling down at a rapid pace.

Since all the energy had frozen, Junghwan’s consciousness that was acting from the energy from the mana and the liquid metal was calming down at a rapid face.

But Junghwan made a relaxed expression.

Since he knew he wasn’t the only person becoming like this.


The bright lights of the Satellite Fortresses that were approaching Junghwan slowly from the distance shut off as they fell.



A gigantic metal castle falling down from hundreds of meters up in the skies was a marvel to watch.

Jugnhwan made a content expression as he saw tens of these Satellite Fortresses falling down.

This was the end.

‘Well. Since I was going to die anyway…Please take care of the rest for me.’

As Junghwan released his consciousness, that he was dearly holding onto, and slowly shut down.




The ones that were assaulting him from below with the Akion started to go berserk.

The rats bit each other and the birds slashed away at the wolves with their talons.

Like beasts.

‘What the…’

As Junghwan was shocked at the scene he hadn’t heard about as his consciousness faded away.


A scene of hundreds of thousands of bright lights rising up into the skies could be seen during Junghwan’s final moments.


“What…What the hell!”

Pektoril was shocked as he sensed the tremendous aura that exploded out from his hands erasing all of his mana and sanity.

A power that was nothing like anything from before.

He was holding on but he could sense his sanity quickly being erased.

Along with his mana.


The mana that was supplied by the Satellite Fortresses had long been cut off and the mana pool inside his body that was supplied by the mana crystal had stopped working as well.

Everything that had protected his body, everything that he had received from the Sages had slowly started to get erased.

‘No…No! At this rate…’

“No! I don’t want to go back to being a beast!”


Pektoril’s roar rang throughout the secret room filled with machines and containers.

And as if Pektoril was trying to erase everything as a last ditch effort, he started to smash apart the containers around him.



Hundreds of Sages died in an instant.

But this was all a futile effort.

His mana had long been frozen and he was quickly losing his sanity,

At that moment.

He suddenly felt a tremendous amount of hatred towards the person who had turned him this way.

“You fucking bastard! Roaarr!”

Pektoril, who had lost his sanity, roared out in rage and charged towards Hansoo.


Pektoril’s spear had become even more vicious as he slowly lost his sanity as it flew in to smash into Hansoo.

But Hansoo just backed away and dodged it.

‘There’s no reason to fight him.’

A beast on its final breath that still had some sanity left was the most dangerous.

And at the place Pektoril had just attacked, there was an even deeper scar upon the ground.

“You fucking rat! Come at me!”

As Hansoo backed off, Pektoril’s consciousness disappeared completely and he was overcome by the visciousness that sprang up from the depths of his heart and started to swing his spear.


As the limiter in his brain that protected him disappeared, he swung his spear even harder.

Though his mana had disappeared, the power behind the attack was still formidable.

But what use was that.

It won’t connect.

Hansoo wasn’t kind enough to be hit by a spear that was being swung recklessly without any martial arts behind it.

Whoosh! Whooosh!

The spear continued to cut through the air and Pektoril made a despair stricken expression as he saw this.

‘Damn…To go without even being able to kill that one thing.’

Even being enraged by him was becoming hard.

Pektoril looked at Hansoo in the distance in despair.

‘Complete annihilation…Our entire race would be completely annihilated.’

They would lose the sanity and mana that made them the Higher Race and only have their bodies left.

Then would they be able to handle those bugs?

Pektoril frowned.

Of course they would still be powerful without their sanity and mana.

Since those bugs wouldn’t be able to use mana while the Destruction Jade was active and his race still had a huge amount of numbers and were still very powerful.

But that was it.

They would slowly get hunted and killed off by those who were still sane.

While the Higher Races were fighting each other in insanity.

‘Damn…Is this the end? Even after having escaped the experiment labs with all that effort? After having received all those experiments? We’ll just die as beasts getting hunted down?’

Pektoril squeezed out the last bits of sanity and screamed out in unfairness.

“Grrr…Were we wrong? Was fighting to escape the experimental labs was so wrong? Grrr…”

As if his sanity was disappearing even after, a beast’s growls started to come out from Pektoril’s mouth.

Hansoo replied expressionlessly.

“Struggling to survive isn’t a sin. But you should’ve stopped there.”

The Higher Races had power.

Power to be magnanimous to humans.

Though they didn’t have to do this, they should at least be wary when they use that strength to oppress others.

Wary of the day when they would get stabbed in the back after losing that power.

Since the ones being oppressed by them will continue to struggle.

Like how the Sages had been crushed by the Higher Races.

If these guys were like the Akarons from below and could live in harmony with them then Hansoo wouldn’t have done all this.

But these guys have long crossed the line.

To the point where humans wouldn’t be able to forgive them anymore.

“In the end, our race merely chose the same thing as you guys.”


Pektoril made a despair stricken expression.

The bright future, the dream that he had almost grasped disappeared like sand in his hands.

No, even the authority and the strength he had was now gone.

All because of one guy.

Just one guy.

‘Heh. For our entire race to fall because of one guy.’

But this thought didn’t last long.

Since even that last remaining bit of sanity had been erased as well.

And soon.


A beast’s cry came out from Pektoril’s mouth.


The Destruction Jade fell from Pektoril’s hands and rolled away.

And Hansoo picked up this dark red marble without a single expression.

‘So far so good.’

Everything was quite similar up to this point.

Though Eres hadn’t used the Red Jade before, according to the last thing he had left behind, using the Destruction Jade and the Red Jade together will cause all mana and sanity to disappear.

But there was something that bugged him.

‘Would the Sages have written down everything?’

Eres hadn’t told him about this.

The cryo-sleep setup of the Sages.

Since Eres would’ve told him if she knew, this meant that Eres didn’t know about this system either.

‘Maybe the Sages didn’t leave behind any records in order to keep this place a secret…’

It was a possibility but it still bugged him.

At that moment.

The jewel that was shining brightly in the distance started to react to the Destruction Jade.

At the same time the hundreds of thousands of vats the Sages were in, which were connected to the jewel, started to rumble and shake.

And soon.


Hundreds of thousands of bright blue marbles came out from the jewel.


And these marbles flew around the air for a bit and then all disappeared somewhere.

Some through the walls.

Some through the ceilings.

But Hansoo could tell where these marbles were heading towards.

Since he could see where one was going.


One of the blue marbles entered Pektoril’s head.

At the same time.

“Grrrrr… Grr…Gr.”

Pektoril’s growling calmed down.

At the same time the viciousness in his eyes disappeared as he came back to his senses.


Pektoril, who had stopped growling, slowly looked around.

HIs hands and feet.

And everything around him.

Hansoo looked at this scene and then pondered.

He couldn’t react to the blue marbles because it had exploded out so suddenly but this was different.

‘Should I kill him?’

But Hansoo shook his head as he looked at the eyes of Pektoril.

He was being very wary of Hansoo even whilst looking around the surroundings.

‘Not easy huh.’

It would be impossible to kill him with a sudden attack at this rate.

It might actually just be better to converse with him now.

Since one thing was clear.

That this was not the Pektoril of the past.

The constant mumbles of Pektoril proved this.

“The hypothesis of being able to move in after the sanity and mana disappearing was correct… Blue Stone activated correctly as well but… Why now…”

Pektoril, who had been mumbling, slowly lifted his body up from the ground as if he had finished inspecting the surroundings.



Pektoril then stood up as he approached Hansoo and looked at him.

Well, more like the Destruction Jade in his hands.


Clank. Clank.

“What the hell… Is that.”

One of the adventurers who had been running away from the village made an expression of disbelief as he looked at the scene in the distance.

The Arukons, Rebeloongs and Akalchias who were fighting to the death were all gathering to one place.

The three Higher Races who were wary of each other even when they were still sane.

The adventurers frowned at this unbelievable scene.