Reincarnator - Chapter 198 : Experiment (3)

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Chapter 198 : Experiment (3)


Pektoril examined the small black ring in his hands and finally he could figure out what it was.

A sensation of his soul and mana being sucked into the object.

‘….This is the Destruction jade huh.’

The weapon the small amount of Sages ran away with when they had been attacked and the weapon that hadn’t showed itself for decades.

The Sages could not afford to activate this in the past.

Since they would’ve been massacred when their numbers were already low.

The problem was why Metiron had left this behind for him.

‘Though it doesn’t hurt to have it.’

Pektoril mumbled inwardly as he clutched the Destruction Jade tightly in his hands.

As long as he had this then his clan would become much more solid.

The Makrons, one of the four escaped races and who had the strongest body after them, had been annihilated by their collaboration.

The Arukon’s king, Dakemeia, was laying on the ground with a dazed expression and the Rebeloongs had lost many of their important high ranking members in this place.

And if he obtained this Destruction Jade in such a situation?

‘Oh my god, I’ll be able to unite this place with my hands.’

Pektoril actually felt his heart thumping for the first time ever since he had escaped this place countless years ago.

The sole king, a title that nobody had attained since the Karmen the king of the Sages.

The leader who would have hundreds of Satellite Fortress under his command.

It would be possible with this Destruction jade.

He would be able to annihilate the two other remaining races.

‘No, there wouldn’t be a need to annihilate them.’

Pektoril hummed a tune.

There was no need to annihilate them as long as he got their Satellite Fortresses.

He could just leave them beneath his feet like how the Sages had done in the past and command them.

He could use the Rebeloongs, who were high in number, as slaves and use the Arukons as soldiers since their individual prowess was quite formidable.

‘Would the Makrons be around loyalty then? Anyways, it’s time to end this all I guess.’

Pektoril laughed as he poured power into the Destruction Jade.

At that moment.


The Destruction Jade, which had been sucking in all the mana, started to aggressively tremble.

At the same time.


The mana pool within their bodies started to create the mana crystals again.



The nearby Akalachias exclaimed out in glee.

The feeling of highly concentrated mana melting around their body and turning into barriers.


‘It’s all over now.’

Pektoril smiled as he felt the Satellite Fortress’s barrier surrounding his body.




Karhal cursed out loud after sensing the mana rising up from his body after having smashed an arrow into the head of the final Rebeloong left alive.

He felt power overflowing through his entire body but it did not feel good at all.

Since there was only one thing this enormous amount of mana told him.

‘It’s all over now.’

Karhal sighed out loud as he thought of the impending doom of the Satellite Fortresses.


‘Let’s just take it slow.’

Pektoril laughed.

There was no need to rush anymore.

He just needed to borrow the strength of the Satellite Fortress to erase everyone.

At that moment.


Something came into Pektoril’s view after his sight had become re-enhanced by the mana.

A circular door below his feet.

It was closed like it had usually been.

But something was different.

‘…The dust is gone.’

The dust that had gathered over the giant circular door had disappeared.

As if it had been swept away by something.

Pektoril then finally realized something.

‘Did they open this?’

Pektoril made a dumbfounded expression.

Actually this was one of the reasons why they wanted to leave this place intact.

The giant circular door that they had found while searching this entire place after they wiped away the Sages.

They didn’t know what the space below was for but this giant door didn’t move even with their tremendous strength.

They tried to create a hole using the Akion but that was fruitless as well.

They couldn’t figure out what this giant hidden storage below this mysterious door was for but it wouldn’t move no matter what.

Actually the real reason why they hadn’t destroyed this entire structure was because it felt wrong.

They could’ve destroyed it with the combined efforts of all the Satellite Fortresses but a strong sensation told them that they shouldn’t

The 1st Generation members of the four races, including the Makrons, thought that there may be something incredibly precious in here so they had a meeting about it.

And they decided to keep this place a secret temporarily and watch over each other so they don’t do anything stupid.

Of course the three races felt danger after the Markons disappeared and tried to open this door again but everytime they tried it ended in failure.

In conclusion, this door and the mysterious space below was left as an unresolved problem.

But for this door to have opened.

Then Pektoril made a shocked expression.

‘…Did that Metiron guy?’

He was curious as to why he had left behind the Destruction Jade but he was slowly understanding the reason behind it.

The door that had opened.

And the Destruction Jade that had been left behind.

If he had achieved everything he needed to with the Destruction Jade?

And the Destruction Jade was the key to opening this door?

‘Fuck. Did that guy already take everything in this place!’

Pektoril touched the small object in his hand.

And suddenly.



Sounds of something fitting into place and locking on was heard as the giant door started to activate.

This was the moment he had waited for, the moment in which the door of secret opened up.

The key to this door was the Destruction Jade like how Pektoril had expected but what filled his mind wasn’t anticipation but nervousness.

‘Hurry. Hurry and open.’

He had to check the insides.

And if it was empty he needed to hurry and chase them.

Chase Metiron and the bugs.

‘No matter what’s in here… It rightfully belongs to us. How dare he try to take it!’



As Pektoril was going insane while glaring at the opening door.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sounds of something stomping towards him could be heard.

And Pektoril, with his mana enhanced hearing, could figure out the identity of that sound instantly.

“Haha. A hero who has massacred the Rebeloongs. But isn’t following us all the way here a bit too brave?”

Karioram, the warrior standing next to Pektoril, spoke out.

Of course the scene this guy had shown them was amazing.

If they didn’t have mana then even they, who were far stronger than the Rebeloongs, wouldn’t be able to handle this guy either.

The reason why they had ran away in the beginning was because they wouldn’t necessarily be able to win if the humans attacked them.

‘But the situation is much different now.’

Karioram tapped the blue barrier around his feathers as he smiled.

Their mana had returned and this guy was alone.

Hansoo stared at Karioram and the other Akalachias and then clenched the Red Jade in his hand tightly.

‘Red Jade.’

Hansoo mumbled as he looked at the red colored jade in his hand that had the same form as the Destruction Jade and was only different in color.

It wasn’t even hidden that well.

As if they had hidden it in a hurry, this Red Jade was shoved into an air vent in the corner of a research lab.

If the bodies of the Higher Races were similar to that of humans then it would’ve been found already.

As the Akalachias were frowning at the red jade in Hansoo’s hands.

Hansoo poured mana into the complementary object, the Red Jade, in his hands.



The Akalachias started to back off as they remembered the effects of the Destruction Jade.

Since they were afraid of their mana, which they had just barely regained, disappearing again.

But Hansoo spoke towards them as he saw their movement.

“Don’t worry. Your mana will remain intact.”


“This will be the final words you hear so remember it.”


As Pektoril was about to retort.


The red light that came out from the Red Jade filled the eyes of the Akalachias.

At that moment a change occurred.

“Ugh…What the…Arrrggh!”



The bright eyes of the Akalachias turned hazy.

And their mental capabilities to think and judge in their heads disappeared as thoughts of violence and murder replaced them.

Their primal instincts which have existed since when they had been in the Jungle.

The beasts of the jungle had finally been able to become a Higher Race after they had received countless surgeries and the mana from the Sages.

Of course the Sages had a way to reverse the effects.

The Destruction Jade suppressed their mana.

And the Red Jade… Got rid of their sanity.



The insane Akalachias started to scream out as they looked around.

And then.


Karioram smashed the fellow Akalachia next to him with the golden spear.

No, they weren’t comrades anymore.

This was only possible when they were still sane.

Such a thing had long disappeared and the only thing that had remained was their instincts they had during their solitary days in the jungle.

The thing that came into their eyes was not comrades but rather competitors who had entered their territory and were even standing right next to them.

And soon.




Boooooom! Boom!

The Akalachias started to smash and slash the others nearby.

Though they were covered by the mana barrier, their spears and swords were as well.

The 10m tall giant bodies soon turned into a mess of blood.

Pektoril was dumbfounded as he saw his underlings go insane and attacking each other as he shouted.

“What…You crazy bastards! Why are you doing this! Stop!”

But Pektoril’s shout only stimulated the Akalachias further, it had no other effect.



The insane Akalachias couldn’t remember Pektoril as they charged in and attacked him as well.

And Pektoril grinded his teeth as he watched these guys.

“You…You crazy fucking bastards!”

He couldn’t just sit still and take their attacks.


Pektoril hurriedly swung his spear and attacked the ones charging towards him.

And Hansoo frowned as he looked at Pektoril who seemed to still be sane.

‘I guess it doesn’t work against the one who has the Destruction Jade.’

Maybe it was because it was made in pairs but the black light of the Destruction Jade was slowly pushing away the red light of the Red Jade and was protecting Pektoril.

‘Anyways, I should take that away as well. It wouldn’t be that hard.’

Hansoo muttered as he looked at Pektoril who had become a mess from fighting with others.

A tiny entity such as Hansoo wouldn’t come into the eyes of the 10m giants while they battled.

As if Pektoril, who was acting different from others, was strange to them, the wild Akalachias were being even more aggressive towards Pektoril.

He just needed to wait until Pektoril became a complete mess and take the Destruction Jade from him.

At that moment.


The giant circular door that had been activating since a while before, started to slowly open.

And Pektoril, who had been mindlessly fighting back, felt glad.

‘I need to buy time!’

He didn’t know what that red jade was but it had no effect on him.

He would first just hide until the other members of his race killed each other off, come back up when the situation clears up and retrieve the red jade after killing the bug.

‘You fucking bug. Just wait.’

Pektoril suppressed his rage while clenching his teeth and jumped into the door that had just started to open up.


The Akalachias flinched for a moment as they saw Pektoril jump down but then soon ignored him and started to focus on each other.

It was more important to fight the ones in front of their eyes than focusing on the one who had left.


Pektoril first checked that nobody followed him after he landed tens of meters down below with a loud bang and sighed in relief.


And as he realized that he had bought time, curiosity rose up.

‘What… Could be in here?’

The precious objects that the Sages, who had the Satellite Fortresses, had hidden away so meticulously.

It would not be something common.

It would be much rarer and precious than the Satellite Fortresses.

‘Metiron. If you have it then…You are dead.’

But Pektoril’s expression turned strange as he looked around.

“What…The hell.”

It was indeed something the Sages had risked their lives to save.

And it didn’t seem like Metiron had taken it.

But Pektoril could not be happy.

“What the hell! Why are they here! What are you guys here!!!”

A giant space filled with hundreds of thousands of blue containers which were shining extremely brightly.

And Pektoril screamed out as he saw the Sages frozen asleep within blue containers one by one as if they were dead.

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