Reincarnator - Chapter 196 : Experiment (1)

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Chapter 196 : Experiment (1)

The past.

The Sages made a long term plan.

A very long term plan.

But they were lacking in some aspects to do that.

So they experimented.

Familiar creatures.

Monkeys, parrots, dogs and mice.



Pektoril pondered for a moment after thinking about the research labs but then shook his head.

‘Get out while the rats are being attacked. There’s no need to be swept up by this as well.’

The humans were so vicious right now, even they will get tried and fall over if they fight against them.

But there wasn’t a need to fight.

They just needed to hold on until the mana came back to this place.

And Pektoril knew a place that could get him out of this situation and buy him time.

Since he knew how this place was structured.

‘Is that guy over there as well?’

Pektoril frowned as he thought of the Arukon’s king, Dakemeia.

Since he wasn’t showing his face in this chaos, it was likely that he was there already.

Which means he himself needed to save his forces even more.

Since he didn’t know what would happen once he got there.

‘Get out.’

The moment he decided to move.


Pektoril shook the golden spear he was holding and swung it around.



Even though they were both high races, the Akalachias were dimensions apart from the Rebeloongs.

The humans who were in the trajectory of the golden spear got swept away.

At the same time the golden feathers on Pektoril’s body trembled.


As Pektoril’s feathers rang out and the Akalachias who were fighting nearby with their golden spears heard this, they all flinched.

The special communication method of Akalachias.

And the meaning behind it was clear.


The expressions of the Akalachias stiffened up but a sound of confirmation rang throughout.


Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Pektoril judged that everyone understood his intentions as he covered his entire body tightly with the feathers and started to run towards a certain location within the Birdcage.

And countless Akalachias started to charge through the humans and followed behind Pektoril.

“Fuck! Stop them!”

“How the hell do we do that?! Ugh!”



A few of them tried to stop the Akalachias but the 10m tall beasts were much larger than the 4m tall Rebeloongs.

Like foxes being kicked away by an elephant, the Akalachias kicked away the humans and started to follow Pektoril towards an unknown destination.

And the humans pondered for a moment and then started to focus on the remaining Rebeloongs.

Since there was no need to increase the amount of their opponents when dealing with the Rebeloongs was hard enough.

Well, instead of the Akalachias who weren’t really concerned with playing around with them usually, the Rebeloongs who enjoyed killing and playing with them made their rage boiled much more.

“Die! Fucking bastards!”


The humans charged towards the Rebeloongs like swarms of ants.

The Rebeloongs tried to retaliate but they had already lost their leader and their momentum had been smashed apart already.

The manaless Rebeloongs who had been injured from the fight against the Akalachias started to get buried under the humans one by one and died off.

And Kallum shouted out in despair and rage after watching this scene.

“Pektooorrrriiiill! Akalachia! You damned bastard!”

He was not someone who should be dying here.

There were hundreds of thousands of his comrades on the outside.

And he belonged in the top echelon of his entire race.

Kallum’s rage filled shout rang towards the Akalachias and Pektoril.

“You will guys will also…”

But Kallum couldn’t finish his words.


Since Hansoo’s right hand charged in and crunched Kallum’s neck.


As Kallum slowly died.


Hansoo looked towards Pektoril who had started running away.

‘He’s leaving huh.’

Hansoo looked around.

The people were fighting well.

Like an ember falling in a gunpowder storage.

Even if he disappeared these guys would able to win against the Rebeloongs easily.

Since he had already killed everyone who had the power to lead them anyway.

The one whom he had just killed was the last.

The Rebeloongs couldn’t group up after losing their leaders as they were being swept away all over the battlefield.

Since this place had almost ended, it was now time for him to do his job.


Hansoo jumped up into the skies and followed Pektoril who was running away in the distance.

Towards his guide.



Pektoril stood in front of a giant structure after arriving at the corner of the Birdcage.

And the Akalachias looked at Pektoril with confused expressions.

“O Pektoril. Why have we come here…?”

Though they had followed his lead, the place they had arrived was too weird.

This place was where they put their trash.

An awful odor radiated from the giant structure in front of their eyes and there were mountains of rubbish and garbage piled up around.

This was a place where they threw away the trash and the corpses of the bugs that were created from the Birdcage.

Even the bugs hated coming to this place so the ones who had the worst achievements in the Birdcage were specifically sent to this place.

Of course the Higher Races hated coming near this place as well.

It was obvious.

Since it was disgusting.

So much that the punishment for scoring the least in the war game was patrolling this place for a week.

As the Akalachias frowned with the location that everyone in the Birdcage hated visiting in front of their eyes.

Booom! Boom!

Pektoril ignored the trash dirtying his spear and golden feathers as he started to dig towards the center of this giant place.

And the Akalachias freaked out as they saw this.

“O Pektoril! What are…”

“Our feathers and spears are getting dirty!”

Maybe it was because they were birds originally but they cared extremely about keeping their feathers clean.

Since their beautiful golden feathers were like their pride.

Of course they cared deeply for their feathers and kept their weapons and armors clean as well.

And this was why they hated to kill humans.

Since they didn’t like their blood and flesh dirtying them.

But Pektoril, who usually reminded them to keep their majesticness, was digging into the trashfield.

And Pektoril shouted towards them as well.

“You guys hurry up and clean as well! We don’t have much time.”


Everyone frowned at these words.

But these were the words of their leader Pektoril.

The Akalachias swung their spears and swords as they started to dig apart the mountain of trash in front of them.

Booom! Booooom!

The mountain of trash was giant but the ones moving the mountain away were 10m tall giants as well.

Everytime the spears and swords swung part the garbage blew apart like bombs in all directions.



Of course they got dirty in the process.

The Akalachias freaked out as they saw their spears and feathers having dirtied by the garbage and other waste.

Pektoril shook his head as he watched these guys who were making extremely discontent expressions.

‘They’re still brats.’

They were big but their attitudes were screwed up.

For them to only chased around shiny and beautiful things.

Being majestic was important but in order to win in a fight one needed to become more evil and dirtier than your opponents.

This was the reason why they, the Akalachias, could not beat the other two races despite being the strongest.

Disliking being dirty like the Rebeloongs or vicious like the Arukons was enough to stop them for a moment in the battlefield and this alone could determine death.

But Pektoril only frowned and didn’t speak out.

‘Whatever. There isn’t a battlefield like that…’



Pektoril sighed as he started to dig out the entrance.

A short moment later.


Pektoril’s spear made a tong sound as it bounced off.

And the Akalachias were shocked as they saw this.

There was an object in this mountain of trash that could make the spear of Pektoril bounce off?

An object that strong wouldn’t even be sent here in the first place.

They would just recycle it.

As the Akalachias made a confused expression.

‘Found it.’



Pektoril used his body and spear to clean around the area.

‘Fuck. I’m starting to get annoyed.’

Pektoril suddenly vibrated his feathers as he shouted out.

“Are you guys going to stand still?”


The Akalachias hurriedly ran over and started to clean away the trash.

While frowning.

And soon.


A giant tombstone appeared before their eyes.

Pektoril stared at the 10m tall tombstone which was made of an unknown metal and then started to push it.


It was so heavy that Pektoril’s might, which could even smash apart the barrier of the Satellite Fortress with just a swing of his spear, could barely make it move.

The Akalachias watching from the side joined in and then the tombstone finally started to move a bit faster.


And then.

The tombstone was moved and a giant circular tunnel appeared below.

The Akalachias made confused expressions while looking at the dark tunnel.

“O Pektoril. This…”

They had heard many stories but they had never heard about this.

Pektoril frowned from those words but then willed himself as he spoke out.

He was going to just sit around here until the mana came back but since this had all happened, telling these guys wouldn’t hurt.

About the history that him and the other 1st Generation members had decided to hide.

“There’s nothing bad about you guys hearing this. Come in first.”

Pektoril finished speaking and he jumped down.


The Akalachias thought for a moment but then followed him as they jumped down.



After the dark tunnel swallowed up tens of Akalachias.


As if the giant tombstone was rewinding itself, it started to move back to its original position.

And as the tombstone was about to block the tunnel completely.


A 2m tall black humanoid shaped thing jumped into the tunnel with a golden spear.



A tremendous vibration rang out as the giant tombstone blocked the entrance again and the trash mountains started to tremble from the vibration.



The tombstone was buried under the avalanche of trash and garbage again and only the filth remained behind as if nothing had happened here.



“Oh my… It seems somebody is coming in.”

Metiron frowned as he sensed the secret area rumbling.

He had expected it but it was too early.

He needed to finish the job here before they got here.

‘Anyways… How did Clementine even find out about this place?’

A circular door with a diameter of 500m.

Metiron entered the secret area of the secret area and then exclaimed out as he saw hundreds of thousands of glass containers in front of him.