Reincarnator - Chapter 194 : Pektoril (3)

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Chapter 194 : Pektoril (3)

Hansoo grasped the spear in his hands after crushing the skull.

He then cut the neck of the Rebeloong laying on the floor.


The head and the neck got severed from the golden blade of the spear.


Hansoo stabbed that head with his spear and lifted it high into the skies.

After the height of the 3m long spear got combined with Hansoo’s height, the top of the spear was 5m high from the ground.

High enough that humans, Rebeloongs and even the giant Akalachias could see.

Hansoo asked after lifting the Rebeloong’s head high enough that everyone could see.

“I asked how many points?”

The Rebeloong, who had been treated as gods and hadn’t died in decades, was held high with only its head.

By the hands of a human.

From this unusual scene, everyone stopped fighting and stared at the head of the Rebeloong high up in the air.

At that moment.

A loud voice was heard from afar.

“Haha! A human has some skill. Hahaha! Shall I give 100? No 100 is a bit too little. 500! It should at least be 500! Hahahaha!”

One of the Akalachias who was watching this peculiar scene started to laugh out loudly.

Some of the Akalachias laughed along with him from those words.

“Hahaha! 500! Isn’t 500 too much?”

“500 for just a rat? Then doesn’t it mean that rat was worth 500 humans? You think those rats can handle 500 of these humans?”

“But since it’s a first 500 seems right. Let’s do 400 from here. No, 400 is too much! Let’s make it 300!”


All the golden birdmen who were fighting in the vicinity started to laugh.

As if they had forgotten the situation they were in.

It was obvious.

Look at the expressions of those rats.

They had become like this because the neck of one of them had been cut off by a human and it had now become a scene for everyone to see high above.

‘Even if he aimed for an open chance with luck, it’s still nice.’

Would a Rebeloong only kill 300 humans and die.

This made it even better.

The Akalachia’s leader, Pektoril, looked at the human with a content smile.

If they, the Akalachias, became like that?

Then it was better to suicide before their necks got cut off from the human’s spear.

‘Haha. That wouldn’t happen.’

Pektoril decided not to think about useless things as he watched the human in the distance with a content expression.

“Good job human! What wish shall I grant you? Runes? No, you wouldn’t need runes. Artifacts? Or women? Shall I give all the humans here to you? Just say it. We’ll grant it to you after we crush those rats. Hahaha!”

The golden spears hit each other all over Pektoril’s body as the sound rang throughout.

A scene which happened when he was extremely happy.

This noise resonated throughout the entire area and entered the people’s ears.

And Hansoo chuckled from those words.

“There was something I wanted from you actually.”

And Karhal flinched from those words.

He knew what it was.

The tunnel to the underground.

The tunnel only the High Race who used to live here knew.

It was clear that this was what Hansoo was going to ask of the Akalachia.

‘Is he…Going to just leave after hearing that?’

Karhal flinched.

It wouldn’t be strange from the attitude he had until now.

Since the amount of those who would die would be astronomical if he failed here.

People who had been captured and brought here over numerous decades from the villages and the Green Road.

And there were at least few hundreds of thousands of them here.

It was still this much after the deaths, injuries and dying after being played around by the Higher Race.

It was not a low number.

Actually it was an astronomical number.

But if he failed here then at least millions of people from the villages and the Green Road would die.

And then?

The people coming up from below would continue to get captured and killed.

Which means the number of casualties would go up to tens of millions.

That was what Hansoo was trying to accomplish here.

‘Holy god. What kind of burden have you shouldered all by yourself…’

Karhal was shocked while counting the numbers.

Tens of millions.

Karhal lived in the United States and he had never even touched money at that scale.

Dollars on the scale of tens of millions.

Karhal was an ordinary civilian and he had never even touched such an amount.

No, he hadn’t even touched a hundredth of it which would amount to ten million cents.

Could the worth of a human only be a single cent.

He then realized the number of casualties from the failure of this mission.

Even if hundreds of thousands die here, if he succeeded here then it would be a profit for him.

A great success.

Hansoo spoke towards Pektoril.

“There was something I wanted to hear from you originally but my thoughts changed.”


The clings and clangs coming out from Pektoril’s body stopped from the confusing words.

Which meant that he had started to feel annoyed.

Hansoo left behind a single sentence towards Pektoril.

“I’ll be able to find it if I just kill you all and search the bodies of all these people.”

Hansoo looked around the surroundings.

‘Eres. I’ve been next to you too long. If it was Keldian then he would’ve left everyone to die and dealt with the Destruction Jade first.’

Actually more than anything, he himself was a bit pissed.


Pektoril mumbled dumbfoundedly as he watched Hansoo grasp the spear.

“Haha. Look at this insolent bastard. You were a rat as well huh.”

The moment Pektoril finished speaking.


A giant golden spear slashed the surrounding.



The bodies of the humans got split up and broke apart.



The people around started to freak out from the sudden massacre as they started to back off.

The Akalachias who were ignoring them up until now had started to attack them, of course they were shocked.

The Rebeloong’s leader, Kalipso, started to laugh after watching the sudden change in the Akalachia’s actions.

“Kyaaha! Hahaha! Yes! This is right! Damn bugs!”

His original plan was to decrease the numbers of the humans before they fought.

Since the humans might attack them after they become a mess from fighting the Akalachias.

They couldn’t ignore the numbers of humans.

But he had feeling a bit uneasy because those proud and brainless bastards were acting stupidly but for them to do the job for him.

Kalipso stopped laughing, put Pektoril behind him and started to crush the humans.





The Akalachias and Rebeloongs who were fighting each other started to attack the humans near them.

They only had one thing in their mind.

To make the insolent bastard regret it.

In just a moment hundreds of people died out.

Kalipso looked at this scene contently and shouted towards Hansoo who had yet to put down the spear.

“Hey you bug! How is it? If it wasn’t for you then these guys wouldn’t have died like this right? A single death of our race is heavier than hundreds of thousands of yours! Hahaha! This is all because of you!”

Kalipso’s shout rang throughout the Birdcage.

The moment people, who were running away from the Rebeloongs and Akalachias, heard that sound and looked at Hansoo.

Hansoo replied to Kalipso with a cold laugh.

“Try it.”


“Show me your backs you rat bastards.”

At that moment.


Hansoo flung the head onto the air and then charged onto the nearby Rebeloongs.

He then smashed the Forked Lightning onto the Rebeloong who was stomping onto other humans.



Rebeloong, Galkipos, twisted its body to defend from the sudden assault and used his front teeth to block the attack.

The extremely hard Rebeloong’s front teeth.

But the moment it blocked Hansoo’s attack.


The teeth cracked as it trembled as if it would break apart.

‘How the hell is this bug so fucking strong!’

Galkipos freaked out after stomping a human.

This small bug was stronger than an Akalachia.

The moment Galkipos flinched from the sudden sensation he had never felt up until now.


Hansoo left behind the spear, charged onto the body of Galkipos and then slashed his fingernails ionto Galkipos’s neck.



Hansoo’s brute strength, which could even smash apart the walls of the maze, penetrated through the neck and pulled out the spine.

Hansoo threw down the Rebeloong, whom had died in just an instant, grabbed the Forked Lightning and the Front Teeth from mid air and started to charge towards the next Rebeloong.

Towards the one who had frozen in place after turning around after hearing the scream from his behind while he was ripping apart a human.



Hansoo soon started to run around from place to place after the Rebeloongs.

He smashed down with his spear and crushed them with his hands the moment he got close to them.

Hansoo continued to smash the skulls and pull out the spines while roaring.



“Fucking bastards who play around all the time! You have no mana right now!”




“But you show your back?”



“Keep doing it then!”

He was careful at start but he knew now.

Since his physical capabilities had caught up.

There was nothing for him to fear.

The only thing remaining was battle skill.

PeopleOnes who trusted in the Satellite Fortress and played games with humans showing their backs to him?

To him who had fought with opponents who couldn’t even be compared to these things for decades?

‘Fucking pets. I shall show you the true jungle.’


Hansoo pulled off the head of a Rebeloong, threw it onto the air and laughed.

“How many points now? If you calculate 300 points from after the first then 3500 now right? How many points are you?”

Hansoo asked while watching the Akalachias and Rebeloongs who had even forgotten about massacring the humans and were backing away.

Strength was flowing through his entire body.

Stamina was overflowing.

His aura exploded out as all his senses woke up to their fullest.

‘Finally I feel as if this whole thing is worth it.’

Hansoo thought of the conversation he had with his friends in the past.

‘Kill them all? I was going to anyway.’

The most primitive and overwhelming strength could easily push down every luck, plans and even the masses.

The Otherworld was such a world.

A place where a single person could get stronger without limit.

“Keep chasing!”


Hansoo roared out loudly as he jumped towards the next Rebeloongs and Akalachias.



Metiron put his ears onto the ceiling and exclaimed out.

He could tell without seeing it.

He could feel it.

Metiron whispered towards the fragment of seven souls within his mind.

And as if it was replying to Metiron’s words, the fragment of seven souls started to tremble.