Reincarnator - Chapter 193 : Pektoril (2)

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Chapter 193 : Pektoril (2)

Karhal and Chen gulped down their saliva while they looked at both sides.

Tens of thousands of people were approaching them from both sides.

‘Fuck…We’re right in the fucking middle of the battlefield.’

Well they were indeed going from the Rebeloong’s territory into the Akalachias so this was obvious.

Though they were within the debris and rubble, they would definitely get caught once the chaos begins.

Chen tried to persuade Hansoo.

“Damn. Let’s stick to the Rebeloongs! My owner is quite quite a generous one even out of the Rebeloongs! Kaliso…We will receive good treatment if we have great achievements in this fight!”

Rebeloongs treated them as toys usually but their rewards were very good as well.

Kalipso often gave good weapons and even runes to the toy that did the best in the war game.

They were even able to get women if Kalipso felt good.

To them, whose sexual activities were suppressed because Kaliso didn’t like to see erections, a chance like this was a chance given by heaven.

‘Actually, this is good.’

Chen mumbled inwardly.

The guy in front of his eyes did indeed kill a Rebeloong but what could he do against that many of them.

There was no hope.

Even if they survived here, the area above would even be a larger hell than this anyway.

A hell where Satellite Fortresses roamed around and killed humans.

It was actually better to just stay as the pets of the Higher Race and live while receiving their care.

Since they didn’t need to fear them in here at least.

Karhal looked at Chen with a disapproving look and then shook his head.

This guy wouldn’t have been like this from birth.

This damned environment had changed him probably.

At that moment.

Hansoo, who was looking at both sides, asked Chen.

“What’s the reward for the most kills?”

“Huh? You’re going to listen to this lame-o?”


Chen looked at Karhal with a hurt expression.



Romilan, the team leader of the 3rd area standing in the front, gulped down his saliva while looking at the Akalachia’s army that was getting closer to him.

Both human armies had bloodthirst aimed against each other but their heads were filled with something else.

It was actually the exact opposite.


They had fear against the humans coming to kill them.

Since quite a lot of them would die once they clash.

And there was no rule saying that they wouldn’t be a part of those deaths.

But there was an even bigger problem behind them.

Even before the clash occurred.


Loud booms were heard from the back of where the nervous people were marching forwards.

The people gulped down their saliva after being shocked at the sound and turning around to check.

Since they knew why the sound occurred.



A sound of a human being kicked away by the giant Rebeloong.

The joints of four humans got twisted and bones broke from a single kick.

Just from the reason that they fell behind a bit.

“Hey you bugs! You have to kill at least one per person! Understand? One per person!”

“Uahahahaha! The ones in the back will be in a bigger danger!”

Boom! Boom!

The hundreds of Rebeloongs in the back were administering their respective areas as they continued to herd the humans forwards.

The movie like scene where 4m tall giants, being armed like generals, marching in hundreds was quite a spectacle.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they weren’t fighting in the front but rather approaching them from the back.



Boom! Boom!

Though there were tens of thousands of humans, they couldn’t even dream of retaliating as they continued to push towards the humans on the Akalachia’s side

And it was the same on the other side as well.

The people grinded their teeth as they got pushed right in front of their opponents.

‘Fuck…Since I’ve come this far I might as well!’

The people tightly clenched onto the weapons in their hands.

At the same time they reminded themselves.

That this was just a game.

They just needed to do what they usually did.


“Kill them!”

“Uaaap! 13th area! We will kill the most!”

The people started to aggressively swing their weapons towards their opponents.

They didn’t have the mana that usually swirled around their bodies but this did not matter.

Since it was the same for the other side as well.

The only thing that was needed to take the lives of their opponents was not mana but rather a sword and a body to swing that sword.



Swords of swords being swung.

At that moment a loud voice was heard from the back.

Kalipso’s shout.

“Those who are not fighting diligently will die! Five per person! You have to get at least five! Ones without five headbands will die!”

As they heard this.

They cursed while fighting.

The enemy had similar numbers to them.

How the hell would they get five per person.

But they realized that they shouldn’t be worrying about such a thing.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A tremendous noise.

A loud noise was heard from behind the Akalachia’s army.

Much louder than the footsteps of the giant Rebeloongs behind them.



“Hahaha! You rat bastards! Isn’t it boring hiding back there?! What are you trying to do with these things! Come out here!”


Giant creatures that came out through the giant wooden structures and above the human army.


Giant half bird half man creatures who were covered in golden feathers over their entire body cried towards the Rebeloongs.

The feathers that seemed more like metals rather than being soft.

And the Akalachias who had such feathers covering each and every part of their skin was closer to a golden man than a human with feathers attached to them.

If they didn’t have wings, beaks and claws instead of feet then one would easily mistake them from a distance.

And such things towered over 10m tall and walked past the humans.

Their numbers were much smaller compared to the 900 Rebeloongs.

Maybe a few tens.

But the scene of the terrified humans moving away in waves every time these 10m tall golden creatures moved didn’t lose out to the might of the 900 Rebeloongs.

2nd generation Rebeloong, Kalipso, frowned as he watched the Akalachias approaching them while disregarding the toys on both sides.

‘That…Is a bit too hard to deal with these bugs.’

There was a limit to how much you can peck at things.

Who would be willing to rush into their deaths.

And as the giant golden creatures were approaching them, the terrified ones were already running away instead of fighting.

Since they would instantly die even if they got slightly touched by their foot.

‘Fucking bird brains. You should head out after the numbers of these bugs dwindle a bit. Sigh, damned bastards with small brains.’

Kalipso looked at Pektoril who was walking towards them from the very front.

These guys were quite stupid compared to them since the sizes of their brains were similar to theirs despite their size.

The most optimal situation is fighting after the number of humans having been dwindled from a fight but for them to start the fight already,

But since it had started already, there was no need to delay the fight anymore.

Kalipso held onto his front teeth and applied strength onto his hand as if he was trying to crush the teeth.

At the same time.



Kalipso’s front teeths got pulled out by the roots.

Kalipso withstood the pain and held his front teeth like daggers as he stared at the golden birdmen approaching him from the distance.

The front teeth that was harder than the golden feathers of the Akalachias, sharper than the black claws of the Arukons and had the hardness to even withstand their own destruction beams.

A primitive battle strategy used by their ancestors that they hadn’t used ever since they fought against the Sages and absorbed their technology.

But since they didn’t have mana, in order to kill them he needed to at least this much.

‘Fucking birdbrains. Let me kill you.’

Kalipso frowned from pain and rage as he cried out in rage into the skies.


The moment the cry rang out.




Kalipso’s comrades pulled out their front teeth and started to walk through the toys.

Towards the birdbrains approaching them from the distance.

“Fuck! Don’t get in the way and just get lost!”

“You heard before right! Five! It’s five! Make sure you keep the headbands well!”



The Rebeloongs were agitated from the pain of pulling their own teeth out as they started to kick away the things getting stuck around their feet and continued to charge forwards.

And the people who couldn’t reach because they were focused on the enemies in front of their eyes got kicked high into the skies by the Rebeloongs; march.






The giant birdmen and rat-like humans started to clash.

Right above the heads of the humans.

“You rat bastards! Let us dry your seeds today!”

“Uaahahaha! You won’t even be able to fly away today!”

The Akalachias swung giant golden spears made from melting down their golden feathers from the mana engine of the Satellite Fortress as they charged towards the hundreds of Rebeloongs.


3rd Generation Rebeloong, Amedos, laughed as he looked at the Akalachia charing towards him, Mekido.

They usually enjoyed the Birdcage together.

But that was now all over.



The other 2nd and 3rd Generation Rebeloongs held up their front teeth like daggers and started to stab away at the Akalachias along with Amedos.

“You rat bastards!”


Amedos gulped down his saliva as he watched Mekido charge towards him while swinging the giant golden spear.

A tremendous speed that he could not even dream of having.

Since their body sizes were over double theirs, it was still extremely difficult despite their numbers.

But they wouldn’t just sit idle.


Amedos reached out his hand and lifted up a few humans around him.

The hand that was much larger in terms of ratio to the body held up four people at once.


Amedos ignored the screams coming from his hand as he backed away and threw the humans towards Mekido.


The humans flew into Mekido.

Well, into the trajectory of the spear.





Mekido’s spear cut through the waist and chest of the three as if his spear was a hot knife cutting through butter.


Mekido frowned as he slowed down the speed of the spear and thankfully Amedos was able to dodge the blade of the spear flying past him.

And Amedos made fun of Mekido because of this.

“Hahaha! You birdbrains! Why are you being so nice to these guys? Did Pektoril tell you to be nice to them because of the days when he used to be their pet?”

Amedos made fun of them.

Amedos was born after the victory against the Sages so he had no memories of living with them.

Actually he didn’t even want to hear such a shitty part of their history so he didn’t even listen about it.

But those birdbrains continued to spread and transmit it against each other as if it was a good memory.

‘Fucking dumbasses.’

Mekido clenched the spear in his hands from those words.

“Hey you rat bastards. I’m not being nice to them. I just don’t want to dirty my spear with the blood of these things.”

“Hoh? Is that so? Then have fun! Hahaha!”

Amedos playfully swung his right hand where he held his dagger and then grasped another batch of humans with his left.



Of course they weren’t going to be used for a good cause so the humans in his hand screamed out.

‘Fucking bastards!’

The humans in his hand cursed out at him.

But they couldn’t resist.

Since they would get crushed the moment they did.

‘Please…Let me survive the spear!’

Amedos saw the people closing their eyes without resisting with joy and then shouted out loudly while swinging his arm widely.

“Hahaha! Get away from here and kill! Don’t stay dawdle around here and go get points!”

The moment Amedos shouted those words out.

A voice was heard from his hand.

“How many points are you?”


From the sudden voice Amedos forgot about how he was going to throw the humans towards Mekido and instead looked at his hand.

A single human was staring right back at him.

“What the hell…”

As Amedos was about to crush them.



Amedos screamed out.

Since something sharp had cut his hand.

‘Fucking bug!’

As Amedos was about to check his hand.


Something exploded towards Amedos’s eyes.


But Amedos’s thoughts stopped there.

No matter how big Amedos was, the distance from his hand to his head was only about 2m.


The thing that had flown out from his hand penetrated the space between his eyes.



Amedos fell back without even being able to scream and created a giant dust storm.

From this sight the Akalachias swinging their golden spears and the Rebeloongs surrounding those Akalachias with their daggers all stopped in shock.

Even the humans who were running away from the battle of the giant beasts.



Hansoo pulled out the golden spear that penetrated into the skull of Amedos, Forked Lightning, and laughed coldly.

“Let me join as well. Anyways, is this guy one point as well?”


The surrounding people were all shocked as they watched a black armored human stepping onto the head of Amedos.


Boooooom! Booom!

Metiron heard the vibrations coming from above and just shrugged his shoulders.

“Wow. Such beasts. They clash the moment we set it up for them.”

Though they weren’t able to go up since the Arukons would be searching for them with flames in their eyes but they could tell just from the sounds.

Metiron stopped listening to the noise as he shouted around him.

“Almost done?”


“Anyways, why did the sages not use this when they had this. Hurry up. The rest prepare to get out.”

The giant circular door on the floor.

Metiron hummed as he saw Karon and the other clansmen working on the giant door that was easily 500m in diameter.