Reincarnator - Chapter 192 : Pektoril (1)

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Chapter 192 : Pektoril (1)

“What are you going to do now?”

One of the seven people who had been held in Makeronia’s hands, Tania, spoke towards Chen who was the person who acted as their leader.

Chen looked at the man in the distance, pondered for a bit and then looked at Tania.

“The ones who were caught with us are still hiding nearby right?”

Tania nodded at those words.

The 398 people who had been trapped along with them in Birdcage area 11-3.

The moment the mana barrier that was blocking them disappeared they had ambushed Makeronia but the result was very bad.

Because a few had been massacred in the very beginning the rest all ran away like the wind and the ones who had charged in first had been caught.

Anyways, Chen mumbled while looking at the man in the distance after being released.

‘We have to follow him. No matter what.’

Though one had died the situation was still very bad.

The Higher Races were on a rampage from the mana having disappearing and the other surviving adventurers were doing everything they can in order to survive.

‘But how?’

Chen fell into his thoughts.

Looking at things logically, the seven of them were baggage.

He could just tell from the eyes of the man with the bow looking at him with annoyance.

And this was the truth.

‘Fuck. You’re a leech as well.’

As Chen was mumbling.

A conversation was heard by him.

“We need to find the 1st Generation ones.”

The moment he heard it.

Chen shouted out instinctively.

“I know! I know where a 1st Generation one is!”

From Chen’s words the heads of the two, who had been ignoring him the whole time, turned around.


Chen celebrated within his mind.



Chen, who had been looking at the surroundings while hiding between the rubble, slowly came out and moved again after checking that nobody was around.

Karhal followed Chen through the wooden structures as he asked.

“So the 1st Generation ones are here right?”

Chen nodded as he was guiding Hansoo, Karhal and the others.

“Yes. And it’s not ones but just one. There aren’t that many 1st Generations around anymore.”

Thousands of Higher Races had come to see them while they were caught in this Birdcage.

But even out of all the Higher Races there weren’t that many that lived over hundreds of years.

Mainly three to four per race.

Of course there were even less of them who came to the Birdcage.

“I’ve seen one from the Akalachias here. They should definitely be here since it hadn’t even been a day since they came here.”

The wooden structure in the distance was a location where the Akalachias usually enjoyed their stay.

It was very likely that they were still in here.

“Hey, why are you being informal with me?”


Chen ignored Karhal’s words as he focused on guiding them.

Towards a direction where they could hide from the eyes of the Higher Races the best.

‘I must stay by these guys no matter what.’

He wasn’t finding a perfectly safe location.

Since there wouldn’t be such a place like this.

His goal was finding a place that was as safe as possible.

‘At least until this chaos calms down…’

Tania spoke to Chen with sign languages.

Chen frowned at this.

‘Damned Bastards. If they all charged in then… We could’ve won. Cowards.’

Chen grinded his teeth as he stopped his bleeding from his missing left arm which had been bit off my Makeronia.

No matter how strong they were they were still adventurers who can gained quite a lot of runes.

If 400 people charged in then they would easily be able to kill one.

But the moment Chen and others charged in, everyone else had ran away.

‘I hope they all die.’

Chen suppressed his feelings as he softly replied to Tania.

Tania nodded at this.

They were being able to dodge the eyes of the Higher Race as of now since they only had nine people.

But if there were 400 people?

It would be hard to dodge the eyes of the Higher Races roaming around in rage.

‘This is too smooth.’

Tania made a confused expression while heading towards their goal after having come out from the debris.

This was the territory of the Akalachias who acted solo.

But it was strange that they hadn’t seen a single Rebeloongs or Arukons who were high in number.

It was comfortable but too unusual.

‘…We need to check our surroundings.’

The moment Tania raised his five senses to the brim.



“…This sound is.”

The extremely high voices that she hadn’t been able to hear came into her ears after she focused her senses.

A special call that the Rebeloongs used to call the members of their race.

‘I feel uneasy.’

Tania and Chen frowned.


2nd Generation Rebeloong, Kalipso, frowned as he looked at the members around him.

Almost 900.

Since quite some time had been past since the chaos had started, it was normal for everyone to have gathered by now.

But an empty space could be seen.

“Where’s Makeronia?”

Kalipso asked the others but everyone shrugged their shoulders and nobody answered.

Which meant that they didn’t know.

Kalipso frowned from this.

‘There’s no way that he got killed by the humans or anything.’

It wasn’t that the humans weren’t a threat.

They had lost their mana and there were much more humans than them here anyway.

But there wasn’t anyone who had heard Makeronia’s call.

It was impossible for the 3rd Generation Makeronia to have died before he could use his call even if a swarm of humans came onto him.

There’s only one kind of guys who can do that.

Well, two different types.

‘Damned bastards, I knew this would happen.’

Kalipso tapped his protruded front teeth.

A sound that he made when he was in a foul mood.

Kaliso spoke towards his surroundings.

“You guys know why I gathered you right?”

Everyone nodded.

Since their cries meant more than just calling each other.

If the Arukons had powerful bodies and a sixth sense and the Akalachias had powerful battle strength and the ability to fly then they had insane reproduction abilities along with their destruction beams and the communication ability to utilize their numbers.

Anyways, Kalipso opened his mouth again in order to explain again.

‘Strange…Our calls don’t work as well here.’

“This is our chance. A very precious one.”

A group’s battle prowess important but a leader was important as well.

A great burden laid upon the leader in this place where they were cut off from mana.

This place was originally a place made for high ranked officials of the Higher Races to enjoy their time.

People who should have been protected until the very end if not for a chaotic situation such as this.

Such people were all trapped within these tight spaces.

“The balance has been tipped already since we found out the Destruction Jade is in here already.”

The moment they found out the Destruction Jade’s whereabouts, they had no reason to hold back anymore.

What they were worried about was them annoying a human and only their race being affected by the Destruction jade.

But since it was already activated like this, there was nothing to hold back.

‘And we just need to kill every living in here, simple.’

And they were at a huge advantage.

“The dog heads lost their king and the Akalachias are powerful but they roam around alone, they can’t fly in here anyway.”

‘Though I don’t know why.’

In this strange Birdcage, the Akalachias couldn’t fly and the Arukons couldn’t utilize their Sixth Sense.

And they couldn’t use their cries to call each other that well either.

It seemed like the 1st Generations knew something but they didn’t say anything.

‘Well. We can just ask after we go out. Or ask those parrots before they die.’

Kalipso laughed coldly as he thought of the 1st Generation over at the Akalachia territory, Pektoril.

“The only ones who survive in here…Are our race.”

Going against the two races who have lost their leaders would be very easy.

One of the 3rd Generation member, Amedos, asked.

“Then what about the humans? There are too many for us to ignore.”

They were in an advantage, the vicious Arukons and powerful Akalachias were no pushovers.

They didn’t have the strength to fight the humans at the same time as well.

Kalipso laughed coldly at Amedos’s words.

“We can’t ignore our precious resources. Let’s just play the game we usually play. The war game.”

“Keke. Then I shall play with the guys at the 1st region.”

“38th region for me.”

The other Rebeloongs made amused and excited expressions at Kalipso’s words.



“Fucking hell!”

Karhal saw the adventurers causing a ruckus as he made a dumbfounded expression.

“Kill it!”

“Damn! I’m the one who killed them!”

The humans were killing each other.

They were fighting each other with a headband that had strange symbols on their head.

‘Are they crazy?’

They should be hiding quietly or trying to strike the Higher Races but why the hell were they killing each other.

And from the way they were moving they weren’t doing in a urgent manner either.

They made formations and stayed true each person’s roles and acted very naturally.

As if it was very familiar to them.

Karhal spoke towards Chen guiding them.

“Hey! Why the hell are those crazy guys doing that.”

This wasn’t a survival game or anything, why the hell were they fighting with those headbands.

“Oh yeah…You came from above. You shouldn’t know then.”


Chen clenched his teeth and mumbled.

“It’s a game. A war game.”

The administrator of this game was the Higher Race.

The pawns of the game were humans.

The rule was simple.

The 400 man people of different regions will kill as many people as they can and take their headbands.

When the timer ends the region with the highest number of headbands would be victorious and the owner of that area won.

Though they had lost their mana and had been freed, the difference in rankings still existed.

Mana will come back eventually and they will face the judgement of the Higher Race.

It was obvious that they followed the orders of the Higher Race.

It wasn’t weird either.

Since they had lived like this ever since they got trapped in the Birdcage.

Chen had tried attacking because he hadn’t been here for that long.

‘Damn. They made a game in the midst of this chaos?’

Chen grinded his teeth while looking around.

Moving around in a small group in order to not get caught by the Higher Races would actually hurt them in this situation.

They couldn’t dodge the eyes of that many people.

Chen shouted towards Hansoo in despair.

“Since it happened like this. Let’s go over there as well!”


As Karhal made a dumbfounded expression, Chen made an annoyed expression.

“Then what? You want to go through that thing?”

Chen then pointed towards the vicinity of their target.

And Karhal spat on the ground as he saw where the finger was pointing towards.

“Fuck…It’s busy enough fighting those monsters but we have to kill the humans as well?”

For them to kill humans in order to kill the beast.

Hansoo and Karhal frowned as he looked at the adventurers swarming towards their direction from the Akalachia’s territory.


“These rat bastards. I knew you would do this. Those guys excel at betrayal.”

A giant bird with a height of 10m mumbled as he looked at the Rebeloongs and humans charging towards him from the distance.

He was a bird but just like the Arukons and Rebeloongs, the muscular humanoid lifeform was closer to a human with a beak and wings than a bird.

‘Well whatever. Since we needed to be closer to a human’s shape in order to receive the remodeling surgery of the Sages…’

Akalachia, Pektoril, thought of the things that had been done to him hundreds of years ago as he stared at the Rebeloongs charging towards him.

The ones who had betrayed the Sages first hundreds of years ago were these Rebeloongs as well.

‘Good. I shall wipe you all off this time around. Come. I shall smash you one by one in order.’

Pektoril moved up the units in his area and squirmed the muscles in his body as he mumbled.