Reincarnator - Chapter 191 : Birdcage (3)

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Chapter 191 : Birdcage (3)


3rd Generation Rebeloong, Makeronia, frowned as he grasped the metal debris in his hands while watching the human who fell down from above.

‘What the hell. Fuck.’

The debris created from the Birdcage falling apart was dyed in blood.

Of course not his but blood of others.


Crunch Crunch

Makeronia chomped a leg of a human in order to relieve a bit of stress as he started to stomp his way towards the humans in the center of the lake.


“Hehe. Why? Do we look that easy since we don’t have mana anymore?”

Makeronia laughed as he looked at the human screaming out in pain.

It was truth that the Rebeloongs were much more inferior to the Akalachias and Rebeloongs physically.

But that only applied to 1st and 2nd generation members, the 3rd generation members like him weren’t that much weaker than the Arukons due to their larger number.

But killing a few bugs wasn’t enough to relieve his stress entirely.

‘Damn. I can’t contact the Satellite Fortress because there’s no mana… So this is the Destruction jade I’ve been hearing about huh.’

Being affected by it felt horrible.

The barrier of the Satellite Fortress that protected him had disappeared and the Destruction Beam that could set the grounds aflame did not come out either.

For him, somebody who received great treatment even out of the Rebeloongs, to become like this.

‘I need to figure out the situation first.’

Makeronia finished his thoughts and then started to walk towards the humans who fell into the lake in the distance.



Karhal got up from the waters and then asked a question while looking at the rat face approaching him from the distance.

He was curious the whole time he fell down.

“What are you going to do now? We have no way of finding that small item called the Destruction Jade?”

Karhal asked with a confused expression.

If the Destruction Jade was that small then the other side could hide it anywhere in this place.

Karhal thought that there wasn’t anyone below here because Hansoo had came in with such confidence.

Or that they were all trapped or immobile.

But Karhal could not understand how Hansoo was going to find a tiny object within a space where tens of thousands of people are running around in chaos.

‘And it’s not like we have a lot of time either.’

The inside was a chaos and there was a limit to how long Junghwan could hold on outside.

But Hansoo shook his head.

“It’ll be hard with just the Destruction Jade alone anyway”

Even Eres couldn’t cover the entire zone with the Destruction Jade in the past.

Like how the Sealing Jade needed a enhancement, the Destruction Jade needed one as well.

Hansoo mumbled while looking at the already chaotic Birdcage.

The Destruction Jade was powerful but it was not enough.

It might’ve been different if the Destruction Jade was powerful enough to stop the entire zone but it was not.

Since even Eres had run away after using the Destruction Jade in the past.

‘I need to find a complementary object for this.’

Below here.

There was something below this location, which was originally designed as a research facility, that would complement the Destruction Jade.

Something created as a pair to the Destruction Jade.

‘Since the two resonate…I’ll be able to find the Destruction Jade if I find that.’

Hansoo finished his thoughts and started to walk away.

“We’ll now go underground from here.”

“What? Where?”

Hansoo pointed towards the giant rat that was holding onto seven different humans as it walked over to them from the question.

“We’ll find out if we ask.”

Wouldn’t the original visitors of the Birdcage know that the best?

Crunch Crunch.

‘What kind of rat…’

Karhal frowned.

A 4m large rat.

A mouse was a cute animal within Karhal’s memories since he used to raise a pet hamster but when it grew to 4m in size, it was a completely different story.

And even more so if it held humans with broken necks in its hands.

It didn’t just look like a rat standing up but rather much similar to a human due to the abnormally developed upper body muscles.

Actually, if Hansoo’s body was stretched to twice his size and put on a giant rat mask then he would look just like that.

‘It’s a fucking crazy Mickey Mouse. It is doing an amazing job destroying my childhood.’

Hansoo spoke towards Karhal.

“Support. I taught you the sign language right?”


Karhal nodded.

He was quite tense but he had no confidence to do anything alone in this place.

What the hell would he do in a place like this by himself.

‘Follow him for now.’



“What the…”

Makeronia made a dumbfounded expression at the human who had started charging towards him.

It wasn’t abnormal to see a human charging at him.

Since the fearless ones trapped in the Birdcage charged at him the moment mana sustaining the barriers disappeared.

But nobody had charged at him by themselves like this before.

They charged in numbers of hundreds at the least.


The moment Makeronia threw away the humans in his hand and was about to smash Hansoo with his lifted right hand.


Hansoo, who was inspecting the Rebeloong closely while charging, sent a signal with his empty left hand which did not hold the spear.

Karhal gulped at the strange movements of the hand as he sent an attack with the .


The bowstring rang as the arrow flew across and charged towards the giant mouse violently.

To be exact it was heading towards the right side of the heart Hansoo had signed him to shoot towards.


Makeronia scoffed as he looked at the arrow flying towards him.

Not bad.

A bug who had this much strength was within the strongest of the bugs.

But their races were still different.

He didn’t have the sixth sense or the tenacity of the Arukons but he still had muscles, senses and a body that was dimensions apart in quality.

The target of the arrow could clearly be seen by him.

And he could easily dodge it.

‘I guess I’ll have to try a bit.’


The moment Makeronia scoffed and was about to focus onto the arrow flying towards him.

Hansoo’s eyes shone.

At the same time.


Hansoo’s speed rose by multiple times in an instant.

The Dragon Essence Blade lined up within his body as it enhanced his body and the liquid metal of the Body Enhancement Surgery further enhanced the previous result.

Hansoo’s body, which was still at a human’s level, evolved even beyond the Rebeloong.

The body that could fight against Dakidus when his runes were crawling upon the very bottom had now received the blessings of 100% maximized runes as his body’s strength easily rose over the limit of destroying a Rebeloong.

Makeronia, who was focused entirely on the arrow, turned around at the sudden change in noise and then freaked out at the human who was charging towards him with a speed that was unbelievably faster than what it had been before.

“You..You fucking rat!”



A painful mistake.

The human had gotten up to his face in an instant and was slashing its spear at his head.

Makeronia fell in despair as he stared at the golden spear that was flying in to penetrate his head and tried to call for his comrades.

He was acting solo because of the pride as a 3rd Generation member but as he fell into a dangerous situation, the swarm instincts within his blood had boiled up.

He was different than the Akalachias or the Arukons who lived in small communities.

They were a race who used their massive numbers of their swarm to suppress the enemy.

The instincts that were sleeping within his blood since it wasn’t needed due to him not having met any powerful opponents suddenly exploded out.


But it was too late.


The spear that was heading for his head made a strange twist as it penetrated his vocal chord near his neck.


And as the vocal chords got cut and the spear blocked his throat, the scream that was coming up got stopped.

Makeronia freaked out as he tried to retaliate.

Since he could continue to move as long as his head remained intact.

But sadly the spear that cut through his vocal chords did not stop there as it continued to penetrate its way through.


The spear that cut through his vocal chords dug in even deeper, smashed through his skull and stopped right in front of the brain and numerous other nerves.


The entire body of Makeronia that was about to retaliate stopped moving.

The muscles loosened up as the lower body that was supporting him started to give away.


Makeronia couldn’t stand up any longer after the nerves that reached down to his body got severed as he slowly fell down backwards.

Everyone freaked out as they saw Hansoo who had turned a Higher Race half dead in an instant.

For somebody to turn that monstrous being into a retard in an instant.

And the amazement was the same to Karhal as well.

“Woah…Can’t you just handle all of this once your mana comes back?”

Karhal joked around as he spoke.

For him to smash apart something that even hundreds of people had a hard time killing in an instant.

The sensation that he hadn’t been in this world that long when he fought Dakidus could clearly be felt now.

Hansoo shook his head at Karhal’s joke of a question.

“It’s like this because there’s no mana.”

He didn’t have a lot of skills and their mastery weren’t high anyway.

Since every skill were high quality they had a much stronger might than other people but that wasn’t his strong point.

The human’s strongest point was the firepower coming from numerous chain activations of skills.

If a manaless Hansoo was like having his hands and legs tied, a normal adventurer without mana was like an armless and legless person.

‘Well. It wouldn’t be as much as these guys though.’

Hansoo mumbled as he looked at the Rebeloong twitching on the ground with its head almost cut off.

These guys were probably beyond being armless and legless and instead probably felt like a fish out of water.

‘It’s nice I got him before he screamed.’

This guy was the weakest of the three race in terms of one on one battle but their numbers were the problem.

He had profited since he had ambushed while it had been distracted but if his comrades came running after it screamed out then things would’ve turned much more tiresome.


Hansoo approached the Rebeloong who was watching him in fear on the ground and then sat upon its chest.

He then asked with his fingers raised.

“What generation?”


“If you answer well then I’ll end you quick and painlessly. If not then I’ll just leave.”

At those words the fear in Makeronia’s eyes deepened.

It was better to die cleanly here.

Since the ones who he had thrown away were glaring at him in rage and hate after realizing the situation.

‘Even…Even the shit I have done to these guys alone in this place is enough…’

The moment Hansoo’s fingers, which were rotating around 1, 2 and 3, landed on 3.

Makeronia used his eyelids which were still moving and hurriedly blinked numerous times.

“A third generation…”

“Wait! Don’t kill him!”

The moment the rage filled voices were heard by Hansoo.


Hansoo smashed apart the head of the Rebeloong and stood up as if he was done here.

Karhal made a confused expression from those actions.

“Didn’t you need these guys?”

Hansoo shook his head at those words.

“I don’t need these things. I need the ones who lived here originally.”

“The ones who lived here?”

Hansoo nodded.

1st Generation.

He needed the ancient beasts that used to live here hundreds of years ago and still continued to live here.

This place.

The beginnings of the Higher Race who had gained their strength from the Sage’s research lab, the

‘Parrot, rat, dog and monkey…Quite a lot huh.’

Ones who had become a new race after being enhanced so they can create the , which was the base of the Sage’s power, within their own body.

‘If I can attain that then…The humans would also be able to attain a sea of mana that they can use.’

Hansoo thought of his final goal.

Translator’s Note : Oh shit. Dat foreshadow

Red Zone : Breeding Grounds.

Orange Zone : Steroids Factory.

Yellow Zone : Hogwarts?

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