Reincarnator - Chapter 188 : Demonic Beast (2)

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Chapter 188 : Demonic Beast (2)

A cliff.

A large amount of people were gathered around the village created by digging the cliff, .

The Farmers who were working hard, the Hunters hunting around the village as well as the guards who protected the rules of the village.

And they all exclaimed out in fear as they saw the giant Satellite Fortress heading towards them from the distance.

“Oh god…”

Mackill, who had mixed into the village and was waiting for Hansoo’s signal, was confused at the sight of the Satellite Fortress.

‘…Why is it coming?’

The Harvester should’ve died already and even if they appointed a new one it was too quick.

The villagers also looked at the Satellite Fortress flying towards them with a nervous expression.

“The new Harvester shouldn’t be here yet…”

“What is it?”

The people, who didn’t know the Harvester had died yet, were all confused.

At that moment.



A beam of light came out from the Satellite Fortress as it shredded an area near the village.



The people screamed as they saw the sudden assault of the Satellite Fortress.

The village itself wasn’t hit but the huge jungle in front of the cliff had been turned into a raging sea of flames in an instant.


The area the blue beam went past a tremendously deep hole had been created in a line as the beasts and trees had all been burnt up in an instant.

It was light a god smashing down onto the ground.

“What the hell! Run!”


The people finally realized that this wasn’t a joke as they started to run away from the cliffside city and started to run away in all directions.

The Higher Races had played around before but never something like this.

They would all get burnt to death if they stayed here.

At that moment.


Tens of pillars of light started to fall down with the city as the center.

At the same time the pillars of light split up as they started to surround the village.

And soon a translucent barrier had been created around the village.

Of course it was clear that it wasn’t created to protect the village.


Tong! Tong!

“Fuck! We’re trapped!”

“Shit! We can’t get out! Uaaak!”

“Why are they doing this suddenly!”

The people looked at the giant blue bird cage surrounding them as they screamed out.



‘What a historical day.’

The Arukon, Mekmilan, made a content smile while looking at the struggling bugs from the control room of the Satellite Fortress.

‘Yeah. This is the norm.’

Mekmilan ground his teeth as he thought of Clementine who had threatened him and his race with the Destruction Jade in the past.

Though they fought against each other and were wary of the other party, a group whom didn’t even belong on their caliber should never have joined in their fight in the first place.

Since they would only drop the quality.

For a bug to fit in when beasts were fighting.

But for them to be afraid of a sting the bugs to the point of creating a nest for them to live on.

How did this make sense?

Those things shouldn’t have existed in the first place anyway.

‘Delete the 147 villages one by one first. It’ll be you next.’

Of course not all the Satellite Fortresses had left since they were still wary of the other side.

The Satellite Fortresses sent out were three from each race for a total of nine.

But this was more than enough to erase the 147 villages and the tens of thousands of humans in the Green Road.

In a day there wouldn’t even be a trace of them living here anymore.

‘They’ll come back up anyway. I’ll play with them then.’

Mekmilan smiled.

Of course this was after he played around with those things caught in the cage first.

How envious had he been about the Harvester or the Inspectors.

Him, a Defender, had to stare at the faces of the Akalachias and Rebeloongs by the borders but those things played around with the livestock when they were bored and even snacked on them.

‘Keheheh. I’m not envious anymore though.’

Mekmilan growled as he made a content smile.

He had to erase about 20 villages.

Since there wasn’t a set time limit he could enjoy it slowly.

And Mekmillan looked at the bugs trembling with fear from one attack with an amused expression.

At that moment.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The land beneath the Satellite Fortress started to tremble.

A sound of something heavy running.


Mekmilan hurriedly spread out his sensory devices out in all directions.

The sound and the tremor was not normal.

The land all around him along with the air itself was crying out from something mysterious.

And Mekmilan doubted his sight as he looked towards the Green Road.

Since something very familiar was running towards him.

Rough fur.

Thick arms and huge thighs.

Ears that stood up along with a snout that extended out.

Along with sharp and durable teeth that looked like they could chew through anything.

The existence that was numerous kilometers away felt like it was right in front of his eyes.

There was a reason why he could see all these details despite the distance.

Since it was that huge.

‘…What the hell.’

Mekmilan exclaimed out in shock as he saw a metal wolf the size of a mountain in the distance.

The image was so detailed that he was having a hard time deciphering with his own image reflected on the window.

The giant metal beast which had copied every detail of their perfect race was charging towards the Satellite Fortress, the Atillan, he was in.

A body that was over 1km tall, it was bringing hundreds of tons of mass.

Boom! Booom!

Every step caused mountains to fall and the land to smash apart.

The clouds dispersed as it shot past them.

“What a toy. Haha. What the hell…”

Mekmilan made a dumbfounded expression.

He could tell just from the vicious aura and the extended claws.

Though it looked like this race, it actually had enmity against them.

‘…Smash it apart first then think.’

That moment.


The Satellite Fortress’s main attack got charged up as it fired multiple blue beams out.

Towards the black wolf running towards it.


The clouds got split as the air heated up from the blue beam.

The 13 blue beams which had crossed mutliple kilometers in a split second started to assault the giant black wolf.


Mekmilan smiled as he saw a huge noise occurring.

‘No matter how big it is, it won’t hold on.’

There was nothing that could withstand the main attack of the Satellite Fortress in this world.

What could they do even if they were huge.

No matter how big it was, it was but a large target if it couldn’t block his attack..

But Mekmilan’s smile suddenly froze.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

“What the fuck!”

Mekmilan screamed out as he saw the demonic beast which was still charging with its original speed despite being assaulted by the Satellite Fortress.

It wasn’t that the attack had no effect.

The metal furs had been shaved off and parts of the skin had been pushed in like it had been hit hard.

Actually the left arm, where the beams were focused on, was moving in a weird fashion as if it had been damaged quite a bit.

It looked like it had become quite a mess but it was not something Mekmilan wanted to see.

He wanted to see it having fallen onto the ground with holes on its body.

He wanted to see the body melt down like ice beneath the sun.

That was what he imagined but the speed hadn’t decreased a single bit and it was getting closer to the Satellite Fortress at a tremendous pace.

No, it was actually getting faster.

As if it had gotten confident after confirming that it could take on the attack.


This wasn’t the time to waste energy on the cage around the village.

Mekmilan freaked out at the black demonic beast’s charge as he gathered all the energy and started to pour it all onto the main cannon.

Soon tens of beams flew across the skies.

Boooom! Boom! Boooom!

But it was all useless.

The blue beams constantly smashed onto the wolf’s body and tried to push it back but the giant wolf, which crossed mountains and rivers in a single step, had gotten up to the Satellite Fortress in an instant.

And then.


The giant metal claws smashed down onto the Satellite Fortress.



Mekmilan screamed out from the shock that shook the entire Satellite Fortress.

He didn’t know what the hell that thing was made of but it cut right through the blue barrier that had been protecting the Satellite Fortress.

Crunch! Crackle!

Soon a fight occurred between them.

Boom! Booom!

Since the damage was higher due to the close range, every attack of the Satellite Fortress caused the black wolf’s body to get pushed in and cause its jointed to twist in weird angles but the demonic beast didn’t care a single bit about it as it continued to rip apart the Satellite Fortress with its calws.

And soon.


A bright blue light from the part where the Satellite Fortress had been ripped apart.

An extremely deep and pure blue light that couldn’t even be compared to that of the attacks.

Mekmilan cursed out as the Mana engine, the cause of the Satellite Fortress’s power and something that used Mana crystals, appeared.

“Fucking bastard!”

He knew what the beast was aiming for.


It had targeted the energy the Satellite Fortress ran on and had attacked it.

Crunch Crunch Crunch.

Mekmilan hurridely sent a distress signal as he looked at the giant wolf which had started to chomp down upon the mana crystal and the mana engine as if it was eating a wrapped lunch.

“Kaltouss! Akinel! Help! This crazy bastard…Why is it doing this!”

Boom! Booom!

The huge sounds of the giant demonic beast and the fortress fighting rang throughout the giant jungle and the village.

One of the people who had been running away after seeing the blue barrier disappearing suddenly shouted out

“Hey! You’re doing good! Kill it!”

The people, who were usually afraid of angering the Atillan, had nothing to fear after realizing that those guys had come to kill them anyway.

“Yeah! Smash it apart!”

“Smash it!”

The people’s cheers were heard by Junghwan as he clashed against the Fortress.

‘Those dumbasses. I’m not doing this for you!”

Though he had gained powers beyond his imaginations, the Satellite Fortress’s power was higher than he expected.

Junghwan thought of Hansoo as he felt the pain running through his body.

‘Kang Hansoo. You bastard. If things don’t work out the way you said then I’m going to kill you!’

Junghwan then thought of the conversation he had with Hansoo before he came here.



A giant wolf broke out of an egg and came out onto the land.

Junghwan laughed loudly as he controlled the giant wolf’s body.

A tremendously large body that could reach the clouds.

The powerful strength that felt like it could split mountains in half.

‘Just wait.’

He was going to go to the Birdcage.

But the moment he was about to walk away after setting his goal.

“Wait there for a moment.”

A loud shout was heard to Junghwan who had gained a surprising perception after getting all the liquid metals under his control.

Junghwan looked down from the familiar voice.

‘Hmm? He didn’t leave yet?’

Despite some time having been past, Hansoo, Ekidu and Karhal were still staring at him.

Well, Ekidu and Karhal were looking at him with fear but Hansoo had an expression of boredom from the wait.

Junghwan pondered for a moment and then decided to ignore.

Since he was quite busy.


The moment Junghwan was about to ignore them and move away.


A tremendous shock smashed onto the backside of the metal beast.

Junghwan looked down in rage from the sudden pain.


“I said listen before you go.”

“Are you fucking crazy! Hey hey hey!”

Karhal freaked out as he looked at Hansoo who had smashed the demonic beast, who was about to actually leave, with the Akion.