Reincarnator - Chapter 187 : Demonic Beast (1)

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Chapter 187 : Demonic Beast (1)

Junghwan laughed as he looked at his corpse laying in the distance.

Junghwan’s consciousness wasn’t bound by his feeble body anymore.


Junghwan’s consciousness had entered the maze and spread out in all directions.

Along the kilometers of the maze which resembled giant tree roots.

‘It’s not needed anymore.’

As Junghwan willed it.


The metals that had spread out like snakes started to all gather at one point.

The hollow maze tunnels folded in on themselves and crunched up as they started to become more solid.

There were still some beasts remaining but they weren’t needed.

The metal waves created while squishing the beasts apart gathered around Junghwan and it surrounded the cave Hansoo was standing in.

Soon the giant metal ant tunnels had disappeared and only a 1km large black egg had remained.

‘Though there’s nothing inside and the shell’s a bit thick.’

Junghwan chuckled as he looked at the cave where only there lifeforms remained.

This was actually too big for three still.


Soon even the large cave started to shrink.

Crunch Crunch

The cave shrunk while destroying the skeletons spread out and soon only a cubic room was left.

It even had a TV, a bookshelf and chairs as well.

Though it was small it was more than enough for a human to live.

It looked a bit too small for three people but it was special for Junghwan.

Since it was the room he lived with his little sibling.

Junghwan spoke to Hansoo, Karhal and Ekidu after having recreated his old room with metal.

“It’s not much but sit. There’s a bed there too.”

“…I’ve heard of stone beds but this is a first.”

Karhal tapped the metal bed, which only looked comfy but was quite hard, and gave up as he just sat upon it.

Hansoo stared at Junghwan and then spoke out.

“You are right now doing something that you cannot handle.”

Hansoo wanted to use the King’s Crown in order to smash through the next stage.

Where the birdcage and Metiron were at.

Once he got through then the Destruction Jade would be right in front of him.

But he hadn’t even thought about taking over the entire maze.

Junghwan had given up his physical body in order to obtain the maze and had transferred his soul and consciousness onto it.

‘He crossed a river he cannot cross back on.’

He would never be able to return to the body of a human anymore.

The metal Junghwan smiled at those words.

“That’s my own issue.”

A tremendous amount of strength which could be felt from his entire body.

“What are you going to do?”

Junghwan laughed coldly at those words.

“There’s something I want to say before that. Would you take a look here?”

The moment he finished talking.


The TV, which seemed to just be decor, suddenly shook.

At the same time thousands of detailed sculptures appeared on the insides of it.

Like a real TV.

“Though it’s black and white it should do the trick. Oh by the way this isn’t a Sci-Fi movie but live.”

As soon as Junghwan’s words ended.


The sculptures inside the screen moved according to Junghwan’s will.

Karhal was shocked at those words.

“What the…”

Though Junghwan told him it was live, a scene which looked like an SF movie was seen.

Since tens of Satellite Fortresses were moving in a hurried manner.

If they saw it with their own eyes then they would only be able to exclaim out in shock.

Even a single one felt majestic up close.

Tens of Satellite Fortresses moving together was like a scene from a movie.

And Hansoo frowned as he saw this.

‘…They started to move?’

The movements of the Satellite Fortresses were changing.

The Satellite Fortresses which were on guard against each other suddenly spread out.

Towards the villages spread out.

Some towards the air of the Green Road.

All three races at the same time.

Junghwan laughed as he looked at Hansoo.

“I’m just showing you their movements, I have no idea why they’re doing this. But I think you do.”


Hansoo then looked at the Akion in his hands.

At the same time he looked at the armor the Judge had on before.

Every bit of action Akitrus had done got replayed in his head.

The first thing was what he had done right before he died.

His face and his iris.

And the direction the iris was staring towards.


That iris was definitely staring at his ring.

Nurmaha’s ring.

Numerous possibilities flashed past in Hansoo’s head.

And then Hansoo was able to pin one down.


Him causing a ruckus here wouldn’t be close to enough to cause the three races to unite.

He was weak compared to their entire army and they didn’t know the secrets of the world.

But if they treated him as a part of Clementine’s plan.

If the person who had taken down a Satellite Fortress and killed the Judge was on the side of Metiron then they wouldn’t be able to hold back anymore.

Since Metiron had the Destruction Jade.

At this rate a tremendous amount of people will get killed even before he could activate the Destruction Jade.

He needed to move as quickly as possible.

And he needed to crown to do that.

He needed this huge King’s tomb that was being controlled by the crown.

‘I can’t use the Akion.’

He had infected it with the Dark Cloud but he didn’t have a source of energy.

Since the Satellite Fortresses wouldn’t allow any energy to be sent.

The moment Hansoo grasped the Forked Lightning in his hands.

“No no.”


Junghwan flicked his remaining left hand as he saw Hansoo.

This was inside his stomach.

He was a god in here.



Junghwan’s body fell down onto the ground like a broken dish.

At the same time the room Junghwan disappeared from had the furniture spin around in a tornado like fashion.

Towards the three in the center of the room.





Ekidu and Karhal, who had been sitting on the bed, suddenly got eaten by the wall.


Boom! Boom!

A few explosive sounds were heard from the metal wall which had swallowed them but it was only for a moment.

And soon the two of them disappeared without a trace.

And Hansoo as well.


Hansoo, who had been stuck inside the metal wall with only his head sticking out, frowned at the tremendous pressure pushing onto his body.

‘Beyond my expectations. For one’s ability to control it to rise so dramatically if they gave up their physical bodies.’

Hansoo’s body which had been enhanced through the Dragon Essence Blade and Body Enhancement Surgery couldn’t budge a bit.

He felt like Sun Wukong being imprisoned under a mountain.

A power Hansoo could not have since he needed to go to the next world and was only going to borrow a part of the power.

‘But…I can still do it.’

If he used his Racial Metamorphosis then he could probably fight against him.

As Hansoo was about to prepare.

Junghwan appeared in front of Hansoo’s eyes.

And the red crown was back on Junghwan’s head.

Junghwan laughed as he tapped the crown on his head.

“Anyways, I can’t give you this crown anymore. It’s mine now.”

Jungwan looked at Hansoo as he felt the tremendous power running through his body.

‘I guess it’s something I gained because of you.’

Junghwan then looked at his right hand that had yet to heal.

He had despised and hated when his hand had been cut off.

If only the ones in front of his eyes had agreed to come with him.

And if he could only figure out how he killed Dakidus.

Then he would’ve even been able to raise Metiron’s forces who were hiding like mice in front of the Higher Races.

But it was both good and bad.

Since this strength was not something he would’ve been able to gain if Hansoo hadn’t activated the maze.

Junghwan laughed coldly towards Hansoo.

“Thank you but that’s that. I’ll treat this crown the price for my hand.”

Junghwan spoke towards Hansoo as he looked at his hand which he hadn’t regenerated on purpose.

“Since I’m going to be a bit busy now so…Go now.”

At that moment.


Hansoo’s body got sucked into the wall and started to disappear.



A conical area which was shaking as if there was an earthquake.

Actually the ground itself was cracking apart as the land itself collapsing.

At that moment.


A giant metal pillar appeared from in between the cracked ground.

The 3m wide black metal pillar, which had crawled out from the ground like a worm, started to move a part of itself which looked like a mouth.

And then.


The metal pillar spat two things out.


Two people popped out from the insides while screaming.

Ekidu and Karhal caught their balance despite being in air as they landed upon the ground and looked around.


Karhal and Ekidu were confused.

For Junghwan to let them go.

At that moment.


The metal pillar spat another thing out.

And Karhal exclaimed out in joy.

“Hansoo! You didn’t die?”


“Well. You kind of cut off that guy’s hand. Don’t look at me like that.”

As Karhal was shrugging his shoulders.


The Metal pillar started to spit a large amount of things out.

Like a machine gun.


Karhal frowned as he saw this.


A tremendous amount of runes poured out from the metal mouth.

It was more than enough to fill up all three of them to the brim.

‘Where did such an amount…’

Karhal pondered for a moment and then figured out where those runs came out from.

The countless beasts that were inside the maze.

The moment the maze twisted and changed form they had been crushed and the runes came from there.

After a long while of spitting the runes out, the metal mouth chewed a bit and then spat something out again.


The thing that came out from the mouth got stuck onto the ground.

And Hansoo frowned as he looked at the 3m long spear.

‘Akion and Akitrus’s Armor, the Heavenly Wrath Armor.’

But it was different from before.


The Akion, which couldn’t be used from the severed connection from the Satellite Fortress, suddenly lighted up in bright blue on the tip.

Proof that there was a clear supply of energy.

And Hansoo knew where this energy came from.

The Maze moved with the Mana Crystals as well.

Junghwan had connected the Akion onto the core of the Maze.

‘Well. It’s not the maze anymore.’

The moment Hansoo picked up the Akion.


The land that was already unstable started to tremble aggressively.


‘That…Should be enough for what you’re trying to do right? Work hard.’

Junghwan laughed as he poured everything he had onto Hansoo.

He had gained power.

And he had even thrown away his body in order to use it properly.

Since he knew that he wouldn’t be completely free due to the symbol.

And he had gotten completely unrestrained by the clan’s symbol the moment he left his physical body.

But clan’s suppression was lifted as his goals of the past started to fill up his head.

But at the same time he felt his soul burning up and his consciousness fading.

He could only.

Since the Maze was too large and powerful to be controlled by the consciousness of a human.

But it didn’t matter.

Since he was prepared for it from the beginning.

Junghwan thought of Hansoo.

‘I don’t like you but…I hope you succeed. So you should hope that I succeed as well.’

At that moment.


The tremendous metal structure moved back and forth.

The insides fused, twisted and turned.

And Junghwan mumbled as he felt this change.

‘Be reborn.’

Into the existence he feared the most.


Soon the black metal egg started to crack as it opened.

And then.


A tremendous hand appeared between the cracks.

With claws that seemed like it could slice mountains and cover the clouds, it appeared while causing a tremendous tremor in the surrounding area.